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10-28-03 04:02 PM
Boomy Hi Dandelion*

I love you...really, I do.

Your friend,

[Edited by Boomy]
10-28-03 04:02 PM
glencar I think it's more than 6 people who support SDH. But I agree that this ahs gone on long enough & will cease my own participation on this thread. I'd rather not have fights with anyone here. Except Joshy occasionally...
10-28-03 04:04 PM
Boomy Glencar, you and I must get in a "tiffy" one day..

Boomy: F#(K You, Glencar!

Glencar: Shove it up yer A##, Pie muncher!!
10-28-03 04:06 PM
glencar You little turd. I've NEVER liked you. You should rot in Hell, you LOOOOOOOOOZER. Are you a Red Sux fan, by any chance?
10-28-03 04:07 PM
Boomy Damn, boy!!

I was kiddin', bizzitch!@!!
10-28-03 04:09 PM
jb It depends whether the probative value is outweiged by it's prejudicial effect on the jury....
10-28-03 04:12 PM
glencar LOL Boomy, I was just going along with you. Sorry if it seemed serious. I've only had two serious "altercations" on these boards over the past 6 years. One was with the Storm on Keno's & the otehr is ongoing at Stonesdoug's board. Juno is a real cun*!
10-28-03 04:14 PM
Dandelion* Hi Boomy. I love you too. No're a dork, right? Sorry - I hate you!!!!!!

Whatever happened to the Storm? One of the best posters ever.
10-28-03 04:14 PM
Boomy I have no comment on Shidoobee....

I was called something to the effect of a "non-fan" because I don't kiss the Stones ass for everything friggin' thing they've done.
10-28-03 04:15 PM
jb What happened to Blue..Doesn't anybody remember laughter anymore?(Robert Palnt Live Aid-1985).
[Edited by jb]
10-28-03 04:16 PM
Boomy Dandelion*

Please, let's be friends. Yes, you think I'm 12, but who isn't 12 at this board? I mean, I'm 21 and act 12....hell, the 30 year olds act 11.
10-28-03 04:19 PM
Dandelion* Oh - okay. Since you don't like the Shidoobeans. They're freaks I tell you.
10-28-03 04:22 PM
jb You are too good for shidoobee Boomy....
10-28-03 04:22 PM
sirmoonie My probative value outweighs virtually all others.

I'm not bragging. Its the way I was born.
10-28-03 04:24 PM
Cardinal Fang
Dandelion* wrote:
Rose petal? Hmm...I think WRH would LOVE that.

I still think you two should get a room, tape it, then send me a copy!

Perhaps WRH and I & Rose Petal Lube ?? Run it by my girlfriend first. Of course we would tape it. I think it would probably take a 2nd place at a festival too. You ever notice that (maybe it's me ???) but lately at all of the underground film fests that some really BORING shit has been winning lately ?? That's why I think our film would only take 2nd place.

To Josh: "Where's Blue", you were just talking to him about 10 minutes ago !!! He is in this room right now. lol

Later, Cardinal Fang
10-28-03 04:25 PM
glencar The Storm was a dumbfuck. One of the worst posters EVER. You're making me reconsider my support for SDH now. The Storm has apparently disappeared from the Internet. Good. He was an asswipe. Still is.
10-28-03 04:27 PM
Cardinal Fang
sirmoonie wrote:
My probative value outweighs virtually all others.

I'm not bragging. Its the way I was born.

Then you better get tested for probate cancer.

PM me with the details of your trip please. (when you know more)

10-28-03 04:33 PM
jb Oh I know cardinal..Glencar and I have had some battles but we both seemed to have gotten over it.....just like SDH will.
10-28-03 04:37 PM
glencar Yes, while Joshy is still occasionally annoying he's actually gotten to the point where he doesn't piss me off as soon as I see his posts.
10-28-03 04:38 PM
Dandelion* Oh - skip the underground stuff. It would go straight to the Whitney Biennial. SDH has to be the cinematographer though. I insist.

The Storm was actually a prominent scholar gone temporarily (I hope) insane. It was actually some sort of study of drum looped syncopated internet communication disruption theory chaos dreamt up by him and a rather pleasant philosophy professor I met in DC. And there was some gay thing too. All they needed was a petition to dig Brian up, set up a porn site, and I suspect all of cyberspace would have imploded.
10-28-03 04:38 PM
glencar Where's that kath51 chick? You always got her goat, Joshy!
10-28-03 04:39 PM
glencar Remmebr when the Storm accused several of us of rigging Keno's polls & then it turned out he'd been doing it all along? Good times...
10-28-03 04:40 PM
jb She posts a lot in the kr210 Vodoo think she doesn't like me?
10-28-03 04:41 PM
Dandelion* Those were his darkest days...

Actually - I should look him up.
10-28-03 04:42 PM
glencar He has a website? I find him to be a bit of a dipstick. She seems to have calmed down in re you. I had a PM from her & I think I helped her realize that you're not the cretin she initially hated. "C10 Scrotum" wasn't a good way to introduce yourself to those folks. But Juno is & always will be a cun*.
10-28-03 04:46 PM
Dandelion* I don't think he has a website. He's published and I can check google. Should I email him and invite him back?

The people on Stonesdoug's board are almost as insane as The Brian Jones Internet Death Cult. Almost.
10-28-03 04:55 PM
Fiji Joe Man...this is my kind of party...barbs flying back and oh yeah, Sir Moonie....can you post the picture of the 4 breasted lady again...SMOKIN'!
10-28-03 04:59 PM

Here's the link I heisted it from.

Its a whacky world out there.
10-28-03 04:59 PM
glencar No Dandy, that was in reference to KR210. If the Storm has a website, please don't tell me about it. And if he comes here, I'm outtie here. I'd be forced to post at Shidoobie only.
10-28-03 05:00 PM
Fiji Joe Thanks SM...Now I'm home sick
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