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10-28-03 11:37 AM
Joey " Lessee....Hey Steelie, please, please come home you petulant little moe! We NEEDS yas! To post stuff! "


Why ?!?!?!?!

10-28-03 12:04 PM
andHowe! In times of confusion and strife, young Mr. Hammer always visits us. Do not worry, we are taking good care of him.
10-28-03 12:23 PM
sirmoonie He'll be back Joey.

Don't you worry.
10-28-03 12:32 PM
Cardinal Fang
Joey wrote:
" How long can a mongoloid be separated from its favorite rattle?

Isn't that the more cosmic issue here? "

You make Joey very sad .

Sir Stonesalot, Sirmoonie, Dead Flowers are all correct.

The whole SDH thing, I'm filing it in the "The French and Jerry Lewis" category.

He will either come back or he won't but to keep going on and on about it ? These posts are starting to lose that certain "Mintyness" Joey. Are you going on and on and on and on about it because you feel guilty for admitting how much you loved SDI by chance ? Whether he admits it to you or not I still say that he was more hurt by that than what else was said.

I have to agree with something that Dead Flowers said too. This whole "tired of defending myself" statement ? SDH doesn't need to "defend" himself, he needs to stop pretending that he doesn't have a problem with disrespecting other people with his behavior sometimes. When Voodoo Gerardo posted, "DO NOT POST HERE" it means EXACTLY that. What possible "defense" is there ? I can't read ? I don't understand the word "don't", etc. ? How about the more likely, I don't care and I'm going to do it anyway just so people will notice me. You do realize Joey, IMO. the more you keep posting "where's my steelie" type stuff, the LESS likely he is to come back ? Why ? IMO, it's because he continues to achieve the goal of getting your attention and does so by not even having to post. If he comes back, "the love" posts stop. Please DON'T get me wrong, I think it's really nice of all of you to post that you enjoy his company and want him to come back etc. but to have the same person keep going on and on and on about it ???

The LAST thing I'm going to say about this is if anybody should be getting an apology it should be Gerardo & Gazza. (We both know that ain't going to happen, Keno never got his either.) I guess it's just easier to pretend that you don't have a problem and then just run away and say, "I'm tired of defending myself" ?

In other news.......It looks like Terry is going to tour and so I won't see him for awhile. He did tell me that he will be seeing our "friend" this February but it will be in France. I'll keep you posted.

Don't worry everyone, SDH will be back. Hopefully for the better.

Later, Cardinal Fang

P.S. For Sirmoonie, (Hey !!!) GREAT analogy !!! May I borrow that from you ?
10-28-03 12:55 PM
sirmoonie I actually checked that little "Who's Online" box in the upper left, and guess who I saw.
10-28-03 01:08 PM
Sir Stonesalot Oh man, that's pathetic.
10-28-03 01:09 PM
andHowe! Dear Mr. Fang,

You are taking this all too seriously. You are in need of a good flogging. I would be happy to administer the corporal punishment. By the way, you are a very handsome lad. Have you ever considered a career in the military?

kindest regards,

Major Tom
10-28-03 01:12 PM
jb Your not understanding this...SDH is entitled to a little sympathy...he has been through a lot and there is nothing wrong with knowing that people care about you...Some people are not as strong as you are in a very stress related profession and what is normal to you is shocking to other people...Don't be so hard on your C10 brother as he needs our support...his feelings were hurt and we want to let him know that not only is he welcomed back, but he is sorely missed.
[Edited by jb]
10-28-03 01:17 PM
nankerphelge I agree jb. If someone has a problem with Steelie, take it off-line and either resolve it or let it ride. But constantly bashing the guy publicly is really pretty lame.
10-28-03 01:31 PM
Sir Stonesalot Horsehockey.

Longstanding reap what you sew.

If SDH wants to be a drunken twat that's up to him. However, if he comes HERE and wants to be a drunken twat, then he opens himself up to get slammed.

Lemme ask you it OK for people to be swearing their undying love and devotion to the guy? If it is, then it's OK for the rest of us to ground them in a little reality.

Just calling a spade a spade.
10-28-03 01:33 PM
jb -----------surgically edited by the Joshy------------------
(I love doing this!!!)
10-28-03 01:35 PM

10-28-03 01:36 PM
nankerphelge I think people are trying to be supportive because you and others have been pretty harsh on him.

You wanna call a spade a spade, that's fine. But I think Tony knows how you feel. Your continual harping on him is designed for everyone else -- not him!

You think that's cool?
I sure don't!

10-28-03 01:36 PM
Factory Girl Its interesting that most feel strongly about sdh-they either despise him or adore him. Either way, he rouses strong emotions in people.
10-28-03 01:37 PM
jb I know how that feels
10-28-03 01:40 PM
sirmoonie Did you know that one of Henry VIII's wives (Anne Boyelyn I believe her name was) had three breasts?

Thoughts? I could go either way on this issue.
10-28-03 01:49 PM
Dead Flower I think most of us don't care about sdh. I count about 6 people who support him and the rest of us either don't like him or don't care. Unless he's giving you a blowjob or something I really don't see any redeaming quality about the guy. Who ever it was said that sdh is just an attention whore was pretty spot on in my book.
10-28-03 01:51 PM
jb __________surgically edited by the Josh________________________
10-28-03 01:53 PM
Dead Flower I forgot to mention to Nanker phelge. If sdh is going to behave this way in public then the public has every right to publically tell him to stop being an idiot. What sdh did was wrong. I have a question is jb the same lawyer guy who was banned all the time over at stonesdougs & kenos? If so then it's all starting to make scense now.
10-28-03 01:55 PM
jb Yes ....are you the guy with 6 posts pontificating about our beloved SDH?
10-28-03 01:57 PM
nankerphelge Well if he were a true problem -- like the idiot that once posted child porn on one of the Stones sites -- or if he were abusive -- that would be one thing. In that regard, I can certainly see people being upset with him for posting on a trivia thread when our host asked people not to.

But ripping on the guy for being (you pick the characterization) -- drunk, off-topic, etc. -- hell, he doesn't have a corner on that market! And who exactly should police that boundary? You? Me? I don't think so.

If you don't care about the guy -- ignore him!

10-28-03 01:59 PM
Sir Stonesalot Of course it's for everyone else nank! They are the ones who need a dose of reality! Duh. But it IS also for Tony. Every bit as much.

And as a matter of fact, no I don't think this is cool. I think it sucks. I am all for it being different. But only Tony can make that happen.

At one time I considered Tony to be a really good friend of mine. I didn't fuck that up, he did. Don't you get it? I'm trying to HELP him. I'm trying to get him to stop being a worthless twat, and start being something else. Something that I know he has inside himself. Deep down in there is a great guy. I want him to stop with all the stupid horseshit and start being that great guy.

When Tony comes back here, as I'm sure he will, I hope he takes some of what we said to heart. It can only do him...and as a result, the rest of us...a whole lot of good.

10-28-03 02:00 PM
Dead Flower Don't you have an ambulence to chase or something? For a lawyer you must not be very good if you are spending all of your time here instead of at trial. You also can't count very well because It was only 3 posts. Why is that the truly stupid stick together?
10-28-03 02:00 PM
jb ----------------surgically edited by Mr. Lawyer----------------
[Edited by jb]
10-28-03 02:01 PM
nankerphelge Then you should tell him.
I don't need your view of "reality" Marc!
I can think for myself and so can everyone else here, thanks very much!
Stop being so damn patronizing.

10-28-03 02:04 PM
jb The C10 is officially dead.
10-28-03 02:08 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ignore him???

How the hell can you do that??? He jumps every matter if he has anything to say or matter if he knows what he's talking about or not.

The guy is an annoying pest.

So tell me do you ignore all the gnats while you hang out by the pool?
10-28-03 02:10 PM
Sir Stonesalot Fuck you Josh
10-28-03 02:11 PM
jb Go to the chat room.
10-28-03 02:19 PM
Sir Stonesalot oh, and nank...if you don't like my version of reality...take your own fucking advice and ignore me.

People can't make up their minds without seeing both sides of the story. I can't help it if you don't see my side.

I can't take this off board with Tony because I've blocked his email.

Patronize that.
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