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06-30-02 09:11 AM

Brazil's Ronaldo celebrates after scoring the first goal

Photos by Dyman Martínez (Reuters) from the Fifa Official site
06-30-02 09:14 AM
Honky Tonk Man Indeed, well done Brazil!!!

Theres a new rule which means that the team who wins the World Cup DOES NOT automaticaly qualify for the next one. Strange, because it means Germany the loosers will be straight in because they are hosting the next World Cup. I wroke up to watch the match, but fell asleep soon after. I missed both the goals, but saw how Oliver Kahn is such a superb goal keeper. Time for Alex Ferguson to get his wallet out a get this guy!!

06-30-02 09:15 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It's over! It was a pleasure to have such a great thread, btw, the biggest in terms of replies and the one that has been on the first page longer! Thanks Scot rocks for the idea!

06-30-02 09:17 AM
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
Indeed, well done Brazil!!!

Theres a new rule which means that the team who wins the World Cup DOES NOT automaticaly qualify for the next one.

What? The champion always qualifies automaticaly for the next cup so Germany as the host and Brazil as the champion will be there.
06-30-02 09:22 AM
Honky Tonk Man I know Voodo, thats what i thought. Germany will be there, but apparently Brazil will have to go through all the qualifiying rounds. John Motson the BBC comentator said it at the end. I suppose its true, but maybe this new FIFA rule isnt common knowledge yet. You are right to think what you think, that was the way its been done in the past, but from now on its changed. All im doing Voodoo, is telling you what i heard. Lets not argue

06-30-02 09:51 AM
bluesgirl congratulations to Brasil!

Welcome in Germany next time.
06-30-02 10:24 AM
Scot Rocks haha my prediction was correct, Brazil 2 Germany 0...well it's nice to be right for once, lol. Brazil, definatley deserved to win and were the best team throughout the tournament. I am so happy for Ronaldo though after his nightmare in the last 3 years, 8 goals is remarkable for the World Cup. Unlucky Germany, they did brilliantly to make the final and I thought today played their best game of the tournament so far, however in the end Brazil's superior class and flair won the day over Germany's organisation.

Btw thanks for the kind words, however im sure someone would have came up with the idea if I didn't and it was only thanks to the views and opinions of all the Soccer/Football Stones fans who contributed and who made it possible.



06-30-02 11:09 AM
Scot Rocks To conclude I would just like too list my team of the World Cup...

1 - Kahn - Germany
2 - Cafu - Brazil
3 - Carlos - Brazil
4 - Sanneh - USA
5 - Ferdinand - England
6 - Torrado - Mexico
7 - Basturk - Turkey
8 - Ballack - Germany
9 - Ronaldo - Brazil
10 - Rivaldo - Brazil
11 - Duff - Ireland

Best Young Players - Donavon - USA, Ronaldihno - Brazil, Rommedhal - Denmark, Diouf - Senegal, Joaquin - Spain,

Thanks, Roll on Germany...

06-30-02 12:05 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I would change the goal keeper for the Turkish, I don't remember his name but is a magician!


I have not changed the heade because I don't find a Stone tongue with the Brazilian flag! If you have some please send it to me

I have tried with many search engines and with many categories, I remember one at Jair "Coca Buena" Motta but his site is not on line anymore!
06-30-02 01:38 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah, Voodoo the goalkeeper from Turkey you are thinking of is Rustu, you are right, he was brilliant too.


btw love the header

06-30-02 01:50 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I love it too, specially the right side Is Luciana Gimenez Morad, before dating (please read fucking) Mick Jagger!
06-30-02 05:34 PM
Jacques Bravo à tous
the world cup was good and bravo to Brazil and Ronaldo, and Kahn.
Now it's time to get back to future RS shows.
Thanks Scot Rocks for your thread. Great idea
06-30-02 07:05 PM
Gazza Yeah Gerardo - FIFA have changed the rules so that from now on, ONLY the host nation automatically qualifies - and not the reigning champions

Well done Brazil and congratulations also to Germany for getting to the final with so many players unavailable for the tournament.

Great to see my favourite player Ronaldo back on top of the world again,especially after what happened four years ago. Considering the fact that before the finals,he had only played 15 competitive games in two and a half years,the boy done good....just wait till he's 100% fit again!
07-01-02 09:05 AM
Milton I told you before
07-01-02 10:36 AM
Honky Tonk Man Whos Gerado? This person hast posted on this page. I was the one who informed Voodoo of the new rule

07-01-02 10:46 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hi! My name is Gerardo and I'm a boardaholic

Yes you're right, the new rule is great as the champion must work to be again in the cup, I'm not sure what would happened to France in this World Cup.
07-01-02 10:53 AM
Honky Tonk Man Oh sorry Gerado!!, i didnt realize you were Voodoo. Apologies

I must add that i really likke this new rule. It means the champions will be playing competitive matches instead of freindlies. But really, the big reasons for liking it, is the idea that the Champions could be knocked out in thr first qualifiying stage.

Whens the Copa America tournament? (is that what its called?) I guess its like our Euro competition. Ours is in 2004 and its been talked about already

07-01-02 11:15 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Yes I like the new rule and another "new" rule I like more is that the extra time will run 30 minutes regardless of who scores first, that's fair!

Without this rule the semifinal Italy-Germany 1970 wouldn't happened, and that is one of the best matches ever!

Yes, is "Copa Amèrica" and runs 2004
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
07-01-02 11:27 AM
Scot Rocks
Yes I like the new rule and another "new" rule I like more is that the extra time will run 30 minutes regardless of who scores first, that's fair!

Without this rule the semifinal Italy-Germany 1970 wouldn't happened, and that is one of the best matches ever!

Im in full agreement with you Voodoo and I think I heard somewhere that FIFA were thinking about getting rid of it, so hopefully they will. In regards to euro 2004 in Portugal the next one in 2008 might be in Scotland and Ireland, if we win the bid.


[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
07-01-02 12:00 PM
Honky Tonk Man Remember EURO 96 Mark, when Gazza chipped the ball over Hendry and smashed it into the back of the net!! Remember when McAlister missed the penalty?

This does not mean that you can mention Gareth Southgate

"Three Lions On A Shirt, Jewls Remain Still Gleeming, 30 Years Of Hurt"

Remember that song?

We may of ended badly, but we did beat Scotland!!!

07-01-02 12:08 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I saw tghis yesterday looking for the Brazilian tongue, but I don't understand a great bunch as it is British-orinted jokes, sometiumes very local

From Football 365:

Ten Football Songs By The Rolling Stones
1) Street Fighting McManaman
2) (Eyal Can't Get No) Satisfaction
3) Jumping Jack Charlton
4) Honky Tonk Wimbledon
5) Beast Of Burnden
6) Little Red Rosler
7) Ruby Tuesday 1, Sheffield Wednesday 0
8) Gimme Celta Vigo
9) Wes Brown Sugar
10) Let's Spend £7.5m on John Hartson Together

And Ten Football People's Favourite Stones Tracks
1) 19th Nervous Breakdown - Paul Merson
2) You Can't Always Get What You Want - Ruud Gullit
3) Fool To Cry - Paul Gascoigne
4) Time Is On My Side - Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford
5) Under My Thumb - Mrs David Unsworth
6) Going To A Go-Go - Nottingham Forest
7) Sympathy For The Devil - Roy Keane
8) Miss You - Kevin Davies
9) Tumbling Dice - David Ginola
10) Midnight Rambler - Danny Kelly on Under The Moon
07-01-02 12:12 PM
Scot Rocks Do u remember the last ever Scotland, England match at Wembley, Alex?

McCann crosses it into the far post and Hutchision heads it in!!!


Final Score - England 0 Scotland 1

Haha, lol


ps I won't mention Gary Southgate...oops, but I will mention, the HAND OF GOD!!!!! LOL, only kidding

07-01-02 05:09 PM
Honky Tonk Man Yeah Voodoo, i get most of those. Most of those players play or played in the FA Premiership.

Scott Rocks, i do not remember any time Scotland beating us English at Wembley, i have a very very short memory when it comes to footy, except Man U. I can remember the most minute details about the Club. Go any further back then season 93-94 and i get a bit stuck. Those were the days when i thought Manutd were the champions of the world.(i thought winning the premiership meant you were world champions) and also i thought Andy Cole was the best striker in the World. (He was with Beardsley at Newcastle at the time)

You may or may not remember Mark, but Cole was pretty hot property untill Manutd signed him. He netted 43 goals in that season. Something like 34 of those been leauge goals. He still holds the record, though i think Shearer equalled it. I still hold Andy in high regard and i spat on Sven when he ditched him. Poor guys retierd from International football


[Edited by Honky Tonk Man]
07-01-02 10:11 PM
Scot Rocks As the starter of this thread I would just before this thread reaches the abyss of the Rocks Off archives, I would just like to say thanks for everyone's opinions and views on the World Cup, it was great to hear all the various opinions from different countries and views on the matches. Yet, remarkably the thread still managed to finish in a Scotland England tussle!!!!!, which I thought amusing since it had absolutely nothing to do with the World Cup at all. Congratulations Brazil and roll on Germany 2006.


07-02-02 09:07 AM
Jumacfly someone talk about Ginola, where will he play next year???
he s one of my fav players, too old now, but great.

my stone football list, just for fun:

1/Sympathy for the red devils
2/Honky tonk Beckham
3/2000 light years from Zidane
4/Hiddink jack flash
5/Corea, Corea (no security)
6/You Khan always get what you want
7/goodbye, Totti tuesday
8/Hot Duff
9/can t you hear me scoring(ronaldogol!!)


07-02-02 09:17 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL Jumacfly, that big joint is something to smoke!
07-02-02 09:45 AM
Jumacfly yes Voodoo, French players smoked the same before their matches!!!
in fact, this topic was great, everybody was fair play, most of the posts were interesting, it was great to share our footbalistic opinions on this board: Thanks for this Scott!!
On the "sports" boards for example everybody f"ck everybody,there are racists post etc etc...pathetic!
here it was very cool and nice,so football fans see you in Germany 2006....and very soon for the tour...THE ROLLING STONES TOUR LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!!!


07-03-02 04:53 PM

NOT ME!!!!!

I would like to retire from this thread now, but as im English i think it is fitting that i have the final say.

Mark, do you remember when England thrased Scotland 2-0 at Wembley in Euro 96?

Mark, do you remember an occasion after that match when we also beat you in Scotland. Again i think the score was 2-0. I think Paul Scholes got the goals.

This is not important

Thankyou Mark for such a great thread. Without you, i wouldnt of known there was 3 or 4 football fans amoungst us. Only kidding. Lots of people took part and it was GREAT!!

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