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06-08-02 07:04 PM
Scot Rocks wrote:
What happened to the Azzuri???????allowing a 1-0 lead to slip to Croatia

With that result the situation is becoming very hard for them. Now that group is really hot, three teams with three points, but Mexico with only one match.

If Mexico wins today to Ecuador, as usual, the thing for Italy will be really difficult as the final matches will be Croatia (3 points) - Ecuador (0 points) and Italy (3 points) - Mexico (6 points). Easy for Croatia and maybe easy for Italy, but even winning it will be hard to make it.
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06-08-02 07:07 PM
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
I must add that we should all keep this thread up, right up to and past the final, its good for us football/soccer fans!!

Let me tell you that it was a great idea Alex; even that it is a non-stones thread, I enjoy it a lot as it is a world cup thread with opinions of Stones fans only.
06-09-02 10:35 AM
Scot Rocks Well done Mexico, (2 - 1 against Ecuador) they are just about through and the game against Italy, is certainly going to be one to watch. Italy need to win, so we see them attacking which they usually neglect, epecially if Mexico don't concede a goal for the first 30min, which is when the Italians usually score and then sit back and defend their lead. eg Ecuador game

06-09-02 12:02 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thanks Mark! I went to a bar to see the game, it started at 1:30 a.m. so instead of waking up that early, we decided to start drinking to avoid sleeping before the match... LOL we all were so drunk when it started that can hardly remember the match

Yes, Italy-Mexico will be a bloody match! Our flags are so similar and so Stone, that both deserve to pass the round of 16.

The difference between our flags will be the difference in the upcoming match Mexico 1 Italy 0

I think that both will pass the second round!
06-09-02 02:31 PM
Staffan Yeah, it's a fun thread indeed.
When is the Italy-Mexico match?
I can't wait for Sweden-Argentina!
I heard one guy was killed in Russia, after Japan won the match... this is the downside with sports..
06-09-02 08:08 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl When is the Italy-Mexico match?

13 June Oita @ 20:30 local time. Check this site and you can get the schedule in your own local time

I can't wait for Sweden-Argentina!

Yes it's another bloody match! Argentina with 3 points, Sweden and England with 4, England has an "easy" match so the other one will be Sweden or Argentina.

I heard one guy was killed in Russia, after Japan won the match... this is the downside with sports..

Worst was in 1994 when a player of the Colombian Team was murdered in Colombia because, by accident, he scored and "auto-goal" in the match Colombia-USA. Because of that goal Colombia didn't make it to the round of 16.

Before the killing, a joke about Colombia doing that as a "customer service attention" was funny.
06-10-02 08:14 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Not really the result I was hoping for, but I'll take a point against the home team....USA 1-S Korea-1...

...and we were lucky to get the point. Thank God for Brad Fiedel! I'll bet Blackburn is glad to have him on the team...but if he keeps playing like he did today, he'll cost a lot more too! Did you see that save on the PK? Yikes!

It's starting to look like the US just may advance.....
06-10-02 09:31 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl That result was a nice courtesy by a good guest! LOL

Anyway, now it's easy for the USA, they won 3-2 against Portugal, and Portugal just finished with a 4-0 against Poland, since the next match is Poland (0 points) and they are already out, the USA will win and pass the round of 16, now the deal in that group is Korea (4 points) - Portugal (3 points)
06-10-02 05:16 PM
Honky Tonk Man It was an entertaining game between US and Korea. Brad Freidel is an excellent keeper. Very big like Peter Schmichael, but not half as good. Portugal must of had an off day against the States, they ripped Poland to Shreds. Anyway the important match is on Wednesday 7.30am my time.

England vs Nigeria

and i have the day off work
06-11-02 04:27 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I'm really sorry for France, that's not the way to lose, Denmark 2 - France 0

Au revoir Les Bleus

and for Denmark


06-11-02 05:08 AM
Jumacfly Yes, we ve lost our last game....but that s life, hope you fans will be luckier than us (5 posts on 3 games)
....Cheers and good luck everybody, time to support another team....

One year to wait to see the stones...most important than the world cup...keep rollin guys!

06-11-02 06:32 AM
bluesgirl Congratulations Denmark you are the greatest.
Beated France - great job - good young players - and very sexy!!

Tip for the Top 3
No. 1 Denmark
No. 2 Sweden
No. 3 ? yeah who could it be
06-11-02 09:14 AM
bluesgirl wrote:
Tip for the Top 3
No. 1 Denmark
No. 2 Sweden
No. 3 ? yeah who could it be

Seems that you're gonna sing the blues before Bluesgirl, Denmark will play against the second of Group F (Sweden, England or Argentina)
06-11-02 09:25 AM
bluesgirl i hope for italy as no.3 - but is that possible? sorry mexico, but you are good too.
06-11-02 09:33 AM
Staffan This is a very entertaining World Cup! Danmark beat France just like that, it's fantastic!
I just hope Sweden can do the same with Argentina....

06-11-02 10:18 AM
jb God bless Denmark!!!! You are the greatest people and # 1 stones fans!!!
06-11-02 01:49 PM
Jacques We are of course a bit sad in France, but we leave without regret. Denmark is a very good, efficient team, and also Senegal and Uruguay (what a suspense). But French team was not good, NO goal in 3 matchs !!!
But it's sport law and show must go on. We still have good teams to support, and great matches to wait for. Portugal, Mexico, Ireland, England, Germany, Argentina, Sweden, Brazil ... and everywhere good Rolling Stones fans and friends.
We've a satirical program on French TV, they joked
"four years ago singing 'On est les Champions' and now singing 'On est dans l'avion'" (means 'We are the champions' and now 'we are back by plane', with joke on the rhyme).
Good picture Gerardo, Zinedine down.
Still rocking and good luck to all teams.
06-11-02 02:13 PM
jb Go Denmark!!!!
06-11-02 07:01 PM
Honky Tonk Man Is no one going to mention Ireland? They are through to the next round now. Well done boys!!!! Whos Roy Keane anyway? Senegal looked so great going 3 nil up, but then they lost the plot. Still, they are most definantly worth a bet. In the bookies ive heard they are third favourite!!! Anyway the big match is tomorrow, lets hope the three lions destroy Nigeria

06-12-02 02:11 AM
bluesgirl Ireland is good too - but not at all so intesting as the members from the A-group - named group of death - we all hope for a Nordic 1/8 final (Sweden - Denmark) - we know within some few hours it's time for kick-off in 30 minutes.
06-12-02 04:26 AM
bluesgirl Argentina adios - don't cry for me Argentina -
Scandinavia rules.

Sorry - but we really loves THE ROLLING STONES in Scandinavia, and surely we will talk Stones again - soon.
06-12-02 05:27 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Very sad for Argentina, very very sad, it's now not just the lack of Stones shows there, but an early elimination. (Sweden 1 - Argentina 1)

BTW, I fall asleep with such a boring matches (Also the one England 0 -Nigeria 0)
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-12-02 06:06 AM
It's unbelievable! Sweden 1 Argentina 1!
We're through!
I know, we were lousy in the first half, but I think the 2nd half was ours.
BTW Voodoo, do you think it was a boring match? Why? I was sweating all the time!

06-12-02 06:32 AM
bluesgirl hiya Staffan
You did a good game, and you were just great.

The Argentines didn't play good and Ortego is a big bluff, he is a clown, and poor Turkey is his new home.

But the best swedish players came from Bröndby in Denmark Staffan - great work they had there. But I still love Henke since many years
06-12-02 06:54 AM
Staffan Thanks Bluesgirl

Well, I think Anders Svensson and Andreas jacobsson were best. And finally we got to see Zlatan!!! Sweden is crazy about him!
06-12-02 07:55 AM
bluesgirl Yeah you have Zlatan, he is very popular in Sweden, right?
06-12-02 09:25 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl BTW Bluesgirl, since Sweden and Denmark were both first in their groups, the final can't be Denmark - Sweden, but they could be playing the semifinals. See this site for possible matches

Next matches

Sweden - Senegal
Denmark - England
06-12-02 10:11 AM
bluesgirl ok i didn't knew but i thank you for the info. do you know why the africans are so quick. they show a movie in the end of the arena with food!
(too bad)!
06-12-02 10:19 AM
Helmut Enjoy the worldcup now that you can dream, Germany will be the champion for the next 8 years
06-12-02 10:56 AM
Honky Tonk Man England was a goaless draw? Its 3.40pm and ive just got up. Oh well, we are through! Denmark?, easy, no problem!!! I will have to watch the highlights later. No no, Denmark will be hard. They have some good players, but you cant possibly say they have the quality players England do.

Do they have Beckham? NO
Do they have Owen? NO
Do they have Paul Scholes NO?
Do they Sol Cambell? NO

I dont think Denmark will beat us. S

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