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Topic: World Cup Thread Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
06-12-02 11:42 AM
Oscar I'm really sad, so sad, no more world cup for us, no fucking stones shows in Argentina, the worst crisis in our whole history and Ronnie joking about our situation. Ronnie if you read this please give us that charity show.

Sweden will be the champions, at least we will say that we were left out by the champions.
06-12-02 01:26 PM
Jacques We are very sorry for Argentina, and we what it is to leave so early.
But Bravo for Scandinavians
06-12-02 02:39 PM
jb Go Denmark...beat France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
06-12-02 03:27 PM
Helmut France is back home jb
06-12-02 03:35 PM
Staffan Then again Alex,
do Sweden have players like Batistuta, Crespo, Lopez, Zanetti??
The answer is NO!
A good team is not about having the best players in the world, it's about team spirit... and a bit of luck, sometimes.
So I say, Go Denmark!!!
06-12-02 04:30 PM
jb U.S.A. and Denmark in the final!!!!
06-12-02 05:40 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I admire your zeal jb, but I'll just take a win Friday morning vs gotta walk before they make you run!

What scares me about Poland is that they haven't scored a goal in the entire competition....I just hope they don't decide to score all of them on Friday! If the US can come out and get a quick score...Poland might pack up the tent and quit. But something tells me that they'll play like they have something to prove....The US better play their best game, and not take Poland lightly...
06-12-02 08:03 PM
Scot Rocks Hey fellow World Cup fans, Computer been away for a few days, so no input from me the last couple of days. Well to sumarise, this really has been the days of World Cup shocks. Who at the beginning of this tournament could have forseen the demise of the favourites, Argentina and France. Not me certainly!!!I still can't believe it now, no France or Argentina, well that is football as they say, anything is possible and that is why I am finding it so difficult to predict who will go all the way. Teams like the USA, S. Korea, Japan, Sweden, Senegal to name a few have far exceded my expectations for the W.C. and i think it is brilliant. Every game there is no certain winner or loser...well maybe apart from Saudi Arabia and Poland!!!However special mention to the Irish who have been brilliant in qualifying the Swedes who have surprised everyone - even though they have the amazing Larsson upfront!!!!! - and yes...England too...well they did have the group of death!!!, annyway the teams looking good still at the moment are: Brazil, Spain and Italy (even though they lost) as well as England who must have a chance as well. However as I have said before this world cup has been full of surprises and I still think we see many more before the competition is over, so good luck all the teams still involved.


ps nice to see jb giving some views on this thread, even though they are stupid, his ignorance does provide me with some laughter.

06-12-02 09:16 PM
Honky Tonk Man I read a few days ago that in New York and Boston, more people celebrated Irelands draw with Cameroon then the USA'S great victory over Portugal. I know America has a large Irish population, but this is ridiculous!!!

Cardinal, i applaud you on supporting your country in the Worlds greatest sports event. If other Americans would rather watch a load of meat heads with helmets and shoulder pads playing rough and tumble, then shame on them !!!


More American Football Fans Needed!!
06-12-02 09:17 PM
Honky Tonk Man SHIT!!, that didnt sound right at all!!!

More American Soocer Fans Needed!!!
06-13-02 09:35 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Holy Shit! Mexico was winning and by far superior to Italy, however a Mexican fuck up gave Italy a goal and the final result Mexico 1 Italy 1, both are in the round of 16

The group at the end of first round

Mexico 7
Italy 4
Croatia 3
Ecuador 3

So we are waiting for

Brazil won 5 -2 against Costa Rica, and Spain 3 South Africa 2. So Spain and Brazil ended with 9 points. Good for the Latin football

Mexico next match will be agains the second of Group D (Korea 4 points, USA 4 points or Portugal 3 points as Poland is already out)

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-13-02 09:40 AM
Jacques Bravo Mexico
Gerardo, you must be proud and happy, we are also happy for you.

Sorry to put a thread Mexico out of this thread, but I was so nervous and I can't cancel it because I'm at work and use an other address. If you can delete it Gerardo it will be kind of you.
Sorry again
06-13-02 09:46 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl No at all, even that we ended first, we played by far better and it was a lucky instant for Italy.

Thanks Jacques, very very kind!

At your request, I already deleted your other message, but remember everybody, also the user who made the post can delete his/her own message

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-13-02 10:24 AM
Cardinal Ximinez If Portugal and the US win, Mexico gets Portugal.

If Portugal and the US get a draw, Mexico gets the US.

If Portugal draws and the US wins, Mexico gets S. Korea.

If S. Korea and the US win, Mexico gets S. Korea.

Personally, I'd like to see The US and Mexico in different parts of the bracket. CONCAF has done well so far...with Costa Rica taking the only loss of the World Cup. And they only lost out on advancing on goal differential. This speaks well of soccer in our part of the world. We are not teams that can be overlooked any more! It would be a shame if the US and Mexico had to play one another. Although it would be a great contest, and both teams are very framiliar with each other, I'd rather not see 2 CONCAF teams playing in the round of 16. I'd like to see how far each team could go...and show how far soccer has come in our part of the globe. I think most Europeans, and even much of S. America, thinks that the US and Mexico are not of a world class level. It would nice if both teams had an opportunity to show them differently.

I think Mexico can beat Portugal. And I think the US can beat Italy. I hope we get a chance to try!
06-13-02 11:03 AM
bluesgirl bravo mexico - so you will stay a little longer before we beat you out..........
still pretty good for italy, sweden and denmark.

i really don't know who will be the fourth in the semifinals, but being no. 4 is like a bad trip!!!!

06-13-02 03:47 PM
bluesgirl wrote:
bravo mexico - so you will stay a little longer before we beat you out..........
still pretty good for italy, sweden and denmark.

i really don't know who will be the fourth in the semifinals, but being no. 4 is like a bad trip!!!!

Where you are from Bluesgirl? Sweden or Denmark?

Demark has nothing to do against England, I think Sweden will go to quarter finals and probably will win against the 1st of Group H (Japan, Belgium or Russia) So I think Sweden will be in the first 4

I hope Mexico play against Germany and it will be the reveange of the unfair match in Mexico 1986 and the great fuck up in France

As for my other nationality, (I'm Spanish too, in fact I use my Spanish Passport in Europe) we won first of the group with 9 points. We're gonna win against the Irish.
06-13-02 04:33 PM
Scot Rocks Mexico were excellent against the azzuri and what a goal!!!!!!, however i am glad the Italians went through as well. Brazil were great going forward, however their defence looks shaky, todays game could have been 10 - 6!!! as Costa Rica played well too.

Roll on the second round

06-14-02 09:29 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl First round ended, today's results

BELGIUM 3 : 2 RUSSIA Sorry Irina, congratulations L&A
KOREA 1 PORTUGAL 0 So the USA is in the next round, congratulations everybody in the USA, but as Cardinal said, Mexico and USA in the next match is not what we wanted, bith from the CONCACAF

Now this is the round of 16

49 15 Jun Seogwipo GER : PAR 15:30

50 15 Jun Niigata DEN : ENG 20:30

51 16 Jun Oita SWE : SEN 15:30

52 16 Jun Suwon ESP : IRL 20:30

53 17 Jun Jeonju MEX : USA 15:30

54 17 Jun Kobe BRA : BEL 20:30

55 18 Jun Miyagi JPN : TUR 15:30

56 18 Jun Daejeon KOR D : ITA 20:30
06-14-02 09:45 AM
jb God do we suck-losing 3-1 poland!!!! We are lucky to be advancing..what a fucking embarrassment...we ought to withdraw out of shame!!! Bring on the womens team...atleast they would not lose to Poland!!!!!!!!!!!!
06-14-02 10:57 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Yeah, we sucked the big one today. Poland played much better than either of their previous matches too, so that didn't help either. However, we DID score another goal, and the politically biased referee from China disallowed the goal on a phantom foul. I know that people will say...yeah but you'd still lose by a goal...maybe, maybe not. With the score at 2-1, Poland does not really have the luxury of bunkering in...and the US does not really have to try to force play. In other words, if that goal were allowed, as it should have been, the game would have been played much differently. And it is entirely possible that the outcome would have been different.

In the end, it didn't matter all that much. With S. Korea winning, the US team's fate was moot. So now it's US vs Mexico. Both teams are VERY framiliar with each other. Both teams have beaten the other several times. Both teams KNOW that they can win. This is gonna be a good one.

Hey Voodoo Chile! Friendly wager? Mexico wins you get to pick a boot off of my lists...US wins, you gotta send me something...?
06-14-02 11:22 AM
bluesgirl voodoo chile i'm from danmark skål! we have tuborg and carlsberg - and also the boys can play football.
england is good yeah, but the reason you find in danish players in england! think of schmeichel - he was like a wall in the goal!

still i hope for denmark, sweden and italy, but i suppose even other outsiders can make it.
06-14-02 04:16 PM
Scot Rocks Well done everyone that got through today, however I was disapointed that Portugal never made it, why? well because 1)they play brilliant football
2)This was the last time that the 'golden generation' would have to shine, Rui Costa etc
3)I like the country

Anyway well done the USA, that game against Mexico will be close and so important as both have a pretty easy route to the semis if they win. Germany V Paraguay will meet the winners and I can see both Mexico and the US giving them a game. Germany rely heavily on Ballack and Klose if you can keep both of them quiet you have a great chance, while Paraguay while having some great skilful players are suspect defensivly. So before you know it USA or Mexico you could be in the Semi Finals of the World Cup!!!!!!!! I look forward to the games tomorrow England v Denmark and I have a sneaky feeling that the Danes may do it, whatever it will be a great game anyway.


06-14-02 04:25 PM
L&A Thanks, VoodooChileInWOnderl, and hurrah for Belgium !!! Next step is Brazil, it's a mere formality...
06-14-02 04:56 PM
Milton Long time not posting, I lost my account as it was innactove for a long time, but I dont see anyone from Brazil in the discussion heres my forecast


England - Brazil
Sweden - Japan
Germany - USA
Spain - Korea


Brazil - Sweden
Germany - Spain


Brazil - Germany


Who else? B R A Z I L
06-14-02 04:58 PM
L&A wrote:
Thanks, VoodooChileInWOnderl, and hurrah for Belgium !!! Next step is Brazil, it's a mere formality...

hahahaha Belgium hahahaha we can beat them with 8 players
06-14-02 10:52 PM
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
Hey Voodoo Chile! Friendly wager? Mexico wins you get to pick a boot off of my lists...US wins, you gotta send me something...?

I take it, and I give you the draw (of course in regular time as one must win)
06-14-02 11:41 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This is the current schedule

And this is what we will have, according to my Stones sources, unfortunatelly Spain and Mexico, both, can play the final

06-15-02 02:34 AM
bluesgirl what a joke. denmark will continue, so will sweden, i think even the outsiders as south corea will continue.

well we know more this saturday. only 5 hours left for kick-off.

Go Denmark go, England you had the Stones but threw them out because of tax reasons, now we throw you out of the games.
06-15-02 06:12 AM
bluesgirl Achtung Achtung
Germany throw Paraguay home - congratulations Germany!!! Keep on the good work and we meet you some day, the Danish fans are waiting.
06-15-02 09:23 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I told you before Bluesgirl "Demark has nothing to do against England", and it was clearly shown in the match, in the first half England 3 - Denmark 0, the second half was boring.

At this moment I think I must change my forecast, England will be in the final
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