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05-31-02 11:31 AM
Scot Rocks As this the World Cup is now upon us, I know some people may want to comment on some of the games or incidents. However as this is a board about the Stones, I suggest that we keep it to this thread so that Stones fans who absolutely no interest whatsoever in football/soccer, can ignore it.

I'll start it off by asking, what happened to France!!!!?????, they really missed Zidane and Pires!!!!

05-31-02 11:41 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Good idea Scot!

Here's what happened to France...

They lost.

It just goes to show, that at the World Cup level of play, you can NEVER look past ANYONE, no matter who you play for.

France read too many of their own press clippings.


This could be the worst thing in the world to happen to everyone else in the field. Senegal may have woken the sleeping giant. If you are gonna lose a game, the 1st one is the game to can still advance from your group with an L...
05-31-02 12:16 PM
Jacques Hi all
We are happy for Senegal, but France did not miss Zidane (Zizou as we call him in France) neither Pires, we missed the match !!!
I think it's a good thing for the team, it's World Cup and even they are good they have to play (they earn enough money to do that). WAKE UP BOYS, it's the beginning not the end.
Senegal's goalkeeper was very good, but French team not so much dangerous.
Go on and waiting for the RS in Europe tour
06-01-02 10:23 AM
Scot Rocks Well done Ireland, Great strike from Holland and against a much fancied Cameroon. I actually missed the game, it been on at 7.30, as I got quite drunk the night before, anyway saw the highlights and the Irish were quite unlucky to win. Who needs Keano?!!!!!!. And Saudi Arabia...well they lost
8 - 0, and to be honest were an absolute embarresment to the world cup. It just seems odd that teams like Saudi Arabia can qualify and Holland one of the best teams can't...oh well I can still look forward to Sweden winning tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

06-01-02 10:29 AM
swapwoodfortaylor It's nice to know that a Jock has got something to look forward to in football terms!!!
06-01-02 07:02 PM
Honky Tonk Man I caught the last 20 mins of the Ireland game when i arrived at work. We have a wide screen tv in the staff room. I must say, things are looking pretty damn good so far. Great to see France loose!!!! (no offence to french stones fans!!). Now everyone remember that England are up tommowo and the Sweds better watch out becuase Beckams BACK!!!

Oh and USA are up on Wednesday for all you Americans!!
06-01-02 07:10 PM
Jacques Still French
still French looser but I like it
Wait, we are still there, but we like World Cup and we'll like who are going the best, any nation will win.
Good for Ireland
06-01-02 07:10 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yeah, the US team is up on Wed. At 0455! Thank God my VCR has a timer!

You know, I think having the World Cup in Asia is a big mistake. The only people who can watch the matches live at a reasonable hour live in Asia! Everyone else has to wake up at ridiculous hours, or call off work!
06-01-02 07:12 PM
Honky Tonk Man 2006 is in Germany. Should be a bit easier to watch!!
06-01-02 07:47 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah its much better when games are on in the afternoon or night, I find it very hard to be really up for a game while I still feel half asleep. Oh and yeah we are so crap up here slagging of other teams is the only thing we have to do...especially England!!!!!, come on, at a time when 1966 gets played nearly every day and David Beckham's foot is on the front pages and Jubilee weekend, it keeps us going!!!!!!!LOL, anyway good luck tomorrow, you will need it up against Henrik and Mjallby.

06-01-02 08:07 PM
Gazza >You know, I think having the World Cup in Asia is a big mistake. The only people who can watch the matches live at a reasonable hour live in Asia! Everyone else has to wake up at ridiculous hours, or call off work!

yeah but you have to remember that Asia is the most populated continent in the world and would have the biggest TV audience. traditionally kick off times in World Cups are geared towards European peak TV time (unlike the Olympics which is geared towards east coast US) - thats simply not possible this time. Its the first World Cup held outside Europe or The Americas,so I guess its overdue even if its a bitch getting up so early!

06-02-02 08:52 AM
Honky Tonk Man Oh well, not a great result for England. Still 1 point is better then nothing. Anyone see the game?, i set my alarm clock, but due to the fact ive been getting so little sleep its not a suprise i slept through it. Anyway, Argentina on Friday. Time to make amends i think
06-02-02 09:45 AM
marko In my opinion,sweden did better job,specially on the 2nd
half.I just saw slovenia/spain,,,not a good game.A bit too
slow tempo.
06-02-02 10:23 AM
Scot Rocks I thought England would do much better, the first half they started off quite well, however they kept throwing the ball forward any time they got it and giving away possesion. In the 2nd half Sweden dominated the midfield with worse players than England and could have won it, England definately need to change their tactics and formation. With Argentina up next England must improve.

06-02-02 01:08 PM
Staffan YES!
I'm pretty happy with 1 point although I know we played a lot better than the English team in the 2nd half. It was very entertaining football for a while. Must say I was relieved when Beckham left...
Surprised that my team didn't throw in Zlatan in the end.
And it was a terrible mistake not to have Anders Svensson from the beginning, he's one of the best players in the team.

Watch us on Friday when we beat Nigeria!

This thread is a good one
06-02-02 07:49 PM
Honky Tonk Man Oh im sure you will beat Nigeria, besides Kanu got injured today and hes the most dangerous player.

God, isnt Batistuta such a great player, that hedder he scored against Nigeria was amazing. Hes 33 and still playing great!!!

The reason England messed up was because Vassel and Owen are both very short and England were playing the long ball game. How are they going to win the ball with 6ft plus Sweden defenders towering over them. It wasnt what i wanted, but 1 point is better then nothing.

The England World Cup song could hardly of inspierd our players. "We have our SUPER SWEDE!!???????

06-03-02 01:26 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Eire... Eire... Eire...

Angrily hollering in Gaelic while re-inventing English literature all the way to the cup.

Patriotism for my dear US team is all very well and good, but one can never forget one's heritage when one comes from a long line of Irish horse thieves.

Ronnie lives in Ireland, or at least has a house there, don't he?

Eire... Eire... Eire...
06-03-02 04:35 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Not bad, not bad México 1 Croatia 0 some minutes ago... when a goal means 3 points!

Anybody from Croatia here?

Get ready Ecuador and Italy, ahí les va la ñonga! jaja
06-03-02 06:30 AM
Jumacfly Hi everybody...

Hope French will wake up against uruguay..
I d like to congratulate Senegal, they did a great match while we were sleeping ...

as the boys said, for you all (Sweden, England, Cameroon, Senegal)

06-03-02 08:21 AM
Scot Rocks Looks like Brazil and Ronaldo are back!!!!!!!I thought they looked brilliant today...however the Italians and Vieri are also looking good, Forza Italia!!!!!!!!
06-03-02 10:11 AM
Chico Well, I think the English have no chance of progressing now.(Ha Ha)I mean,Swedens possibly the poorest team in the group.Batistuta and co. should take mighty good care of them on friday, hopefully anyway.Obviously, Im a Scot, but hey, at least you guys are there unlike our, and it pains me to say it, no-hopers.
06-03-02 03:49 PM
Staffan Oh you are very unfair my Scottish friend, Swedens 2nd half was WAY better than what England anything played during the whole game. If you don't agree to that, you must be blind!
06-03-02 04:37 PM
jb Yeah Senegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
06-03-02 06:56 PM
Honky Tonk Man You will all be eating your words on Friday, ALL OF YOU!!!!
06-03-02 09:51 PM
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
You will all be eating your words on Friday, ALL OF YOU!!!!

And they'll taste delicious if precious England makes it. Less competition!

Hmmm... I could give our friends the Brits a nod...

But lo! My history volumes seem to have fallen open to the page that starts with "O" and ends with "liver Cromwell".



Nahhhhhh! The Brits are alright in my book nowadays. When you get down to the real people and not the aristocracy, the Irish and British've got more in common then they'd think.


Eire... Eire... Eire...
06-03-02 09:55 PM
Jumacfly wrote:
as the boys said, for you all (Sweden, England, Cameroon, Senegal)


Ooooooooh... we'll shine a light on them all right... like the evening sun... through a magnifying glass... as they get burnt out of their group by...

Eire... Eire... Eire...
06-03-02 09:58 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah, my prediction, hopefully

Eire 2 Germany 1

06-04-02 06:37 PM
Honky Tonk Man Anyone see Japans vs Belgium? Great game! That guy who plays for Arsenal is a real talent. Americas up tommowo everyone!!
06-05-02 07:03 AM
Cardinal Ximinez The soccer gods have rewarded my early rise at 0455hrs with a USA win over Portugal...3-2.

No I'm not kidding...really.

Honest. Check all the scoreboards.

The US beat one of the favorites to win the whole damn thing.

They scored 4 minutes into the game and 31 minutes later led 3-0. Then they bunkered in and held on for dear life.

If the US can get a point against S. Korea, and a win against Poland...The USA will get out of their group alive.

S. Korea must be bumming right now. They were probably counting on the US getting beat today. Too bad for them. HA!!!

I'm so excited, I think I gotta go jump on the wife!

06-05-02 07:05 AM
Scot Rocks USA 3 PORTUGAL 2...What a result for the States!!!!, I like Portugal they are a great team to watch, however I felt Figo and Rui Costa were not fit as they have been injured for a long time this season. However congratulations must go to the USA, they were brilliant, well organised and defended well...apart from that own goal!!!!!, and I thought Donovan looked like a great player, that group is going to be tight now. Anyway well done USA!!!!What a win.

Come on the IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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