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06-15-02 09:43 AM
bluesgirl yeah Voodoo you were damned right.
they were too many englishmen on the yard. but without the swedish coach they never should have done it! eriksson is brilliant.

so now Voodoo we go for Mexico - come on and beat them all.

06-15-02 09:47 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The first words by Sir Mick Jagger

"If the England team win the World Cup they should all be knighted," he said with a smile.

06-15-02 09:48 AM
Sir Stonesalot I love the fact that no one is giving the US a chance against Mexico. But guess who won 5 of the last 6 meetings between the 2 teams?

The US did, that's who!

Total score of those 6 matches...


In the last 2 matches...USA won 1-0, and Mexico won 1-0...each team winning at home.

This will be the best match of the round of 16.
06-15-02 09:54 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl You are right Sir! But we changed coach in the middle (well almost at the end) of the CONCACAF series for the World Cup. The team was changed, the situation is different.

Some other matches were courtesy of the good neighbours and of course, customer service from sponsored by the USA/Mexican Mafia LOL
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-15-02 10:28 AM
Scot Rocks Well England 3 Denmark 0, poor defending by the danes, from the goalkeeper Sorenson cost 2 goals and you cannot do that against teams like England. After that England sat back and killed the match off, with a solid defence and never really looked in trouble. The result, Brazil or Belguim next for them, I would fancy the Brazilians to triumph against the Belgians, however there has been so many surprises in this World Cup I just don't know what to expect. If Brazil get through, the game against England could be a classic, with the organisation of England versus the freeflowing football of Brazil.

06-15-02 12:34 PM
Honky Tonk Man Wooo Hooooo!!!!!! ENGLAND, ENGLAND!!!!!! Its all over, WE HAVE WON!!!!! Well, no not yet, but you have to ask whos going to beat us? Belgium or Brazil, both we can beat. Isnt Owen great? The first 45 mins were amazing. BANG, BANG, BANG!!! 3-0 This is really exciting. Come on, doesnt England deserve to win?

Bluegirl, im sure your a lovely person and know about football, but you obvsiously dont know much about the state of the English game. Sven is a brilliant manager/ulrika johnson fucker, but we have so much talent, we would win anway. You may think im bragging too much, maybe i am but this is England, the footbal capital of the worlds and all that rubbish.

You know what. Walk down First Avenue in Gillingham and all you will see are England flags hanging out of windows, on cars, everywhere. Pubs are opening at 7.30am, its just phenonimal really.

I love the way this is all shaping out. Whgo would of thought Argentina and France would be gone? With Itally looking dodgy, and dont forget Brazil havent REALLY been tested yet, who knows, maybe Sir Becks will be lifting the trophy and bringing it back to Blighty

Rule Britania!!!

06-15-02 05:59 PM
Staffan hey alex, DO NOT FORGET the two teams that outplayed the English team. (Argentina and Sweden) But yet, I don't think Sweden is a worthy winner of the cup, Argentina played better. Tomorrow morning; Sweden-Senegal!
06-15-02 07:50 PM
Honky Tonk Man Staffen, thats going to be a really tough game. Evan harder to predictthen todays game was. Id plug for Sweden, but you never know with Senegal. It may intrest you to know that alot of Frances black players are from Senegal!!
06-16-02 04:56 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Couldn't believe not just the result, but the way Sweden lost the match.

In extra time, they had it but c'est la vie

Senegal 2 - Sweden 1 another surprise, never underestimate your enemy.

Sorry Bluesgirl amd our Swedish friends Stafffan, Ulf, Hans, Erik, Charlotte, etc etc
06-16-02 10:09 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl ¡ España ganó Cabrones !

Bloody match! extra time was not enough, but Spain is in the quarter finals. Spanish Blood: TOO MUCH BLOOD!


[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-16-02 11:01 AM
Scot Rocks I am still stunned and dissapointed, Ireland done themselves proud and should have won. Ireland gave it everything they had...I still can't think about i am still shocked, our Celtic neighbours were so close.



06-16-02 11:04 AM
Scot Rocks BTW unlucky Sweden I really wanted you to go through, with Henrik and Johan in your team. Sometimes hose who deserve a slice of luck never get it. Thats two teams out today that I wanted to go through...ah well life goes on and I still have the Stones.

06-16-02 01:42 PM
Staffan Yeah, Sweden is pretty depressed now!
I think the in first half we played lousy, the second half was even, and during the extra time, we dominated! Such is life, I'll try not to turn the Telly on, it'll just make me more depressed. It's just two years until the European championships!
My final words are that the team with the better players don't always win, it's more about having luck!
So, any team can win!
Good luck to everybody, and I know that the next time we play we'll be even better! (but with no Larsson or Mjällby)
06-16-02 04:21 PM
Honky Tonk Man I dont think its a shame Ireland are out, Sweden as well. I think its great Senegal are doing so well. I love these Giant killers!!

Lets face it people



06-17-02 04:19 AM
L&A Hi Milton, are you ready to face the best worldwide football team: the one and only Red Devils from Belgium ?
06-17-02 04:33 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Congratulations USA, I got to admit you were better, even that the fucking blind referee didn't see a hand and a fault, that is two penalties for Mexico.

Well, go USA.

LOL If you see my post at the top of the second page 2 (

"I told you before the USA will give several surprises now, they were the last one in France and that hurts."

Sincerely the best for you you're the only one from North America, and from the late CONCACAF

,,,and Cardinal let me know what do you want from my collection

At least I have two nationalities and Spain is alive!

06-17-02 04:52 AM
bluesgirl welcome in the scandinavian football club for loosers voodoo child.
although we are looser we play damned good football.

06-17-02 04:53 AM
Jumacfly SENEGAL!! SENEGAL!!!!

Everybody joke when France( you know The triple 0 team!) lost against them, but im sure they ll be semi finalist...against Brazil (which play the best soccer of this cup)....

bye bye Sweden, Bye Bye Denmark , See ya for the revenge in 2004 in portugal...

Cheers Everybody, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD CUP!!!!!
06-17-02 05:10 AM
L&A Hey, my friends, you're all so sure Brazil will become a semi finalist... but wait for Belgium ! Poor Brazil....
btw, I send you an attachment with the pics of the best goals from France...
(just kidding, sorry, Jacques)
06-17-02 06:01 AM
Sir Stonesalot USA 2-Mexico 0

06-17-02 06:24 AM
bluesgirl yeah Belgium is the dark horse - you are right, and we will see everything on the stage from
06-17-02 09:32 AM
Milton wrote:

hahahaha Belgium hahahaha we can beat them with 8 players

Belgium-Brasil 0-2

I think you need 12 : best Brasilian player was the referee who canceled the first goal for Belgium... Second was Marcos, the keeper...
06-17-02 12:30 PM
Scot Rocks USA 2 MEXICO 0

ANOTHER SURPRISE!!!!, Well there had to be one winner and the USA impress me even more every game they play, they have a strong well organised midfield, Reyna, O Brien etc and lethal forwards Donavan and McBride. I really thought Mexico would win this game, however they came up against a brick wall when they attacked and USA played very well on the counter attack. Germany can be beat, could we see the USA in the semi finals?????!!!!!!!. As for Belguim I missed most of the game however from what I saw and heard you were unlucky and had a good goal disallowed, however this is football and sometimes luck doesn't go your way - Being Scottish I know this only too well!!! - Brazil V England will be a great occasion and the winner from this side of the draw should make the final, however who will be the opponent, this World Cup has been too unpredictable to say, so we shall just wait and see.

Commiserations and Congratulations to todays winners and losers.

Ciao Mark
06-17-02 02:36 PM
Honky Tonk Man Next = Germany SS, though i can really see US winning that match. I was kind of hoping Belgim would beat Brazil, but what the hell, im sure we will thrash them. Their keeper looks pretty dodgy at times

Roll on England vs USA Final

is that possible?
06-17-02 03:25 PM
Boomhauer Just wanted to say I went to middle school with Damarcus Beasley. Man what a player, but he probably won't play much now because the games are tougher and more serious.

Yeah USA!
06-17-02 03:25 PM
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
Roll on England vs USA Final
is that possible?

Yes it is! But the Spain will be there!

If the USA wins against Germany and then wins against Spain (or Italy or Korea) they will be in the final

Englands needs to win against Brazil (This is going to be the best match!!) and then Senegal or Japan, then the final will be England USA

At this moment I guess it will be Brazil-Germany but I would like it to be Brazil or England against SPAIN!!

Check this site for the match-tree updated daily
06-17-02 03:56 PM
jb USA vs. SENEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go baby!!!!!!!!!!!
06-17-02 05:31 PM
Scot Rocks Forza Italia!!!!!!!

they are my team now, as all my others are out

Come on the Azzuri

loro devono gioca Del Piero!!!!!


06-17-02 06:20 PM
F505 It's a pity Holland doesn't play. But no doubt Guus will deliver Korea the World Cup!!!
06-17-02 09:05 PM
L&A wrote:
I think you need 12 : best Brasilian player was the referee who canceled the first goal for Belgium... Second was Marcos, the keeper...

You are right L&A but we won anyway and we are going to win the cup, no second places anymore, no way please sorry for my comment it sounded nice before the match but with the result sounds agresive, no my intention
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