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Topic: World Cup Thread Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
06-17-02 11:26 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl For your convenience, since this is going to be the first message in the 6th page of this thread you will have here the updated schedule and results till the end.

06-18-02 03:19 AM
L&A Hey, don't worry, Milton, of course I knew it was only humour... It's just a game ! Good luck to Brasil for the rest of the competition !
06-18-02 09:57 AM
Sir Stonesalot Bang!

Italy is dead.

S. Korea gets the Golden Goal.

Bye Bye Azzuri!
06-18-02 10:03 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I just deleted two messages posted by me, I posted an anticipated victory for the Azzuri, since I don't believe in miracles.

Italy was winning 1-0 Korea scored two minutes before the end. Korea almost score some seconds before the regular time.

In extra time FUCK! Italy back home, sorry!

06-18-02 10:10 AM
F505 I told you: Korea is the next World Champion

and Guus will be the new president!!!!

Long live Guus uit de Achterhoek!
06-18-02 10:15 AM
bluesgirl italy welcome in the scandinavian loosers club.

they didn't deserve this - neither did belgium the other day - they did an excellent goal and it was cancelled, too bad of the danish assistent - but he was sent home today to denmark - fuck him.

i don't want to see more - it's enough with miracles and lousy judges.

06-18-02 10:41 AM
Scot Rocks
I can't believe it, first Ireland, Sweden and now Italy all the teams that I wanted to do well are out. All my predictions have been awful. I thought Mexico, France, Argentina, Portugal, Croatia would do better

Advice people go down and put a bet against the team who I am wanting to win, its guaranteed to make money!!!!.

Veiri should have finished the game off, why was Totti sent off??? Some more poor decisons by the officials...South Korea 2 Italy 1, just look at that score!!! Congratulations must go to Korea though they tried hard and won, although I am dissapointed. The world cup final will now be Spain Brazil...I think Therefore that prediction will also be wrong!!!!!lol and my new team that I will be supporting will be Spain...oops sorry Voodoo I hope my fortune doesn't continue. However if it does all I can say is Come on England!!!!!lol

Don't worry Italy you are not the only one to be embarresed!!!

Adios Mark
06-18-02 12:03 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hey Mark!

You start pulling for the US and I'll kick your haggas shitting ass! LOL!
06-18-02 03:34 PM
Scot Rocks
Hey Mark!

You start pulling for the US and I'll kick your haggas shitting ass! LOL!

Did I mention that I thought the States would be beat the, looks like I just ruined your great run, I hope my fortune changes though. I even entered a dream team in one of the papers here and although I was getting a lot of points from my forwards Raul and Ronaldo, who were scoring, the rest of my team has been a position says it all I am in 12,674th place!!!!lol

Mark - the bookies favourite person - !!!!!!
06-20-02 02:21 PM
Honky Tonk Man This post is slipping down the post a bit, so i thought id post to bring it up and too remind everyone that the biggest game of the tournement is on tomorrow!!

England Vs Brazil

Lets hope its agreat game like the 1970 WC match, though this time with a different score!! Seriously though, i really think England can win this. No no, they will, well, i hope they will anyway. You have to have faith!!

06-20-02 04:31 PM
Staffan Alex, for once I have faith in the English team. Although they are over-rated, their steady play might cancel out the storming South-Americans.. That's what I think. Sweden did well against them in 1994 (but lost with 1-0).
06-20-02 04:56 PM
Scot Rocks Hey Alex, thanks for bringing it back up, tomorrow is goin to be some game, possibly the best game of the World Cup. However, incredibly I think England may have a chance, the Brazilians look very vunreable to the diagnol ball and crossing which is where Beckham, Sinclair, Mills and Cole are good at doing. The main problem for England will be keeping the 3 Rs out the game - a very hard task at that!!! - if they can do it they will have a great chance.

06-20-02 05:02 PM
Scot Rocks Oh BTW hewre are my predictions for all quarter finals.

England 2 Brazil 2 golden goal anybody's guess

Senegal 3 Turkey 1

Spain 3 Korea 1

USA 2 Germany 1

Mark - the worst predictor of scores in the history of the W.C.

Why doesn't everyone else predict the scores and lets see who will be closest, this would be interesting.

Mark - the worst predictor of scores in the history of the W.C.
06-20-02 06:02 PM
Staffan England 1 Brazil 3

Senegal 2 Turkey 0

Spain 1 Korea 2

USA 1 Germany 3
06-21-02 04:41 AM
Honky Tonk Man ENGLAND 1


As the representitive for England on this thread i feel i must have my say. England were poor in this game. They did not play to their full potential. Same with Brazil.

It all started so well with Owenns goal. Hes 22 and hes one of the Worlds best. Remember his goal against Argentina in France 98? He was 18. From then on it was quite a nitty gritty kind of game. However, you have to hand it to Brazil, their first goal was outstanding. At 1 all i still thought England were in for a chance. But of course they got the free kick and scored. Very sad. Thankfully though, the bastard got sent off 7 minutes later.

From this point onwards it was pure frustration. We were not going any where. We through on Vssel and our very own Warhorse Teddy Sheringham, but it was no good. Beckham did okay but it just wasnyt our day.

I just feel sorry for David Seaman. You cannot fault the man. Hes 38 and wont play in the next World Cup in Germany.

There is some comfort to be taken though. This is a very young England side. We can build on it, we ARE a very STRONG TEAM, we have the players. Lets face it. Apart from Brazil, any Country would die to have Beckham in their team. Roberto Carlos for one aknowledges that Becks is the Worlds greatest free kick taker.

So i will be diplomatic and wish those on the board who are following the Countrys left in the tournement. Just remember, England had an off day.

06-21-02 07:25 AM
Scot Rocks Hey Alex as a Scot, I must also give my opinion on the game. I really thought England had a chance in this game however, I was very dissapointed with England, especially in the second half, they sat back for most of the game and did not create any chances apart from Owen's goal. After they scored I really thought England would win, however Brazil took command again. I felt sorry for Owen and Heskey as well as they got no service from the midfield or full backs and you can not really crticise them for not doing any better. Ronaldihino scored an amazing free kick - i think he meant it - and then got sent off for a poor tackle, that merited nothing more than a yellow card though. After that I thought England were poor, against 10 men they created nothing and they looked tired, however they have a young team and should be back to fight another day. Btw do not blame Seaman he made one mistake, however I would not be surprised to see the tabloids making him the scapegoat like they did with Beckham in 1998.

England had a great chance to win this world cup, but they just did not deserve to win this game the best team won on the day, Brazil and I would expect them to win the tournament now.

USA v Germany coming up next, will we see another european exit, I wouldn't be surprised.

06-21-02 07:37 AM
Honky Tonk Man England could of done so much better. We all should know how good they can be. Beckham for me has been a let down in this World Cup. Sure he scored the spot kick against Argentina, but thats all. England were awful today. I think they were, though they looked pretty good just after Owens goal. Brazil were lucky, but it was a great free kick. They will go on to win this tournament. I reckon we are going to see a Brazil vs Germany Final. After all the suprises we have had a final with those two teams would seem a little more normal. Could you imagine a Turkey Vs Senegal Final? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

06-21-02 09:20 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Well done USA, what a pity someone wins, an applause for you

Germany 1 - USA 0

Germanym your next match will be against SPAIN and you will lose
06-21-02 09:24 AM
Scot Rocks Damn, the States are out, but hell they done their country proud. The Germans have done it again, going up the park and scoring, while the other team has all the play and chances. I wish we would Donavon he looks a brilliant player and they had the Germans on the rack if only they had taken one of their chances in the first half. Well 2 down 2 to go and the Germans are there again...well done anyway any German fans the team certainly has improved since England beat you.

06-21-02 09:26 AM
Riffhard Well the US had a hell of a run!I have no doubt that we showed some people that we deserve respect.Germany certainly played a defensive game.That shows respect right there.Good going U-S-A!!!See you '04!

06-21-02 09:34 AM
Scot Rocks Hey I just saw the replay that was HANDBALL on the line USA should have had a penalty and Germany a player sent off. Oh well that idiot Hugh Dallas (Scotland) was the referee, so no surprises.

06-21-02 09:37 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Not just a handball, but inside! It was a goal, no penalty necessary
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-21-02 01:54 PM
steel driving hammer Ah I was pushing for USA & Mexico.

Hats off to the Germans. Good game.

Just glad the Saudies didn't take the Cup.
06-21-02 03:21 PM
Sir Stonesalot No sour grapes here. The US outplayed one of the best teams in the world...but luck just wasn't with them today. But I think it was pretty clear who the better team was. What happened at this WC was that the US just put everyone on notice. In 2006, we'll be loaded for bear, and ready to advance farther into the tournament. Our team is young, fast, and talented....just wait until they mature and learn how to play international ball.

Well done Germany. Just remember, there will be a next time.
06-22-02 05:18 AM
bluesgirl adios Espania - everything are up and down this time, isn't it? who will win this world championship?
maybe Corea?
06-22-02 05:45 AM
Staffan Yeah, sorry Voodoochile! I hoped Spain could make it this time, but no... anyway, the South Coreans ran a lot more and didn't look as tired as the Spaniards
06-22-02 05:49 AM
Fabio Hot Stuff Korea: WHAT A SHAME!
I hope for the 5 w. cup to Brazil...
A.S. ROMA supporters
up for Cafu
06-22-02 06:53 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL it was a secret but I'm also Korean

I'm so sorry that I didin't cjange header and I?m going to sleep some hours

06-22-02 07:31 AM
Scot Rocks More ridiculous decisions putting Spain out, first Portugal, Italy now Spain I think we have a conspiracy on our hands here. Now S.Korea are in the semis, the host nation, hmmm...

06-22-02 09:32 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl ..and now Turkey!

Well, now is the first semifinals with not only the typical Eurpoean - Americans

Suprise, surprise
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