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06-22-02 09:52 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It would be hreat to have Senegal in the semifionals, in this was it would be a 4-continents semis

But now is two Asian countries, one European and one American!
06-22-02 09:59 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Since now we are in the 7th page, here we have the updated status for our convenience

06-22-02 12:28 PM
F505 I told this over and over again. But as no one seems to listen: South Korea is the new worldchampion and Guus Hidding the new president. Long live Guus!!!
06-22-02 12:33 PM
Scot Rocks They might win it of they keep getting some of those refereeing decisions, like today and in their other games, they were disgraceful Spain should be through.

06-22-02 12:45 PM
F505 No way! It's indeed a shame that Spain can't beat a bunch of mediocre soccer players! And it is very cheap to blame the referee. That story is as old as the road to Rome.

Long live Guus!
06-23-02 05:44 AM
ElMocambo Hope Brazil is gonna win. They are simply the best. Germany has played such a shit. I am a German but I don't wanna see them as winner. Corea is a big surprise but I think they had a lot of luck with the referees and they play a lot like the Germany no good ideas only stamina and running.

Brazil is showing the most lookable soccer as almost at avery Cup. But hopefully they won't have a Blackout as 1998 and so many times before. Let's put it straight: In 1998 Brazil was also the best team until the final and France was average and played only a good final.

06-23-02 07:16 AM
Honky Tonk Man I hope Brazil win too. I want to say we got beaten by the best. Despite the fact that Brazil were lucky against England, they have a cetain flair. I have no doubt though, that England would be in the semis if we had played anyone but Brazil.

06-24-02 11:55 AM
Helmut Now is time to end the Korean dream
06-24-02 12:19 PM
Honky Tonk Man I would'nt speak too soon. Lets just wait and see.

Just think, we could have a TURKEY VS SOUTH KOREA Final

shudder the thought
06-25-02 07:48 AM
Scot Rocks I have a feeling that if any team can end the Korean dream it will be the Germans they always seem to, well lets wait and see...

06-25-02 07:49 AM
Scot Rocks btw prediction

- Korea 1 Germany 2

06-25-02 09:31 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl No more miracles the final will be Germany - Brazil

Congratulation Germany for 1 - 0 against Korea, boring but the result is valid

06-25-02 01:10 PM
Scot Rocks Firstly well done Germany, they deserved to win today, it was not a great game, however they were well organised and played well and against a hard working korea team. However I feel sorry for Ballack, who is a great player and scored the goal that sent them through and will miss the final, he must feel awful now.

06-26-02 09:30 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Now we have a final to watch Brazil - Germany, and I can't believe it but this is going to be the first time they play in world cups when both have been in almost all world cups and have been champions!

Congratulations to our friends in Brazil Coca Buena, LuTcia, Milton, Gaby del Bianco, etc
06-26-02 09:37 AM
Staffan Well, they deserved to win today, but I can't help being annoyed by some of their players. Rivaldo, I can't stand him after what he did the first game. And there are so many divas! They would play so much better if they opened their eyes more....
06-26-02 10:06 AM
Honky Tonk Man I watched bits of the game and they looked great, but as Staffen said, they are divas. Germany will be a tough game. The Germans are a strong team now and they have been fairy steady in this competition except for the first game and against Ireland. I think Brazil will win, but if it comes to a shoot out, we know whos going to win. Every seen the Germans miss a penalty?

06-26-02 01:18 PM
Scot Rocks This was a great game today, It was great to see Ronaldo scoring and as usual Rivaldo, R. Carlos and Cafu were amazing. Brazil had numerous chances to score more, however they over elaborated in front of goal, which only Brazilians seem to do well. However Turkey did play well today, I thought Hassan Sass was great today and is a good player for them and the game was very open, much better than the othere semi final. However Brazil did deserve to win and it will be great to see the front 3 of Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldihino play in the final. The final will be a contrast between the attacking flair of the Brazilians against the organisation of the Germans who have only conceded one goal. However I fancy Brazil to triumph.

06-26-02 03:16 PM
Staffan Yes, it'll be great to see Ronaldinho on Sunday. It means "Little Ronaldo" btw
oh, I wont be able to see the final! damn, I'll be in the middle of nowhere in WV. Anyway, I am pretty sure Brazil will make it. I can't stand Germany.. such a boring Manschaft.(team) and I've been learning that ugly language four years too much. But next year I won't!
Go Go Brazil, Go! Brazil B Good.
06-26-02 03:25 PM
bluesgirl go for deutschland.......
they are extremely strong - and their goal keeper is absolute best...

welcome in deutsche hell brasil.
06-26-02 04:57 PM
Milton Brazil is going to be the champion Somebody Bet?
06-26-02 05:12 PM
stonedinaustralia i just wanted to be the 200th post to this thread - no just kidding

i'm predicting a scoreless draw that is still unresolved after extra time - penalty shoot out then follows which goes down to the last kick, which, when it is taken the goalie just manages to stop it.... the kicking team then screams bloody murder saying the goalie moved before the shooter took his shot and then the whole stadium descends into chaos as opposing team officials threaten each other the referee and the fifa officals and both sides immediately instruct their lawyers to bring proceedings in all and any jurisdiction they deem appropriate and so the game will continue not on the field but in the courtroom...

meanwhile the crowd are left bewildered and angry at the lack of a result
[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-28-02 09:24 PM
Scot Rocks ok, just bringing this post back up, however it would be good to know everyones predictions for the final.
Mine is - Brazil 2 Germany 0

Scorers Ronaldo and Rivaldo


06-29-02 03:10 AM
Jacques Mine is
Brazil 2 - Germany 1
06-29-02 11:41 AM
Jacques Great match between Korea and Turkey ( 2-3). Nice to watch. They were not as lazy as French players were.
06-29-02 12:12 PM
Scot Rocks Turkey 3 S.Korea 2

A good game, and Turkey played well and deserved to win, now we can look forward to the final.

06-29-02 12:18 PM
Jacques What are you doing all with the Final predictions ,
Nobody 's wanting to get a great present from Voodoo , LOL
06-29-02 06:11 PM
Honky Tonk Man WELL DONE TURKEY !!!

Anyho, im sure Mark would be cool with this (being brittish), but would everyone be cool about having a permenant football thread? We can kick it off in August. Mark you support Celtic right? When i was 10, i liked to support a team from every Country. Rangers and ermm Mark Heartky (what his name?????) were my favourite Scottish team.

Sampdoria and their then great player David Platt (cough, cough) were my favourite from Serie A.

I follow Gillingham and Manchester United.

06-29-02 08:12 PM
Milton I repeat somebody bet? Let's say bootlegs
06-30-02 07:50 AM
bluesgirl come on Deutschland beat the ass out of the Brasilians
06-30-02 08:56 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Ronaldo 2 - Germany 0

The war is over! Congratulations Brazil, you are the best!
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