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06-05-02 09:28 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I told you before the USA will give several surprises now, they were the last one in France and that hurts.
06-05-02 10:30 AM
Scot Rocks Damn where's my post about the USA game?
06-05-02 10:32 AM
Scot Rocks Yes Ireland last minute from KEANO!!!!!!!!!!!!


06-05-02 10:41 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Mathematically it means another spanking in the amount of 8-0 to the Arabians, since mathematics does not work here then go Ireland and beat them 16-0 to be the first in that group.

message censured by me
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-05-02 12:34 PM
WahWahWoody Nobody talking about Germany here? You are absolutely right. I am German but our 8-0 against Saudi Arabia was worthless. Today the Irish showed us where we really stand. They really deserved that goal in the last minute of the game. And I doubt Germany will win against Cameroon so that will be the end for our team. No chance this time. But they'll be back strong for the 2006 world cup in our own country.
I still believe France will do it again, they are simply the best team at the moment.
06-05-02 01:54 PM
Honky Tonk Man I wouldnt be suprised at all if Ireland do well in this competition. They have some great players, not World Class, but some good honest players. Players like Jason Macateer and Robbie Keane are all good. Evan their veteran striker Nial Quinn is half decent!!! Unlike Northern Irland who sadly, like Wales will never ammount to anything

I meant to watch the USA game today, but i slept in. I will watch the highlights tonight. Great result for them!!!

All thats important from my point of view is Fridays game between England and that South American team whos name i have forgottten.

06-05-02 04:43 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy EIRE! WHOOOOOOOO! WHOOOOOOO! whooo... whoo... whoo... whoo... *fizzle*.

Alright, lads, you've got two ties and a thrashing of Saudi Arabia (we hope) to knock about. If Germany loses to Cameroon... let's see here.

Cameroon 2-0-1 - 7 points.
Eire 1-0-2 - 5 points.
Germany 1-1-1 - 4 points.
Saudi Arabia 0-3-0 - 0 points.

Oh dear... Then again, I've never really taken an interest in how World Cup politics work: they don't all just play each other once, do they?
[Edited by TheSavageYoungXyzzy]
06-05-02 05:02 PM
Jacques Hi
Great for USA, I can't beleive and football, but BRAVO to USA.
Great Ireland....
And tomorow what about French Team ????????
06-06-02 03:46 AM
gypsymofo60 Call me crazy, but I'm actually convinced that England will turn things around tomorrow against Argentina, shit! we couldn't possibly lose to them again. We've had a run of bad luck against The Argies for a long time now, but things have got to change. Forget Heskey, and play Robbie Fowler up front with The Boy Blunder.
06-06-02 06:01 AM
Jumacfly Jacques!

il n y a pas de raison qu on reprenne une raclée!!!

on est les champions oui ou merde!!!

Cheers guys!
06-06-02 11:40 AM
Chico Savage, they do only play once and Gypsy I have to say, your craaaaaaaaaaazy!Hope I get out of bed in time for the game though even though it is at 12.30
Awaaaay the Scots.Bring on the Germans(in October obviously)
06-06-02 11:50 AM
Jacques to Jumacfly and others friends
today France did not get a hiding as jumacfly said but it was not so far.
France's lucky not to loose but it was a close shave. They played quite better, they were only 10 against 12 and Uruguay's always cheating (sorry but it's true). We have to win against Denmark (sorry for friends from this country but we are going to do it).
On est les champions comme dit Jumacfly mais il faut qu'on le prouve !!!!!!! Allez les Bleus !!!!!!

06-06-02 11:57 AM
Jacques Great encounter tomorrow between England and Argentina, where is going your money ????
06-06-02 12:04 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl In the recent Royal Jubilee the Queen mentioned that if England wins there won't be any further problems between them concerning "Las Islas Malvinas" and she will finance a Rolling Stones show at the River Stadium for free.

What's goin' on with France? The champions at the bottom of group A!! I agree that Argentina - England will be a very attractive match but Denmark - France will be bloody!
06-06-02 04:57 PM
Staffan And don't forget the importance of the Sweden-Nigeria match either...
06-06-02 05:13 PM
Jacques Of course
sorry for them
06-07-02 09:20 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Sweden 2 Nigeria 1
Spain 3 Paraguay 1
England 1 Argentina 0
06-07-02 09:27 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Well done England!

A couple of scarey moments, but tough enough!

A bit of revenge for those Exocet missles aye!

This win pretty much seals the deal for advancing from the 1st round.
06-07-02 09:39 AM
glencar Damn! I wish Argentina had won!

I just saw that Agassi lost in the French Open. Too bad.
06-07-02 10:04 AM
Chico Sounds as though hansen, lineker and co. are already thinking about putting their life savings on england to win the world cup.Well done to them but stay realistic, pleeeeease.Me and many others are eating our words at this moment.Ah well, come on the nigeria!!!!!
06-07-02 11:14 AM
Oscar Argentina is going to beat Sweden, thats for sure, is a live or die match for both parties and Argentina will pass the second round
06-07-02 01:46 PM
Honky Tonk Man I bloody hope Argentina dont go through!! That Batistuta is one dirty bastard the way he played today. I was really hoping Sweden would loose, by winning that meant England had to win to stand any chance. and WE DID!! Okay so it wasa penalty, but its the three points which matters!!
06-07-02 05:29 PM
Scot Rocks Well...I hate to say this imo I thought England played well and probably deserved their win, well done, however here in the UK it has already started..."England are the best team in the competition"..."We are goin all the way to the final"...aghhhh, anyway well done...for now!!!

Watch out now Argentina, Henrik is back on form!!!!!!see that first goal!!!!!

Cheers Mark

06-07-02 05:40 PM
Gazza I dont think the press have got over the top at all,actually and I dont blame them for milking it either. Theyve waited a long time to beat Argentina. Any other country in that position would be shouting it from the rooftops too.

Fact is,they beat a side which is one of the best two football sides in the world,and deserved to do so.

I cant see them winning the World Cup but if you can stuff Germany 5-1 in Munich and then outplay Argentina,then you have no reason to fear anyone.

Like you,I'm not English either - but no ifs or buts from me here. England were fucking terrific today - end of story.
06-08-02 08:51 AM
gypsymofo60 Well they did it! Well done England! As usual sour grapes from the vanquished, tough! I'm not suggesting that England will win the tournament, but credit where credit is due hey!
06-08-02 12:28 PM
Scot Rocks What happened to the Azzuri???????allowing a 1-0 lead to slip to Croatia, although they did have two good goals disallowed. It seems all the fancied teams are struggling; France, Argentina, Italy etc, however Brazil looked awesome again today against the Chineese, if they sort out their defence they can go all the way. This W
06-08-02 12:30 PM
Scot Rocks Ooops Typo, I was only going to say that this World Cup has been great so far, long may it continue!!!!!


06-08-02 04:15 PM
Chico Oh god!It has been revealed.Scot Rocks is a celtic fan.Some performance last season I must say.BUT, what happened at pittodrie first time around?Lovely!Oh god.It has been revealed , Im a sheep shagger.Metaphorically speaking.A tenner went on Brazil last week.Everyone wrote them off at the start but wait and see.
06-08-02 05:06 PM
Staffan I'm gonna be off internet for a week, and I you know i want Sweden to win this game against Argentina.
Remember that, if England advances to the semi-finals and Sweden don't, we're still a better team than England. Just look at the Sweden-England game and you'll see!
I'm happy!
Go, go Henrik!!!!
06-08-02 06:54 PM
Honky Tonk Man Anyone see Brazil Vs China? Okay they were not playing against the greatest team, but Brazil are amazing to watch. They have so much flair and talent. Its impoosible not to like them!!

I must add that we should all keep this thread up, right up to and past the final, its good for us football/soccer fans!!

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