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Topic: farewell to a great Stones friend Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4
April 2nd, 2004 05:37 PM
UGot2Rollme Boogie with Stu, Bro,.. Dance with Brian...
and Love your second life...
because we will soon join you...
April 2nd, 2004 06:20 PM
Street Fighting Man Dear Bob T. & Friends of Matt on the board,

I am sorry to hear about the untimely passing of Matt Mulcahy. It's often very hard to know exactly what to say at such times, as we always will miss very dearly a friend or loved one who passes into eternity.

Thankfully, I can share with you a message of eternal hope that each person who places their faith & trust in Jesus Christ will live forever in heaven. Jesus died to pay the price of your sins. He loves you so very much, and desires to have a personal relationship with you through faith in Him alone. This most beautiful offer of salvation is depicted in:

Further, The bible tells us that you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt where you will spend eternity. If you have not personally invited Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord & Savior - do it today, while you able. Death is not pleasant, but it is something each of us will someday face. Perhaps sooner than we would ever imagine.

With the love of God,


P.s.., If there is anyone here who would like to speak to me at this time, please feel free to email me at:

Psalm 23

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
4 Even though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death, [1]
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

5 You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
6 Surely goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD
April 2nd, 2004 10:35 PM
Bob Tamp Matt is being waked Sunday, and the buried on Monday in Hackensack( not sure of spelling) New Jersey.
Im still pretty fucked and in shock. I keep thinking it's a bad dream. I plan on putting a picture of me and my dog Cody who he loved in his casket along with a copy of Beggars. I know some day he and I will rock out again. His death will leave a horrible void in my life, and the healing process will be very long. He was my best friend, and we talked every day, and counseled eachother constantly.

You know a lot of people are lucky to meet that one special person in their lives... i had it and am blessed. I could always count on Matt. This whole thing is surreal and i keep hoping to wake up from a bad dream.

His fiance Tracy has been good for him too. She was good at settling us down a bit.
April 2nd, 2004 10:56 PM
Gazza Thanks for the update, Bob. Stay strong,mate.

As a mark of respect for Matt, we'll be keeping a pic of him as the header until after his funeral on Monday.
April 3rd, 2004 12:53 AM
MarthaMyDear That's nice, Gary (and all of your comments have been nice)!!! I hope to see you in England again, Bob, on the next tour (if I can save the bread and I'm hoping I can!!!) and I don't need to say this but stay in touch with Gary as he's organizing the next get-together there, etc., again... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appointed him!!! ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!! I'll try to think of some REALLY fun and cool things for this one, also (even if I can't go)!!! Your healing will take time but soon you will see alot of your Rocks Off buddies who care about you and don't forget it!!!

Anyways, take care, PEACE, and I hope to see you next year!!! PEACE!!!

*** Martha ***

P.S. (Please do some positive things for yourself, also, ok.?!?!?! Maybe buy yourself something Stonesy, etc.!!! No one wants to see you get way too depressed, ok.?!?!?! TAKE CARE!!! PEACE!!! ROCK ON!!! )
[Edited by Gazza]
April 3rd, 2004 02:44 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Yes. because the most important thing here is the PEOPLE, the real people, we're real, we're family, we're more than just words, posts, threads and replies, we're persons

Again RIP Riffhard, yes as UGot2Rollme said: boogie with Stu, dance with Brian...

--- jam with Nicky, rock with God, as rock is the highest of human expressions... give us your blessings Matt, we need them

And why not to remember Yolev and Temple and anybody else who passed and like we all shared here or at other places the same passion

Who wants to live forever?

Love you all!


April 3rd, 2004 04:54 AM
egon bob, you have PM
April 3rd, 2004 01:42 PM
Martha Bob, hang in there. We just lost one of our pets (our kitten Winky) and I have been going through intense grief over that loss. It came as a total shock all happeneing wtihin a 24 hour period. But I am finding that along with the tears I need to cry, listening to the blues music and interacting with friends (people who understand how hard it is to lose a beloved pet) somehow..I am making it through a minute, hour and day at a time. Let yourself grieve as long and as much as you need to. There are no rules.

I would LOVE to send YOU the package of music I was burning to send to Matty. If you are cool with that please PM me your mailing address. :-)

"Music is the light in the darkness that never goes away" --Martin Scorsese

with love and sympathy,
April 3rd, 2004 09:32 PM
MarthaMyDear Thank you for editing my post, Gary (aka Beevis... lol................. :P :P :P :P :P
:P::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P )... I was extremely tired
and just posted a wrong name, etc.... Take care, Bob, and get some rest like I
should!!! lol.......................... Take care of yourself and ROCK ON, BRO!!! PEACE!!! TAKE CARE!!!

*** Martha ***
April 3rd, 2004 09:36 PM
MarthaMyDear YOU NEED TO DO THAT, ALSO, MARTHA!!! My two cats are like my children to me, to say the EXTREME LEAST!!! This all takes time, of course!!! Anyways, I will talk to you soon and check in to see how you're doing, ok.?!?!?! I haven't been good with email lately but I'm getting there!!! Anyways, take care, PEACE, and DO ROCK ON, GIRLFRIEND!!! PEACE!!!

********** LOVE!!! **********,
*** Martha ***
April 3rd, 2004 10:40 PM
jpenn11 I am so sorry. My condolences to his family.

If you believe in forever,
Then life is just a one-night stand.
If there's a rock and roll heaven,
Well you know they've got a hell of a band.

April 4th, 2004 10:39 AM
Rolling Hansie Very sad to loose a friend. It always hurts. My prayers go out to his friends and family.
April 4th, 2004 02:38 PM
MarthaMyDear wrote:
YOU NEED TO DO THAT, ALSO, MARTHA!!! My two cats are like my children to me, to say the EXTREME LEAST!!! This all takes time, of course!!! Anyways, I will talk to you soon and check in to see how you're doing, ok.?!?!?! I haven't been good with email lately but I'm getting there!!! Anyways, take care, PEACE, and DO ROCK ON, GIRLFRIEND!!! PEACE!!!

********** LOVE!!! **********,
*** Martha ***

You are the sweetest, kindest (funniest) person thank you for the nice words. My cats are my kids too. I'm hangin' in there but it always helps to know someone else understands and cares! I WILL See you if I get to come to LA this year! Stay tuned.................!

April 4th, 2004 08:02 PM
corgi37 It's been a funny old year already. My best mates ex-wife just died last week as well. She was 41. Just gave birth to a girl in December. She really screwed him mentally and financially, was a real bitch during their separation and divorce, she said some shitty things about me and my wife, and i havent seen her in 5 years. But, i still felt a loss. I was her best mate for 15 years. I was closer to her than her own husband. He never remembered her birthday (more than once arranged golf trips on her birthday) but i always remembered, and she remebmered mine, because we are 2 weeks apart. She certainly went a bit nuts, but what can you do. Once i met my future wife, it was the beginning of the end of our friendship, and my mates marriage. The funny thing is, they spent $200,000 renovating their house, and then she ran off with the builder! She had 3 boys with my mate, but always wanted a girl. So badly, that she even aborted 2 healthy boys. Then, she discovered the builder had 3 girls. So, off she went. Got pregnant, and it was a girl. ALso, got cervical cancer. She never smoked, virtually never drank and exercised regularly. Among my friends, no one really cares or understands why i felt so sad when she croaked. I mean, i didnt bawl or anything, but i had a drink for he. My mate had the guts to go to her funeral, with her 3 boys, but her current hubby didnt even want them there! What a prick. My mates current fiance is jealous, and has threatened him not to talk too much about his ex. She really spat it when he went to the funeral. Man, i hate that skank. Anyway, its all sad. Life goes on. For some. At least we, who are still going, can remember those who have departed. I had a drink for my mates wife last Friday, and I had a drink for Riffhard this past Friday, though i never met him. THis Friday, i think its time to have a drink for the rest of us.
April 4th, 2004 09:27 PM
Very sorry to hear this news of your friend and a Rocks Off member. I wish the docs could help him more. Was he sick for very long? From what I've seen here on the board you were a great freind to him and that is something you should be proud of. I lost a good freind last summer so I know how you feel. The important thing to remember is you were with him to the very end and he knows that and so do you. Something to be very proud of.
Much condolenses from me and everyone.
April 5th, 2004 02:03 PM
P Rest in peace Matt,
keep strong BT
April 5th, 2004 07:46 PM
Bob Tamp We just got back from Hackensack, NJ where Matt was laid to rest. We tucked him in with his yankees cap, a cd of beggars banquet, some pictures, and his harmonica.

Got back to the house, and really lost it emotionally. I still seem him coming up my walkway with some new boot or some good smoke. I know we will rock again some day together.

Myself,the Mulcahy family, and his fiance Tracy would like to thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers. It has helped more than any of you could imagine. We love Matt, and are at least happy he is no longer suffering. Thanks for you support. The Rocks Off Message board has proven without a doubt that it's a TRUE FAMILY.
April 6th, 2004 01:27 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Yes. Bob and as a Family you don't need to thank ourselves. long live Riffhard64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the header we had from the day you gave the sad news to his funeral

Matthew Mulcahy
b. October 1, 1964 d. March 31, 2004

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
April 6th, 2004 07:39 AM
Factory Girl Hello Bob,

You guys were mutually blessed in this friendship. Please remember that we're here for you anytime you need us.

"May the Good Lord Shine a Light".

RIP Matty and say hello to Brian Jones.
April 12th, 2004 05:52 PM
voodoopug As promised, we quietly dedicated our performance of Torn and Frayed to Matt at our show on friday to end the night. I am sure he heard it and hope we did him proud.

THe Voodoo Pugs
April 12th, 2004 10:07 PM
Gazza Nice one, pug
April 15th, 2004 07:25 PM
Bob Tamp Yes, thank Puggs

Im sure Matt was beaming when Torn and Frayed was played.

It's been 15 days since Matt left, and I am still very very sad. Who the fuck dies at 39 years old? Matt is probably loving the fact he went so young.
I already told his fiance, Tracy, that he will probably be behind the mixer when our boys hit the studio...kicking their asses... he always had impeccable musical tastes.

April 16th, 2004 07:57 AM
Monkey Woman It's good to hear from you, Bob. Take care.
April 16th, 2004 08:53 AM
corgi37 That was a nice gesture. I am proud to be on this board.
April 16th, 2004 09:53 AM
corgi37 wrote:
That was a nice gesture. I am proud to be on this board.

I would like to nuzzle you .
April 16th, 2004 10:31 AM
voodoopug wrote:
As promised, we quietly dedicated our performance of Torn and Frayed to Matt at our show on friday to end the night. I am sure he heard it and hope we did him proud.

THe Voodoo Pugs

Very touching and something only this "Stones family" would understand. We may all have our differences and even get on one anothers nerves, but the bottom line is that we all share a love and passion for the Stones . We also come together in sad times like this to collective share the grief and sorry of losing a fellow member of our Stones community.....God Bless...
April 16th, 2004 12:12 PM
LadyJane Nice words, jb!!

I just love our RO family!!

April 16th, 2004 05:00 PM
TooTough My condolences to Matt´s family and friends.
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