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Roseland, NYC, September 30, 2002.
Louis Lanzano

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09-23-02 03:32 PM
Raging GOAT!!! This song hotter than the motherfucker lit at both ends. On next album to goaT wants it. Now. Horny on life. Hold the liver. Sweeeeeeeeet!
09-23-02 03:34 PM
Soul Survivor your

09-23-02 03:36 PM
sirmoonie I dunno, Soulie. "your"? Hmmmm......hmmmmmm.....hmmmmmm.

But I would like to mash his head into Oprah Winfrey's commode.
09-23-02 03:37 PM
Soul Survivor correction: you're
09-23-02 03:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot No it's not dumb!

Fiji Jim could have been a great song if they had ever bothered to finish the thing. I like the riff.

But I don't see them drudging it back up. They will work on the fresh ideas from Paris.

May all of your Creme Brule have the sweetest carmelized crust always!
09-23-02 03:42 PM
Soul Survivor Well, they did "So Young" in '94/'95 and it was originally from the late 70's. It's on the boot "Made In The Shade"
09-23-02 03:44 PM
Sir Stonesalot sirmoonie!

Did I ever do my impression of Oprah taking a dump for you? It is very similar to the impression that I do of Queen Elizabeth taking a dump. But there is a subtle difference. I do the Oprah one with a chicken wing stuffed in my mouth.

It's so funny. I get lots of free drinks with that one.
09-23-02 03:45 PM
jb Fiji Jim ...where is my Shirley Temple....your from Jupiter, cousin just bought a home at mariebella..nice..but not nicer than my place!!!
09-23-02 03:48 PM
sirmoonie Haven't seen it, but I got the "visual."

09-23-02 04:12 PM
T&A The rumor was the Stones had put together an album worth of songs (supposedly titled Leftovers) that included many from the Some Girls sessions (a la So Young) with cleaned up vocals, etc. This was gonna be released after the No Security tour but was reputedly scotched because of low NS album sales. But, supposedly, these tunes included a cleaned up Fiji Jim.
09-23-02 04:23 PM
Pants Make the Man "Hold the liver"? I agree! You should post more often, ragingGOAT!!!
09-23-02 06:20 PM
full moon Sales of yet another live album had nothing to do with The Stones not releasing Leftovers... I heard that it was because they are going to put out the box set of rarities.. So, why release a single disc by itself?? Makes sense...
09-23-02 06:35 PM
stonesmik I don't see a rarities box with old and unreleased outtakes comin as long as Mick's got anything to say about it. If there is any outtake Mick likes, they will record a new version of it. Until today the group itself did never release songs that were older than two or three years ("Metamorphosis" was an exception but the Stones didn't want to release that stuff, it was Allen Kleins idea).

If there is a rarities box, it will most probably contain b-sides, live versions, 12" mixes and the like. But no unfinished old studio outtakes.

It was usually Mick who decided what to release (after all he has to sing it, and that's usually the job you do at the end, when the song is finished).
09-23-02 06:39 PM
Soul Survivor
stonesmik wrote:
I don't see a rarities box with old and unreleased outtakes comin as long as Mick's got anything to say about it. If there is any outtake Mick likes, they will record a new version of it.

They did that with "So Young". It's originally from the Some Girls Sessions! And they recorded it during the '94/'95 sessions
09-24-02 06:49 AM
stonesmik Thhat's what I said. They don't release old stuff. At least they re-record it and they do that very rarely. So they didn't release the end-70s version of "So young" but recorded a new version during the "Voodoo lounge" sessions.
09-24-02 07:12 AM
stonesmik Yes they did that. Um.
09-24-02 08:07 AM
Mathijs This is not true. For “So Young” only the vocals and piano were redone, and that's it. The guitars, bass and drums are all original 1977 Some Girls sessions. The same goes for Waiting On A Friend and Tops, recorded in 1972 and Slave from 1975. These songs were remixed, and new vocals and (for Waiting on a Friend and Slave) a sax solo was added. But all guitars, bass and drums are original. That’s why Mick Taylor was pissed, and got the Stones sued by Ollie Brown, he heard himself play on Slave while not receiving a penny for it.

As far as I know the Stones have released a song that was recorded years ago without any modifications only one time: Cook Cook Blues was recorded in November/December 1982, and released as a B-side in 1989.

09-24-02 08:21 AM
Sir Stonesalot That's the Mathijs I know!

Damn good info there.

Thanks for posting it.
09-24-02 09:44 AM
jb mathjis..if you apologize for your recent turn for the worse(i.e. Stone bashing) I will personally forgive you and buy handsome girls from you for 100.00 American dollars or 2000 gilders!
09-24-02 10:56 AM
T&A Mathijs:

I had understood Cook Cook Blues was from Dirty Work sessions. Interesting that it comes from an earlier recording session...
09-24-02 11:24 AM
sirmoonie Just FYI - the whole bit about Taylor not getting paid is a load of crock. He got "paid" for Slave, etc. when he was in the band performing and recording it, etc. He pulled his partnership draw on some periodic basis, or was an salaried employee. I don't know how it was structured, but he did get paid. When he leaves, he doesn't get paid again, just because they release a song after he leaves. Think about it.

Now if he's pissing about songwriting credits and royalties, thats another issue. One that he was apparently too stupid or fucked up to handle when he was in the band. Nobody to blame but himself.

Mick Taylor, pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt.......

"Hit me, Ronnie!"
09-24-02 11:55 AM
Raging GOAT!!! If to release Fiji Jim (hotter than motherfucker...) next year they should not change guitars and drums again only vocals. No way. To be driving. Pound the food. Instant classic.
09-24-02 11:56 AM
Jah is not Dead All this talk about Stones releasing songs years after they were recorded, always made me wonder, how much of what was done at Nellcote actually wound up on Exile. Cause many of those songs dated back to the BB sessions. And they did some recording, or maybe it was just overdubbing in LA too. It's such a sprawling album, I suppose it's possible they took bits of pieces of older and newer takes and pieced them together. Regardless it wouldn't change my high regard for the album, just curious if anyone knew.
09-24-02 12:45 PM
stonesmik If it is as Matthijs says (and I don't doubt it) it is even worse: a song is ONLY released if Mick gives his OK. May the drums be good, may the guitar be great, it doesn't matter. As long as he hasn't done his vocals and is satisfied with the arrangement (brass, keyboards, percussion) there is no Stones song, except maybe for the Keith tunes from which Mick most often stays completely away. By the way there are quite some stories about Mick grasping some tapes and "doing" (i. e. singing, adding guest musicians and mixing) the songs alone in a studio without the other Stones.

Maybe this explains why Mick says "there is reason" why certain songs are not released while Keith thinks there is a lot to release. Indeed Keith may have done his parts but Mick has not. Also there is a difference in how Mick and Keith make music: while Keith most likes doing it "with the band" Mick likes to invite (it seems) as many guest musicians. Look at the liner notes of their solo albums, it's quite a difference. Then we should also not forget mixing a song is quite some work and not half as exciting as playing the tune.

sirmoonie - no, Mick Taylor sure was never paid for "Slave" because he never played on it. The backing track of "Slave" was recorded in 1975 when Taylor was already gone. But he played on "Tops" and "Waiting on a friend" (both originally recorded in 1972 but finished only in 1980/81).
09-24-02 12:48 PM
sirmoonie My point is the same. I only mentioned Slave because I took Mathjis to be saying Taylor was on Slave. I don't know whether he was or wasn't.
09-24-02 01:53 PM
stonesmik In fact Matthijs said that the Stones were sued by Ollie E. Brown (the black percussionist on the Stones 75/76 tour) who he heard himself play on "Slave" while not receiving a penny for it. Of course you can also hear Billy Preston on "Slave", injecting some funk.

Mick Taylor felt just duly pissed but he hasn't sued the Stones.
09-24-02 01:53 PM
gotdablouse Actually "So Young" was NOT re-recored during the VL sessions as Karnbach wrote in his "ultimate" book in 1997. What happened was that the vocals for 6 songs from the late 70s were redone by Mick at The Record Factory in NY. At the time they were already talking about a "boxed set" of rarities, like Mick did again in November 2001 when he talked to "Le Monde".

The only other confirmed (by Mick during an AOL interview in '97) rerecorded vocal in 12/93 was "Fiji Jim". The mystery remains as far as the 4 other tracks go. Maybe someone should ask Mick. No tracklist for the canned '99 "Memory Motel"/ "Tattoo You 2" CD ever surfaced although "insider" indications show that it was to have unreleased "Stripped" songs (they've since been leaked) and unreleased "Blessed Poison" (B2B) songs, that haven't been leaked, but are in the possession of people like James Karnbach and Chris Menicou, as are the "Steel Wheels" sessions. No other "outsider" else has them, not even Nico Zentgraff or Felix Aeppli as far as I know.

"Cook Cook Blues" is another Karnbach mistake. He said it was recorded in 89 with a working title of "Call Girl Blues" when in fact that was the working title of "Break The Spell". We know Cook Cook Blues was recorded in 12/82 because that's what the bonus Flashpoint CD said and also because a boot of the 1982 sessions (All Mixed Up) has since surfaced.
09-24-02 02:14 PM
sirmoonie I never fucking said Taylor sued the Stones. I was commenting that his being pissed for not being paid for songs he played on is ridiculous.

You watch that tone, boy. I'm a mild mannered man, but even I have my limits. And get rid of that avatar. Friggin' tired of looking at that poofy little goofball.
09-24-02 02:51 PM
stonesmik How much would that be, gettin' paid for playin' on a Stones song? $500? Or will them guest players get royalties? 0,3% of the share?

And hey, don't fuck with my avatar, mild-mannered man.
09-24-02 02:58 PM
Moonisup Yeah that is a good question Milkman, I've always wondered that!! Does anyone know?
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