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Topic: Since Aerosmith is going to be playing in town around the L.A. shows... Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
09-19-02 03:44 PM
sirmoonie Sam Adams tastes like moof piss, Josh. It should have the astigmatism assigned to it that light beer has.

I'd never heard that about Guinness not traveling well. I have noticed that it tastes better in botts than in those silly ass cans with that little testicular thingy rolling around on the bottom. Goddam that fucking thing is annoying when you're trying to sneak a chug in church.
09-19-02 03:46 PM
jb What about my ardbeg Scotch...the very best single malt scotch money can buy!!!Only available in Scottland..
09-19-02 03:50 PM
F505 Light beer is dangerous for your health and can cause irreparable damage.
09-19-02 03:54 PM
jb Pre- mature ejaculation can stain your sheets!
09-19-02 03:57 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox Have any of you ever enjoyed an ice cold Iron City?
09-19-02 03:59 PM
jb Is that like Mike's Hard lemonade?
09-19-02 04:05 PM
sirmoonie If you get a chance, fellows, pick up some Iron City Beer for your next binge. Observe the decorative can, how it sings the praises of Pittsburgh and its rich history. Pop the tabbie and take a long draught. No guzzling though. It is not a beer to be guzzled. Ahhhh, such a smoooooooth finish. Nice in the palate. Well lubricated, no grit. Now, its doesn't travel well outside the city limits, but it is nonetheless delightful even if you drink it in, e.g., Holland.

Yes, pour on some Iron City beer. It has a sparkling, robust flavor. It will do your thirst a favor. When you are really ready, pour it on. Pour on the Iron.

If anyone brings Iron City beer to YOTI, I will repay you in kind.
09-19-02 04:07 PM
jb Micro-breweries were popular in the early 90's.
09-19-02 04:15 PM
sirmoonie Holy Forthingslosh, HardKnoxSoxxie, great minds think alike! I must have been typing away when you posted you suggestion regarding Iron City. My suggestion is better though. More words. You just said, like, "have an Iron City" whereas I was building up the anticipation and shit like that.

When I was 9 years old, my little league team did the backing "vocals" in an Iron City beer commercial. The bit was this coach hitting fungoes to his little league team, while saying a narrative about how he could hardly wait to get home and slam a sixie of Iron City. You can hear me and my teammates in the back saying "C'mon, lets go, hey batter, hey batter...." all that rap. Looking back, I wish I had sung JJF or something, but I was young and didn't know better. I just did what they told me to do and collected my measly $5. And then went home and watched my dad slam a twelvie of Iron City.
09-19-02 04:17 PM
jb What about the great American beer "Coors Light"?
09-19-02 04:20 PM
sirmoonie Ted Bundy drank Coors Light.
09-19-02 04:23 PM
jb What about Miller high life!
09-19-02 04:23 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox Iron City is not a microbrewery. It is however the best beer that the hard working union guys in the strip district can offer. Indeed some of the best moments in my life included a case of Iron, Exile, and a group of slightly drunk group of girls enjoying their senior trip.

Id gladly bring some with me to NY but there are two problems. 1. Im 19 so Im not sure if I could get into YOTI. 2. Im not sure if Id be able to make it up until Sunday..Im only goin to the show on Monday.........

09-19-02 04:25 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox lol sirmoonie...nice
09-19-02 04:25 PM
jb These guys would beat the hell out a fancy lawyer boy like me...
09-19-02 04:31 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox no way, theyre democrats like you jb
09-19-02 04:34 PM
jb Like I said, great guys and I will buy everybody a drink in 2003!!!!
09-19-02 04:36 PM
sirmoonie Wait Soxxie, are you going to Roseland? So am I. I am so. Dude, if you bring a twelvie of Iron City, I'll pay for it and you can drink all you want. SirS is going to, but I'll bet he hates Iron City. He likes Philadelphia and Yuenglings.

Soxxie, why not Giants Stadium as well? Still plenty of tix I bet.

Josh, I always thought that Miller High Life tasted like 'shrooms. But I can deal with it. That and Strohs are the only mass consumption American beers that I can tolerate. Me and Spike Lee's Sweet Dick Willie are Miller High Life fans. "Yo, Kung Fu, get me a Miller High Life goddamit!"
09-19-02 04:37 PM
jb Miller, it's the one beer to have, when your having more than one!!! Remember Schafer at the Mets games!!!
09-19-02 04:43 PM
jb wrote:
Where's Joey!

Joey has taken a leave of absence from the board but will return, after indulging himself in a vigorous constitutional, by Monday, with stories to delight our ears and eyes.
09-19-02 04:46 PM
Nellcote What about Schafer Stadium....

Anyone know where this one was?

Probably the first corporate sponsored stadium

The Stones played there

Wintah, 12 X 5 know, you two can't answer...

09-19-02 04:47 PM
sirmoonie Schaefer is a midwestern beer, Josh. Very boring, just like the Midwest. Boring people drinking boring beer and saying boring things in boring bars. I saw a guy in a bar about a month ago make a black and tan with Guinness and Schaefer. I almost throttled the sonofabitch, but he had one of those happy expressions on like he had just done something avant-garde, so I actually began to feel sorry for him. Poor bastard, living in the Midwest all his life and thinking chicks dig him because he makes black and tans out of Schaefer and Guinness.
09-19-02 04:50 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox Indeed sirmoonie, I am definatly in for Roseland. So how is it up there in NYC? They won't mind if we have a few out on the streets while we're waiting long hours to get in will they?
Giants Stadium dosn't sound like a bad idea. There will probably be good tix available in the lots.
09-19-02 04:57 PM
Scot Rocks Did you say that you like Tennants Lager, Sir Moonie I can't believe it, can you get that overe there?????, it is the main lager here in Scotland, brewed about 100m from my university , in Glasgow. It is on the tap in EVERY PUB!!! I am being serious!!!!!! Miller is piss, it is tastless, flat and crap, that is why it is on all the offers here in all the pubs, like 1 a bottle or 1 a pint etc.

I had a nice bottle of this Belgian stuff tonight, strong and hits the spot. Very Good.


09-19-02 04:59 PM
sirmoonie Soxxie, I don't live in NYC, but on my many visits, I have come to believe that you can do anything you want in Manhattan short of murder. Nobody is going to hassle a couple of Stonesians bopping up and down to Exile and sipping some Iron Citys like gentlemen. It is god's wish.

If you score me, you are the goddam man, man! Where do you live in Pittsburgh? I grew up down near Pitt in the "Oakland" section. Went to fucking Reizenstein when all hell was breaking loose on a daily basis. Fucking war zone.
09-19-02 05:09 PM
sirmoonie Allright, please stop raising all your hands at once. We have a lot of material to get through this hour.

Scot Rocks, I freakin' LOVE Tennant's Lager. My family is from Scotland and I've spent a lot of summers there, drinking a lot of Tennant's Lager. This is probably before your time, but do you remember the extra tall cans they had, with the curvy and skimpily clad chicks on the back. Usually called "Fiona" or "Heather" or some similar name. God that was the best. Beer and boobs all in one nice little package. I grew up on that stuff, man. Love it.

I think its only in the last year that Tennant's become widespread available in the US. I was in the liquor store, one day and nearly fainted when I saw it. Expensive as hell though. They pretend its some top shelf import and charge like $8.99 for a sixie.

Yeh, Miller is swill pretty much, its just better swill than Bud, for example. Real shame to see taps of Bud and Miller in English and Scottish pubs. Actually, it fucking scandalous if you ask me. Couple years ago I was in a pub in London and the ONLY taps were Becks, Bud, and Miller Lite. Rat and Parrot. I was so disgusted I walked out and went to an off-license to get some real ale.
09-19-02 05:11 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox Well sirmoonie, who am I to disregard the will of God, by God? It could be like a holy crusade, with Roseland Ballroom being our Mecca and Iron City being the holyiest of waters.

I actually am sophomore at Pitt. I was born and still live in McKeesport (about 15-20 mins south of town)
09-19-02 05:32 PM
Mr T NEW AEROSMITH: sucks my balls
OLD AEROSMITH: one of the greatest bands of all time

that's all I thnk I need to add for now
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