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Announcing the US Tour & Rap in LA, 1969
by ED Caraeff

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Topic: Since Aerosmith is going to be playing in town around the L.A. shows... Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
09-19-02 01:41 PM
Moonisup Heineken is from Holland MAX!!! at least one great thing from this country!!!

rik, the heineken shoe
09-19-02 01:44 PM
F505 You're not serious are you ??? Heineken is the worst beer I've ever drank!!!! Please stop making our fine country ridiculous !!!
09-19-02 01:44 PM
jb I like amstel light..another fine product of Holland!!! By the way, we call Heinekens "green Lizards" down here in the South!!!
09-19-02 01:47 PM
F505 please try Leffe Dubbel, Grimbergen, De Koninck, Duvel, Gouden Karolus, Westmalle Tripel or Chimey Grand Cru
09-19-02 01:48 PM
Nellcote JB, time to watch videos, really?

Listen to the music, dahrling.....

They've not sold out as many venues as you might think.

In fact, they are rather hit/miss on tours, nothing compared
to the Stones (nee Fortune article).

They probably to get near the title of an America's greatest band.

The Vh1 documentary was usual trash. Just like the Skynyrd one, along with the Boston one which is behing held, due to it's tabloid nature. That series is true Viacom, go for the crap, forget the facts. Let's hope if the Stones every get talked into one, they will produce it themselves.
09-19-02 01:49 PM
Moonisup My father drinks amstel! F505, heineken is almost the biggest exportproduct of Holland, number one is drugs (XTC)

rik the xtc shoe
09-19-02 01:49 PM
F505 Moonisup please help me out... that something like The Cats?
09-19-02 01:50 PM
sirmoonie You shouldn't drink light beer Josh. Very, very Stipepoofishistical.
09-19-02 01:50 PM
Maxlugar I have a Heineken wooden shoe promotional thingy on my basement bar.

I love Heineken.

It reminds Maxy of his personal playground in the Caribbean. The Dutch Island of Saba. Also St Eustatius.

I am a SCUBA diver as well as a Rolling Stones fan.

I am doubly great. Oops, make that triply....I'm a New Yorker!

Hug me!

Maxy Mae!
09-19-02 01:52 PM
Moonisup Great max!!!!!!!!

F505, Aerosmith is very bad!

Rik the wooden shoe
09-19-02 01:52 PM
F505 well you make a lotta noise but show a liite taste
09-19-02 01:54 PM
F505 Who is Josh? Is he also a member of Aerosmith?
09-19-02 01:55 PM
F505 wrote:
well you make a lotta noise but show a liite taste

what do you mean with that F505???

Rik the wooden shoe
09-19-02 01:56 PM
F505 well i was talking to maxlugar and his bad taste
09-19-02 01:58 PM
F505 lite=little
09-19-02 01:58 PM
sirmoonie Josh is a lawyer that I'm trying to make stop drinking light beer. Because it is gay. Light beer is gay. Josh should stop drinking light beer because it is gay. Thats who Josh is and why I'm trying to get him to stop drinking light beer.
09-19-02 01:59 PM
Moonisup Yeah,, heineken is the word!! ore wodka I like that!

rik the wooden shoe
09-19-02 01:59 PM
F505 I don't like light beer either
09-19-02 02:15 PM
jb Why is light beer gay? It has a crisp, light, refreshing taste, without the after-taste!!!
09-19-02 02:18 PM
sirmoonie Its the stigmata involved with it that makes it gayalized. Irregardical of whether it quaffs ones thirst or not.
09-19-02 02:19 PM
Maxlugar I am extremely tastefull!

Heineken is tasty!

Why do you want to hurt Maxy?

09-19-02 02:24 PM
jb Please stop posting Max...I need another 300 to overtake you!!!!
[Edited by jb]
09-19-02 02:45 PM
Scot Rocks lol!!!!!!!

Heineken here in the uk is usually crap as it is only 3.8% too light, the import stuff is good but rare here and is 5% and it kicks ass. Becks(German), Peroni(Italian), Grolsh (Dutch) Kronenberg, are other fine well known beer from europe.

And I ask Beer, where would we be without it!!!!!! A scary though indeed


09-19-02 02:49 PM
Maxlugar Alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems!!

Homer Simpson.

09-19-02 02:51 PM
jb Where's Joey!
09-19-02 03:18 PM
F505 Heineken , Becks, Peroni, Grolsh Kronenberg, Budwiser and Amstel are no better than urine. The only ones that can brew real beer are the Belgians. Please try a Leffe Tripel and you never drink that diluted owlish piss again.
09-19-02 03:22 PM
jb What about the fine import Guinness?
09-19-02 03:24 PM
sirmoonie Hey F505ie, what do you think of Belgian Primus? I had a few of those for the first time last night. Nice. Tastes like Tennant's Lager.

I'd drink more Belgian beer, but I have Congo issues that prevent me from doing so in good conscience.

Actually, I think the best ales and lagers are generally British. The best commercially available drink in the world, of course, is Ireland's Guinness Stout.
09-19-02 03:35 PM
F505 well sirmoonie you're right Primus is a fine beer... Also try a Jupiler for a change. And indeed Guinnes is great as long as you drink in in Ireland ("Guinnes doesn't travel well" as they say in Dublin).


fortunately Freddy Heineken, founder of the Dutch brewery past away last year. He was a crook and a fraud. Long live Constant Vandenstock!!!!!
09-19-02 03:38 PM
jb What about Americ's finest "Sam Adams".
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