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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: Your opinions of Bono, U2 Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
09-18-02 09:13 AM
deadflowers I noticed in the Aragon thread that some of you do not like Bono or U2. If you do or don't, I would be interested to hear Stones fans opinions on this subject. I like U2 except for that awful Pop album that sucked so bad and that Popmart tour where they sucked and looked so stupid! Any thoughts, good or bad?
[Edited by deadflowers]
09-18-02 09:21 AM
Moonisup Well I don't like them, Bono believes in his own fame, that is dangerous, only the drummers and bass players seem nice guys, donwn to earth, but the rest!! I read an interview with Bono in wich he said, they are the best and only rock 'n' roll band in the world and that Elvis, Chuck Berry and the Stones are good, but belong in the past!!! That why I hate him, they copied everything from the stones!! He really thinks he can sing! Asshole

Rik the wooden shoe
09-18-02 09:30 AM
Boomhauer U2.............

09-18-02 10:14 AM
kc152 I never heard that Bono quote before. But I am a big fan of U2. I really wish I saw them last time at MSG. I heard the show(s) were great. Their last album is fantastic. Not sure what he meant by the quote, but I do remember him breaking into Stones songs during Live Aid, & he did sing a bit on Mick's record ( the worst track on that great album, in my opinion)
09-18-02 10:16 AM
Moonisup I read that qoute in a dutch tv-guide, I think 7 months ago!! It was a copied interview from a german magazine, don't know wich one
09-18-02 10:27 AM
jb Bono pretends to be Jaggers friend but has repeatedly claimed the Stones are irrelevant and that U2 is the "greatest" band today. He refers to himself in the first person (i.e. "Bono does'nt like this hotel")and is pompous ass. He also is wearing a hair weave and tries to keep his marriage clandestine. U2 has a handful of good songs, but they simply lack any sense of rhythm and at most, are are slightly better than the Cranberries.
[Edited by jb]
09-18-02 10:29 AM
Moonisup Yeah, Bono sings actually really bad and not in tone!! I heard that when I watched a concert in Boston ore something, And let's not talk about the Egde who should be pushed over an edge ahahahahha

__________________________________________________________________ lol
09-18-02 10:32 AM
jb Rik a/ka/ Moon a/k/a Wooden Shoe a/k/a Potato"
Good morning Rik...what is the story of the Dutch nurse that killed 13 patients in the hospital. My understanding was that he/she was a big Beatles fan!
09-18-02 10:34 AM
jb wrote:
Rik a/ka/ Moon a/k/a Wooden Shoe a/k/a Potato"

Never used Potato, but anyway.
She probably was and went crazy as al beatle fans when they realize how sick that is!!
And good morning to you, I don't know the time in Florida, but in Beverwijk it is now 16.36 in the afternoon

[Edited by Moonisup]
09-18-02 10:38 AM
Sir Stonesalot Just to mess with you guy's heads...I'm gonna listen to The Beatles on the way to the Stones show tonight.

That'll teach ya!
09-18-02 10:40 AM
Moonisup Well go ahead!! I don't like them, but if you like them, so what, everybody has his own musical taste!

Rik the wooden shoe
09-18-02 10:48 AM
corgi37 the fuckers name is Paul Hewson. He may be a boner, but he aint bono to me. U2 try so very hard to out match the Stones, but dont forget, they had to resort to a smaller tour last time out, cause the last 2 before that lost money. U2 might be alright if they didnt try so hard. They seem to be stuck in a Aerosmith frame of mind in the past few years to remain relevant to the youngies. You know, providing songs to kiddie movies (batman, tomb raider), relying on whizz bang film clips etc. No matter how many times Hewson gets his head in front of a camera, includes Stones lyrics into his songs, saves the world, and makes embarrassing speeches (remember the humiliating speeches he did for marley and sinatra!), old Hewie aint Jagger. And that pretty boy drummer sure aint no Charlie. Their bass player is only good for bonking models, and i wont even comment on the Edge. And never forget, Rattle and hum is Exile on Main st lite. Or new Coke, if you will.
09-18-02 10:50 AM
corgi37 Right on Corgi! i just read your post, and by Christ, you hit the nail on the head. I agree with everything you say, and wish you a smooth progress to world domination.
09-18-02 10:51 AM
T&A It comes down to the music - I find U2's songs vapid and dull. To each his own, but I don't understand the big attraction of U2 - they seem like a one-trick pony, and the trick ain't that good.
09-18-02 10:54 AM
jb are wondertful!!! I will buy you things!
09-18-02 10:58 AM
Sir Stonesalot Chicago
AP Wire Service


We sit in a lavish suite above Michigan Ave. Bono has just sat for a chat. After adjusting his ever present sun glasses, the great man speaks.

"You know, some people, when they fart, don't like the smell. But I love the smell that escapes from my arse. It smells sweetly of lavender and sage."

Then he continues, "Did you see how I showed the Rolling Stones how to sing 'It's Only Rock & Roll' last night? They tried to keep me off the stage, but I used my fame to fool the security people. It's easy."

With that, the great Bono leaves the room to sniff his own poo.
09-18-02 11:03 AM
Moonisup sad. I've told you that he believes in his own fame!! Here is the example, he probably lies by the way
09-18-02 12:12 PM
T&A wrote:
It comes down to the music - I find U2's songs vapid and dull. To each his own, but I don't understand the big attraction of U2 - they seem like a one-trick pony, and the trick ain't that good.

...T& are TrUlY feverish in the Funkhouse Today ; )

~Blessings ~!
09-18-02 01:14 PM
Factory Girl Hey jb, does Bono really wear a hairpiece? Lol, I'm so innocent...

U2 bore the daylights out of me, and their last album sucked a big one.

I did have fun at their last concert, but I was really altered and was with a cute, really funny guy. I would have had fun at the morgue. But wait, some people do have fun at the morgue. Delete the "morgue/fun"
09-18-02 01:17 PM
jb I would'nt bet my portfolio on it, but look closely next time and you decide. I am pleased that I have never gone to a U2 concert with a cute guy...I did attend, however, a horrible Genesis concert at the Orange Bowl around 1986 witha hemaphrodite.
09-18-02 01:20 PM
Factory Girl Lol, jb. Thats the only way to go to a U2 concert is with a cute, funny, rich, drunk guy. Ooops, did I just describe you?
09-18-02 01:24 PM
jb Yes, look at my stunning wedding picture above with magnifying glass..jb was quite a looker in his, 12 yrs later, 30 lbs heavier, a little less hair, but substantially greater bank account....and you know, I give 1/2 of it away to re-live my 20's...but as they say "Time waits for no one" and the big 40 looms next month!!!
09-18-02 02:11 PM
Pants Make the Man Has anybody ever noticed that whenever a halfway rocking band comes along, Guns &Roses as an example, but there are many more, it's always, {"They sound like the Stones--but better!"}? I'll bet they said that shit about the Knack and Grandfunk Railroad too.
09-18-02 02:15 PM
jb Remember that hideous group the Beatles...
09-18-02 02:36 PM
Martha I saw U2 for the first time last year. Really liked the show. The new CD is also well executed, IMO, and upon listening to it and reading the lyrics I realized that Bono is a great lyricist. I don't know how anyone can knock his singing is fantastic.

I don't compare this group, or any other to the Stones or anyone else. I simply don't see the relevance of doing that. Each group has their own thing, their own place and their own sound.

I like a lot of different groups....and reserve my distate for the new crappy shit that I never listen to or waste my time thinking about let alone discussing...

Bono doesn't hide the fact that he's a married man.

Yes, he has a huge ego I grant you that...

and I will watch his interview on Oprah this Friday.
09-18-02 02:38 PM
jb Once you've hit Oprah, you have lost all stop Larry King Live, and then Barbara Walters...U2, and Bono in particular, is using the media to keep a fairly mediocre group popular with the young loser generation today!!!
09-18-02 02:44 PM
stonesmik As a person Paul Hewson seems to be a complete asshole. Probably he thinks he'll be elected as the next pope. And he can't sing.

There seems to be a conncetion between the Stones and U2: in 1985 Keith, Ronnie and Bono did a quite cool song, "Silver and gold", for the album "Artists united against apartheid". U2 have covered "Paint it black", superfluous. Then Bono sings on Jaggers "Joy" from 2001 and the song is not too bad, just too much Jagger :-)

I think they are posers. I didn't like U2 from the start. I think the first albums ("Sunday bloddy Sunday" etc) was pure crap. They did at least one acceptable album, "Rattle and hum", including "Angel of Harlem" (the only single of them I ever bought) and some other nice tunes. I can't take them seriously. I would never go to a U2 concert. Their music does not really appeal to me.
09-18-02 02:45 PM
jb Great thoughts exactly...I will admit i like "One" and that's about it.
09-18-02 02:58 PM
Saint Sway gotta set my VCR for the Oprah show! Gotta see who breaks down and cries first!!

And I just cant wait until Bono is on the Martha Stewart Show giving tips on how to solve the world debt by making decorative picture frames out of pine cones and orange peel shavings

Bono: "look Martha, these lemon and macadamia tarts I made are not only a delicious apertif, but their also symbolic of my commitment to rebuilding Bosnia"

Marth: "and that is indeed a good thing"
09-18-02 02:59 PM
jb Next, he'll be a guest on American Idol!!!
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