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Topic: Best Gigs you have seen apart from the Stones Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
02-11-04 01:22 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl My brother saw him at the LA Forum in 1969, he thinks is the best show he has ever seen yet.
02-11-04 02:05 PM
Nellcote What a wicked pissa thread. Delving back into the haze which was my youth, I seem to recall....

Johnny Winter/Foghat-Spring '76-Excellent double bill @ the Music Hall Boston. Foghat's electric set, with silver sequined outfits only outdone by the great John Dawson Winter and his power trio.

Faces-Providence Civic Center Feb 1975-Front row mayhem from this super 70's band. I had Ronnie's side, throwing ping pong balls at each other. Opening act of Strawbs & Peter Frampton

George Thorogood, Bradford Ballroom Bahston-'78 Still only a small relatively unknown artist, still recording on Cambridge based Rounder Records. Much like the early Stones, fleshing out obscure blues numbers with such energy

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Cape Cod Coliesum 1977-A tour de force amoung all the rest. Forget the Allman Bros. after Duane died, this was the band which ruled southern rock in mid 70's. This was the tour where they debuted cuts from their final released album, with new guitarist Steve Gaines in tow. To see Freebird with klieg lights and the Confederate flag unfurled from the background at the end was stunning.
Wet Willie opened..

Muddy Water-Paradise Theatre Bahston '78-Having "Hard Again" behind him, no stopping The Mud when he was on. He
owned the theatre, with a crack band behind him..

Every J. Geils/Peter Wolf concert seen from '72 to '03-What more is there to say? 20 times in my fortunate past, America's answer to the Stones truly played R & B terrifically. Always 3-4 hour marathons. Even New Years Eve this past year, Wolf alone still at his peak...

Again, great thread, looking for a bottle of Tango or Annie Green Springs just thinking about it.....

02-11-04 02:05 PM
Phish: lots of great shows over the years, but topping the list would be the two night run in Hampton, VA in November 1997. amazing stuff. it still blows me away when i listen to those sets. The four show "Island Tour" in early 98 was notably strong too. but i don't know how many phans are on this board.

U2: only saw one show of their last tour (in Charlotte) and it was amazing. so much better than their stadium tours. funny, i know people here hate bono too!

Doc Watson: every time i see him play

Lou Reed: (Rome 1998) - he's one cool muther.

02-11-04 02:25 PM
throbby wrote:
Yes FPM, please continue. What was the vibe like at the Clash show?

My apologies to everyone who's heard me tell this story before.

My seats were in the balcony, so I was a bit removed from the visceral experience of being in the pit - it must've been amazing on the floor. I'd just gotten together a new band and we all made the four hour drive to Upper Darby, and walked away knowing exactly what kind of band we wanted to be. The show was a really long revue - it started with a band called the B-Girls, from Canada, who were not very good; then they dug up Lee Dorsey, who did "Workin' in a Coal Mine" and "Ya Ya" back in the day - his inclusion made the whole thing even more special, another forgotten black legend given a lease on life by skinny Englishmen; Mikey Dread, the Clash's dub prophet, who is all over Sandanista, played a lot longer than anyone except the Clash wanted him to - people tried to boo him off but the Clash came out and danced to his beats so he was allowed to stay; then the main event. Stark white lighting, the band handsome, well-dressed and intense, supplemented by the organist from Ian Dury & the Blockheads (the "Fifth" in the tour's official title). They played the majority of their brilliant current release, plus older gems: I remember "Brand New Cadillac" and "Clampdown" and "London Calling" alongside "Complete Control" and "White Man in Hammersmith Palais". They confounded the audience a bit by bringing Mikey Dread along out for the last encore, "Armagideon Time".

Joe Strummer in particular was intense beyond words - veins popping from his forehead, he seemed like a man who had something IMPORTANT to say and would explode if he didn't get his point across. I remember late in the show, he took his battered Fender Esquire off and HURLED it offstage, without ever looking to see where it landed. From my vantage point in the balcony I could see a roadie jump up and grab it by the strap as it flew by, but by that time Joe was shouting "Career Opportunities".

I've never, before or since, seen a band play with more intensity, or more integrity. A gigantic factor in the incredible power of the band was Topper Headon; before heroin ruined everything, he was one of the greatest drummers in the world, playing with the only band who ever seriously challenged the Stones for their heavyweight title. I know that night at the Tower in 1980, the Clash were the Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World.

02-11-04 02:32 PM
Sir Stonesalot Man...this is hard. I've seen so many great shows. I've seen so many shit shows.

OK...I got a few really great ones.

Bob Dylan played a show in the rain in Hershey PA...I'm not even sure what year it was...mid to late 90's. I guess Bob really appreciated us sitting out in the awful weather because he was stunning. He was equally stunning a few years later at Penn State on the 2001 fall tour. They were the kind of shows where you just KNOW that you were in the best possible place to be at that time.

And then there was The Pixies. Saw them on the Doolittle tour at a little club called the Chameleon in Lancaster PA. I don't recall if the band was really that good, or if it was all the blow, but I remember wishing that they would just keep playing all night long.

And then there was the Sex Pistols this past summer. I saw them in a little shithole club in DC. I was only inches from Johnny as he spat out the songs. And I spat them out with him. One of the most cathartic shows I'd ever been at. I was drained for days.

I've seen some other really great things, but those shows stick out to me.

Steve Earle was really great on the Transcendental Blues tour.(Harrisburg PA)

Cracker was brilliant on the Forever tour.(Harrisburg PA)

Nick Cave was a revelation on the Noctorama tour.(Roseland)

Bowie & Nine Inch Nails were scary on the Outside tour.(Hershey)

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were red hot on the Mother's Milk tour, Pearl Jam & Smashing Pumpkins were on the same bill.(Rec Hall, Penn St.)

Iggy & The Pretenders was a pretty good show(Rec Hall again)

AC/DC made my ears ring for 3 days at Offenbach Stadthalle.

U2 was fantastic at the Nurbergring festival...Bono wasn't really a twat then.

NRBQ at a small club was pretty astounding.(Villa Leo, Harrisburg)

Perhaps the WORST show I've ever been at...Def Leppard? wait, ASIA maybe?....Billy Idol?...Tears For Fears? no was definately Peter Green & The Splinter Group. It was like the guy had just had a stroke or something. He hardly played a note, and you couldn't even tell what he was singing. Well it wasn't singing so much as it was whispering. Just awful.

BTW, the only reason that I went to see those other shitty shows....pussy. I had this incredibly hot girlfriend who would do incredibly dirty things if I bought her a ticket to see the shows she wanted to go to. Oh the things we do for some hot ass.
02-11-04 02:34 PM
scratched Chuck Berry, Leicester De Montfort Hall, 1994. My first gig - I was 13!
02-11-04 02:44 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Man...this is hard. I've seen so many great shows. I've seen so many shit shows.

OK...I got a few really great ones.

Bob Dylan played a show in the rain in Hershey PA...I'm not even sure what year it was...mid to late 90's.

That Dylan show was '94, right after his appearance at Woodstock. The Hershey show was WAY better than Woodstock. Nothing like hearing "Hard Rain" in a hard rain.

I'm proud to say I was right beside you for over half of your greatest concert experiences. Here's to many more!
02-11-04 02:45 PM
Madafaka AC/DC: Excellent concert. Great setlist and great sound.
ERIC CLAPTON: Really a sweetie concert.
KISS: More of the same, but I appreciate that band.
RAMONES: I think that I've seen it about nine times. Everybody was happy in a Ramones concert. I use to love that band.
BOB DYLAN: Great concert! Better with Stones
DIE TOTTEN HOSEN: Always excellent!
MEGADETH: The firsts excellent! The lasts, poors...
IRON MAIDEN: The last time that I've seen a Maiden show was about a month here, in Buenos Aires. The sound was poor, and setlist was normal. Much better world tour 2001.
OZZY: Good job for an old man.
And a lot of concerts... I love to go to concerts. I go to see each international band that plays in Buenos Aires. Mainly, I love music. Is that a good reason? Yes, I think so!
But my dear friends, nothing in the whole world compares to the Stones!


[Edited by Madafaka]
02-11-04 02:53 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I forgot to mention the shortest gig I have ever attended, Johnny Winter Live in Pachuca. First it was scheduled for La Ex hacienda de Temixco about an hour from Mexico City, but the show was cancelled and it became then the biggest "collective bust" of the entire history or rock, trust me

The rescheduled show was held then at Pachuca, again about an hour from Mexico City but this show lasted TWO SONGS as one of the victims of the "collective bust" in the first trial threw a bottle of booze to the stage so the show was over immediatly

Other great show was Melvin Taylor, he came here to play a blues festival, but was invited by my friend Abraham to give a free jam at "El Chopo", the biggest open fair of rock in the world, it opens only Saturdays since 1980. He cpuldn't believe to be playing in the middle of the street and played with only a bass player (five strings) and a drummer and it was a great jam I asked him to play Voodood Chile as ha has covered in the past and he laughed and said I can't
02-11-04 03:02 PM
Joey " Perhaps the WORST show I've ever been wait, ASIA maybe?...."

Oh My GOD !!!!! How could I forget about ASIA ?

Saw that crap band live the summer of '83 . By far THE WORST concert experience of my life -- The opening act was a " Juggler " . Yes , you heard me ..... , a " juggler " who continued his act throughout all the boos and shit being thrown at him . Horrific !

What is truly sad is that fifteen thousand people were in attendance that evening .....for ASIA !

Shiver ........................

Jercee Joe !

02-11-04 03:03 PM
throbby FPM!! Thank you for sharing your memories of the Clash.

This is a great fucking thread!

SS! Tears for Fears? Now that must have been a very hot piece of ass.
02-11-04 03:04 PM
Honky Tonk Man Oh theres been a few good ones!

Ronnie Wood - 2001
BRMC - 2002 & 2003
The Libertines - 2003
Jeff Beck (with The White Stripes) 2002
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (must of been great, don't remember it!)2003
Paul McCartney... shhh, don't tell anyone! 2003
The Strokes - 2003

02-11-04 03:17 PM
M.O.W.A.T. David Bowie - Glass Spider Tour 1987 Ottawa Canada -- amazing show with Peter Frampton on guitar.

U2 - Joshua Tree Tour 1987 Montreal Canada
02-11-04 03:19 PM
Factory Girl Just saw this on in an article abou Anna Kournikova:

What makes someone attractive? The ancient Mayans pressed the heads of newborn babies between two boards to elongate their foreheads permanently, possibly to better resemble ears of corn. If that sounds like a strange concept of beauty, just remember this: Sixty-year-old Mick Jagger is an international sex symbol.

Are those people on crank? rotfl...

02-11-04 03:19 PM
doo doo doo Dude I've seen 100's of shows, but these were the very cream of the crop:

The Police '82
Van Halen '84
Jane's Addiction '87
Grateful Dead '89
Nirvana '91 (w/Pearl Jam & Chili Peppers)
Primus '92
Beastie Boys '99
The Who '00
02-11-04 03:33 PM
Some Guy Van Halen 1882 & 1984, with Dave
Greatest Rock band in the....... oops!
02-11-04 03:34 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah Throbby...she was that hot. In fact, she did some swimsuit/sleepwear modeling after I left her.

We went to Ocean City MD for a long weekend once. When we would walk down the beach, heads would turn...and wasn't anyone looking at me.

It was amazing, other hot chicks would hit on me, just because my girlfriend was so hot. I guess they figured that if I had something to interest must be REALLY interesting. Yet oddly enough, guys almost never hit on her. They weren't scared off by me...I think they were afraid of her. You know how I got her to go out with me? I asked. On our first date she told me that no one had asked her out in over 6 months. I guess I was the only guy who had the nuts to go for it. Crazy.

She wanted to marry me, and I ran. Very far away. In fact, I put an ocean between us. I saw her a couple of years ago. She's still hot. Twice divorced with 3 kids. I made the right choice.

Flea...I hear ya Bro. See ya Friday night. If my wife doesn't come along, I may crash on your couch.
02-11-04 03:36 PM
Joey " She wanted to marry me, and I ran. Very far away. In fact, I put an ocean between us. I saw her a couple of years ago. She's still hot. Twice divorced with 3 kids. I made the right choice. "

Now THAT is a beautiful story .

Jacky Hilton !
02-11-04 03:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah Joeboy. For once, I thought with my brain instead of my cock.

Oh, I just remembered 2 other cool shows from just this past year...

Kings Of Leon/Jet/22-20s


The White Stripes

2003 was a really great year for live shows for me.
02-11-04 03:51 PM
Joey " 2003 was a really great year for live shows for me. "

I would like to nuzzle you .

02-11-04 03:52 PM
Ten Thousand Motels Ike (& Tina) Turner Revue. That's the ONE show, I will never forget. That one is burnt onto my memory banks like a tattoo. I was in a coma for about 3 weeks after that.
02-11-04 04:14 PM
Ten Thousand Motels
VoodooChileInWOnderl wrote:

The rescheduled show was held then at Pachuca, again about an hour from Mexico City but this show lasted TWO SONGS as one of the victims of the "collective bust" in the first trial threw a bottle of booze to the stage so the show was over immediatly

Them's grounds for a riot.
02-11-04 04:51 PM
Nasty Habits Can't do it. But here are Five Good Ones:

Redd Kross/Sonic Youth/Mudhoney - Cat's Cradle, private show, Chapel Hill, 1998 - Although I was expecting to be killed by the Youth and the Honey it was Redd Kross what stole the show -- they came out and eschewed their Neurotica psych pop for pure power punk junk. They did almost all of Annette's Got the Hits, and several from Born Innocent and did a killer version of Citadel. They were absolutely on fire that night and raised the bar for both the other bands, who responded in kind. Absolutely god damn wild.

Chuck Berry, the Blue Note, Columbia MO, 1991. I had no expectations for this show at all. He tore my head apart. Have seen him many times since and he has never been anything like as good as he was that night. Johnny Johnson onstage with him and the band was actually rehearsed. It was so good it was retarded.

Wild Billy Childish and His Fabulous Headcoats with the Lyres -- Denver Colorado, 1996(?) -- after worshipping at both these bands altars through the bulk of the 90s I finally got to see them play back to back. The Lyres were actually Man . . . Or MonoMan, and were just Jeff Connoly backed up by the Swingin' Neckbreakers, but same thing. Great song after great song, me right up front dancing my ass off. Then the legendary garage act from England, on their first states tour in three or four years. Did a double take about halfway through the set when I saw MonoMan next to me screaming his lungs out for Childish, too.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse/Sonic Youth, Ragged Glory Tour, Fox Theater, 1991 (?) - Unequivocally the loudest thing I have ever seen. What the fuck is Sonic Youth doing on this list twice?!?!

The White Stripes/The Labiators/She Bang!, Vincent's Ear, Asheville, NC, September 29, 2000. - Without a doubt the most magical, exciting rock and roll show I've ever been to.

Is Dylan not on my list? EEK! Dylan must be his own list.

Best times I saw Bob Dylan:

1Asheville, 2000
2Kansas City, Uptown Theater, 1991 (?)
3Nashville, early 2002, Love and Theft tour -- Emmylou Harris in the wings (hated that she didn't come out) and the vibe when he sang Mississippi was incredible. . .

I really fuckin' hate that I haven't seen Tom Waits. . . .
02-11-04 04:58 PM
Ten Thousand Motels How come not many blues guys on these lists, just out of curiosity? I saw Eddie Kirkland once, he blew me away.
02-11-04 05:07 PM
throbby Nasty!

I saw the Neil Young tour that year also, I think it was '91 during the first Gulf War. I remember he had a yellow ribbon tied to one of the mic stands. It was indeed a very, very loud show. The older crowd all expecting the "Sugar Mountain" Neil and let me tell ya their mouths were hangin' open when he was done.

Didn't Ragged Glory do a cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire"?
02-11-04 07:09 PM
Ten Thousand Motels wrote:
How come not many blues guys on these lists, just out of curiosity? I saw Eddie Kirkland once, he blew me away.

Like I said, after awhile it's just bragging...I saw Muddy Waters in a bar called Mancini's in McKees Rocks PA in 1980 or so. He had fired the Bob Margolin/Willie "Big Eyes" Smith band and had relative hacks backing him up, but I still watched the show from the front table beside Mrs. Morganfield, took a bunch of pictures, and slapped five with Muddy when he was done. So it's certainly on my list of greatest shows. I saw Muddy open for Clapton, too, but seeing him from three feet away was a real dream come true.
02-11-04 07:32 PM
Gazza any show by Bruce and the E-Street Band

The best of the lot was on the "River" tour at Wembley Arena in 1981, the night before I turned 18 and the first night he ever played "Trapped". Best show of all time.

Subsequent tours have been excellent too - especially '88, '99 and 2003.

I also saw him guest with Joe Ely in a tiny club in Dublin in 1996 - on St Patricks day, too. Spent the entire show hanging over the monitor trying to grab his guitar.

Dylan - where do you start in a list of about 25 shows. I think the shows I saw in Portsmouth and Dublin in 2000 take some beating. Glasgow '95 and '98 run them close.

U2 - Zooropa tour, Dublin 1993. The show was broadcast live on the radio. Terrific concert.

Tom Waits - Dublin 1987. "Franks wild years" tour. Part of this show was used on the "Big Time" film/live album. The between song patter was worth the trip on its own.

Warren Zevon - belfast 1988. the hall was about a quarter full and he played like his life depended on it. he also had this female multi-instrumentalist in his band who kept me in sexual fantasies for weeks afterwards. I mean, she wasnt with me in person,I should add....but you know what I mean.

Sting - Belfast 1986. Surprisingly good as I was never a huge fan. Darryl Jones was his bassist.

Neil Young - Dublin'87 and Slane '93.

Fleetwood Mac in Belfast 2 months ago was also a terrific show.

I also went to see Steve Earle play a terrific solo show in a tiny hall tonight - just got home. Excellent stuff.
02-11-04 08:13 PM
Stonesdoug Bowie at the Tower theare Phila. for the Ziggy Stardust show

Bruce as an opening band, Main Point, Bryn Mawr PA 1973

Janis Joplin, the Chambers Brothers and Mountain at the Quaker City Rock Festival


02-11-04 08:58 PM
AC/DC - '76 & 77 ( with Bon Scott)

Bowie - '78

Rory Gallagher - '80

Neil Young - '89

John Mayall/Mick Taylor - '81?

Roger Waters - '02


02-11-04 10:37 PM
Joey wrote:
" She wanted to marry me, and I ran. Very far away. In fact, I put an ocean between us. I saw her a couple of years ago. She's still hot. Twice divorced with 3 kids. I made the right choice. "

Now THAT is a beautiful story .

Jacky Hilton !

Yeap, yeap, I agree. Really a nice story. Anyway, you're a lucky man! Some people never knows a beauty like she.
Congrats! You made the right choice twice. One of them was hear Stones for first time
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