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Topic: Best Gigs you have seen apart from the Stones Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
02-12-04 12:40 AM
Stonesdoug wrote:
Bowie at the Tower theare Phila. for the Ziggy Stardust show

Bruce as an opening band, Main Point, Bryn Mawr PA 1973

Janis Joplin, the Chambers Brothers and Mountain at the Quaker City Rock Festival


Fuck Doug!!! Cream and Janis! You lucky bastardo... now you must wear that t-shirt Did you see Jimi? Jim?
02-12-04 01:02 AM
shakedhandswithkeith Frank Zappa 1980,82,84,88 and his last show ever in Frankfurt/Germany "The yellow shark"

Stevie Ray Vaughan ´86 in Hamburg

JJ Cale ´94 hamburg

Supertramp - Breakfast in America Tour ´79

BB King ´87 in Hamburg

Johnny Cash -Bremerhaven/Germany ´93

Johnny G. Watson on his last Tour and last concert in Europe of course in Hamburg too

and many many more

02-12-04 08:03 AM
Jumacfly Sir Stonesalot!! Seeing Cracker live is one of my biggest dream!!! I Love them, they really rock and are IMHO one of the most underatted american band!!

my fav shows:

1/ Frank Black 1994, teenager of the year tour
2/ G Love and special sauce 1997
3/ John mayall 1995
4/ the Gladiators 1998
5/ The fleshtones 2001
6/ Jim Murple memorial 2000
7/ Gecko 2003

02-12-04 08:42 AM
Factory Girl I saw Johnny Winter (in 2000?). However, he was in poor health and did not blow me away. I still love his guitar playing.

I saw Edgar Winter/ Rick Derringer on my b-day in 1998. Edgar did a 20 minute version of Frankenstein. I was not blown away by Edgar. However, I enjoyed Derringer's set very much. Btw, Rick Derringer is a true gentleman.

ROck & Roll Hoochie Kooo!!!
02-12-04 11:45 AM
UGot2Rollme growin up in the Philadelphia area as teenager in the late 70's, I saw alot of great shows, especially at the aforementioned Tower Theater, to name a few:

- Tom Petty (You're Gonna Get It tour)
- Heart (Dreamboat Annie tour)
- Patti Smith Group (Easter tour - what a wild show that was...)
- Pretenders original band (early 80's)

at Philly Spectrum, saw Van Halen on their 1st tour headlining

saw Led Zep at MSG on their Presence Tour

best outdoor festival was the US festival '83 in California:
Bowie, Stevie Nicks, Pretenders, U2, Joe Walsh, Missing Persons

saw the Grateful Dead > 30 times

best arena show I've ever seen was U2 live on Unforgettable Fire tour at Philly Spectrum

it all started for me at the Latin Casino, Cherry Hill, NJ
with an Al Green concert my parents took me for my 12th birthday... too many great memories to list since then but above are some of the highlights.

02-12-04 12:04 PM
Nasty Habits Throbby, I don't remember Ring of Fire on Ragged Glory but they played a wicked version of Blowin' in the Wind.

I would love to see Eddie Kirkland. However, most blues shows I have seen have left me unsatisfied on some level. I did get to see Albert King a couple of times before he died and I loved that, but most name blues shows I've gone to have been formulaic with too many solos. I did see a great package deal in St. Louis with BB King, Bobby Bland, and Johnny Taylor that knocked my socks off, mainly because it was in a black part of town in front of a black audience. I also saw George Clinton and P Funk in an all black club in St. Louis in the early 90s and it was entirely different than seeing them in front of a college crowd, and a lot more funky and fun. People were freakin' decked out -- there were all sorts of Sir Noses D'Void of Funks and Star Children there, and my then g-friend and I were the only honkies in the tonk. After about four jack/coke doubles and some samplers of the freely circulating reefa I was at least half as funky as most everybody else in the club. Four hours long. Things get hazy after about one and a half.

A few more:

I also saw an incredible Patti Smith show at a little theater in Knoxville. I've seen Patti play about four times and thought it was OK three of them, although they had their long periods of pretentious boringness but this particular show was so staggeringly awesome, visionary, and all out rockin' that I could hardly see straight when it was over. Killer Wicked Messeger, killer It's All Over Now, killer Horses. Like any truly great show, it had as much to do with the audience (not college kids or the posers that usually turn up to a Patti Smith show).

The Cramps on the Stay Sick Tour with Candy Del Mar & Poison Ivy -- Still the two sexiest women I've ever seen play on stage. Plus there was Lux with a strap on dildo on his head for half of it. And Muleskinner Blues.

The Ramones touring behind Mondo Bizarro. Their last great album and I think they knew it -- I saw them after and they were brilliant but too heavy on the expected hits - by Acid Eaters live they'd turned into the 90s Stones or something - all killer professionalism but too little ecstasy. On Mondo Biz. tour, at least at Mississippi Nights, they played a lot of unexpected things and did a good job with stuff from the new album.

Paul Westerberg -- 14 Songs Tour, again Mississippi Nights -- I saw the last Replacements tour and it was great, but for whatever reason (Tommy Keene? the right combo of Replacements songs and Solo Material? A sense of freedom and a need to prove himself?) this show was absolutely stellar, stand out rock and roll.

02-12-04 12:22 PM
Ten Thousand Motels Yeah Eddie Kirkland was pretty good. I remember that show because I wrote a concert review for the college newspaper where he played. Now I've written tons of restaurant reviews for local newspapers but that was the ONLY concert review that I ever wrote. That was in 86 I believe.
02-12-04 01:35 PM
celtic stone Guns N' Roses @ Slane Castle,Ireland 16/05/1992

Amazing, a dream come true for me, I've been a fan since the began.Unfortunately,the one and only time the played in Ireland. They truely rocked the place.
02-12-04 03:45 PM
Stonesdoug Hey UGot2RollMe--one of my first concerts was the Temptations at the Latin Casino.
02-12-04 10:22 PM
JaggaRichards Deep Purple 1972-Aerosmith was the opening act

Bowie 1972 (or 73?)

Elvis 1974

02-13-04 01:01 AM
parmeda There are simply too damn many to, I'd be repeating most of the entertainment listed by most already.

Mottrush... I did have the chance to catch AC/DC with Bon Scott back in 1977. They opened/shared the stage with another band at The Riv...Let There Be Rock. Two years later, a sold out crowd at The Aragon...Highway To Hell Tour. Bon was an animal

Lux...yes, Prince was cool.
So was Adam Ant, Devo, Al Green, Marvin Gaye & Ray Charles. many bands, so little time!

02-13-04 05:14 AM
remco_terhoeven Best:
Jeff Buckley, Paradiso, Amsterdam (July 11, 1995)
- Everybody stood quietly, enchanted by his music, best concert i've ever seen
Jellyfish, Milky Way, Amsterdam (April 24, 1993)
- musically perfect
Supergrass, Vredenburg, Utrecht
The Cure, Ahoy, Rotterdam

and so much more...........
[Edited by remco_terhoeven]
02-13-04 07:35 AM
UGot2Rollme Hey StonesDoug - the Temps at the Latin Casino was the 2nd show I saw - (~ '74?) there weren't too many other "whities" in the crowd
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