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Topic: Best Gigs you have seen apart from the Stones Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
02-11-04 08:59 AM
Scot Rocks I saw two amazing gigs recently that were definately two of the best i have been to, Kings of Leon and The White Stripes. Absolutely brilliant!!!

Whats everyone else's most memorable shows you've been to? Also would be interesting to hear the more recent ones as well.


02-11-04 09:28 AM
JumpingKentFlash It's either Paul McCartney in Denmark 2003 or David Bowie in Horsens 2002. I'll go for Bowie.
02-11-04 09:29 AM
JaggaRichards The Who, 1974, MSG
02-11-04 09:33 AM
Factory Girl Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes (1999, I think)-was Amazing!!

Iggy Pop-all 5 times. Last time was in 2001.
02-11-04 09:35 AM
Jumping Jack The Who 75 Buffalo

Check out the DVD of The Who in Cleveland the day before. Great stuff!
02-11-04 09:38 AM
Zeeta Good thread mate!

White Stripes Brixton Academy 30th Jan 04 absolutely RIPPED through a rocking set!!!

Even rose above the shitty London crowd!
02-11-04 09:38 AM
Ronnie B. Wood deep purple 2003 it was GREAT!
02-11-04 09:48 AM
patioaintdry Neil Young w/ Booker T. & the MG's, Toronto, 1993 Canadian National Festival. Playing on a bill with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Young followed them and blew the children away! An excellent show on Neil's home turf.
02-11-04 10:09 AM
Lazy Bones
patioaintdry wrote:
Neil Young w/ Booker T. & the MG's, Toronto, 1993 Canadian National Festival. Playing on a bill with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Young followed them and blew the children away! An excellent show on Neil's home turf.

Don't forget, Blues Traveler, too! I was at that show also. Very nice. Here's that set:

08-18-1993, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
w/ Booker T And The MG's
Mr. Soul
The Loner
Southern Man
Like A Hurricane
Motorcycle Mama
Separate Ways
Love To Burn
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Harvest Moon
Unknown Legend
The Needle And The Damage Done
Live To Ride
Down By The River
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
All Along The Watchtower
Rockin' In The Free World (W/ Pearl Jam)

Another standout Neil show was - Barrie (Molson Park :31 August 1996). The Barrie show had the first-ever electric Needle and The Damage Done and a killer Cortez. Dylan, Floyd, Dire Straits, Allman Brothers and Deep Purple are other highlights. Oh, ZZ Top with Thorogood (early '90's) was also a good show...

[Edited by Lazy Bones]
02-11-04 10:30 AM
Phog Replacements '86
Husker Du '86 & '87
Dylan several times (most recently in KC '02)
Black Flag '86
AC/DC '85
Warren Zevon '88 & '90
Frank Black '01
White Stripes '02 &'03
Mike Watt several times in the '90s
Meat Puppets '91 (unbelieveably good)
Metallica '84 (in a club when they were young)
02-11-04 10:38 AM
Mr T Black Crowes '01
Steely Dan '03
Gov't Mule '03
02-11-04 10:40 AM
stonedatbirth666 Dylan - southern maine gym
02-11-04 10:55 AM
FPM C10 The Clash - Tower Theater, Phila, 1980 - The Clash Takes The Fifth Tour (London Calling) - that night STILL resonates inside me.

Talking Heads - Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ, 1981 - Remain In Light Tour - the tour BEFORE "Stop Making Sense" was a nonstop party without the Big Suit. 9-pc band including the brilliant Adrian Belew on guitar.

XTC - Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ, 1981 - Black Sea Tour. I'm just glad I got to see these guys before Andy had a breakdown and quit touring.

Tom Waits - Eugene O'Neil Theater, NYC, 1986 - Frank's Wild Years Tour.

The Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration - MSG, NYC, 1992 - Johnny Cash, George Harrison, Neil Young, Johnny Winter, Eddy Veddder - just too many highlights to mention them all.

Tom Waits - Beacon Theater, NYC, 1999 - The Mule Variations Tour, the night I met Keith, but it was an amazing concert even withOUT that.

There's more but I'd be in danger of crossing over into the realm of boasting.

02-11-04 11:08 AM
Phog Go ahead and boast, FPM. I find these kinds of threads terribly interesting. The Clash, huh? Lucky bastard!!
02-11-04 11:16 AM
throbby Yes FPMC10, please continue. What was the vibe like at the Clash show?
[Edited by throbby]
02-11-04 11:25 AM
mac_daddy Grateful Dead 9/26/1991 (Boston Garden) - last of a six night run, wonderful setlist, great performance. I will never forget the way Hornsby's piano resonated in there - awesome!

phish - 11/09/93 (UNH) - last show of that tour. played in the unh fieldhouse; the place was packed. my buddy (complete with a dislocated shoulder and a sling) and I were standing not two feet away from the front of the stage...

blues traveler at the marquee in NYC, sometime in the fall of 91 - had seen a mediocre GD show at MSG, and then went down to the Marquee where my friends were who couldnt get in to see the Dead. Blues Traveler came on at 11:30 and rocked the house. Played two sets. Warren Haynes sat in with them and they rocked. This was when they still were a solid band, just after their first album had come out...

pearl jam - 10th anniversary show in vega$. 10 yrs to the day after their first performance. needless to say, it was a very special show...

moe. 2/15/2003 (HoB Vegas) - Phish played at the Mack that weekend, and moe. played the late night gigs (11:30pm - 4:00am). The show rocked.

Lenny Kravitz at the Orpheum in Boston - days after Mama Said was released, and he still was serious about playing rock and roll. Lit the place up...

Alpha Blondy @ the Channel in Boston 1991 - absolutely awesome! if you don't own Apartheid is Nazism, go buy it today. It and Pablo Moses' "A Song" are the two best reggae albums you probably have never heard of...

Neil Young solo at the Boston Orpheum and at the Wiltern (in LA) - both shows were awe-inspiring. These were the first and probably only chances I will get to see the man do that kind of show. Walked around in Ugg botts, sipping Budweiser, picking up different instruments, and playing his heart out.

[Edited by mac_daddy]
02-11-04 11:35 AM
MarkP Bruce Springsteen, 1988, chicago
Bruce Springsteen, 2001, Oakland
Paul McCartney, 2002-03 tour in San Jose
Carlos Santana, 1979, Berkeley Greek Theater,
Pretenders, 1984, Rhode Island
Pretenders, 2003, San Francisco
The Who, 1982, Los Angeles
The Eagles, 1978, Oakland
Mavericks, 1998, Reno
Yes, 2001, Concord
Bob Dylan, 2001, San Francisco

And all the jazz would be a separate and longer list!

02-11-04 11:37 AM

THE WHO ( Boulder , 82 ; Kansas City , 89 ; Denver , 2000 ; Denver , 2002 )

Steely Dan ( Kansas City , 96 ; Denver , 2000 ; Denver , 2003 )

MACCA ( Ames , 90 ; Kansas City , 93 )

Clapton ( Kansas City , 90 -- one night after Stevie Ray Vaughn was killed in Copter Crash )

Fleetwood Mac ( Omaha , 2003 )

Thank You for Your Time !

Jercee !
02-11-04 12:06 PM
dealer squealing Dylan London 2000
Bowie NY 1997
U2 Stockholm 1992
02-11-04 12:34 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Many great gigs!

Frank Zappa at the Palladium on November 1, 1981
Humble Pie NYC 1982 (0r 81) Steve had a very bad studio album but that show was memorable.
Bob Dylan México City opening show of the tour in 1991
King Crimson @ Savoy in NYC in 1981
King Crimson the first show of the trifecta in 1996 México City
King Crimson the third show of the 2001 trifecta
Jeff Beck - Mexico City
Yes in México City December 8, 2002
All Deep Purple shows in Mexico, they love to play here
The three shows of Peter Gabriel in Mexico City as the opening of the Up World tour he's one of the few or the only who played almost all the new album in the setlist
Pink Floyd Mexico 1994 (both shows)
Carl Palmer with his new band, featuring Shaun Baxter he is one of the best guitar players I have ever seen live, he teachs guitar at one of the best schools in London and play like a bastard, real strat abuse as he use only one sratoscaster, a very old one btw.
Lou Reed - Mexico City
Many many more...

One very special mention to Jimmy Page & Robert Plant in Mexico City, according to Jimmy that was one of his favourites shows of the Plant-Page World tour, and let me tell you it was a fantastic show with Jimmy at his best during a very long solo @ Whole Lotta Love
02-11-04 12:34 PM
Gimme Shelter The Who
The White Stripes
Paul McCartney
The Scorpions
Ringo Starr
Tom Petty
Billy Joel
Guns & Roses
The Grateful Dead
Foo Fighters
Neil Young
Marilyn Manson
Henry Rollins
Ray Davies
Lenny Kravitz
Stone Temple Pilots
Motley Crue
Bob Dylan
Crosby, Stills, & Nash
Pink Floyd
Rob Zombie
Kid Rock
Page & Plant
Black Sabbath
David Bowie
Pearl Jam
Jerry Cantrell
Simon & Garfunkel
Robbie Krieger
...................All Great Shows

02-11-04 12:39 PM
keith_tif Interpol 2003
Nadasurf 1999
Garbage 2000

I haven't seen lot of bands but i would see MASSIVE ATTACK, BOWIE, ACDC, DEPECHE MODE, BRYAN FERRY, PINK FLOYD...But it would be impossible: Joy Division, The Clash,
02-11-04 01:04 PM
sirfito As far I remember:

Billy Preston
B.B. King
Chuck Berry
Joe Cocker
Keith Richards
Eric Clapton
Bruce Springsteen
Peter Gabriel
Bob Dylan (as support of the Stones, later sing LARS with them)
Mick Taylor (support of Eric Clapton the first time that "Slowhand" came)

I saw all these great artists when they came to Argentina.

02-11-04 01:10 PM
sirmoonie The Who 1982 Phoenix - phenomenal. Best live band ever. I probably pay 5 figures to have seen The Who with Moon.

Neil Young 1990(?) Las Vegas
Others that I found interesting, though not necessarily in top ten:

UB40 1989 Tucson - as close as I ever got to a reggae show

A.R.M.S. - that huge MS benefit show in 1983 (?) in LA - had Charlie and Bill, but highlights were sets by Page, then Beck, then Clapton. Jeff Beck was really incredible and I'm not a guitar guy.

Grateful Dead - half a dozen times in 80s and 90s - sometimes cool, sometimes the worst band I can imagine seeing, but always an interesting time no matter what I was on.
02-11-04 01:10 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl anybody seen Jimi?
02-11-04 01:11 PM
luxury1 Prince, Prince and Prince again. That little guy can jam!
02-11-04 01:16 PM
Martha Martha's past show highlights.......

Led Zeppelin: Indianapolis, IN January 1975. Jimmy had crushed his fretting finger in a train door and Robert had the flu... and they were off that night (they cancelled the next four nights to recover). However, John Bonham was on fire..riding what I refer to as "the golden drums". I was mesmerized. He played like no other drummer I've seen before or since..and JPJ was brilliant also. It was the only time I saw Zep live.

The Who: December 1979, in Cincinnati, OH the fateful show where 11 people lost their lives. It was a show I'll never forget. WE didn't know anyone had died until we left the show as they didn't announce it to the crowd, due to fear and panic taking over, I think. I've NEVER in my life seen so many people on the floor at any was literally like looking down at a sea of people. if one moved all had to was sardine-like. The show was terrific...we tried to meet them at the Hotel afterwards, but they didn't get there until too late for us to wait because they were interviewing at the venue still.

Bob Dylan: Cincinnati, OH Fall 1978 The only time I waited in a line all night to get tickets was for this show. Got floor seats. I was not "with it" enough though to "get" Bob during this phase of his touring life. He had eye make-up on like Alice Cooper and being young, and obviously not of sound mind, I focused way too much on that instead of the show. They also kept the lights on for part of this show or all of memory is hazy, but I remember that. It was weird...or I should say I was weird! LOL Well, at least I was there. P.S. I absolutely GET Dylan now!

Jethro Tull: Cincinnati, OH 1975 Minstrel in the Gallery tour. Superb show, and the first time I went in to my hyper "must see the show again" mode. We drove to Bloomington, IN and caught it again at my crazed insistence. Tull was always "on" in their day. Impeccable musician ship and flawless performances, night after night. I met the band on one occasion and was invited to the after-party in the Tower of Stouffer's in Cincy but I was such a green-horn I never found the right elevator that would take me to that floor. I didn't even realize that until I went back to that Hotel to meet another band and inadvertently stumbled on the correct elevator. Jeez....I am a small town girl...sigh....

Pink Floyd: Cincinnati, 1978 or 1979 The "Animals" Tour. Quadraphonic sound...that is what I remember and the blown up balloon type animals that floated out into the crowd throughout the night. It was wonderful....and I was in the nosebleeds for this one, which didn't matter at all. I never got to see Pink Floyd again. But I did meet Roger Waters and David Gilmore briefly waiting outside for them to come out after the show and I have photos of them somewhere in a box buried in the closet.

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer: ELP, Cincinnati, OH 1977? Can't recall the year for certain. ELP went out on tour with a full orchestra to feature their latest album Works Vol. One. They had 10-11 semi-trailers behind the stage lined up, I remember that as clearly as the day I saw it. To take all the equipment from city to city since the orchestra toured with them. This is before someone realized to use the Cities orchestras as they hop from one to another, rather than take one along with you. ELP went bankrupt on this tour as a result and had to scramble and go out immediately on the backside of that tour to make up the loss...I did see that show as well. The show this night with the orchestra (which was above the band on a second level tier was spectacular....I will never forget it. An incredible night.

The Moody Blues: reunited, Cincinnati, OH Again I am not sure on the date..I think it was 1977. I was in heaven for this show as I had gotten way into the Moodies music and during the time the band had broken up. It was thrilling to find out they were back together and touring again. I lost my roach clip (sutures) during this show from going over to behind the stage as far as I could in order to see them come out. I then ran as fast as I could back to my seats to see them take the stage and evidently hit something that triggered the sutures to release...never found those babies! Had a great night though..I was in heaven.

YES: in the round possibly 1978 or 1979 Cincinnati, OH. Marvelous show and very memorable since they were in the middle of the coliseum on a revolving stage....Jon in a white gauze signature caftan. I still love YES and see them as much as possible. They are laying down dates for this years tour right now.

Other bands/artisits I feel fortunate to have seen in the early daze include:

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Marshall Tucker Band
Leslie West of Mountain
Flo and Eddie of the Turtles
Eric Clapton
Alice Cooper
Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
Robin Trower
The Grateful Dead> I was trippin' so I didn't really see this one..:-(
REO Speedwagon
Little Feat (the only time people handed me a bowl of opium to smoke during a show..yes times have changed!)
The Police 4/16/82
The Cars 2/11/82
ELO First my laser light show.
Peter Frampton >Comes Alive tour
Van Halen (with David Lee Roth)
Jefferson Starship
The Ramones
The Kinks
Rick Derringer
Alvin Lee
Sea Level..LOL
Jean Luc Ponty
The Winter Brothers
John Mayall
Black Oak Arkansas (at one time I looked a lot like their lead singer..yikes!)
The the first pop concert age 13....never been the same since! :-)

02-11-04 01:18 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I have never seen Prince live, but I was impressed when I was in Dallas during the World Cup in the USA in 1994 after the Holland-Brazil match I went to downtown to celebrate, everybody was danding and singing, even the Dutch fans, probably more than the Brazilians who knows (at least drunker ;D )

In an intermission between two bands, the speakers played Prince, and everybody started to jump and dance, what a sexy way to dance of many colour girls there, probably the sexiest dance I have ever seen, more than a table dance LOL
02-11-04 01:19 PM
throbby Voodoo wrote:
anybody seen Jimi?

Don't I wish! My co worker and sometimes partner in crime saw Mr. Hendrix at the Fillmore West.
02-11-04 01:22 PM
telecaster ZZ Top - Dallas '81 (played with The Stones)

The Who - Dallas '82
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