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Topic: The Stones are Dead Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
11-27-01 08:57 AM
adam krupa You people are merely trying to hang on to the good times. The Stones are dead, and will never be able to produce new fresh music that they once did- but long let them enjoy creating music. The competition these days develops songs that are better than a once great Rock band which currently produces merely ok songs.

11-27-01 11:00 AM
F505 To be honest: your paintings are even better than those of Ronnie 'der beruchte Mahler' Woods.
11-27-01 12:47 PM
chris meekings utter pony !
11-27-01 04:13 PM
F505 But although with a sad heart, I think our painter is right.

Be honest: the last really good Stones-album dates from 1978.
11-27-01 04:39 PM
The Eggman You people are merely trying to hang on to the good times. The Stones are dead, and will never be able to produce new fresh music that they once did- but long let them enjoy creating music. The competition these days develops songs that are better than a once great Rock band which currently produces merely ok songs.

11-27-01 05:03 PM
Nellcote It's Only Rock N Roll, But I Like It !
How true the words.....

Although one draws suspect when any Rock Artist uses the
words "Rock N Roll" in a song, the music which the
Stones produce as product today, is still a force
within the music industry.

Some examples of same era musicians which could be discussed......

Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Rod Stewart
David Bowie
Neil Young
Bob Dylan
Van Morrison
Eric Clapton
Ozzy Osborne
Elton John
Jimmy Page

All of the above, at one time or another, have had
their 15 minutes of fame, some shorter, some longer.
All were popular, or have had huge hits during the same
period as the Stones. That they are still making music,
take time to promote the product, and tour is the key.
Just because they are not the hit making, lyric Picasso's
on every release, does not mean that their music is not
a force. One can never look for the past to be the present.
I'm certain I've omitted many same period stars as the
Stones, however only attempting to drive home the point.
It's actually a hoot to listen to every album the Stones
come out with, as they are like no other. Besides, I can't
locate my old Terry Reid or David Essex albums anyway.

On With The Show-Good Health to You!

11-27-01 07:14 PM
Happy Motherfucker Well Adam, first of all I have to ask, why are you wasting your time here on this message board? Apparently all you tend to do is antagonize the people that post here. It's obvious that you are not a Stones fan and your intelligence on the subject or music in general is pretty null. So you think that the Stones are dead and fans just want to hang onto the past huh. Did you ever wonder why The Stones have such a huge fan base that allows them the status that they have in the music world? Its because they are still relevant! Whether you choose to beleive that or not, is your business, but anybody that has any music literacy knows better. What makes The Stones great, is their ability to capture the publics imagination even 40 years after their odyssey first began. While they have always kept up with the ever changing styles, they have consistently maintained their distinctive sound. Yeah, albums may not sell as good as they did 25 years ago but that is a reflection of the business in general. The Stones have plenty to say even today. They say it in a way that no other band can. The mystique that surrounds this group is like no other in the history of rock'n roll. Not to mention that they still kick ass on the concert stage and come up with some damn good tunes. Name just one new band that has any of that? Thats right fuck head, you can't because they don't exsist! The Stones are an institution, a way of life, and a microcosm of something that is only avalible for this short time that we ride on this planet. But be assured, 100 years from now when people look back, they will see the importance that these guys had on our culture indeed. And while "The Greatest Rock'n Roll Band In The World" may not aply, "The Greatest Rock'n Roll Band Ever" certainly will! So please do us a favor Adam, If you can't come up with anything better then the bull shit that I have seen you post here, just fuck off. This is just my opinion, but unfortunately for you, millions of people happen to agree with me on this.
11-27-01 07:38 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Happy MoFo, you and I haven't agreed on much in the past, but we agree completely on this one. Your post was so good, I don't have anything to add except: Yeah, what he said.

11-27-01 08:19 PM
Lacride Adam, you seem to be frustrated. Why? We don't know. You're the only one who knows. If you don't like the Stones, why wasting time criticize them?! Go back to your painting. In a few decades, you'll be a star and a common block will pretend: "Adam is dead. Younger painters are more creative. He should stop painting, bla-bla-bla...
11-28-01 01:58 AM
Jane Wyman Why getting angry when someone gives his opinion. I am a Stones fan but I glad I've nothing to do with a bunch of people who adore but who are not able to be critical. You people think you own the Stones. And when someone has a different opinion you begin to call names. It's pathetic.
11-28-01 09:04 AM
Cardinal Ximinez No Jane, the guy is a troll. If I thought the guy was a real fan, I'd let him alone. But this guy is just trying to tweek our we tweek back.
11-28-01 12:33 PM
moy yep, they all are dead
11-28-01 12:46 PM
adam krupa Believe me, I would love to have been around when the stones were at their peak. I'm sure that all the members would agree with me that that is when they were at their best, and yeh I'm sure there will be a time when people say my art is shit (some say that now). But I don't think that I'll ever reach the heights in my field as the Stones have done in theirs.
What annoys me is when the fans don't really have anything interesting to say to people who come to their sacred site.
What would be interesting is a good story or two about the stones. Not just, "they are the greatest" blah blah..i'msure they even get bored of hearing that. If people say to me "your painting is brilliant" - what can I say? "thanks" or "I know" See what I mean? Or still don't understand?
There is a lot of good music about at the moment- it never stopped...
11-28-01 01:07 PM
adam krupa The Stones were great, and yeh they will always have the memories, but anyone in rock music knows the score - it all mellows. I suppose there is nothing wrong in that -just that the music will be lacking the Spark.

It bugs me when Fans bellow on about how great their heroes are. They were a good band with a million and one truly great stories + tales of their adventure. But to be honest, stories like Mick giving up drink etc.. just a bit boring!..I wonder if he thinks that? He is probably thinking 'fucking hell- I'm just a person'and everyones going on like I'm some sort of God.

I'm not annoyed by the Stones or jealous of them- but I have a right to speak my opinion, on them as much as their biggest 'fans'. At least it's a bit more interesting! Than just saying "Mick is the greatest" - he may have been, but he isn't now.
I will never reach the heights in my field of painting as they have in theirs, but even now, It sometimes bores me when people say stupid things about my work like "great" etc because it quite simply is not true at the moment. To be Great there is no higher....
11-28-01 02:13 PM
Stray Cat Any relation to GENE KRUPA,the jazz drummer of the 50's ?....................oh, of course not, he had TALENT!....Try listening to LOWDOWN the best guitar/drums sound ever! The Stones are still relevant today.Not perfect,but were they ever?
11-28-01 06:00 PM
adam krupa I'm not at liberty to say whether I am related to Gene, as I would not want my work to be associated to him.

You are a bit arrogant to say that the Lowgold connection is even there. I've heard Lowgold, and to be very honest my friend, you cannot compare Lowgold to the Rollong Stones, because they would have and still would have spanked their shiny little arses.

I though manage a band who will be up there with the best. I know my music,and what makes a band great, and Lowgold will never be great BUT they are ok.
11-28-01 06:02 PM
adam krupa Oh sorry. I thought you said Lowgold..

I've never heard of Lowdown...sorry
11-28-01 08:21 PM
adam krupa sorry - the song Lowdown - what you on - it's ok but it aint great, you one of the brainwashed mate- you'll come through.
11-29-01 03:29 AM
Happy Motherfucker Only a foolish man beleives his own thoughts when his spoken words fall apon deaf ears!
11-29-01 04:30 AM
adam krupa so it seems as if, not only the Stones music is suffering from the spark, but also the fans cannot really persaude me to go and buy some Stones music, when the rock circuit is thriving at the moment.

How are my thoughts going on deaf ears, when you happy are answering me?
11-29-01 09:34 AM
Cardinal Ximinez My dear Adam....

So what interesting stories would you like us to tell you? The very same stories that are widely available in countless books? What for? Go to any Barnes & Noble and read for yourself.

Or maybe you want stories of the fun times we've had at Stones shows?

We've already done that. Why on earth would we rehash all that stuff? Just for your benefit?

If you want to hear some great blues based rock music, go buy some Rolling Stones CDs. I don't know what you have, or don't have, so I can't really recommend anything. Or don't buy a damned thing. It's up to YOU, not US.

But if you are such a starving artist, perhaps you should spend your money on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinners, instead of music CDs?
11-29-01 12:22 PM
adam krupa I thank you cardinal for your words of wisdom. You might find that pasta is the cheapest & healthiest meal if you are quite hungry.. Now was there a story about the stones, I read? Something to do with Mick getting a wealthy girlfriend? I can't remember..

Anyway people thanks for your time, but I'm a little bit bored of this site now...I think I'm going to tell the U2 fans the same sort of thing, because they used to be brilliant, and are merely a watered down rock band now..

11-29-01 04:41 PM
CHIEFMOON to ol'adam..(young, old who cares)

since you claim to be a painter....are the pyramids dead??
is greek classicism dead??? is the renaissance dead??
the great albrecht durer?? how 'bout rembrandt?
or to speed it up....andy warhol???
what's wrong with a dialogue with the past??
all "great art" (literature, painting, poetry or music)
must have a dialogue with the artist is born
blank...all creations are linked...the stones are immortal
because they created their work and it shall always live.
11-29-01 06:11 PM

No, my fiendish friend, they're quite NOT the Dead. Didn't you know Jerry Garcia kicked it years ago?
11-29-01 07:27 PM
Mother baby No sir, the Stones aren't the Dead. The Dead are kind of Dead as the Dead died with Garcia kind of. As far as I know none of the Stones ever played with the Grateful Dead. Oh well, so what, that's just for a few of the folks who don't know the difference between dead and alive. The last I knew the Stones are still alive.
11-29-01 07:33 PM
Torn & Frayed
Mother baby wrote:
As far as I know none of the Stones ever played with the Grateful Dead.

Mick Taylor played with the Grateful Dead at Madison Square Garden on 9.24.88
Sat in on Little Red Rooster and West LA Fadeaway.

Now you know.
11-29-01 07:37 PM
Mother baby Now I know. Probably should have known better, makes sence to me.
11-29-01 07:57 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Mick Taylor actually played with members of the Grateful Dead in 1967 at the Fillmore West; Jimi Hendrix, John Miles and Albert King jammed all night with them.

Mick Taylor himself told me that, you can find the full text in his own words at our site for Jimi
11-29-01 08:13 PM
Torn & Frayed wrote:

Mick Taylor played with the Grateful Dead at Madison Square Garden on 9.24.88
Sat in on Little Red Rooster and West LA Fadeaway.

Now you know.

Yep, it was a benefit show produced by Greenpeace and Rainforest and was broadcast on the radio.
11-29-01 11:39 PM
Happy Motherfucker The Dead never really done any shows with The Stones. But, Keith has jamed with Jerry back in the early 70's. It was just them hang'n out and partying. That must have been some really interesting music. The Dead were always very fond of The Stones. In fact, They were the inspiration for the band to switch to electric from their days as an acoustic group. (Mother Mccrees uptown jug champions) The Dead also loved doing Stones tunes through out their career. "The Last Time", "Satisfaction", "Wild Horses"(old and In The Way) "Lets Spend The Night Together", ect. Also it was the Dead that had arranged for The Hells Angels as security at the Altamont show.
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