Considered as one of the best guitar players ever, Mick Taylor is a living legend.

He was a Blues Breaker, a Rolling Stone and a sidemen in both studio and stage for many great musicians like Bob Dylan.

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Mick During John Mayall's  Blues from Laurel Canyon Sessions 1968.

Scanned from the album inside cover

Mick was with John Mayall from 1966 to 1969, longer than any other guitarist with the Blues Breakers.

“I doubt if there could be a better choice than Mick Taylor who really shows his brilliance on this new album. He has worked with me longer than any other guitarist I’ve had and I hope that we’ll continue as a team fir a long time to come”

John Mayall 3rd September 1968

To note, previous guitarists with John Mayall included Sammy Prosser, Bernie Watson , Roger Dean, Eric Clapton, and Peter Green. Mick Taylor was only 19 years old.

Seven months later he became a former Rolling Stone replacing Brian Jones who quit the Stones to make his own music and passed away some weeks later. His first live appearance was at the Hyde Park in July 1969.

Albums with the Bluesbreakers: Crusade (1967), Blues from Laurel Canyon (1968),  Bare Wires [Deram] (1968), Diary of a Band, Vol. 1 (1968), Diary of a Band, Vol. 2 (1968), Looking Back (1969), Laurel Canyon (1969), Empty Rooms (1969), Thru the Years (1971), Back to the Roots (1971), Primal Solos (1977), John Mayall Profile (1980), Archives to Eighties (1988), London Blues (1964-1969) (1992), Room to Move (1969-1974) (1992), Wake Up Call (1993), John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers... (1994), Return of the Bluebreakers (1994), Bare Wires [Rebound] (1994), As It All Began: The Best of John... (1998), Drivin' On: The ABC Years (1975... (1998), Silver Tones: The Best of John... (1998), Masters (2000), and Along for the Ride (2001)

Professor Hendrix with Mick on the MSG dressing room November 27, 1969

These photos by courtesy of Carol Rock

He made a lot of contributions to the Rolling Stones  but was not credited properly so he decided to quit in 1974.

Albums with the Stones: Let It Bleed (1969), Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out (1970), Sticky Fingers (1971), Exile on Main Street (1972), Goats Head Soup (1973), It's Only Rock and Roll (1974), and Tattoo You (1981)  Compilations: Hot Rocks, 1964-1971 (1972), More Hot Rocks (Big Hits and Fazed (1972), Made in the Shade (1975), Metamorphosis (1975), Sucking in the 70's (1981), and Singles Collection: The London... (1989)


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Mick Taylor, San Francisco, 28 Mar 99
The same day we were hearing the boyz in Hartford 1

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Carol and Mick Taylor suffering!


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Mick Taylor live in Tübingen 21.10.00 (Sudhaus) und Schmölln 28.10.00 (Beatclub) by Niko

Grand Emporium February 8, 2000

London October 7 1999 by Vanja Fridhammar

Mick Taylor San Diego 3-25-99 and Yucaipa 3-27-99

Gothenburg, Sweden. 1999-09-22. Photo Mikael Sandberg, Tibro, Sweden.

Mick Taylor with Keith Emerson and Kim Simmonds

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