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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: Well we got a lot of new members no!!! it grows like the plague Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-18-02 08:48 AM
fmk438j I have been at Keno's as mr jimmy. I am 21 and have gone from knowing the basic stones story to...a fair bit more by reading at Keno's. Gazza's video tree got me posting here. I'm keen to get all the shows from this tour. Hey Moonisup, I trade with a real cool guy from Holland. Good, good bloke.
09-18-02 08:49 AM
Moonisup Is he called martijn maybe????
09-18-02 08:52 AM
fmk438j nope. lothar
09-18-02 08:53 AM
Moonisup oh ok. I don't know him, there are 16 milion dutchmen haha, I don't know everybody! lol

rik, the wooden shoe
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09-18-02 08:57 AM
fmk438j how many shows rumoured for Holland?

I was thinking about calculating how many shows, or maybe total audience played to, per counrty to figure out which country gets the most shows per capita. That's if I find a spare 5 hours.
[Edited by fmk438j]
09-18-02 09:02 AM
Moonisup These are the rumoured dates:

Aug 2, 3 2003 Amsterdam Arena Amsterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED (52.000 capacity)
Aug 11 2003 Paradiso Amsterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED (600 capacity)
Aug 14, 15 2003 Feyenoord Stadium Rotterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED (about 50.000 capacity)
Aug 15 2003 Stadspark Speedway Groningen The Netherlands RUMOURED (70.000 capacity)
Aug ?? 2003 Musiccentre Vredenburg Utrecht The Netherlands RUMOURED (Don't know the capacity)
Aug 18 2003 Malieveld The Hague The Netherlands RUMOURED
(86.000 capacity)

HAHAH the wooden shoes tour 2003
A small country with a lot of concerts looming!!

How many in Australia?? I think if all the shows go on, Holland has the most shows per capita, on the b2b tour 2 % of our nation saw the stones!

Rik, the wooden shoe
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[Edited by Moonisup]
09-18-02 09:08 AM
fmk438j 2 in Brisbane
3 Melbourne
3 Sydney
2 Perth

Last heard was this was not deffinite, except Sydney where the venue is pretty well known. Promoter is still fiddling with the venues and these could change I guess. All are arena I think, except one possibly in Melbourne that is a stadium with retractable roof.

No club gig though. There's always hope.
[Edited by fmk438j]
09-18-02 11:20 AM
corgi37 Allow myself to introduce..myself. I have been on here for a while. Being in lonely old Australia, we get fuck all info on the stones, and this tour is no different. Luckily, i have cable, but i have seen stuff all info on the U.S. news either. I turned 39 last week, and have been a Stones maniac since 78. I've only seen them twice (during the VL tour in 95 here in Melbourne), but i saw jagger's solo tour in 88, both in concert and his secret pub gig. I am getting a little nervous about an announcement for a aussie tour, as its supposed to be in Feb 03, and tickets would have to go on sale soon. I dont think they'll stiff us this time, but we have been dudded many times by the band. Fave albums are Sticky fingers, Exile, and let it bleed, with a loving glance to undercover, its only rock and roll. Ya ya's is great, but silly old me actually prefers love you live. My name is Craig, i have a stones tattoo on my hip, i have a jack russell doggie (Charlie is his name), 2 cats and recently born twin children, who seem to show an early appreciation for that damn colored music that our grand parents hated. I barrack for the not so mighty St.Kilda footy club, i play sloppy drums, and worse guitar, i am married, my hair is departing at a alarming rate, i prefer the golden age of porn (the 80's) to the modern xxx films, i hate the beatles and u2, i am circumcised, my dvd hasnt been modified to play all regions, my entertainment system (apart from the stupid dvd) is top class and very $$$$$$, i own my house, my car is a piece of shit, i'm sick to death of eminem and britney (though, i would do her), i have been to the U.S., honk kong (5 times), Singapore, Bali, Fiji, Bangkok (3 times), and all round Oz, Aussie beer is the best in the world, particularly VB, Aussie Rules is the best sport and our chicks are the hottest around, we dont have kangaroos hopping down our main roads and the Koala is NOT a fucking bear. Phew, went nuts there didnt i!
09-18-02 12:52 PM
jb I always liked Olivia Newton John in the black cat suit from Grease and pleasured myself to her many times as a young boy...he,he,he,he,!!!!
09-18-02 12:58 PM
Moonisup ahahah dirty, well she's better as travolta hahaha
_________ __________________________________
09-18-02 01:05 PM
jb Moon, in my opinion, the hottest woman in the world right now is Liz Hurley...what a hot mamma!!! I also like Sylvia saint and Jamie Jamerson...
09-18-02 02:23 PM
Pants Make the Man I always liked Vanessa Del Rio. But can you imagine? Poking her hole would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway! You might fall in and get lost!
09-18-02 02:26 PM
jb She was a great star of the 80's ...what about the great Serena, Seka, and Marilyn Chambers...true pioneers who opened the doors to todays stars!
09-18-02 02:45 PM
Pants Make the Man They were the pioneers, jb. Today's young starlet's owe them a great deal. Those talented ladies you mentioned "kicked open the doors", as it were.
09-18-02 02:51 PM
sirmoonie Who are the stars of today?

What ever happened to Christy Canyon and Christy Mist?

What ever happened to Taylor St. Clair?

Corgi, can you answer these questions?
09-18-02 02:59 PM
Pants Make the Man Jasmine St Claire and Jenna Jameson come to mind. (I'd forgotten about Christy Canyon. Please forgive me, Christy)
09-18-02 03:00 PM
jb Sylvia Saint is stunning...
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