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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: Well we got a lot of new members no!!! it grows like the plague Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-17-02 11:32 AM
Moonisup Please allow yourself to introduce yourself??
09-17-02 11:39 AM
deadflowers Hi! I'm a huge Stones fan for as long as I can remember- really! I remember listening to the early Stones songs as a little kid. My brother had them. In the 70's I collected EVERY item from newspapers and magazines and made scrapbooks. As the years went on I didn't collect as much but I always loved the Stones! I have all their stuff and love their shows. I have been into U2 lately and was really into their tour, but when I saw how cool the Stones were compared to how nerdy Bono has become now,(onstage last night) it made me realize how awesome the Stones are, they ARE rock and roll, and Mick is THE rock god!! The Stones are the eternal rock flame, and they're still out there. I cannot say how cool that is and how proud I am of them! I need to appreciate the Stones more, so here I am!!

Hey- can you post pictures here? If so, I will!
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[Edited by deadflowers]
09-17-02 11:40 AM
Moonisup allright!! thank you
09-17-02 11:52 AM
Factory Girl Hello,

I posted at Rocks Off a long time ago when it had a different format. I've been a reg at Keno's for sometime (about 3 years). Hello everyone!
09-17-02 12:07 PM
Factory Girl wrote:

I posted at Rocks Off a long time ago when it had a different format. I've been a reg at Keno's for sometime (about 3 years). Hello everyone!


I'm so glad yer here ; )

09-17-02 12:32 PM
Maxlugar Hi Factory Girl!


09-17-02 12:54 PM
nankerphelge Hey FG -- 'bout time you swung by!
09-17-02 12:55 PM
sirmoonie Yes...uh, name is sirmoonie I'm a Stonesaholic.


Whaaaaa? I talk now or what...ok...I like started Stonesing when I was around 13 or 14. At first it was just a bit of Hot Rocks here and there. I liked it, but I never got out of control. You know, just something I'd do every now and then to have fun. Just kicks, you know?

Over the next couple of decades, things got worse. I gradually began Stonesing all the time. I bought Stones even if I knew I'd only Stones to it a few times. I even tried that rare Dirty Work-Stones. Sometimes, I wouldn't do anything but Stones for like a year at a time. And then when the really potent form of CD-Stones came out, I was hooked for good. Now I could Stones all kinds of different ways. I could mix one Stones with another Stones. I could repreat Stones, doing the same Stones over and over, until I passed out. Like a junkie, I could program my whole day of Stones hours in advance. Sometime, I'd wake up in the morning and there would be empty CD-Stones cases laying all over the house. I began to lose control. And it only got worse....

About two and half years ago, I met some really bad characters. Their Stonesaholism was so much worse than mine that I started thinking I was actually ok. I started hanging out with them. Those guys had it real bad. Real fucking bad! What? Sorry. Anyway, the over-the-counter Stones wasn't enough for them. They'd go find Stones on the black market to feed their disease. Some of it smuggled in from Asia! They had piles of Stones. More Stones than I had ever seen. So much Stones, that they didn't even care if you used their Stones. "Here ya go sirmoonie, try some of this. Nice little '73 action to get you going. See anything else you wanna try?" They even have this clubhouse where they would hang out and Stones together. It was always getting out of control. Fights, everything. An ugly terrible place. I hear that it got shut down once, but they just moved on to another place. They didn't care. All they wanted was to Stones somewhere, anywhere. Like I said, they had it bad.

But, it all really came to head about a year ago. I'm sorry, this is difficult to talk about.........[gulp]....I'm sorry....what happened was...I followed these guys to Cleveland....What? No, its gets much worse than that. I followed them to Cleveland and we checked into this seedy hotel. We Stonesed all night...oh morning we were all so Stonesed out that you'd think we be done. But no, sick as we were, we got up and did it again. We even added a few more people. At the end, we were slouching around on broken patio furniture, gooned out of our minds, not even talking to each other anymore, listening to Dirty Work at full volume at 3 in the morning. It was so ugly, I just can't......I knew then I had a problem and needed help.

Well, that's my story. Can I get one of those fucking chips now?
09-17-02 01:04 PM
Factory Girl wrote:

I posted at Rocks Off a long time ago when it had a different format. I've been a reg at Keno's for sometime (about 3 years). Hello everyone!

Hey Factory Girl. How ya' been? A lot of folks here are former Keno's/StonesWorld posters.
So what shows you taking in this go round?
09-17-02 01:10 PM
Factory Girl Hi everyone and Thanks for the warm welcome!
Scope, I'm taking in the Fed Ex field show. I'm also desperately hoping that the second leg of the tour will include an arena show in my town.
09-17-02 01:17 PM
Factory Girl Please humor me as I test my avatar.
09-17-02 02:16 PM
jb The rolling stones have a song off Beggars Banquet called "Factory Girl"...that's really a coincedence ...!
09-17-02 02:23 PM
TomL Welcome fellow stones crazies.
09-17-02 02:42 PM
Factory Girl Hey TomL, we met at the gathering organized by Stonesdoug. You, I, Blue Lena & Nank were jamming to Sympathy for the Devil. I was drinking "Mini-Me" Bass Ales. Lol.
09-17-02 02:45 PM
TomL Hey FG, loosing my mind for a minute. Going to any of the Philly or NYC shows. If not I will see you in the parking lot of Fed-Ex
09-17-02 02:48 PM
Factory Girl Hey TomL! I'll see you at Fed Ex! Can't wait to party hardy! Hope they play Factory Girl that
09-17-02 02:52 PM
TomL We all should have a good time. Hope you get your wish.
09-17-02 02:57 PM
Sir Stonesalot FG!

It won't matter if the Stones don't play it for you...I'll play it any time you want.

Glad to C U here.

BTW, my burner died. I just got one for my computer...but it isn't I'm back to square one. No burner.

I am bumming.
09-17-02 03:05 PM
Factory Girl Doh, SS. Another stand-alone is in your future? I think prices are "Coming Down Again." Why is the one you have not compatible?
09-17-02 03:09 PM
Moonisup wing for a girl that got curls in her hair
09-17-02 05:53 PM
sonicrock nobody ever welcomed me but wwwwaaaaaa i don t need that do i ??
09-17-02 06:14 PM
Gazza Sis Stonesalot wrote:

BTW, my burner died. I just got one for my computer...but it isn't I'm back to square one. No burner.

>I am bumming.

so am I as I have you earmarked for a branch role in this Fleet tree....does this mean you're gonna switch to a 'leaf'.. let me know asap!!


09-17-02 09:03 PM
Miss U. That cracked me up Sir Moonie!!
09-17-02 09:11 PM
Uncle Remus Hi. I like the Stones b/c there in my age group.

I used to funk, now I just fake it.
09-17-02 09:48 PM
sirfito Hi:
I always (day by day)enter to this great site, read the news on this board, enjoy the msg. and the photos, sometimes laugh, sometimes no...and it's the first time i write! (At last!!)
I'm a long fan and collector too. I'm from Argentina (Sudamerica), the same place that our friend Marcelo from "Midnight Rambler" (one of the best Stones' sites around the world).We got a lot of Stones fans here too!


Sirfito (a.k.a.Fito)

09-17-02 10:04 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey Fito... finally out of the closet LOL, great to see you now in active mode!

Fito has been mentioned here several times as he runs a Rolling Stones program in Rosario, Argentina. "Con la lengua afuera" since Spetember 15, 2000 and without any stop in between. Keep rocking and put a signal on the net Fito!

Bienvenido k
09-17-02 11:25 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox Hello. I am a 19 year old Stones fan from Pittsburgh. I have been reading this board for awhile now and decided recently to sign up. Gettin ready to head to NYC for my first ever show....Yes!
09-18-02 06:58 AM
TomL Where ya from in Pittsburgh?
09-18-02 07:15 AM
Moonisup Since I started this one, I'll introduce myself to:

My name is Rik, ore moonisup ore wooden shoe

I'm 19 years old, turning 20 4 days after Keith's birthday. I'm a huge fan since the 1994-95 tour and I will collect everything that has anything to with the stones. It is not just a group ain't it!! I'm from the little country Holland, and I love playing the guitar!

I look forward to meet some fellow rockers here in Holland next year!!

Rik, the wooden shoe
09-18-02 07:25 AM
Maxlugar Great post Moonie!

I really liked the whole Drugs/ Stones analogy.

If everyone get off their asses and posted like that we'd be logging into this site 500 times a day. Instead of the measly 450 times a day.

Hug me!

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