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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2) Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-14-02 11:49 PM
Soul Survivor
Nasty Habits wrote:

Gettin' ready to do the same thing with 40 Licks!

Yup Yup
09-15-02 12:22 PM
Maxlugar If Lester Bangs wrote it, I read it. I didn't always agree with him but he was a great rock writter.

I don't remember it though...

Sounds like him. God I wish I saved my issues of Creem!

Boy Howdy!

09-15-02 02:31 PM
Nasty Habits It's in his book Psychotic Reactions and Carbeurator Dung, but it was published after his death.

Creem was the greatest rock magazine of all time. I dig up back issues whenever I can and long for the days when such a magazine could infiltrate the 7-11s and supermarkets of America.

You can't get that stuff no more!

Boy Howdy!

09-15-02 03:08 PM
Rescued I think Sucking in the Seventies has some merit. It held me over between ER and Tattoo You. It's got a cool cover, IMO. And it's got Everythings Turning To Gold, live Mannish Boy, live When the Whip Comes Down, and If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt.2) which I think is worth the purchase alone. SYX, don't judge the sound of this track on an MP3.

All the Dances (I,II,III,instrumental,Pt.1, and Pt.2) they just keep me movin! This songs got an anomalous place in the Stones canon - all the different versions, the promo-only 12inch, the fact that the band genuinely must dig it - the fact that the band played it at the Orpheum blows me away! This tour is IT man!

It's too bad the versions of Time Waits For No One, Crazy Mama, Hot Stuff, etc. are shortened on Sucking In The Seventies. I guess the short radio edits might be of interest to collectors but the songs are diluted.

Has anybody seen the digipack boots that have been coming out this summer with production quality to match the Abko remasters, but with tons of bonus tracks? I just got "40th Anniversary Vintage Stones Soundboard Recordings" which is a 2CD double gatefold printed slickly in full color (b/w photos inside from Hyde Park and Mick dancing on English Tv). This ones got Got Live If You Want It 65 / Joe Loss Show 64 / Honolulu 66 / Hyde Park 69. The Hyde Park blows me away! Backstage recordings, Adonais, and the full set in the best sound I have ever heard for this show - no drop outs and minimized distortion. The 18 minute Sympathy For The Devil packs so much power that its unreal IMO. I also found "Out On Bail 78" in this slick format as well as "Beggars Banquet Alternate Version", " It's Only Goats Head Soup But We Like It", and "Crushed Pearls Dirty Work Outakes" + I've seen all the Abko stuff. I know that has these digi's but they are expensive.
09-15-02 03:17 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy What?

Dance Pt. *III*?

Oh, I've *gotta* hear this!

-tSYX --- Poor man eyes a rich man...
09-15-02 05:59 PM
Rescued Xyzzy,

I just got Dance III off MP3 this summer. It's a 7 - 9 minute rehearsal/developmental version and it stings. It's a little rough in places and works as a slow burning groove with a nice voodoo/Black Juju drum at the end as a cherry on top. Mick comes in at various spots just kind of vocally grooving, (Music is what I need, keep my body mooovin! - he doesn't say this but thats the vibe). The best part is just to hear Ronnie and Keith just grooving and feeling it out in an unrushed way. I love this in the same way as I love the extended Slaves and Hot Stuff.

Man, The Stones! Forty Years of high octane. Their catalog is bottomless once you get into them - AND they're brewing more of the special recipe each day as they play and rehearse. You are one of the chosen Xyzzy - to be a fan of this band is to hold a treasure that only grows and makes you're life better.
09-15-02 06:04 PM
Rescued Oh Xyzzy,

As soon as I get a burner I'll send you some of this stuff if you don't already have it by then. It's gonna be a month or two as this week in Chicago was my blowout - and now I'm working to make Cleveland and January United Center happen.
09-15-02 06:06 PM
stonesmik There is no Dance Pt. III

But there are three versions of "Dance" that are not as elaborate as "Dance" and ""If I was a dancer (Dance pt. 2)", they are sometimes referenced as "Dance version 3" "version 4" and "version 5". In fact they are just early versions of "Dance". The secret lies in the numbering. They don't have the clean sound of the official versions.
09-15-02 06:20 PM
Rescued Thanks Stonesmilk,

I got two MP3's labeled I and III, or version I and version III, and they are definitely developmental takes. And "Dance (Instrumental)" was released as side two of the 1981 "If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt.2) 12 inch promo and it is a different take from the one that became the main backing track for Pt.1 - it has its own unique feel.
09-16-02 12:58 AM
wellwell The Dance (instrumental) on the 12 inch sounds to my ears like the same basic track, just done as a re-mix specifically for the the 12 in. And it is an interesting instrumental, bringing in vocal stylings from Mick, the Max Romeo backing vocals and the horns. I love it. It might be my fave.

The interesting thing is that all the versions are different lengths. Part 1, is 4:22, Part 2 is 5:40 and the instrumental is 4:40. So they probably had some long ass take that they edited down and re-mixed for release like they did with Miss You, When the Whip Comes down, and Everthing is Turning to Gold.
09-16-02 04:41 AM
gotdablouse no one was able to download the 5 versions (3 outtakes I/II/III and Dance Pt 1 and Dance Pt 2) that I ulpoaded to Porter's FTP before he deleted them ?
Sucks no?
If someone has space I can upload them again!
09-16-02 08:06 PM
CousinCocaine Can anyone tell me on which boots are those (rehearsal) Dance takes ?!
09-17-02 06:53 PM
Rescued Can anyone give details about how Dance was performed and sounded at the Orpheum or the Aragon?
09-17-02 07:34 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl BTW, I'm going to remove the Dance P.2 track from the website tonight. Please let me know if you already downloaded it and if you need more time.

It is from the very first CD edition of Sucking in the 70s.
09-17-02 10:10 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy All set, Voodoo - thanks!

-tSYX --- Baby, get me outta here!
09-17-02 11:16 PM
full moon Rescued, Great tip for VMO...Can you give me any recommendations for rare studio and b sides from their extensive list...
09-17-02 11:54 PM
Rescued Hey Full Moon,

I stop in their store in Evanston about once a week. Their stock rotates pretty frequently but the owner's good about tracking things down. If you want to send me a personal message listing some of the titles you're interested in, I can check on the track listings this weekend and get back to you on Sunday. Or just let me know what period or tracks you're looking for and I'll see what he's got. The problem with the website is that you can't get tracklists and have to research the titles elsewhere. He's keeps most of the sixties rarities in stock in one form or another. The seventies stuff seems to move out pretty fast - especially the 77 - 81 stuff. But he gets about everything that comes out at one point or another. I've gotten good Beggars Banquet/Let It Bleed stuff like R.S.V.P, Alternative Version, The Satanic Sessions, Beggars Breakfast, and Unplugged in there.
[Edited by Rescued]
09-18-02 12:02 AM
full moon Hey, I live in Bourbonnais.. About 45 minutes South of Chicago....I really need rare tracks and ALL b sides thru B2B...Thanks alot!!!
09-18-02 06:20 PM
Rescued Full Moon,

You should definitely plan a trip up to Evanston some Saturday morning and check his place out. He specializes in pristine vinyl for serious collectors and has a nice selection of collectable Stones wax and CDs.
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