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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

México City, 1995 by Fernando Aceves
From the upcoming Exhibition "Rolling Stones 40x20"

Govinda Gallery, Washington DC September 20th through October 26th, 2002

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09-04-02 02:54 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Who's gotta recording of the show?

Where can I find it?

Which one of my vital organs do you want for it?

Someone over at Doug's says he's gotta tape that came out pretty well.

Tree this muthafuckah ASAP!

-tSYX --- Just as long as the guitar plays, he'll steal your heart away...
09-04-02 02:58 PM
Moonisup Great I read it, I hope it will come soon!!
[Edited by Moonisup]
09-04-02 03:13 PM
jb Moon, the general impression I get is that the show was O.K. with lots of room for improvement. Some fans, however, seem very distressed by Keith's apparent inability to play. It's ironic that many of us(me included) were worried Ronnie was not fit, but it seems he is in great form and poor keith is referred to by one critic as an arthritic spider...very sad.
09-04-02 03:17 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Well, jb, the general impression I got was that this show was fucking awesome and ain't nobody gonna piss on my parade.

Of course there's room for improvement!

But the show is over!

And it was awesome!

There's room for improvement in the Sistine Chapel, too, but you don't hear anyone bitch about *that*, do ya?

-tSYX --- She'd come every time that's she'd pirhouette for me...
09-04-02 03:21 PM
Moonisup I gotta agree with jb here!! I read everywhere that keith's playing is not that good, and that he is just walking around and strike a few chords here and there. I don't that for shure, because when the stones where playing I was asleep. Jb is just giving an impression of what is said here and there!!
09-04-02 03:24 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Oh, even I'm saying Keith wasn't at the top of his form at all...

But I'll be honest...

With Ronnie in such form, I didn't even notice after "Rocks Off".

And Keith did get better as the night went on, woke up, stopped cavorting and started playing, and by the end, he was in rare form. Particularly on "Mannish Boy", "Brown Sugar", "Jumping Jack Flash", "Neighbors" and "Satisfaction".
09-04-02 03:25 PM
Moonisup Yeah. It is true that keith and ron played new licks on satisfaction??
How did it sound??

thank you in advance

09-04-02 03:27 PM
jb tsxy...despite our mutual hate and disdain for one another, as a Stones fan, I am very happy for you. These concerts are like major life events for "us" stone fans, and I agree that no matter what the review, as long as you had a great time, who cares! My comments about Keith are simply the impression I get from reading the various reviews here, on "Shidoobbee" and Gasx3...
09-04-02 03:32 PM
Moonisup I think everybody had a great time. TSYX, where are you from by the way???
09-04-02 03:38 PM
Nellcote YO JB, hung with one of your fellow C-10's last night,
Nanky! We had a great time at Sullivan's, got rather
jucied up and sloppy, if I do say so! Helped the lad back to the bar after the show, before the road trip home.

Contrary to some on these boards, in the media, this is one fan who was absolutely pleased as punch with what we had before us last evening. The press will have a field day slagging this band, however, that's why they are critics.
They know music like I know icelandic last names.
All of the band members were great, no exceptions.
There were some bumbs in the road, it is true, however,
what we are dealing with are late 50's-60 year olds, who have to live with the standards of their past performances.

Enjoy it for the beauty that it is.

It's 2002-we still get to see the Stones!

BTW, I would be remiss if I did not mention we had a great time with Luxury 1, Coming Down Again, Wintah, 12 x 5, Stonesdoug, others who I'm certain I cannot recall, due to mind altering circumstances which were thrusted upon my person. To those whom I've forgotten, we'll hook up again!
09-04-02 03:42 PM
jb Nellcote, despite out mutual hate and distaste for one another, I am very happy you and the others had a great time!!! Good luck in the future and may prosperity be abundant unto you....jb
09-04-02 03:48 PM
Nellcote JB, God man loosen up, will you? Just because we do not agree on things does'nt make you Atilla The Hun!
Look your fellow c-10's set me straight.
I'll still give you crap when I earned
I would expect you would dole it to myself also.

BTW, you must mean the Rolling Thunder Dylan,
as the 02 version needs a Serbo Croation interpreter...
09-04-02 03:49 PM
Maxlugar The day Josh dreams he is a C10, he better wake up apologizing!

Damn it! Learn your C10 members!

We are the higher level of Stones fan. More dedicated. A little better than the rest, if you know what I mean.

We are 10 men who got off their asses one summer and went to CLEVELAND to drink, smoke, laugh and rock like no one else.

With people we never met for the most part.

AND there was NO TOUR! Just a bunch of cool guys looking for some Stonesian kicks!

My sources deep, DEEP!, within the Rolling Stones organization tell me this tour is being dedicated to us.

Josh, sadly, was not there.

09-04-02 03:52 PM
Nellcote Flogg me with the severe beating I deserve!
Only bring Luxury 1 with you, she is a hoot!
09-04-02 03:54 PM
jb Max, Max, Max...must you always rain on my parade. Finally I was being looked at in a positive light, and of course, you had to blow the gig. I am still a F10!!!
09-04-02 04:29 PM
Sir Stonesalot No, Maxy is right.

There are C10, and then there is everyone else.

Sorry Josh, but you are just in there with everyone else.

We do have one Auxiliary member...Riffhard C10A

After this tour, we will put our collective brain together and announce a select few additional C10 Auxilliary members.

So, when you are going to the show, remember, we may be watching. Do as the C10 would do. Who knows, you could end up being almost, but not quite, one of us.

It's certainly something to shoot for.
09-04-02 04:33 PM
Moonisup the secret membership of the diehardsssssssss

well who are the members anyway??
09-04-02 05:31 PM
T&A C10, Everyone Else and ME....I sit atop the party, folks!
09-04-02 05:51 PM
Sir Stonesalot Not all of them post here...In no particular order:

Fleabit Peanut Monkey(FPM)
Sir Stonesalot
Steel Driving Hammer
2000 Man
09-04-02 05:56 PM
Moonisup well thank you. this c10 interests me! How did it come together, ore is that a secret!!


09-04-02 06:01 PM
Joey " Not all of them post here...In no particular order: "

I have never understood why 2000 Man never posts here !

Who knows , he could have himself a " Brownie " Avatar .


09-04-02 07:24 PM
Soul Survivor The C10 is the elite team!
[Edited by Soul Survivor]
09-05-02 08:04 AM
Maxlugar Fuck Yup, Soulie, Fuck Yup........

A wop bop a-loo bop, a wop bang MAXY!
09-05-02 08:06 AM
Moonisup all the elite of stonesfans live in holland, the stones perform there the most of the time, in statisticaly, counted by population!!
Come on let's move to Holland then
09-05-02 08:26 AM
nankerphelge That only crosses my mind about a dozen times a day or so!
I'd never come home.
09-05-02 10:00 AM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
No, Maxy is right.

There are C10, and then there is everyone else.

Sorry Josh, but you are just in there with everyone else.

We do have one Auxiliary member...Riffhard C10A

HmmmUmmm jb,
Well there you have it.Yes it is truly an honor to be considered,albeit indirectly,amoungst the elite of Stones afficienados.I would like to thank the entire C10 collective for my ranking has a C10 aux member.Not only do I hold my head just a little bit higher these days,but I also find that I get just a little bit higher these days.Yes,jb,the sad truth is,I get high with a little help from my friends!

I would also like to point out,with the collective's permission,that I am the first acting C10 Aux member.Therefore,I'm just a little more special than any C10 Aux members to follow.I,ofcourse,am still not quite as special as the "True Brothers of C10",but never the less,I am still more special than most.That is good enough for me.

Thank all,
09-05-02 10:03 AM
jb I traveled by myself in 97 to New York...I also had several cocktails before the show...I think this more than qualifies me as a C, N, Or F 10.
09-05-02 10:14 AM
Moonisup jb, don't worry that you aren't in the group. It's a palty honor keith would say. But seriously, I have my own group, the moonisupgroup!!!
I'm the president and it has no members!!
09-05-02 10:24 AM
jb I am a member of both the Florida and New York bar and I scored a 181 and 173 on the respective bar exams which is very high...none of the c10's, not even nanker, scored that high! I am also a member of Phi Betta Kappa, Order of the Coif, Golden Key National Honor Society, and served as rabbi/chaplain of the Key Club in highschool...I think these accomplishments clearly qualify me as a C10...
P.S.-I coordinated guest speakers, including Timothy Leary, Gordan Liddy, George McGovern, etc, as to appear at the University of Florida in the early 80's..
09-05-02 10:42 AM
Maxlugar Josh you came to NYC in '97 but were suppsed to meet with us at Dewey's Flatiron Grill.

You never showed up. A no show.

So you are not only not a C10 or a Dewey's 15.


You are something worse.

When I come up with a name for it I'll let you know.


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