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08-29-02 02:42 AM
Prodigal Son Well, here I am just hours after seeing the greatest (and first) concert I've ever been to. My dad used his friend (a big concert promoter here in Canada) to score tickets to the Dylan show here in Calgary at the Saddledome. The show was killer. The audience was giving standing ovations after every song and was really in a frenzy with the legend and his band pumping out some top notch shit. Bob played the same acoustic guitar and the same electric fender strat while Charlie Sexton played guitars as well as Larry Gilmore on pedal steel a lot, guitars, mandolin, Tony ? on standup bass and electric bass guitar, guy whose name I missed played drums. No harmonica or harp playing from Bobo and no opening act, rightly so. Also, I love Bob Dylan as the man in black with his cowboy hat. He imitates Dwight Yokham it seems. The crowd was buzzing with the scents of chiba, cigs, food, beer and tons of fazed-out hippies and poets were there. Some goofs behind us were getting all over us for not banging stuff when everyone cheered for an encore. The same dude also talked louldy with some friends until my dad told him to shut up. Plus, later the guy called a friend asking him a million times over if he could hear him at the Dylan concert. What a dillhole, as Butthead would say (you'd know that right off, Boomhauer). Meanwhile, Dylan likes to garble words he doesn't remember but still has an aching croak that he actually uses well when he TRIES to sing on recent songs. Here's the set list, in no order.
Opener: Somebody Touched Me-Good old gospel knee-stomper to really get people going.
I Want You-Completely different but still wonderful.
It's Alright Ma-Totally revamped as well into a powerful folk-rocker.
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again-Kick-ass rendition. Here's where it started to get mighty damn good.
Ballad of a Thin Man-Totally rocking better than the original with the whole crowd into it.
Tangled up in Blue-This got the crowd on their feet and into it. This version was just sensational. The whole band cooks here. Such an amazing version.
Honest with Me-This is such a brilliant hard rocking tune. It kicks major ass over anything in the 90s plus it is so far the best rock song of whatever the hell you call this decade (as mick said on SNL last year).0
Lay Lady Lay-He kept the song countryish but it was still straight ahead rockin.
Summer Days-Boy this was a boogie-woogie classic that got people dancing. Jazzy yet exciting. Dylan's band truly can play anything. They tackle mostly country but it is still genuinely awesome.
Visions of Johanna-It was slowed down but the band was so dynamic it still held the audience's attention as a beautiful quiter song.
Some new song where he says 20 miles, etc.-Anyways, it was really country rocking like Dylan does so well. Why oh why did he not contribute to O Brother, Where Art Thou? Or did he? Plus, isn't he going to be in a movie soon about a guitar man with all these big stars also cast alongsid?
Things Have Changed-This tops the recorded version. When Dylan sings, people listen and all the nostalgists hung on his every word. He just was cool with all his kick motions, sitting down to play, guitar playfulness, etc. The other guys were just hot shot pros that were so great even as backup singers.
You Left Me Standing-A really emotional, weary, ragged song got real emotional treatment. It shows Dylan still knows how to tap into human angst and loneliness.
Rainy Day Women Nos 12 & 35-Here's where it was just near madness as this version went a long while with lots of solos plus all the stoners getting into it, especially the "Everybody must get stoned!" refrain. Even Dylan improvised when he sang "They'll stone and then they'll say good luck" then realizing he sang the second line first, he didn't say they'll stone when you're trying to make a buck, but instead, "They'll stone and then they'll ride your truck." Classic.
Like a Rolling Stone-With much fanfare and hysteria, he got God-like worship when they came back out to wow us with this one. Just great. The band he's with truly knows how to climax a song and cresendo into true greatness.
Knockin on Heaven's Door-The song was a favourite among the people with lighters, sparklers, flashlights. Here it was even greater than I remember the song. Boy, the concert was loud too. Great sound nonetheless.
All Along the Watchtower-Rocking with a country feel, it's inspired by the Hendrix treatment a bit. But the whole song drives at a relentless fury with Dylan working it into an opus until it ended amidst thunderous cheers. Then the houselights went back on and that was it after 2 and a half hours!
So, in all it was fantastic. I expected it but not as wonderful as it turned out. Even my dad who doesn't care for old guy groups/acts still touring when they are long past their prime, thought it was impressive for a 61-year old to be playing in a band better than ever. He remarked it was a lot better than the disorganized crazed mess of the Rolling Thunder Revue when he saw them in Toronto back in 1976! If he's coming into your town, you best not be missing this amazing show. It's even as good as seeing the Stones live!

[Edited by Prodigal Son]
08-29-02 05:03 AM
stonedinaustralia thanks that was a great review - i'm not sure about the yokham comparison 'tho & i'd take issue with your dad about rolling thunder - he should be glad he was a witness

did bob crack any one - liners

i don't know how far into him you've gotten but if you aren't aware of it i can recommend a good dylan site - expectingrain - you'd like it i'm sure

thanks again

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-29-02 10:06 AM
Lazy Bones Nice review, PS. Glad you had a great time. I saw Dylan in TO back on the 16th. That's right, not at the Palais Royale down the street.
You got bastard. Probably close to being my favourite Dylan song and I've never seen him do it. Somebody Touched Me is a great opener. The band actually played it in soundcheck, but opened with A Voice From On High in Toronto.
The best part about this tour (Bob's) is that he's playing/played 11 Canadian dates. Not many tours encompass that many dates in Canada. The current Supertramp tour includes over 20 Cdn dates.

Here's a review.
[Edited by Lazy Bones]
08-29-02 10:19 AM
F505 'Some new song where he says 20 miles, etc.'

i think you mean Lonesome day blues. Just heard a great version of it on a boot (milwaukee, 28-10-2001). A pity he didn't play High water i.m.o the best song on Love and Theft.

Thanks for the review!
08-29-02 10:41 AM
T&A Drummer is George Receli. He played with Keith on the You Win Again cover that's on the recent Hank Williams tribute disc.

I think you have things backward on the Dwight deal - Dwight imitates Bob.

Get out to see Bob while you can - word is that after this year, he may be hanging up his rock'n'roll touring shoes.
08-29-02 10:41 AM
jb You've got serious problems if you think a Dylan concert compares to the Stones in concert. Besides his boring songs, the guy has the stage presence of a corpse. You should seriously re-evaluate posting on a Stones site as your comments seem delusional.
08-29-02 10:43 AM
T&A ---Rolling Thunder was in Toronto in '75, not '76. That show is one of the more heavily-booted shows of all-time. A great, great tour with absolutely crack musicians - including Bowie's guitar ace, Mick Ronson. Rolling Thunder (first leg) was arguably one of the greatest rock'n'roll tours of all-time. They didn't fare so well on the second leg in '76...
08-29-02 11:00 AM
T&A JB - blah, blah, blah. Your views and ignorance on Bob and the Beatles are widely known.
08-29-02 11:08 AM
jb Compared to the Beatles, Bob is God.
08-29-02 11:08 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I think I'm mutating special genes just to ignore jb's opinion on anything.

-tSYX --- How does it feeeeeel? How does it feeeeeeeeeeeeeel?
08-29-02 11:25 AM
Nasty Habits The 20 Miles out of town song is called "Cold Irons Bound", from Time Out of Mind.

08-29-02 11:32 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy First concert? Congrats! What a concert to go to!

(Mine was McCartney, last spring)

-tSYX --- Paulie was a man who thought he was a loner... but he knew "Wings At The Speed Of Sound" sucked ass...
08-29-02 11:38 AM
steel driving hammer Nice review.
08-29-02 12:17 PM
Lazy Bones August 28, 2002
Calgary, Alberta
Pengrowth Saddledome

1. Somebody Touched Me (acoustic)
2. I Want You (acoustic)
3. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (acoustic)
4. This World Can't Stand Long (acoustic)
5. Stuck Inside Of Mobile
With The Memphis Blues Again
6. Ballad Of A Thin Man
7. Honest With Me
8. Lay, Lady, Lay
9. Visions Of Johanna (acoustic)
10. Things Have Changed (acoustic)
11. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)
12. Summer Days
13. Standing In The Doorway
14. Cold Irons Bound
15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

16. Like A Rolling Stone
17. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (acoustic)
18. All Along The Watchtower
08-29-02 12:38 PM
jb Please post your Dylan dung elsewhere...
08-29-02 01:05 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! jb, Fuck off! Stop trying to rain on the guy’s parade. If you don't like Dylan fine, but your comments are out of place. There are plenty of people on this board that like to hear news of other great artist also. It's Apples and oranges with The Stones and Dylan. They've both brought great things to the table.
08-29-02 01:11 PM
jb Please refrain from your typical vile personal attacks...This is not a Bob Dylan fan club....he is a wizined prune who has changed religions more times than you have changed your underwear....
08-29-02 01:35 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! wrote:
jb, Fuck off! Stop trying to rain on the guy’s parade. If you don't like Dylan fine, but your comments are out of place. There are plenty of people on this board that like to hear news of other great artist also. It's Apples and oranges with The Stones and Dylan. They've both brought great things to the table.

Ditto and AMEN. I'm certainly one who loves to hear other concert reviews and greatly appreciate that you posted the Dylan review, Prodigal Son. Thanks!

And...JB if you don't have anything positive to say then why not keep your opinion to yourself?

I sometimes disagree with things that have been posted but don't feel the need to constantly toot my own horn and state my every thought or mood.

It is becoming very tiresome that you have to continually say such self-absorbed, negative comments. It looks to me to be an obvious ploy for attention.

Over it.

08-29-02 01:45 PM
jb Martha, I have been posting for 5 plus yrs...I have got plenty of attention..some good, some bad....I simply state my honest opinion....sorry if you are offended...also, I don't start my posts telling someone to f k off!
08-29-02 01:49 PM
Martha wrote:

It is becoming very tiresome that you have to continually say such self-absorbed, negative comments. It looks to me to be an obvious ploy for attention.

Over it.

Well there you have it Martha.You have discovered the secret of Josh.He is a guilt ridden bleeding heart liberal that is is sick of even himself.While I still like him,because I find him amuseing.He is the fly in the ointment,and he knows it.His anti-anything-except-Stones gets tiresome to say the least.

The great thing about this board is that it shows at least 25 different threads at one time.If you don't like the looks of one jb move on to the next one.

08-29-02 01:52 PM
jb That's not nice Riffhard...I felt we were bonding the other can't deny that over the past 6 months, I have become a kinder and gentler poster...can you?
[Edited by jb]
08-29-02 01:59 PM
Moonisup I think it is sad that people all attack one person, who gives his opinion, well it jb's opinion, if you don't agree ok, I don't agree always with him (most of the time I do), but when I don't,I will not place a personal attack
08-29-02 02:02 PM
Riffhard You are right Josh.My response was a bit harsh and I do think we have made some headway towards each other.I feel that my post was no more harsh than the response that you made to the good young Prodigal Son though.He just saw his first ever show and it just so happened to be the legendary Bob Dylan.I say good for him!


PS-If ya make it to NYC I'd gladly drink several pints of Guinness with you!
08-29-02 02:03 PM
jb Moonisup is by far the best addition to this board since Joey...You have a great sense of humour and seem like a very nice person...I appreciate you cyberspace friendship!
Thank you Riffhard...I really have nothing against Dylan, but while he may be a great song writer, his concerts cannot possibly trigger the frenzy of a RS show!
[Edited by jb]
08-29-02 02:08 PM
Moonisup Well josh that is very kind of you saying that! I appreciate your honesty a lot!! Altough we live far away from eachother, we have got a good connection!!

08-29-02 03:08 PM
Lazy Bones
jb wrote:
Please post your Dylan dung elsewhere...

Dylan dung smells much, much better than jb dung! Which is taking up too much space on this board - again!

Jb, if you don't want to read about Dylan, why then reply 7 times in thread titled Dylan=Phenomenal?
08-29-02 03:15 PM
sonicrock judt to say that dylan gutarist is larry campbell and bass is tony garnier that s all
08-29-02 03:16 PM
jb I usual reply when something is posted that either I am interested in or offends me. The comment that Dylan's concert were as great as the Stones was offensive to me...I trust that while others might love Dylan, few would compare his concerts to the spectacular of a rolling Stones show.
Also, why do you feel the need to insinuate that i should be thrown off this board....With the exception of StonesDoug, (whose rules clearly state no flaming, politics, religion, personal abuse,) Keno's site and this site are quite liberal in what they allow to be posted. Follow your own suggestion, and ignore my posts....also, please tell your government to tighten up Canada's porous border so we are not infiltrated by terrorist hibernating in your country!!!
[Edited by jb]
08-29-02 03:21 PM
sonicrock hey jb if you bring a dylan fan to a rs stones i did he say yeah that s good music but there is not to complexity of a dylan , and if you bring a rs fan to a dylan show he say well not bad but where is keith richards so what the poinT??
08-29-02 03:26 PM
T&A Dylan's concerts as great as the Stones?

Well, I've been to about the same # for each (roughly 20). I can honestly say that if the measurement regarding the "high" one gets going to concerts - it's just about the same for both, in my experience. You get the feeling that the Stones experience is more of an "event," but the Dylan experience is one of more awe, reverence and the sense that you are in the presence of true transcendent greatness.

So, although definitely apples and oranges, I would certainly categorize them as equally great.
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