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Topic: DON'T STOP - available for download - official ==> MP3 file and Real inside Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-26-02 06:17 AM
Starfucker Hi, I found this :

One problem, I haven't tried it 'cos I don't have and want Realplayer on my computer. Would someone be so kind to convert it to mp3 for me???

[Edited by Starfucker]
08-26-02 06:25 AM
Nellcote Ok, now this is the real deal!

Tight Jagger vocals, good guitar interplay

I now know where the initial references to SMU came from,
as it does have that feel up front....

Peppered me with poison darts as you twisted in your knife..

Ok, now I am really ready!

Thanks for the great find!
08-26-02 07:27 AM
chevysales realone can be steup to play nothing but its own files and also to be not so intrusive by default, just choose custom for setup and make your choices.

if you need a copy of realplayer let me know
[Edited by chevysales]
08-26-02 09:08 AM
hayo I must say I like it!
Especially Ronnie's solos are great. Sound like he plays with confidence again!
08-26-02 09:15 AM
lucasd4 I love it...sounds great...gritty, raunchy guitar sound and yowling Jagger vocal...just the way they should sound
08-26-02 09:36 AM
TT I cant load it down (PC just loads the connection address) and I cant hear it when the connection is on (speakers are OK).

Anyone else with this problem? Solutions?
08-26-02 10:12 AM
CS To download streaming signals with free software use StreamBoxVCR or HiNet Recorder
[Edited by CS]
08-26-02 10:20 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Hahaha... silly AOL, the filename is something along the lines of "dostartxxxthx1138".

Do Start... what will they think of next... something amusing, maybe?

-tSYX --- Hear me prowlin'...
08-26-02 10:26 AM
Tom I remember that if the webradio signal for real players ends with ".rm", there's a file with the same name but with another ending (".xxx" extension) words and that's the file you may download to your hard drive

Anyone remember the ending words?
08-26-02 10:48 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy wrote:
Hahaha... silly AOL, the filename is something along the lines of "dostartxxxthx1138".

Do Start... what will they think of next... something amusing, maybe?

-tSYX --- Hear me prowlin'...

During July, 4 new Springsteen songs were released through AOL. The first they called something like brucespringsteen_therising.rm. Two weeks later Lonesome Day would be released. Five days prior to the release day someone tried brucespringsteen_lonesomeday.rm and got the song (which wasn't supposed to happen). I guess they learned from that and started using 'silly' names...
08-26-02 12:07 PM
David Guitars are Westeberg-ish. Which is a good thing.
08-26-02 12:19 PM
David wrote:
Guitars are Westeberg-ish. Which is a good thing.

They are also vintage Stonesey, which is an even better thing...I think this is the best guitar work on a Stones single since "One Hit."
08-26-02 12:30 PM
marcus aurelianus It's great ! it should become a smash hit !Sure everybody will sing along with Mick in the stadiums .I just can't wait!!
08-26-02 12:35 PM
lucasd4 wrote:

They are also vintage Stonesey, which is an even better thing...I think this is the best guitar work on a Stones single since "One Hit."

No doubt. Westerberg considers Keith his guitar hero.
[Edited by David]
08-26-02 12:47 PM
Mickjagger1963 I love it
08-26-02 01:18 PM
nankerphelge Very catchy -- reminds me of a Petty song off'a Southern Accents -- can't recall the name of it.

08-26-02 01:56 PM
moy who said woody can't play anymore?
08-26-02 01:58 PM
moy btw god bless you starfucker thanks a lot
08-26-02 02:13 PM
egon sorry to say, but Im not impressed by it.

it's easy listening and without an edge.
Im not a musician, so don't know much about all the technical terms,
but those riffs just don't bite you up the ass (like for instance start me up does).

and I suspect it won't even be a hit.

all of a sudden I feel so depressed....
08-26-02 02:34 PM
Fiji Joe I likes it. a lot. Not the best they ever done, for sure, but its new Stones and I like it like it yes I do.
08-26-02 02:53 PM
gotdablouse Well I never thought I'd say this but I miss Chuck Leavell ! His Hammond organ really added a nice touch in the live version !

Sounds much less poppy than the live version too, strange. Stones circa Some Girls. Nice and effective IMHO !
08-26-02 03:12 PM
Nasty Habits Thanks loads Starfucker, having the new Stones song to listen to constantly really makes my day. I hope the official release sounds as analog and natural as the Realplayer version does at its best - I like both sound and the groove. Very nice, relaxed vibe to it, like a Voodoo Lounge b-side or something. It doesn't sound forced or tense at all. Definitely will receive radio play, doubt it will be a hit. Don't care. It's no Highwire, but I'll take it.
08-26-02 03:45 PM
Moonisup It's great just great. much better then the live version!!!!
08-26-02 03:54 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yay!
08-26-02 04:00 PM
voodoopug I cant get it downloaded, can someone email it to me
08-26-02 04:09 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I was in the process to convert the signal to an MP3 file but our friend MononoM already did it and already upload it:


[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
08-26-02 05:56 PM
Maxlugar I absolutely hate Mick's vocals on this one.


This song is a great B side.

08-26-02 06:55 PM
Sir Stonesalot Well, I like it a lot better than Mixed Emotions or Anybody Seen My Baby.....
08-26-02 07:19 PM
Nasty Habits That's about where I am with it, Sir Stones. This is not an earthshaking Rolling Stones single designed to scare the living crap out of everyone, but it is a perfectly acceptable mid-tempo groove with good sound that beats Mixed Emotions and Anybody Seen as far as songwriting and vibe goes. I can see myself actually dancing drunk to this song more than I can almost any Stones single since "Undercover", which is a good thing. Unless you have to watch me dance drunk, in which case it is bad news.

Nasty Habits - the special dancer

08-26-02 07:31 PM
T&A this morning I hated it - by this afternoon, I'm already liking it a little. a good sign.

I agree with the above post - at least it's good enough to dance drunk to. Minimum requirement. What I do like about the song is its "no frills" arrangement. Two guitars. No background vocalists or horns or synthesizers. Just the basic rock'n'roll lineup.

It's no ASMB, thank God.

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