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Topic: DON'T STOP - available for download - official ==> MP3 file and Real inside Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-26-02 07:51 PM
Nasty Habits wrote:
I can see myself actually dancing drunk to this song more than I can almost any Stones single since "Undercover", which is a good thing.


it certainly passes the all important danceability criterion - one of the most important

ronnies lead work is great and his tone is cool - with a touch of country in the feel

i vote yes for don't stop

08-26-02 08:05 PM
Gazza ASMB was better..very underrated song. Waddy's guitar solo at the end is the most beautiful piece of music on any Stones record in the last 20 years. Pity it was so crappy when played live,though...

I havent heard the live version of "Dont stop" yet,so cant compare it to the official release. I've just downloaded it off the AOL site and played it twice..its OK,not earth shattering and doesnt jump out of the speakers at you on first listen like "love is strong" did. maybe its my crappy speakers on my PC.

Maybe I'll like it more after a few listens,but after five years of nothing and reading the positive reviews that other people who'd already heard it had posted....I expected something more ball-grabbing ,to be honest. It would have fitted well with the likes of "Jump on top of me" and "I'm Gonna drive" (ie the Voodoo Lounge b-sides)

I doubt it'll be a big hit but hopefully it'll be a grower.

By the way..excuse my ignorance, but how can you folks tell who's playing lead guitar?
08-26-02 08:08 PM
Gazza Should have added also that AOL are not only previewing the song but are offering tickets (and airfare) in a contest for the show at the Wiltern theatre in Los Angeles on November 4th...

of course,as usual with all Stones competitions, if you dont live in the US you can forget about it....

08-26-02 08:20 PM
gotdablouse I think it's a keeper. It succeeds where their previous attempt at a similar sound failed, i.e. Highwire in 1991.
This one's got a better rythm part, more bouncy. And it's not ALL Mick, there's some pretty mean Keith playing in the background. Dig that acoustic a la Brown Sugar too. Too bad they didn't include the Hammond from the live version.
This will be a hit !

As to identifying the lead player, I'd swear it's played on a Stratocaster and I don't think Keith's ever played one unlike Ron who uses them a lot...Mick too ! Another similarity with Highwire is that no one ever found out for sure who played that freaky solo in there !

With ASMB was Mick tryng to explore new ground. Apart from Miss You they never had much success with that.

08-26-02 08:22 PM
Jah is not Dead Damn it seems someone's been listening to Tim & Pleased To Meet Me because it's amazing how later period 'Mats the main riff and solo is. A Westerberg riff in a Stones song, I love it! Love the acoustic and electric guitar mix too. It's like they took a Mick solo vocal track and mixed with a backing track they recorded in France this summer. Nice lyrics, there's even a bit of slur in Mick's vocals even though his voice sounds somewhat detached from the music still it works. Their first pop song since Mixed Emotions, but better, IMHO. A nice song, nothing groundbreaking but it sounds fresh and the band sound inspired. It should sound great on radio and be their first Top 20 Hit since Rock & A Hard Place.

Can't wait to hear the three other new tracks, especially the one Mick calls, "garage rock with hook, Keys To Your Heart I think it's called."
08-26-02 08:30 PM
Gazza wrote:
but how can you folks tell who's playing lead guitar?

fair point Gazza, but it sure sounds like ronnie to me
08-26-02 10:51 PM
Mr T I liked Highwire a lot more than this. This is a pretty good tune, except for it being directly between Start Me Up & Money Talks (AC/DC) with the feel of Tumbling Dice to make it sound a little more classic. I'm not knocking it - I just don't think it's their best work, even from the last several years. But I expected that - that's what the other 3 songs are for - I'm sure they will impress me more. Maybe if the song had really especially killer lyrics it could be higher up there - but the repetitiveness of Don't Stop Don't Stop etc.. kinda takes away from that (even though the verses are some of the best lyrics they've had in years - B2B & VL weren't very good in that aspect.)

but I'll let it grow on me
08-26-02 11:14 PM
T&A listening to the song on headphones - it's pretty easy to hear the separation of guitars - Keith's rhythm is easy to hear on one channel - which leaves it obvious that it's Ronnie playing the lead on the other.

This song is a grower, for sure. It's been in my head all day long.
08-27-02 01:54 AM
padre When I heard Love Is Strong for the first time on the radio in my car, I had to pull over 'cos the track was SOOO strong. I'll be driving safely when I hear this.
08-27-02 02:09 AM
Prodigal Son Of course it ain't another Honky Tonk Woman people! What'd you expect? Some people just can't be satisfied (excuse the pun). Based on the disappointment of most of B2B this is better than I expected. Mick's vocals are up front, a bit jittery but still the passion we love to hear in his vocals. I sure hope that was Ronnie because his sound and touch on that solo was supreme. The guitar sounds are the best since Dirty Work. No more thin, tinny sounds with dumb electronica experiments. Gotta try some good pop-rock. I'm guessing Jann Wenner will hail these new Stones songs as the best stuff they've done since Exile! But I digress. Sure it's good, and if they've got more of this up their sleeve I will be pumped for a new studio album, the first new one by the Stones that I'll buy considering when B2B came out I was only listening to Hot Rocks.
Don't Stop!!!!
08-27-02 02:17 AM
Prodigal Son Also, those opening chords really remind me of Neil Young's "Don't Cry No Tears" another Don't song.
08-27-02 04:15 AM
Mathijs >As to identifying the lead player, I'd swear it's played >on a Stratocaster and I don't think Keith's ever played >one unlike Ron who uses them a lot...Mick too ! Another >similarity with Highwire is that no one ever found out for >sure who played that freaky solo in there !

The lead guitar on Don't Stop is Wood as it is purely his attack to the guitar: the phrasing off the little riffs and drops of tones in his solo, his bending of three strings at the time, and of course the sound: this is 100% Ron Wood.

As to the lead guitar on Highwire: that's Ron Wood too (listen and find the similarities with Don't Stop), and in fact he played it while sitting in a wheel chair: Wood was hit by a car prior to the session yielding Highwire, and he broke his leg (or even two, can't remember). But he did end up playing the session, and some great lead work.

And now for a surprise: Keith is not on the recording of Highwire, the open G rythm guitar is Jagger, the lead guitars and second rythm guitar is Wood. No Keith.

Last, Keith has played Fender Stratocasters over the years live. In 1972 he used it for open G tuing, in 1978 he played the Berry rockers on it, and from 1989 he plays Miss You on a strat.

08-27-02 06:45 AM
igotdblues Am I the only one that likes the live version better than this?

08-28-02 06:42 AM
egon you can find a good mp3 file of "stop" on kazaa now.
08-30-02 08:52 PM
Poison Dart I love this new song. I heard it 3 times on the radio today.
08-30-02 10:18 PM
Soul Survivor I still havnt heard it on the radio
08-30-02 10:34 PM
sonicrock well not to be with my favorite, but listnable, not a great stones tunes i think
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