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B- Stage @ Skydome- Toronto, April 26, 1998
By our friend Thierry "Anybody Seen My Website?" Joubaud ...Merci!

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Topic: CYHMK from Friday now up in SHIDOOBEEland Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-21-02 02:14 AM
gypsymofo60 Mick did CYHMK in '88 with what Keith refered to as that "jerk off band" in OZ, and it kicked arse, believe me; if he could get it together with them, by the time they've had some time on the road it'll be kicking arse again. One of my all time fav's, let's hope it stays on board for the duration......AHHHHHH! tro' me down ya keys- AWRIGHT!
08-21-02 02:29 AM
steven hello oldfan ,

my name is steven from hamburg / germany. i wanted to download "don`t stop" and "Can`t you hear me knocking" from the shidoobeeland source. But I didn`t have luck. Would you be so nice, to send it to me on e-mail.
i`m so excitedt hearing the new single.

my e-mail address:

thank you very very very much
08-21-02 04:08 AM
Mathijs T and F wrote:
"It's not just Jagger's timing and missed lyrics - his vocal has no edge/energy - just doesn't do the song justice at all on this run through sorry to say - listen to the original and then listen to this version and you'll hear exactly what I mean."

Jagger lacks edge and energy ever since the 1989 tour, but I bet I would lack some energy when I'm almost sixty, so I really don't mind Jagger not sounding like he's 28 anymore. The last tour which had a raw, loud and full of bass Jagger was 1982. But he still can deliver on CD -just listen to Low Down, Too Tight or Flip The Switch: all in the same league vocal wise as Sticky Fingers and Exile.

08-21-02 08:49 AM
torn&frayed Personally, I think Mick could improve his vocals dramatically on stage (regardless of his age) if he paid more attention to singing like he was still 27 and less to prancing around the stage like he was still 27. IMO the energy he expends in his on-stage aerobics would be better spent on the vocals - next time you're at the gym try belting out CYHMK while you're on a stepmaster - you'll see what I'm getting at - that's why his vocals sound better in the studio where he can drop the stage antics and devote himself 100% to the music.

Personally, I'd have no problem with Mick standing perfectly still on stage and nailing all his vocals - Hell it's supposed to be a Stones "concert" not a Stones step class!

Let's work!!!
08-21-02 09:09 AM
Sir Stonesalot I agree T&F...I go to see the Stones for the music...not to see Mick run, jump, and wiggle his bum. I'm not a chick, it doesn't impress me at all. I rather he just belt it out.
08-21-02 09:17 AM
sandrew The energy he spends running around has nothing to do with his voice. Period. You can be standing perfectly still and blow out your voice if you're not careful. You're confusing apples and oranges.
08-21-02 09:26 AM
corgi37 mick fucked up the lyrics, it was a slow dirge, it went too long...AND IT WAST THE GREATEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD! CYHMK is going to make crowds riot with its fantastic-nuss. Sure, it sounded rough, but imagine what it will be like after they get the the bugs out. I'm shaking already. ALso, hopefully, the keys/wood sax & guitar interplay at the end will mean we are spared the 2hr, 15 minute (or so it seemed) version of Miss You (with the sax/guitar duel) from previous tours.
08-21-02 09:32 AM
nankerphelge I'm not a chick either last I checked, but in my mind Mick's hyperactivity is part of the whole deal -- it has been his trademark for nearly their entire career. I remember the first time I saw them, I couldn't believe how much he moved -- he still does and I think that adds to the overall energy of the show irrespective of any hormonal effects on women.

I saw the tail end of an A&E type bio on Mick a couple of weeks ago, and this one guy really nailed it -- he says you can find better singers than Mick Jagger, and better musicians than Mick Jagger, but you can never find a better Mick Jagger.
08-21-02 11:13 AM
scope I was thinking the same thing as I read these thread. It's the whole package and would not be the same if he stood around and sang.
My thanks too to Old fan. This song is absolutely incredible and will only get better. They better paly this at MSG. I'm on my 3rd listen and will just keep replaying all day.
08-21-02 11:16 AM
Jumacfly i ve just heard CYHMK...whoo....a great version, for a first time live it sounds great, mick s voice s not at the top but it fucking rocks !!!
perfect riffs, perfect drumming as usual, good back voc, good hammond (it s not chuck, you can hear the guys playing well and it s not the fuckin boring vegas leavell sound)
Bobby sax rules, and ronnie is getting better and better..

DAMN I LOVE THIS BAND, Ronnie hear me knocking!!!!!

08-22-02 07:11 PM
sirmoonie Put dis muhfuckie back up top where it belong. Muhfuckie's right on! To da bone, home! Check it, bleed....
08-23-02 12:09 AM
Maxlugar In '69 and '72 Jagger did not run from side to side nearly as much as he does today. In '75 he did but his voice and powers were at their peak then. I am with those who say stop running so much and belt it out. He is not older than some of the older blues guys that can or did still belt it out from the gut at 60 years old (or more). Do I need to list them?

Mick tries to hard lately. He is much much MUCh better when he lays back and gets a good groove goin' and belts it out from the GUT!!!

CAN YOU HEAR ME GUTTIN'?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

08-23-02 12:28 AM
T&A Mick standing still and belting it out? Ahem - this is the Rolling Stones, folks. It's Stones show - there will be no standing around (since Bill Wyman left anyway).
08-23-02 12:38 AM
Maxlugar Did I say Stand Around?

Have your ever seen Mick during a '69 or '72 show? He moves around plenty. Just not ridiculously. I would argue that those are the shows that made the Stones what they are today so don't tell me it's a Stones show. There is a good balance. And it's not running around so much he can't do the songs justice. In '75 and even '81 '82 he could get away with it. Although much of the '82 tour he was panting.
08-23-02 02:34 AM
CHIEFMOON Watched a VHS tape I have of the Club Gig.
CYHMK was amazing. (audio and video wise)
If the rest of them are half as ready
as Mr Watts this tour will outdo all
previous efforts.

08-23-02 02:49 AM
luxury1 A VHS of the Club gig, you say Chief Moon?? Any chance I could persuade you into burning me a copy--please private message me if so.
08-23-02 04:03 AM
Staffan I also think it's better if he moves, but not run around..
It was perfect in 69-75. perhaps he feels that he has to do it, since the stage is so big? That must be a reason why the centre stage songs sound so great, they are really together and Mick is moving pretty sensually and cool.... not grotesque jumping ad running as on the big stage!
08-23-02 05:59 AM
Moonisup wow, do you have a vhs of it, cool. Hope you enjoy it! Mick must be moving, ore else it would be THe rythm kings
08-23-02 09:02 AM
Maxlugar Yeah what the hell? You casually drop in that you have a VHS copy of the show? Is it complete? Is the quality good?

Jeez this is big news!!!

Make Maxy a copy please.

TIA (Thanks In Advance)

And now, my new tag line:

Fuck yup!

Yes! Another classic!

08-23-02 12:53 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Tyeh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tyeh-tuh-tuh-tyeh-tuh-tuh-vuh-vuh-video recording?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh there go *those* pants...

-tSYX --- Did you see me make my midnight call?
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