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B- Stage @ Skydome- Toronto, April 26, 1998
By our friend Thierry "Anybody Seen My Website?" Joubaud ...Merci!

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Topic: CYHMK from Friday now up in SHIDOOBEEland Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-20-02 12:32 PM
Stonesdoug thanks--oldfan
08-20-02 12:49 PM
sirmoonie Oh my god.

God bless you Stonesdoug.

Oh my god. Go listen to it now! This really was the first time I wept tears of joy when listening to the Stones. I swear I am all misty eyed right now. Please go listen. When the main riff comes in after the intro, you too will weep. They did it! They fucking did it!!

Oh my god I love the Rolling Stones.
08-20-02 12:58 PM
David anybody got an extra pair of boxers? 34" waist?
08-20-02 01:01 PM
Moonisup I'm really into it now. Can't get the stones of my mind, there everywhere now! mmmmm a pitty that I have to wait for another year
08-20-02 01:30 PM
oldfan your welcome
If anyone can full fill the trade contact me..
AIM - oldDurst
08-20-02 01:37 PM
Moonisup Thank you oldfan for sharing this!! I think you'll have some unique material in your hands with tape. I admire that, you risked your show by carrying the recorder into it!!!!!!!

many thanks
08-20-02 01:38 PM
sirmoonie Jesus, I'm so sorry, thank you too Oldfan! In my orgasmic state, I completely lost the ability to comprehend what was going on.

God bless you Oldfan.
08-20-02 02:02 PM
sirmoonie Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I cannot stop clicking that link!

Am I nuts or is this just.......I know of no adequate words. Its just........

Fuck, its almost like they planned this 30 odd years ago. "Let's hold this one back until our 40th anniversary tour, Keith. Then we can stick a smoking warmup version on the internet just prior to the start of the tour and drive the hordes completely out of their fucking minds!"

Oh my god. I have some long and lonely nights ahead of me, before I see the promised land. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory of the Rolling Stones. A-fucking-men!
08-20-02 02:11 PM
sandrew Very impressive ... a little sluggish, but admirable for a first try. I can see it really catching fire down the line. Ronnie's assay of the Taylor solo was adequate, but I sure would love to hear the man himself do it.

I can't figure out why Ronnie doesn't use more distortion or overdrive for his solos (neither does Keith, for that matter). Consequently, his guitar lines have no sustain, especially with his reliance on the Strat. It's not necessarily that his playing is bad; it's that it's too clean. He should at least break out the Les Paul if he's not going to use effects.

We'll never again hear the singing, lyrical sustain of Taylor's playing (think "You Can't Always Get What You Want" from Brussels Affair). But it can easily be approximated with the right equipment.
08-20-02 02:18 PM
sirmoonie It was not sluggish in the least. It was purposely slow, raunchy, and full of bluesy licks. The way god intended it to be.
08-20-02 02:20 PM
midnightmagic Thanks Dude! Wow we are in for a treat can't wait to hear it at the Aragon.
08-20-02 02:26 PM
sirmoonie wrote:
It was not sluggish in the least. It was purposely slow, raunchy, and full of bluesy licks. The way god intended it to be.

I'm not that sure it was the god. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name...
08-20-02 03:16 PM
torn&frayed Hate to rain on this parade but to these old jaded ears it sounds like the only one who's ready to do this song justice live is the ever inspiring (Trow me down some)Bobby Keys! Keith's rhythm work is respectable but Mick's vocals on this sound half-hearted at best and his timing's waaaaaaay off - Ronnie gets by on it but I can't help noticing that huge gaping hole where Taylor's guitar should be! Not bad for a first run but this one still needs some major work before it's ready for prime time.
08-20-02 03:38 PM
sirmoonie I don't think Mick's timing was that far off. He fucked up the first verse with "window pane" but otherwise I thought he got in all the good stuff, especially the dual vokes with Keith at "Help me, baby...." Plus, how hard is it to fix the timing of vocals?

Wasn't the concern always that Keith and Ronnie couldn't do the main riff? Isn't that what various nitwits of the ballbaginous persuasion have been yacking about for years? "This band in its current incarnation........" Please.

Its gonna to bring the house down on tour from day one, but if you guys insist on seeing Taylor do it, check your local zoo amphitheater for its free summer concert series. He may even show up if he's scheduled!
08-20-02 03:48 PM
Fiji Joe That was mighty fine. I do miss the whiny, almost woman like Jagger though. It seems, at his ripe old age, puberty has finally found Sir Mick.
08-20-02 03:48 PM
sandrew I thought Charlie was the most impressive. That guy never fails to amaze me. He's a wonderful musician whose talent hasn't flagged a bit. I never had a doubt about Keith handling the riff. Ronnie doesn't do the solo very well - so what! I'm not hung up about it - it's just a fact. I'm movin' on and can't wait to hear the song in person.
08-20-02 03:50 PM
torn&frayed It's not just Jagger's timing and missed lyrics - his vocal has no edge/energy - just doesn't do the song justice at all on this run through sorry to say - listen to the original and then listen to this version and you'll hear exactly what I mean.
08-20-02 03:56 PM
sirmoonie I always thought it was Keith doing most of the whining/screaching on the original. Either way, I've always thought it was their best dual. Wish they'd done more like that.

CYHMK live, my friends. Who'd a thunk it until about a week ago. For those that saw it, I envy you very much.

Think I'll go listen again.

"Help me, help help me, Ronnie!"
08-20-02 04:07 PM
sandrew T&F: There's no way Mick could - or should - attempt to sing the way he did on the record. The guy's almost 60 years old and has to be smart about the health of his voice.

Anyone who's ever tried to do any singing knows what a physical strain it is on the vocal cords. And Mick's about to start singing every other night or so for the next two years.
08-20-02 04:13 PM
sirmoonie T and F wrote:
"It's not just Jagger's timing and missed lyrics - his vocal has no edge/energy - just doesn't do the song justice at all on this run through sorry to say - listen to the original and then listen to this version and you'll hear exactly what I mean."

I mostly disagree but I understand what you mean. While that can be said for many of the songs they do live, its probably going to be especially true of CYHMK. It would be hard for Mick to find the edge of the original no matter how hard he tries. That piece was Stones at their most scorching.

We'll have to see how well Mick pulls it off when we get better quality boots (no offense to Oldfan's effort) or, if one is a lucky muthafucky, when you see it live!

But it is a treat. Goddam this makes me happy.
08-20-02 04:17 PM
nankerphelge sandrew is right -- Mick had trouble in the early B2B -- what was it San Jose that he strained his voice and he also had to cancel Syracuse because of his voice. Them cords don't rebound like they used to in the growly days.
08-20-02 04:23 PM
steel driving hammer True, why should Mick give it his all, like on the album?

Then he'l blow his voice for later shows and have to cancel.

It's called, Strategerey. Like Pres. Bush said. LOL.

Sir Moonie, my eyes are watering too.
08-20-02 04:38 PM
sirmoonie "Sir Moonie, my eyes are watering too."

Isn't it fucking incredible, Steelie?!! Glad someone out there besides me is feeling "it." I dunno, maybe its a C10 thing......

"Us sycophants has been replaced by Arthur Anderson type geeks, Ronnie!"
08-20-02 04:43 PM
steel driving hammer Just wait till you get that whole show on disc!

I don't think I could live through hearing Torn and Frayed!


God Bless em' man.

08-20-02 06:10 PM
BrianH I thought Damn good for the first playing...
Wait till a couple of months into the tour...
Thank you OLDFAN!
08-20-02 07:51 PM
Scot Rocks Thanks Oldfan. I had doubts I would ever here that amazing opening riff again. It is SWEET!!!!!!!


The Stones are coming!!!!!!!!! 10 months in my case you lucky East coasters!!!!


08-20-02 10:09 PM
BILL PERKS Sir Moonie-I posted earlier that they would never play CYHMK live because they don't have the chops anymore.But after listening,I am aghast.That version was way better than I ever could have expected.Accept my apology Sir Moonie,there may be something to all this sober bullshit!
08-20-02 10:21 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah.



08-20-02 10:42 PM
sirmoonie You don't need to apologize to me PERKS. You are one cool poster in my books. Glad we are both liked that CYHMK. Lets hope it continues and we both get a chance to see that bastard live!

Dunno but rest of you chumps, but I'm gonna listen to that thing again.

"Chain belt karate, Ronnie!"
08-21-02 12:53 AM
dead man cum I am going thru coitus interruptus here. When I click on the website to hear CYHMK, i just get a page full of gibberish. Can someone tell me how to download the music file properly?

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