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By Neal Preston

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Topic: How do you rate Don't Stop? Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-19-02 09:04 PM
Sir Stonesalot Dear Shattered,

Kindly bite me.

It's a joke, ya fuckwit. (Once again I must thank GypsyMofo90210 for the use of the word fuckwit. Since he has not gotten the copyright on it yet, I shall use it liberally.)

AND it was funny. Joey laughed!
08-19-02 10:38 PM
wellwell Listen to Neil Young and Crazy Horse's 'Don't Cry No Tears' off the 1975 Zuma Record if you want to hear a similar riff. Also a good song, and it gives you a good idea how a mid tempo song like this can be rocked out. The main riff in Don't Stop alternates between the A and D chord. When they are playing the A, it is almost the same phrase as Don't Cry No Tears (and that is really the main difference, Don't Cry No Tears sticks to the A, rather than alternating A/D/A/D). Though the Stones always did borrow, but Neil Young is a new source. But perhaps it is payback for his copping of the Lady Jane melody that he uses in his song 'Borrowed Tune' from theTonight's The Night Album. Oh you know that one, the one where he sings "I am singing this borrowed tune, I took from the Rolling Stones, alone in this empty room, too wasted to write my own" in his perfectly fragile too wasted warble.

And I forgot the Neil Young/ Jack Nitzsche/Rolling Stones connection -- Jack Nitzsche was in Crazy Horse.

[Edited by wellwell]
08-20-02 12:52 AM
stonedinaustralia Well, wellwell i think you're drawing a pretty long bow if you're suggesting that the stones have "borrowed" anything from Neil Young...

there may well be similarites but i would venture to suggest that is merely happenstance

after all, a stones tune that goes from A - D and back again is hardly groundbreaking stuff for them (or anybody else for that matter)

i would say the only white guys that the stones would borrow (or steal)from would be straight country artists...maybe keith grabs a few licks and feels for his ballads from the old old writers such as h. carmichael and rodgers and hart

anyway, that's just my two cents worth

08-20-02 01:18 AM
gypsy As KeepRigid posted previously: "It's the Stones." And, personally, I just couldn't agree with him more!
08-20-02 01:39 AM
wellwell I was just noting similarities. It did not remind me of Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, Springsteen or Mellencamp as others have said (though these artists certainly show influences from both Neil and the Stones). Or even any Mick solo tune. I heard the first notes and immediately thought of Neil Young. And I just liked the idea of a circle being completed with Don't Stop borrowing a phrase from Don't Cry No Tears as Borrowed Tune did with Lady Jane. That was all.

Played back to back, the first five seconds of both Don't songs sound similar. Similar riff, similar tempo.

Then I threw in the Jack Nitzsche connection to further complete the circle (and I forgot, they both have songs titled Stupid Girl).

It was not meant to take anything away, I like both Don't songs.

Of course there is also the fact that the two artists (along with Bob Dylan) are the few that are still able to produce vital work through the decades.

And I agree, an A/D/A/D chord structure is not groundbreaking by any means or exclusive to any artist (I did not mean for my bit of chord analysis to sound derogatory, just observations).

Indeed, it does sound like the Stones and that is a great thing.

[Edited by wellwell]
08-20-02 03:10 AM
no_cole_porter I haven't heard Don't Stop yet but I am pretty jazzed about it though. It's always nice that the Stones can try something different. But then I loved Love Is Strong. It's one of my favorites. Bridges was my first Stones album and I loved Anybody Seen My Baby, It was the song that made me check the Stones out oddly enough. But then again I was in 7th grade when I heard it. I think I might be one of the youngest on this board....
08-20-02 01:30 PM
padre Jaahans, terve Marko! Ja tervetuloa takaisin sivistyksen pariin.
08-20-02 06:11 PM
Fiji Joe Got my first listen today. I like it! It's all there, the winding guitars, the piano, etc. Is is Sympathy, part 2? No. But, it sounds much closer to the old Stones than anything off Voodoo. The only concern I have is that the studio version will be over-produced.
08-20-02 08:01 PM
Scot Rocks I like it, however I will look forward to hearing the studio version to see what difference it makes, hopefully though it will be an improvement.

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