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Prince of Walles Trust Concert, Hyde Park, London June 29, 1996
By Neal Preston

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Topic: How do you rate Don't Stop? Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-19-02 07:22 AM
Mathijs Iíve just listened 5 times to Donít Stop from the Palais Royale show, and to be perfectly honest I find it really dull and boringÖ.First off, I donít understand how people can describe this song as ďa Start Me Up-like up-tempo Stones rocker, itís very reminiscent to Brown SugarĒ. I think it sounds a lot more like laid-back Sheryl Crow flavoured song with a Goddess in The Doorway melody line. The riff isnít very catchy, thereís 300 times ďDonít StopĒ, and it doesnít seem to go anywhere. Well, letís hope that the studio version is a lot better and has some more energy and drive to it. But if Iím honest I doubt this will be their newest number 1 hit single. How do you rate the song?

08-19-02 07:26 AM
Moonisup It reminds me of mick and bono on goddes, I 'm sure a few chords are the same. First listen to joy and then to Don't stop, there are simularities. However you have hear the song in a good quality first to make a honest judgement, let's be fair now, it was a nice download, but the quality lacked!!
08-19-02 08:36 AM
Nellcote Grows on you, that's how I'm taking it.

I've heard it now several times, does have "the riff".

Does more for me than ASMB, as far as a single is concerned, as well as LIS.

08-19-02 09:07 AM
sandrew I love it ... it's definitely their most radio-friendly single since "Mixed Emotions," which was a top-five hit in the States, no?
08-19-02 09:50 AM
sandrew Mathjis - You're right about the Sheryl Crow-ness of the song. The riff is very reminiscent of "If It Makes You Happy." But, hell, that was itself a Stones ripoff, so it all comes full circle.
08-19-02 10:31 AM
Chico I like it.I fear I will like it a lot. I think it sounds Stereophonicy, as in "Have a Nice Day", only better. A bit more poppier than what were used to and definately one for the radio. I think the sound and feel nicely reflects the fact that they are no longer rebellious youths or drugged up thirty somethings. I wouldn't want a new sleazy sounding Brown Sugar or Start Me Up even though the sleaze factor in their songs appeals to me greatly. They've got the right sound for their current age and position in this world IMO.Still won't buy it though.Tough luck boys!Licks will do for me.Unless it ends up in the bargain bin that is,lol
08-19-02 10:33 AM
jb Mathjis, you have not had one positive thing to say since the tour was announced. Please keep your word and do not attend any shows..Your negative energy is a real downer. As I have said, for someone who has spent considerable time and energy following the stones, including having your own web-site, the vitrolic nature of your posts is somewhat perplexing.
08-19-02 11:07 AM
Boomhauer I just don't get it. what makes people happy around here? It seems like nothing at all. Quit moping around and shiting on the parade, people.
08-19-02 11:08 AM
Mathijs Jb, apperently you did read all my postings, as I did say something positive, namely a) the set list in Toronto is just plain fucking great and b) I was really surprised of Wood's playing on Brown Sugar, as it reminded me of his parts on Love You Life. I do have my reservations, as the Double Door gig was a real dissapointment to me, as they played too slow, too sloppy and too much Chuck & sidemen. I am anxiuous to hear the first couple of gigs of the new tour: how will they sound? will Keith add some more distortin to his guitar? will the sidemen have a smaller part?

Don't Stop doesn't work for me yet (at least on this recording), but the good thing is is that it has an authentic Stones sound. But if you listen to BS, you again hear a ship load of brass, and Chuck takes a solo again....

On going to see the Stones: in Holland I defenitively will see the Stones if they play in a smaller venue. I will not attend a stadium show anymore. And I will not attend a show in Holland if the Stones ask the same rediculous prices for a ticket as in the states. Also, I will not visit the states as I did in 1999, just because of the ticket prices.

And on 40 Licks: you're right, I can not think of one positive thing about releasing 36 hreatest hits with 4 new songs, if you are the Rolling Stones and have enough material to release a CD every month for the next ten years.


08-19-02 11:58 AM
KeepRigid So, you bitch and moan for months because they're not releasing an entire studio album- and now you don't even like the one new single that we are getting.

Hey, to each his own...but at the same time...


08-19-02 12:04 PM
Sir Stonesalot I'm probably gonna get blasted for this, and this is not a blanket statement, but has anyone else noticed that most of the bitching is coming from non-Americans?

Why is that?
08-19-02 12:40 PM
KeepRigid Anyway, as for the song itself...

Well, it doesn't remind me of Start Me Up, or the half-dozen other Stones songs I've seen it compared to, but it definitely sounds like them.

I don't understand why everything they release now is suspect to fans and labeled 'calculated'. The break reminds me more of 'I Go Wild' than anything Britney's done, and the rest of the song is just piano and melodic guitar rhythms.

It's the Stones.
08-19-02 12:41 PM
Mr T it's ok. I'll wait til I hear the studio version. could definitly stand to be a lot less repetitive - good track, but not the best.
08-19-02 02:25 PM
Fiji Joe Careful Sir Stones, GypsyMOFO will likely tell you it is because we are spoiled or that we have somehow lost our grip on reality or proffer some other fancy schmancy psycho analytic horse crap as to why he, and only he can truly complain about the stones.

They're pissed because the tour won't be there for another 5 months or so. It's all just global penis-envy.
08-19-02 02:29 PM
Fiji Joe BTW, where are you guys getting this song from...Where can I download it?
08-19-02 02:30 PM
padre You're damn right we're pissed. Gotta wait 'till next July to see the Stones!
08-19-02 02:46 PM
marko joooo ehkš 2 keikkaa......
08-19-02 02:49 PM
gypsy I agree with KeepRigid.
08-19-02 02:53 PM
Joey I have decided to go into the " Sugar Daddy " business !

J. Diddy

08-19-02 02:57 PM
Sir Stonesalot So you are joining the priesthood?
08-19-02 03:04 PM
Joey "So you are joining the priesthood? "

You make young Joey laugh like Hell !

YES !!!!

" Bless You My Son ! "

Joe Diddy Fly

08-19-02 03:05 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
So you are joining the priesthood?

You have one point added to your Stones license. Five of then forces you to listen to "Indian Girl". If you like "Indian Girl", three months of therapy are acceptable.

As for you, Joey, shame on you for corrupting our nation's youth! Sugar Daddies and drug cafťs! You get a point, too.

As for "Don't Stop" - the reviews are *not* heartening. Then again, neither were the reviews of Bridges.

-tSYX --- I've got a debt to repay, I ain't gonna lie...
08-19-02 04:09 PM
Shattered So you are joining the priesthood?

It's jerks like you that make asshole comments like that.
08-19-02 05:56 PM
glencar You can downlaod the live version of "Don't Stop" from Stonesdoug's board. It's on several threads there. I like the song & agree that it sounds somewaht like "Joy" but just a bit faster.

The Euros do seem somewhat negative these days. I'm glad Mathijs is staying home!
08-19-02 06:35 PM
Scot Rocks Right, I have to wait 11 months but I ain't bitchin', I don't know maybe its because I am a younger fan and anything from the Stones for me, I take as a a bonus, as I know that there may not be more coming around next time. I think more people should maybe take this attitude towards the Stones as well.

08-19-02 06:39 PM
glencar Obviously I was using too broad a brush. You sound like a good guy!
08-19-02 07:12 PM
Rescued I think Don't Stop is really going to grow on me. I listened to it a bunch this morning and it's now stuck in my head. I hope it gets enough initial airplay to catch on as a hit. I think this song is going to develop nicely over the course of the tour - like Sain't of Me did in 97/98. Keith plays the type of rythm that Ronnie can improvise over and weave sinuous leads throughout. I also get the feeling that Mick is going to enjoy singing this song. I like the sound of guitars playing from start to finish. I've gotta say though that parts of the rythm and melody remind me straight away of a Tom Petty/Heartbreakers song called Listen To Her Heart.
08-19-02 07:51 PM
Honky Tonk Man I have just downloaded "Dont Stop" It is by no means a bad song, just a little bland. There is no element of exitment to it. Its just a mid tempo soft work tune. Harmless, but dull.

08-19-02 07:52 PM
luridchief I can't find the link to it anywhere (and I just scoured StonesDoug board).

Anyone have it handy?
08-19-02 08:30 PM
gypsy I agree with KeepRigid when he says "It's the Stones." Right on!
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