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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

Prince of Walles Trust Concert, Hyde Park, London June 29, 1996
By Neal Preston

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: tonights set list Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-16-02 11:52 PM
ladyjjane just got out of the show. Amazing is all i can say. the boys were very into it and very much on.

Dance pt2
manish boy
around and around
new song very good very stonesy
torn and frayed
stray cat blues
casino boogie
happy (mick stuck around for it)
monkey man
brown sugar
down in the hole
Can you hear me knocking
walk and don't look back
tumblin dice

just friggin amazing

08-16-02 11:55 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl new edited version of my original message


Don't fuck with us, because you're playing with fire, you gonna get fucked soon


It's Only Rock and Roll
If You Can't Rock Me
Stray Cat Blues
Hot Stuff
Don't Stop
Honky Tonk Women
Torn and Frayed
Wild Horses
I Can't Turn You Loose
Heart of Stone
Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Jumping Jack Flash
Brown Sugar

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
08-16-02 11:59 PM
FPM C10 WOW!!!!!!!

Thank you, Lady Jane!

I cannot believe that setlist. This is gonna be an INCREDIBLE tour.
08-17-02 12:01 AM
luridchief Thank you!

God bless the freakin' web--in the old days it would have taken a helluva lot longer for this info to get around! : )
08-17-02 12:03 AM
Angiegirl OK, now I can officially breathe out, right?
08-17-02 12:03 AM
Fiji Joe That is a great set list. But, I know that won't be close to the arena set list. The mainstream masses want the classics and that's what they'll (I will) get. That definately looks like something they could pull off at the ballroom gigs though, where the only people in the place (b/c of the price) are presumably hardcore fans. I wants a boot!!!
08-17-02 12:04 AM
stonedinaustralia tumblin' dice for encore - must have been a beautiful moment...i bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house

and "casino boogie" - far out

how was ronnie? - who exactly is in the band at this stage?

i take it chuck was there...what about lisa and bernard?

saxophone - bobby keys?

sorry to bother you with all these questions but it sounds like a dream come true.. you probably won't come down for weeks, if not months - hell, perhaps for the rest of your life



[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-17-02 12:04 AM
Turner How was the new song? More details!!
08-17-02 12:04 AM
Lacride Thank you Lady Jane. Now, I can go sleep...
08-17-02 12:06 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 don't stop was played is what i heard from someone who heard on canadian internet radio along with honkey tonk women and wild horses.
08-17-02 12:06 AM
Riffhard Holy F'ing Shit!!!!

I was considering calling it an early night but,that plan just got shot to shit!Time for MORE GUINNESS!!!Where the fuck is my chiba?Didf you guys readf that fucking setlist slowly?!Good GOD!!!!Where's my fucking kleenex and hand lotion?!.....................So what a blah,blah,....fucking setlist!!!

The chiba search continues.............

Developing hard as shit!!!

08-17-02 12:07 AM
luridchief Just wondering:

Was it really "Dance Part 2" as opposed to "Dance Part 1"?

I hope so, because I dig the SUCKING IN THE 70s version more than the one from EMOTIONAL RESCUE!
08-17-02 12:10 AM
patioaintdry How did Ronnie sound?
08-17-02 12:20 AM
Nasty Habits A drink! One more drink to you all . . .

One for the books.

Thank god I'm going to the Tower theater.

Oh, baby, you're a sweet, sweet treat.

08-17-02 12:26 AM
T&A looks like a bogus report...we're getting the REAL setlist in dribs and drabs on Shidoobee
08-17-02 12:26 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy There've been a few conflicting reports as to what's been played - some people noted IORR as the opener. We'll figure it out in the morning, I guess. stonesdoug said Ronnie sounded 'friggin amazing'. (Did you, stonesdoug? I can't remember who it was, I assume it was you.)

Ronnie, I love you. And if at any point you start drinking on this tour, I will lock you up and make you listen to Love You Live and this show and repeat over and over "That was you! Sober!"

-tSYX --- Don't Stop!
08-17-02 12:27 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy By the way, how was "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", witnesses?

-tSXY --- Then I looked at the morning mail, was not even expecting a bill - and found my tickets! HUZZZAHHHH!
08-17-02 12:35 AM
Sir Oliver This is more what they played, the other setlist is not correct!

(no particular order and not complete)
Don't Stop
Wild Horses
Stray Cat Blues
Torn & Frayed
Heart of Stone
Hot Stuff
Brown Sugar

08-17-02 12:39 AM
T&A shame on you, Ladyjjane....either you're just yanking our chain here with that bogus report or you don't know a Stones tune from a hole in the ground. Either way - that's bullshit that you got everyone jazzed about...
08-17-02 12:42 AM
Riffhard Apparently there is indeed some conflicting reports.Looks like IORR was the opener according to Doug.CHMK was played!!!

The insanity continues unabated!More Guinness!


PS-Found the chiba!Thank's for your help all!
08-17-02 12:49 AM

This link to Doug's list
08-17-02 12:50 AM
stoneskat Stonesdougs setlist is a little more believable, although LadyJanes was a great dream.
08-17-02 12:53 AM
Riffhard wrote:
Apparently there is indeed some conflicting reports.Looks like IORR was the opener according to Doug.CHMK was played!!!

Yes, CYHMK was played and you can see it in the setlist posted by Ladyjjane, I heard also that JJF was the opener, not IORR

I want to thank Ladyjjane and Sergei again for chosing this place to share the news, sometimes without any basis we somplaint when there are conflicts, but the conflicts have solutions. And both received the same expression "Shame on you" when they were right, if thge setlist by Ladyjjane is not extact at least she was there and must be almost if not completely right.

Let's wait for more witnesses to make the final setlist, as simple as that
08-17-02 12:55 AM
Nasty Habits Yeah, at least the stonesdoug setlist somewhat fits into the view of the universe I've desperately cobbled together from Rolling Stones bootlegs and Bob Dylan lyrics. That other thing was spinning my head pretty far out of control. Still and all I wouldn't have bitched about one number would they have chosen to play these songs for me in a thousand person bar for ten bucks.

08-17-02 01:02 AM
beer HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did Torn n Frayed sound??? how did SWAY sound? HOW DID CYHMK SOUND????????

Please, deare lord, who taped it? somebody, anybody.................. Save us.........

08-17-02 01:04 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Now I'm really confused as both setlists are completely different, no way a regular fan can get those differences.

I would like to hear it from Sir Stonesdoug directly

08-17-02 01:10 AM
Nasty Habits Come on, Voodoo, let's give the ladyjane setlist up for lost - that is an obvious contrivance and you know it. I fell for it because I'm loaded and you are defending it because you don't want people flaming ladyjane for posting bullshit, but if Stonesdoug is right and I think he might be (he is, after all, y'know, Stonesdoug and he was, like, there) then ladyjane only got 1/3 of her setlist right and heard four more songs. I don't care how excited you are, you don't "accidentally" think you heard "Walk and Don't Look Back". You pick great stuff off the rehearsal list and put it together and get people all excited.

That said, I think the second setlist posted is quite exciting, and nobody should be disappointed because it wasn't some 18 song marathon creative rebirth unprecedented on any live recordings we have from whenever.

I Can't Turn You Loose!

[Edited by Nasty Habits]
08-17-02 01:12 AM
MarthaMyDear Gee, I WONDER who could be behind that bogus post (and I wouldn't put it past her, either)!!! lol......................... :P :P :P :P :P ROTFLMAO!!! lol..................... :P It's just too, darn ridiculous now!!! lol..................... :P

*** Martha ***
08-17-02 01:17 AM
beer i'm loaded too. whatever. fuck off lady jane. or who's how when and so on.....
08-17-02 01:18 AM
tumblingdice Stonesdoug site was just updated listing sad sad sad as 2nd song, still no where close to the original lady jane list
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