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Prince of Walles Trust Concert, Hyde Park, London June 29, 1996
By Neal Preston

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: tonights set list Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-17-02 01:19 AM
stonedinaustralia i tend to agree with you there nasty - either "tumblin' dice" was the encore or it wasn't - you'd imagine it would be a hard to confuse it with "brown sugar"

has stonesdoug's list been sanctioned/authenticated by stonesdoug? i take it that it has

so ladyjane, i'm sorry to say but if you are trying it on well i guess you better check with "lost property" at the club's office and see if anybody has handed in your credibility

08-17-02 01:21 AM
tumblingdice Stonesdoug was supposed to be calling info to Isabel so it is more believable.
08-17-02 01:28 AM
parmeda In all honesty...WHATEVER they played HAD TO BE spine chilling, to say the least!
What I'd like to know is, did THEY (the band, of course) look as if they had "a great time" performing it! Because it's obvious those that did have the opportunity to witness it, have been "caught up" in the moment!
Any one of us would be bumbling idiots right now ourselves...

September 10th can't get here quick enough for me!
08-17-02 01:30 AM
Nasty Habits Oh, well, fool me once, shame on ME. BUT WHO FUCKIN' CARES? "You Got Me Rockin'" is back in the setlist! Mick might actually sing all the words this time! HEART OF STONE is in the repetoire! "Torn and Frayed" was "great"! And with the exception of Wild Horses it was nothing but filth and funk. These are the makings of a perfectly brilliant tour. It's not like we want them to peak too soon.

Doesn't break this heart of stone one bit.
08-17-02 01:31 AM
beer for fucks sake people. how can these songs be mistaken for others? "ohhh Yeahhh, Wild Horses sounded great!, errr, wait a minute,or was that Sad Sad Sad?" Gimme a break.
08-17-02 01:34 AM
Nasty Habits Hey beer, let's you, me and Stoned in Australia start an unruly mob.
08-17-02 01:35 AM
MarthaMyDear I love the header pic. with Mick wearing those Andrew Loog Oldham-type shades (in a nice dark blue color, also)!!! HE!!! HE!!! Like the smile, also... He's still got it!!!

*** Martha ***
08-17-02 01:36 AM
luridchief I don't understand what someone's motivation would be for posting a fake list. I also have Gomer Pyle's voice in my head, saying: "Fool me once, shame on you--fool me twice, shame on ME!" : )

Ah, well . . . I still want to hear SLAVE!
08-17-02 01:40 AM
beer Ok nastyhabits! Let's pillage the village! Fuck it, it's just Canada!!! Hahahaha,, sorry my hockey loving friends to the north. but seriously....
08-17-02 01:42 AM
Nasty Habits For no other reason than I drank a bunch of wine, it's way too late at night to be goofing around on the internet, and I am currently listening to "Too Much Blood" as we speak, I say we raze that sucker to the ground and tip a few cars while we're at it.

OH NO! Don't sawr off me leg!

[Edited by Nasty Habits]
08-17-02 01:44 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl As I wrote before I was defending Ladyjjane first, but now I think is impossible to mix the setlists in such a way, yes gimme a break, it was her first post at his board, and the IP is not familiar to me.

Why? I can't believe it! But I want to wait until I hear it from Doug
08-17-02 01:46 AM
MarthaMyDear Actually, I think I'm wrong about who posted the bogus set list... Whoever posted that needs to get a damn life and SERIOUSLY!!! What is the point in posting that??? It just shows that you're an idiot with too much time on your hands!!! JEEZ!!! Check yourself into the mental ward or have your parents get rid of your computer for you!!! Loser!!! :P

*** Martha ***
08-17-02 01:48 AM
Nasty Habits Nasty Habits stops dancing around listening to Pretty Beat Up long enough to stop and type a reply to Voodoo on the internet.

"Hey, my friend, no offense intended. I fell for it, too."

And then he gets back to the riot.

08-17-02 01:52 AM
beer I'm listening to Torn and Frayed right now. this song shouldn't be a pawn in some silly plot to dupe us! NO WAY! you can joke around with, and lie about "Indian Girl", "Hot Stuff" and any piece of shit off Dirty Work. but please don't make up false tales about great songs like T-nF'd!
08-17-02 01:55 AM
MarthaMyDear I think I can stop getting my anger out now... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Don't mean to scare anyone... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P I did get a good laugh, though... HE!!! HE!!! lol............. :P ROCK ON!!!

*** Martha ***
08-17-02 02:04 AM
T&A Hey Beer:

I'm pissed - but you do understand that T&F was in, fact, played. In fact the more I consider the real setlist - holy shit - what a fuckin' night!!! I Can't Turn You Loose? CYHMK? If You Can't Rock Me? I mean - they're only beginning to tip their hand to us....the bogus set list might turn out to be less interesting than one of the real ones down the line...
08-17-02 02:18 AM
beer we must get our hands on a recording of this gig. ohhhh yesssss. whoever has it, take a hit and pass, please!!!!!

08-17-02 03:17 AM
F505 How can songs be mistaken for others? Makes me sad sad sad!

A little less conversation and a little more action please!

Can somebody who REALLY went to the show give the definitive setist?! Please!


08-17-02 04:36 AM
Maxlugar Maxy confused!



08-17-02 04:51 AM
stonedinaustralia hey max

this from keno's board per maxmeister from stonesdoug

until i have good reason to believe otherwise i'll take this as the real thing... although i've already been taken for a ride once this afternoon


Sad Sad Sad

If You Can't Rock Me

Stray Cat Blues

Hot Stuff

Don't Stop


Torn and Frayed

Wild Horses


I Can't Turn You Loose [Redding]

Heart of Stones



Brown Sugar

From what I read at Stonesdoug's, this list is probably correct. He gave the info by phone to a poster on his board.


[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-17-02 07:42 AM
John Wood Lady Jane is full of shit and people like her should be banned! I checked StonesDoug's setlist and it IS CORRECT!
08-17-02 07:46 AM
Nellcote Alright, already Lady Jane duped the board.


What a pissa show, from the reports I'm reading.
Ronnie in great form, Keith having his way with the set list, Torn & Frayed, c'mon!

Sitting here in Massachusetts, 17 days to go

08-17-02 08:04 AM
Gazza y'know,its been a hard enough job sometimes keeping this board active for the last 3 years when theres been no shows and no band activity for most of that time - we've relied on people finding & posting news stories and keeping threads going when hard news has been difficult to come by...

..and now when the tour starts and this board is REALLY gonna get very busy, we get some WANKER posting fake setlists. I must admit though when I saw Ladyjanes setlist it looked bogus to begin with for several reasons - very lengthy setlist for a club show,songs played which werent rehearsed, the inclusion of "Dance Pt 2" (as opposed to part 1) and the somewhat unlikely "Slave".

A joke's a joke and it WAS mildly amusing but I'm not having the credibility of this board undermined by some dick-bag posting completely bogus setlists. After this one,it'll be treated as spam and anyone posting crap like this will be treated the same way as the rest of the spammers.

fuck you,ladyjjane
08-17-02 08:15 AM
Nellcote Here Here Gazza!

Y'all do a great job with this board.
Keep up the good work!
What ever I can do to help, just let me know.

I'm so friggin pumped for 09/03, I'm freakin!

08-17-02 08:29 AM
Fiji Joe Yeah, Lady Bullshit's setlist came out far too quick and is wholly unbelievable. Dance Part 1 or 2 does not belong in a club gig. I'll go with Sir Doug. Sad, Sad, Sad,? Damn! Put that song out of its misery. It's Bad, Bad, Bad. My satisfaction would be had if they would just play Torn & Frayed and Loving Cup.

08-17-02 08:35 AM
Fiji Joe wrote:
Yeah, Lady Bullshit's setlist came out far too quick and is wholly unbelievable. Dance Part 1 or 2 does not belong in a club gig. I'll go with Sir Doug. Sad, Sad, Sad,? Damn! Put that song out of its misery. It's Bad, Bad, Bad. My satisfaction would be had if they would just play Torn & Frayed and Loving Cup.

Well, Lady Jane - we love you, now go away.

We were cruel to poor Sergei, though, remember (I never doubted him for a second, although I faltered when everyone started saying "no there isn't!")? Perhaps Lady Jane is reporting this from somewhere else - I saw the same list with Doug's board.

But I'm so sad! No "Dance Pt. 1"? And I spent an hour getting the bassline down yesterday afternoon?

Oh well, I suppose I can call it funk and see if my band will play it...

-tSYX --- Get up! Get out!
08-17-02 04:37 PM
John Wood Yes they played Sad Sad Sad. You might not like the song, but it REALLY rocked last night. I was impressed!
08-17-02 05:41 PM
Scot Rocks I am so friggin excited about this tour, the setlist is pretty good and...



T & F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been waiting all day to read this, as I gave last night about 4.30 in the morning here our time an I did not have time to read this morning...Now lets Rock!!!!!!!

time for a "few" pints me thinks!!!!!!

08-17-02 05:44 PM
Scot Rocks Oh and btw thanks everyone for keeping us informed about last night setlists, pics and stuff, apart from LadyJane that is, get a life, keep up the good work everyone!!!!!!

Can You Hear the Music!!!!!!!!

08-17-02 05:52 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl That "ladyjjane" will have a public lesson soon as we have some advance in a private investigation about that bitch.

I trusted that bitch, but now is our turn.

I just want to thank everybody for posting the real thing and please understand that there are psychos everywhere.

It was not a joke, it was something like intelligent cyber-terrorism.
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