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08-08-02 05:24 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy For those of you waiting for The Orpheum...

You have one month. (thirty-one days)

For those of us waiting for the FleetCenter...

You have twenty-six days.

I just had a little pang of shock.

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssshock. My first Stones Concert... I'm so happy I feel like reaching critical mass and causing cold fusion!

Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee! Twenty-six luscious days!

When did the rest of you all see them the first time?

-tSYX --- Give us a kiss! Twist!
08-08-02 05:52 PM
Stray Cat I first saw them at Wembley stadium ,26th June 1982.Highlights included; been trampled by the surging crowd during Under my thumb and what looked like a punch up between Keith and Ronnie over a disasterous She's so cold.
A BRILLIANT gig, without backing singers, but with Stu.....check out Chantille lace
08-08-02 05:58 PM
Joey "When did the rest of you all see them the first time? "

October 7th , 1989 Cyclone Stadium , Ames , IA .

Fantastic Gig !!! Breathtaking .

Went to Kansas City the next night and saw an even better show -- if that was possible .

Knock Knock .....

Who's there ?

Joe !

Joe Who ????

Joe ....

Fly ....


Snaggle Joe

08-09-02 01:16 AM
parmeda "When did the rest of you all see them the first time?"

Xyzzy...I am so glad you asked that question. Ahhh, the memories!
July 1978 - Soldier's Field - Chicago
Two very important events in my life happened on that hot, sweltering day...earlier, I had attended my high school graduation ceremony...only to toss my cap & gown at my parents and head for the lakefront with my friends. (yeah, they were pissed...oh well.) At that time, the concert was a general admission event. (Who organized THAT, and what in the hell were they thinking!?) After wiggling through the crowd on the field and FINALLY making it to the stage area after 2 hours of trying, the Chicago Fire Department handed Mick a fire hose that was set-up near the stage. (It was so unGodly hot on that field...) Mick, with the most devilished of his looks, grabbed that damn hose and sprayed the shit out of everyone up front. Needless to say, my friends and I were blasted out near the 30 yard line, and all the while, Mick & Keef were up on that stage, laughing their asses off.
Yes, it was a great day indeed!

BTW...the price of the ticket, if I remember correctly, was $25.00. And I bitched about that, thinking it was outrageous. Boy, do I know better now.
08-09-02 01:36 AM
blindedbyrainbows Saw them opening night Steel Wheels tour 1989 in Philadelphia
at the Vet! I remember it well, when they went into Shattered, then the power went off! And some people in the crowd were saying they quit, that was funny!
08-09-02 02:17 AM
dead man cum Ok man I was waiting for this - I, like Parmeda, saw the 78 Some Girls tour...Cleveland Stadium. We had a huge party a couple of weeks before the show and burned up the Some Girls LP over and over, getting psyched for the show. Lies, Respectable, for fuck's sake Some Girls, all those killer stripped down tunes with Woody in top form..Then we loaded up at least twelve of us in a van and drove from Dayton to Cleveland, missed the exit and did a big 360 U-turn on the interstate with people flying all around inside the van (I do not recommend such behavior now) and made it to the show. Most of my buddies were lost way the ehll up in the nose bleeds but I tunneled my way down front, within 30 feet of the stage, with a good lookin' female companion who had three nipples. Toots and the Maytals opened up that show and I, being a young rock and rool freek at the time, had no concept of reggae and was blown away by these major African-looking dudes with dreads down to their knees..I'm sure that Keith was instrumental in getting Toots to open, being the Jamaican traditionalist that he is. Anyhow we stuck it out thru Toots and the Stones came on about sunset. From what I remember they ripped thur a lot of Some Girls, and I distinctly remember Far away Eyes, with Woody playing pedal steel, Keith doing his Gram Parsons chords, etc. The Stones were in top form for sure and Charlie, who was just starting to get grey hair, kicked the livin shit out of his little gretsch kit..I've seen the Stones maybe ten times since thru all the subsequent tours, and if there is one thing that is sure to be consistent thru all, and will DEFINITELY BE SPOT ON on this tour, its Charlie's drumming, for fuck's sake.. Anyhow, that's my first Stones show. hey Gazza, can you tell me the opening song for the Cleveland Stadium show, 78 tour?

Adios - Terry
08-09-02 02:19 AM
gypsy The title of this thread reminds me of that smash hit Mick made with Michael Jackson-"State of Shock." God, that was the best song ever!!!
08-09-02 03:36 AM

July 15th 1982 Basel Switzerland
08-09-02 04:14 AM
TT If I was born in 1964 or 1966 I would have been tothe 1982 European Tour. But when

I started getting interested in the Stones

(Still Life) I was too young to visit such stadium

shows. I was 14 years old when the Stones came

to Hannover´s Niedersachsenstadion (June 6th and 7th).

I remember well the broadcast of our North German radio

station NDR 2. I was sitting on a lawn with a

pocket radio in my hand: "Die Bühne hat gigantische

Ausmaße. Sie ist in helle bunte Farben gehüllt.

Wenn die Stones die Bühne betreten, werden Tausende

Luftballons aufsteigen (...)." I think the 81/82 tour is still

my favourite though I haven´t been there.

When I was 18 the Stones nearly split and I thought:

"Well, now I could go and now they split!"

But in 1990 I finally started a little tour on my own!

My first show was Hannover, Germany, May 23rd, 1990.

08-09-02 04:53 AM
MRD8 May 5, 1965 in Clearwater, Florida...legend has it that Keith woke up in the middle of the night and played the opening riff to Satisfaction...the rest is history!
08-09-02 06:08 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Sept 29th 1965 Shrewsbury
08-09-02 07:57 AM
TwelveX5 Boston Garden July 19,1972.This was the night after they got
arrested in Warwick,R.I.Stevie Wonder opened.Not a bad show for$6.50.
08-09-02 08:31 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! Sept 26 1981, JFK
08-09-02 08:38 AM
sly SEpt'11 '94 soldier field
08-09-02 09:01 AM
bez85 munich germany sept.1973 afternoon show
08-09-02 11:34 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Damn, MRD & swapwood! Old-timers, no? How were they that 81/82 tour, for everyone who saw?

-tSYX --- Ronnie, Ronnie, I been so sad since you been gone...
08-09-02 11:38 AM
Riffhard Oct. 26,1981,Fox Theater-Atlanta,Ga.

08-09-02 11:55 AM
Maxlugar MSG '75.

You should have been there. Lotus Stage, Billy with the big afro wig, Mick on a rope over the audience, dragon running around, inflatable pee pee.....

Oh jeez, those were the days..

08-09-02 12:25 PM
TomL Sept 27th 1981, Buffalo, NY.
08-09-02 12:34 PM
steel driving hammer I have Sept 27th 1981, Buffalo, NY on CDR. Both nights.

Think a frisbee hits Mick in the mouth and chips his tooth in Buffalo 81.

Besides the bad weather those 2 nights, the band was on fire.
08-09-02 02:45 PM
nankerphelge I was also Buffahole 9/27/81. The wind knocked the microphone into Mick's mug and supposedly knocked 'is diamond around a bit. Day was blustery as hell but man what a time. They sliced up that big mural because the wind was pitchin a fit with it. Raw baby -- raw western NY fall day, raw band, no mural -- just rigging and speakers. Fuckin raw!!!!! Even the ticket was raw -- Red and shiny with a big tongue and "No Weapons" warning.

08-09-02 03:06 PM
Chico June 4th 99,Murrayfield Stadium, Scotland.Started drinkin' 9 in the mornin, managed to sober up for the show, the one and only ive been to so far, got back to aberdeen about 2 in the morning and me and 3 mates ended up on park benches(seperate) singing Start Me Up till we fell asleep
08-09-02 03:40 PM
jb 1975-Gator Bowl-jacksonville,Florida...
08-09-02 03:56 PM
ShannonDC July 1975 - two shows on consecutive nights at the Capitol Centre in Landover, Maryland outside DC. Tickets were $6.50 and people screamed like crazy about The Stones ripping people off (sound familiar?).
08-09-02 04:20 PM
glencar "me and 3 mates ended up
on park benches(seperate) singing Start Me Up till we fell asleep"

Man, the scots have such fun!

My first show was 9-25-81 at JFK Stadium. Journey got booed, Thorogood was thoroughly good & the Stones started at about 630pm or so. They did so many great songs that day. The admission was $30. I was a poor boy back then & I didn't get to see them again for another 8 years.
08-09-02 07:45 PM
Martha Ohio Stadium (The Horseshoe) September 27th 1997

I got my first Stones tickets from my girlfriend who brought them to me (as a 40th b-day present) at 6:30 the night of the show...We drove 71 miles and made it there and in our seats (nosebleeds straight back) literally seconds before the lights went down...missed the opening show completely. I danced myself sideways and immediately made plans the next few days to meet up with dead man cum in Charlotte NC for that show Friday, October 10th..where we lucked out and got in the 22nd row center floor section for 60$ bucks each....ohhh those were the days.

I wish I would have seen them before this but never did..mainly due to being intimidated by stadium crowds and that I never traveled to Cleveland back in the 70's for any shows. I wish that wasn't true...but at least I caught up to them when I did..and haven't looked back...counting down the days to our shows in OHIO!


08-09-02 08:18 PM
mattb New York City, Academy of Music 1965.
08-10-02 10:02 AM
gimmekeef Not sure if anyone can top seeing the Stones TWICE on the same day as their first time.Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens in June 1972.One show at 5 pm then another around 9:30.What a blast!!!
08-10-02 10:19 AM
Fabio Hot Stuff 10, June 1982- Munich-olimpiastadium
...Chantilly Lace & 20 flight rock
08-10-02 07:05 PM
thunders December 8th 1981.(14 years old)Capitol Centre.Landover,Maryland.Tickets went on sale the week of thanksgiving.I'm listening to the radio late saturday(about 1:30 am)when the announcement is made.Rolling Stones,Dec 7.8th and 9th.Tix on sale NOW!(OH SHIT)Cash Only Tix are $15.50(a tidy sum back then for a 14 year old)and only avaliable at the cap centre box office!!God bless my parents.They drive to me down to the cap centre(about 60 miles) at 2 in the morning,and they both wait in line for 2-3 hours in 30 degree weather.Talk about Parents.(And all the hell I put them from school,telling the principal to F OFF!)Had the cash and got decent seats,upper level,half way up,but only 2 sections down from the stage,and right in front of the walkway Mick used.I was the envy of all the kids in 9th grade that monday morning!! Great show,and the main reason 1981 was my favorite tour.Got to see them indoors!!
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