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Topic: For new album(?), who would you like to be producer? Return to archive Page: 1 2
07-30-02 11:37 PM
Boomhauer I was browsing aroung the net and saw something that said that in sometime around 2001, Mick was interested in having Fatboy Slim help work on a Stones album (did not happen). I thought that was interesting and I contemplated an unusaul question: Who should the Stones hire to help them produce an album?

Fatboy Slim might have been too much like The Dust Brothers, IMO. I think Rick Rubin would be kind of cool. Maybe someone like Brendan O'Brien would also be a good choice. Hey, why not just let it be THE GLIMMER TWINS!

What do you all think?
07-30-02 11:43 PM
07-30-02 11:57 PM
Nasty Habits This one is easy.

The answer is:


I'd take them to Detroit. Jim Diamond would be my engineer. And we would make rock and roll.
07-31-02 05:55 AM
Nasty Habits wrote:
This one is easy.

The answer is:


nice response Nasty H - right on - LOL, to say the least

I don't know if it would work now (but who knows) but i've wondered what might've happened if lee 'scratch' perry had had an opportunity - the best time for it to happen would probably have been circa "black and blue" through to peter tosh's involvement... now, it's hard to imagine mick and scratch lasting more than five minutes in the same room together - but as i say, who knows?

maybe an entire album might be a bit much but it would have made for an interesting collaboration - at least for a track or two - i wonder what he might have done with "hot stuff"

to me, at least,you can hear his influence through keith's "the harder they come" and that sounds cool
07-31-02 06:15 AM
bez85 jimmy miller
07-31-02 06:19 AM
stonedinaustralia correct me if i'm wrong and this might be a huge blunder but isn't he dead?
07-31-02 06:20 AM
beer i'm sure it will be over-produced no matter what. i can't imagine getting a new stones song that sounds like "black limousine". But i wish!! I want to hear guitars that sound DIRTY and drums that sound REAL!. i want some guts in the sound. Take away the safety nets and get back to the basics. you're the Rolling Stones for fucks sake, not Hall and Oates.
07-31-02 06:39 AM
stonedinaustralia exactly beer

i believe a lot of the blame can be laid not so much on the producers but on their equipment... there is a real struggle with the technology - for all it's benefits the digital process has sucked a lot of the guts and character out of the recording of music

the stones should get a hold of a late seventies desk and recorder... i wonder what happened to their old mobile recording truck

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-31-02 06:48 AM
Jumacfly May be lenny kravitz could help mick, by renting the boys his 70's material!
07-31-02 07:29 AM
luxury1 Nobody likes Don Was anymore?
07-31-02 08:03 AM
nankerphelge I like Don -- he gave us VL and Stripped. What the hell is wrong with that!!??

Not like the Dust Bros -- those boys could piss off a nerve pill!
07-31-02 08:54 AM
padre I don't know who produces these new guitar-oriented bands like The Strokes, but a guy making the Stones sound like that would be awesome. Like they did in 1978. Fuck the keyboards and make them guitars LOUD.
07-31-02 09:31 AM
patioaintdry Steve Albini. His credits on albums say "recorded by" not "produced by". His philosophy is basically put a band in a room, microphone the shit out of them and record. His notable production credits arfe Nirvana's last album and the Page/Plant Walking into Clarksdale crap. Don't rush to judge him by that company, he also produced the first Pixies album and a couple of Robbie Fulks stuff.
07-31-02 11:25 AM
Nasty Habits I honestly don't think Albini would touch the Stones with a 12 x 5 foot pole. Scratch is an interesting idea, although he's been a little involved in digitalis these days for my tastes. Jim Diamond is the guy who recorded the White Stripes' first two albums among other things and his studio in Detroit gets a great rock sound. One might also point them in the direction of the Sweat Box in Austin, TX or Easley Studios in Memphis, TN or the Sound of Music in Richmond, VA. All of these studios have top-notch vintage equipment (well, maybe not the Sweat Box), and have engineers that can use the equipment to make real sounding rock records.
07-31-02 11:41 AM
TomL I agree with Nanky. Who did Some Girls, bring em back.
07-31-02 02:03 PM
Sir Stonesalot I agree with should be ME!

I'd take them to Q Division, provision them with enough food and drink for 2 weeks, and lock the doors. No Chuck Leavell. Just Mick, Keith, Charlie, Woody, and Darryl. They know how to make a Stones record. They don't need anyone else fucking shit up, or making them sound like something else. The Glimmer Twins are ace producers for the Stones.

I say that I make them get on with it.
07-31-02 02:20 PM
vuduman Rick Rubin for sure.The work he did with The Cult and Mr.Johnny Cash Is unreal.
07-31-02 06:54 PM
Gazza Daniel Lanois

and bring back Bob Clearmountain to mix it
08-01-02 12:51 AM
Mr T anybody but the fucks Jagger hired for GITD - those guys have a bad rep for that kinda shit
08-01-02 12:13 PM
padre Daniel Lanois? Spooky... He's a great producer but makes all the artists sound alike. And his sound is a bit far from the Stones. How about Brendan O'Brien?
08-01-02 03:52 PM
Mr T O'Brien would be cool, but I'd like to see Jack Douglas
08-01-02 03:57 PM
Sir Stonesalot I don't give a rat's hind end WHO the producer is gonna be....I just want a new friggin'album...first things first man.
08-01-02 06:24 PM
Riffhard I gotta agree with Gazza.Daniel Lanois.I've been saying that for years now.Everything the man touches is gold.Willie Nelson's-Teatro,Dylan's-TOOM,U2,Peter Gabriel.Those are just a few.Even if you don't like some of those artists you gotta admit that DL got some great work out of them.As for the knock that everyone he produces sounds the same.I beg to differ.I have always loved the way he gets such an ambient sound from the people he works with.I think that's why people think it sounds so much alike.He just mikes everything perfectly,and is a big fan of percussion.

Having said all that,a Stones album will always sound like a Stones album no matter who's turning the knobs.I'd just love to see what Lanois could get out of them.

08-01-02 06:27 PM
Gazza I liked what Brendan O'Brien did with the new Springsteen album.

Mind you,it kinda helped that the songs were so mind numbingly fucking brilliant to begin with!
08-01-02 07:16 PM
stone jr. I would like George Martin or Bob Ezrin. Maybe Paul Rothchild.
08-01-02 07:46 PM
Gazza Paul Rothchild is dead and George Martin has gone deaf and doesnt produce anymore
08-01-02 09:59 PM
Martha What would having them record the new album at Sun Studio in Memphis do for them...and yea, let em do their own producing....Glimmer away Twins!

Gazz said:I liked what Brendan O'Brien did with the new Springsteen album.

Mind you,it kinda helped that the songs were so mind numbingly fucking brilliant to begin with!

And I couldn't agree more...the music is awesome..and FYI: The Boss and CO. are on Letterman tonight and tomorrow night for those of you who want to check it out. And Mick was there to see them when they recorded the show...perhaps he'll make a cameo on Dave!


come on Rise up!

08-02-02 10:02 AM
padre Imagine Time Waits For No One with Daniel Lanois' touch. Now that would be something! Daniel could do the slow ones and leave the rockers to Brendan or George Drakoulias.
08-02-02 12:13 PM


08-02-02 01:50 PM
gypsy Oh, my God! Your idea is BRILLIANT, Keep! The Stones should be so lucky as to have the legendary P. Diddy to produce their new album! He would definitely put those guys to work! Mick could stand to learn some of his Diddiness's killer dance moves as well!
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