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Topic: Songs rehearsed Return to archive Page: 1 2
07-22-02 11:01 AM
Lazy Bones Seeing rehearsal info is all over the place, perhaps this thread can be the place where information about songs being rehearsed can be posted.
Thanks to Blake (and Doug for posting on
Stray Cat Blues and,
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby.. have been rehearsed.
07-22-02 11:09 AM
twicks1 Is there anyone else who wants to keep coming to this board, but doesn't want to read what songs are going to be played, or find out specific information about the upcoming shows?

Maybe if someone is going to post specific information about setlists, their show review, or anything that might "spoil" the people who want to be surprised when they see the Stones in their city, they could put the word "SPOILERS" at the beginning of their post.

That way, people who want to be surprised can be surprised, and still visit the board me!
07-22-02 11:15 AM
winter A very nice start. I think a number of years back on SNL with Mike Meyers (Wayne's World skit), Mick said HYSYMBSITS was his favorite Stones tune.

07-22-02 11:17 AM
winter Hey twicks1:

Could you really resist if you saw the word "spoil"? If so, you have more will power than I'll ever have.

07-22-02 11:29 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOLOLOL I'm howling out loud

The information about Stray Cat Blues and Have You seen Your mother baby was posted here first (see REHEARSALS thread) and was taken without any credit by Blake (or someone before Blake) and posted outside. He posted the news giving credits and thanks to Blake, that's why I am assuming Blake was the one.

LOL now the information is back here giving credit to other source, Doug is our friend and he never takes information without credits but he received the information probably in private (?) or other list/message board.

07-22-02 11:38 AM
Honky Tonk Man I would just like to know where these people are getting this information from. Unless this rehersal talk is all bullshit, they either work for the Stones or know someone connected. Anyone going to shed any light?

Nope, didnt think so

[Edited by Honky Tonk Man]
07-22-02 11:39 AM
Stonesdoug I did receive the info from Blake in an email and put it up in SHIDOOBEEland. Upon further investigation, I found that he got the info on Rocks Off. Proper acknowledgement has now been put up.
07-22-02 11:43 AM
twicks1 I just don't like to know everything that's going to happen, before it happens. Some of my best Stones experiences ever have been total surprises. I'll never forget watching the Voodoo Lounge PPV and my jaw dropping when they reeled off "Angie" and "Sweet Virginia" on that acoustic stage. These days, you can read pretty much everything about a concert/movie before you even see it. I've had quite a few concerts ruined that way. The surprises are what make them fun.

As much as I love surfing the Internet, I wonder if it wasn't more fun back in the day, when people going to see the Stones had absolutely NO IDEA what they were about to see/hear (stage, setlist, etc.)

Will power!
07-22-02 11:50 AM
T&A I agree that being surprised is part of the fun, but for anyone surfing the 'net (that includes everyone reading this post!), the era of surprises is pretty much gone. Save for the theater shows, which promise some true surprises, I don't think it's reasonable to expect folks to protect the interest of those still wanting to be surprised about setlist choices.
07-22-02 11:54 AM
twicks1 wrote:
I just don't like to know everything that's going to happen, before it happens.

Hey twicks1, no offence, but if this is your opinion (which you are entitled to, and a lot of people will agree with you), wtf are you here for? This is newsboard where you will learn about information before it becomes available to the mass public... I mean, everything you need to know about this tour is already available to the public: Dates, venues, opening acts, start times...

What could we talk about here that won't "reveal" any surprises? I just don't like whiners who cry about, "oh, please put the word 'SPOLIER(S)' into the subject heading so that I won't learn anything new...."

If you don't want to learn anything new, don't read anything.
07-22-02 12:00 PM
Lazy Bones
twicks1 wrote:
Maybe if someone is going to post specific information about setlists, their show review, or anything that might "spoil" the people who want to be surprised when they see the Stones in their city, they could put the word "SPOILERS" at the beginning of their post.

Twicks1, I truly can appreciate your wish the keep certain things as a surprise. But with all due respect, with a thread title like "Songs Rehearsed", what did you expect? Perhaps it may be refreshing for you to know that the Stones are known for rehearsing some songs that never see the stage for that upcoming tour.
07-22-02 01:30 PM
steel driving hammer Have You Seen Your Mother Baby...............

The Opener.....................

What I Said, Long Long While ago...............

In honor of Maxlugar, I am truly Giddy!
07-22-02 01:35 PM
twicks1 Fair enough, Lazy Bones. I just hope I don't see any threads on the main page titled "Jumping Jack Flash as set opener again?"

A fellow should be able to at least look at those without having the game given away...

07-22-02 01:40 PM
mattb It's already been RUINED for me! I already know Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman will be rejoining the shows, and that the first hour and a half will be Sway and Can't You Hear Me Knocking. How do I get rid of this Orpheum thingy?
07-22-02 01:42 PM
twicks1 Although I would bet that nobody here wants to read "Jumping Jack Flash as set opener again"

But you know what I'm getting at...
07-23-02 09:39 AM
Lazy Bones Many thanks to Frank Stirpe! He heard these rehearsed last night (Monday, 22nd July).

Turd on the run
Torn and Frayed
You got me rocking
Baby break it down
Beast of Burden
She's so cold
sweet virginia

[Edited by Lazy Bones]
07-23-02 09:42 AM
nankerphelge I was listening to Turd on the Run this morning on the way in and thought it would be such an excellent choice. Also good to hear Sweet Virginia and Torn & Frayed.

I think You Got Me Rocking has had its day though...
07-23-02 09:46 AM
winter TORN AND FRAYED!!!!!!!

I just wet myself.

07-23-02 09:48 AM
winter Nanker:

I agree, scrap You got me rockin' (if they're going to play a "hit" from voodoo lounge, I'd rather hear love is strong at this point). Also Beast of Burden would be a welcomed change to Miss You, but I would much prefer Far Away Eyes or Some Girls again.

07-23-02 09:53 AM
stonedinaustralia "turd on the run"!! i can hardly believe it - hey mathijs there's one for the purists and those who have seen it all!!... and "torn and frayed"

this is excellent
[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-23-02 10:12 AM
sandrew That's very encouraging. I'm with Nanker on "You Got Me Rocking" - that song is tired, never was that great to begin with. "Baby Break It Down" is curious too. If they want a sleeper from a recent record, what about "Too Tight"? Of all the Babylon songs, I can't believe they ignored that one.

"Torn and Frayed" - that would be miraculous! Just keep Ronnie off the pedal steel on that one. There's no way he could reproduce the magic of Al Perkins.
07-23-02 10:17 AM
winter Keeping my fingers cross for Lovin' Cup and my namesake,

07-23-02 10:17 AM
stonedinaustralia but sandrew it's (T&F that is) gotta (well it doesn't have to but you know what i mean) have that sound... no more special guests.. ronnie's gotta do it... he cut it on "faraway eyes" and if he's back on the ball (as well as his bike) maybe he can...

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-23-02 10:17 AM
luxury1 Is mattb aware that there is a map posted on Shidoobeeland illustrating the exact location of rehearsals and where to try to sneak in?? Some people, geesh.
07-23-02 10:22 AM
luxury1 wrote:
Is mattb aware that there is a map posted on Shidoobeeland illustrating the exact location of rehearsals and where to try to sneak in?? Some people, geesh.

up yours, idiot
07-23-02 10:27 AM
sandrew StonedinAus - I know what you mean. It makes the song. I'll give Ronnie the benefit of the doubt. Just give him lots of reverb, and maybe he'll pull it off.

Another brilliant part of Torn and Frayed: Keith's high harmony. I don't necessarily want to hear Lisa Fisher doing those notes. Shit, maybe they better not soil this song; it's too precious.
07-23-02 10:37 AM
stonedinaustralia yeah yer right sandrew, i keep forgetting keith just doesn't seem to be able to hit those notes anymore and i agree, i don't think ronnie could do what al p. did... but still, it's all a matter of them putting their hearts into long as they mean it - it will be alright...

and the stones aren't about being precious

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
07-23-02 10:37 AM
nankerphelge C'mon guys -- first we scream "play something different" -- then we lament about ruining a song. Can't have it both ways. They play a '72 in '02 and it will sound different. Them's the breaks. Go listen to Stripped, there's a whole buncha examples of how it'll be jes fine...
07-23-02 10:41 AM
luxury1 You got Me ROckin'--not only is this song a bit tired--I cringe when Lisa and Bernard do the Pony to it.
the idiot
07-23-02 10:46 AM
nankerphelge I always liked the studio version -- classic Stones rocker.
But it has been ridden hard and put away wet. Sparks Will Fly would be a nice rocker off VL if'n they need to air some out. Better tell the firechief to quit playin cards!!

nankerphelge, friend of fine idiots everywhere...
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