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Topic: Songs rehearsed Return to archive Page: 1 2
07-23-02 10:54 AM
Maxlugar I would imagine that the only way we will ever hear Torn and Frayed or Turd on the Run is on the boot of rehersals. I seriously doubt they even remember them.

I'm hoping though. Don't get me wrong!

The Stones biggest problem is their biggest asset: TOO MANY GREAT SONGS!


Has Had It With You been rehersed yet? Fight? My fingers are crossed.


07-23-02 11:00 AM
sandrew Nank - Point well taken. But I don't think there's a lot of songs they shouldn't touch. On Exile alone, there's a bunch of never-played songs they could do - "Ventilator Blues," "Soul Survivor," "Let it Loose" - that would fit perfectly with their current sound/line-up/instrumentation.

But there are a few - "Torn" might be one, "Time Waits for No One" without Taylor might be another - that are just too transcendant to bring to earth (okay, that sounds a little too Zen, but you know what I mean).

All's I'm sayin' is that they should pick their spots, as gamblers like to say. They always do; I'm not worried.
[Edited by sandrew]
07-23-02 11:12 AM
Lazy Bones
sandrew wrote:
On Exile alone, there's a bunch of never-played songs they could do - "Ventilator Blues,"

Performed 3rd June, 1972 - Vancouver, BC, Canada.
07-23-02 11:20 AM
nankerphelge I'm just always amazed at how well the Exile songs translate live -- Tumblin Dice, Happy, All Down the Line in my opinion sound better live than on the studio. So I am always interested to hear Exile songs live (Ventillator Blues on the Dallas rehearsals from '72 was great as was Let It Loose). Surprisingly, I find Bitch and Live With Me to rarely translate well live. (Although Bitch in '72 was great).

I think if Ronnie is healthy, he can handle Torn & Frayed quite well.

Sweet Black Angle would be a treat -- my little nanky brain cells are now rehearsing Sweet Black Angle in my mind!

07-23-02 11:26 AM
Maxlugar Bonnie Raitt called Ron Wood the best pedal steel guitarist in the world.

He can handle it. IF SOBER!

07-23-02 11:32 AM
Joey The only thing Ronnie can handle well right now is " Indian Girl "

Joeykins !
07-23-02 12:08 PM
Maxlugar Oooo! I love the pedal steel in Indian Girl.

Goes somethin' like this:

Da doooooooo Doodl-doo dooooooooo doodl-doo doooooooo doodl-doo dooooooo doodl-doo do dooooo, Da-do do do do....

"Shooting down planes with M16's and with laughter is the ultimate expression of hate. And I just won't do it" - Maxlugar 7/23/02.


Capt. Maxy

07-23-02 01:00 PM
TomL Hand of fate and Out Of Time also mentioned on Dougs board. Would like to hear those two.
07-23-02 01:17 PM
sandrew I like how things are shaping up already. Seems like they're running the gamut and trying out songs from every era. That's always been their goal, to some extent, but I think - hope - they're going to open the floodgates this time.
07-23-02 01:19 PM
Joey "Shooting down planes with M16's and with laughter is the ultimate expression of hate. And I just won't do it" - Maxlugar 7/23/02. "

You make Joey say , Huh ???

Maxy , the quality of your material has taken a noticeable turn for the worse , sort of like the stock market . This disturbs me greatly as I have come to depend upon the same high grade premium quality postings year after year after year . I have my eye on you this week .

You make Joey very anxious !!!!!

Developing .....



07-23-02 03:49 PM
Gazza They literally go through the songbook before each tour and try out DOZENS of songs in the back catalogue which never end up being played (look at the start of the video for "mixed emotions" which lists several such songs on a chart being rehjarsed which ended up not being played for several years afterwards)

"Turd On the Run"? It sounds a fantastic choice,but whether its anywhere near the setlist in six or seven weeks time is another thing.
07-23-02 04:15 PM
Tom Is this real? Posted as stolen from RSTO stolen from UC

Turd On The Run
Torn And Frayed
You Got Me Rocking
Baby Break It Down
Beast Of Burden
She's So Cold
Sweet Virginia
Hitch Hike
Out Of Time
Hand Of Fate
07-23-02 05:10 PM
nankerphelge Hand of Fate would be the best -- one of my all-time favorite Stones tunes.
07-23-02 08:50 PM
sly I could see Hand of Fate on the b-stage, but "Turd" probably won't make it to the stage unless it's at one of the club gigs. It would be nice to hear "Beast" again too. How abou "Mother Baby", "Sway", and Stray Cat as your opening 3 songs at the arena gigs. Please, no more You Got Me Rockin. That song blows live.
07-23-02 10:20 PM
07-23-02 10:30 PM
nankerphelge wrote:

I think if Ronnie is healthy, he can handle Torn & Frayed quite well.

Actually it's a perfect song for Ronnie to surpass the original, whether it's with a pedal steel or a Weissborn-thingamahooey or the dreaded B-bender. He can play that shit like nobody's bidness.

I'm psyched that the first two songs I heard mentioned as being rehearsed - Have You Seen Your Mother and Stray Cat Blues - were the first two I predicted/demanded. If they'd like more tips straight from the Monkeyvine, they can reach me at joujouka@hotmail!
07-23-02 11:50 PM
Boomhauer You Got Me Rocking is one of those songs that if it were recorded by a band that was really hot at the time, it would be a catchy tune and really popular. I love the studio version a lot, but the "No Security" version is not very good at all.

I hope they try out some Undercover stuff.
07-24-02 05:47 AM
Jumacfly you got me rocking, i hope they won t play this one again and again, the live version sucks...from voodoo, i l be so happy to hear "mean disposition" or "sparks will fly".
yes, the rehearsals have just begun, the list will grow and grow and grow...IMO, there will be many surprises, how nice would be a complete "exile " or "sticky" or "goddess"...


ps: there s a fucking error in my post, can you, die hard fan ,find it?? who s gonna win the mega fun hardtechnocore dancefloor killer remix of " visions of paradise"??
07-24-02 06:44 AM
bez85 I think it's time to dust off Let It Rock..hasn't been played since the 78 great on the B-stage..
07-24-02 09:22 AM
Lazy Bones Many thanks again to Frank Stirpe! Songs rehearsed Tuesday, 23rd July.

The stones left between 11:30 - 12:30

Mick, then Charlie, ronnie, and last keith

No autographs at all. but i'm sure some pics of mine will come out.

songs they played:

Just my imagination
she smiled sweetly
loving cup
[Edited by Lazy Bones]
07-24-02 09:25 AM
Maxlugar Oh man I hope Lovin Cup makes the cut. That is my favorite mountain song (I play it when I go up to the mountains)

Boy, I wonder what She Smiled Sweetly sounded like?
07-24-02 09:57 AM
Jumacfly loving cup....what a beautiful piano line...hope mr Leavell won t spoil usual....
hope this one will feature on the set list.

i play this song also in my car, when i m on the traffic jam, singing as if i was in Nellcote....ohhhh what a beautiful buzzzzz, what a beautiful more time
great news!!!!
07-24-02 10:48 AM
winter Very excited about lovin cup. She smiled sweetly is pretty cool as well. It was used in the Royal Tenanbalms (sp?).

"We'll I'm nitty, gritty, and my shirt's all torn, but I would love to spill the beans with you 'till dawn"

Love that line,

07-24-02 10:54 AM
voodoopug really starting to look like one of the club shows is getting Exile in its entirety...hope its Aragon!
07-25-02 08:10 PM
Turner any other songs that they are doing yet?
07-25-02 10:14 PM
John Wood I went by the rehearsals for a while today I heard them playing Cherry Oh Baby and Wild Horses before I had too leave. Anyone know what else they played tonight (Thurs)? They did not sign anything going in today and only Mick even looked at the small crowd. I talked to JC and he said Bobby Keys will start rehearsing with the band next week. I only saw Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and Darryl going in, no Chuck or backup singers.
07-25-02 10:53 PM
nankerphelge Oh I was kinda hoping for Cherry Oh Baby too!

Yuseh yulavmeh madlay
Denwhy duyutreat me badlay
07-25-02 11:29 PM
Boomhauer Let's all go to Toronto.
07-26-02 06:03 AM
luxury1 Oh WInter....did you see what was rehearsed last night, according to Toronto Tom on Shidoobee??? It is one of my faves too. Somebody put up some photos here already, I'm dying.
07-26-02 08:24 AM
winter Luxury 1:

I am very excited about my namesake making into the rehearsals.

The three songs that I've always hoped to see live are Winter, Torn & Frayed and Lovin Cup. I just hope at least one of them makes the final cut. Plus, Monkey Man - would love to see that make a return. Have you seen your mother, she smiled sweetly, etc. If the rehearsals are any indication of the shows, this tour is going to be amazing.

All I need is Keith to dust off Little T&A

The Guiness will be flowing in bahstin on 9/3

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