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The Giant Phallus, MSG June 22, 1975
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Topic: I THINK I'M GOING MAD!40 LICKS!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2
07-17-02 05:21 AM
ulfk 40 LICKS,YES that is the name of Rolling Stones *new* album with 2 new songs one countrylike with Keith and one more standard Rolling Stones style.I find it embarrissingly shameful to put TWO new songs after 5 years onto a perfectly ok hot rocks one to celebrate the jubilee and educate the young.

But will get more info tomorrow from Virgin and something in the air felt as if something extra might happen during the tour....against that I think these pitiful 2(TWO)new songs speak....better keep it a clean hot rocks one.

And Jump Back will be stopped for sale during the release of this one.MONEY MONEY!

Anybody interested in a very complete collection of bootlegs,all memorabilia and loads of art by
Woody.All or nothing.Mini price 2.000.000 SEK.

Ulf...always optimistic and I think the following will happen.A clean hot rocks...and later during the tour a new album.It would be the only honorable thing for the Stones to do anyway.
07-17-02 07:51 AM
Jumacfly 40 licks sounds better than the stupid War Horses...
I think it will be in a yellow package, with the red tongue a flying..BLIMP!!!

07-17-02 08:07 AM
TT Yeah, 40 Licks sounds good. But Ulf is right. Keep the new songs for a new album. But when will they record the other 10? In december? Never?
07-17-02 09:50 AM
sandrew 40 Licks, eh? I think I like Warhorses better. Also, can we finally put the three-disc rumor to bed? I think it's safe to say it will be a double CD, as Mick said at the press conference.
07-17-02 09:54 AM
Joey " 40 Licks "

Sounds like something you would find at a military academy .

07-17-02 10:43 AM
Staffan 40 licks sounds like a title of a poor guitar lesson on a VHS...

07-17-02 11:30 AM
Mr T "40 Licks" sucks
07-17-02 11:54 PM
missamandajones Sounds like the punchline to a *very* old joke. ;-)
07-18-02 02:28 AM
gypsy 40 Licks...sounds like KeepRigidsLawyer's technique when...oh, nevermind...
07-18-02 04:16 AM
ulfk Some 7 tracks were already recorded in March in Jamaica.

07-18-02 06:39 AM
Jumacfly Ulf,

could you tell us more about these sessions in

Thanks a lot!!


07-18-02 09:40 AM
Boomhauer Jumacfly, you read my mind. Ulf, please tell us of the 7 songs and the Jamaica sessions.
07-18-02 10:44 AM
sandrew A friend just pointed out the connection between the tongue logo and 40 Licks. Stupid me, I was associating it with "guitar licks." I think it works.
07-18-02 12:18 PM
MidnightRambler don't like the new title. I thought "War Horses" was better. It sounded much rougher than just "40 licks"...isn't that just an obvious title? Mick and Keith really don't write OBVIOUS why such a simple title?
07-18-02 12:27 PM
Sir Stonesalot I still think they should call it "Anita's Clit".
07-18-02 12:56 PM
sirmoonie They should call it:

"Man love in the ranks: A fan's true story."
07-18-02 12:57 PM
Lazy Bones I think ROCKS OFF would be a great name...?!
07-18-02 01:07 PM
sirmoonie Ehhh, thats ok, but how about:

"The turgid adventures of Corporal Ding Dong."
07-18-02 01:24 PM
sirmoonie Or try these:

"I'm a SUCKER for a guy in uniform."

"Cleaning his howitzer: why personal hygiene is so vital."

"Tailhook, schmailhook! I'd rather have rode the chode!"

"The Cream of the Crop: Memoirs from my days in the brig."

"The blowing Bugle Boys of Company 3 and other "sticky" characters."
07-18-02 01:47 PM
sirmoonie Or these:

"I wanna marry me an aviator (in states that allow those types of marriages)!"

"Swabbing the poop deck"

"Ten Hut: How to really salute a superior officer"

"G.I. Joe is now a 'mo."
07-18-02 02:00 PM
sirmoonie Or these:

"Meet you in the latrine after lights out!"

"How to keep those hospital corners when boofing Sgt. Rock."

"Mess hall days: Peeling chilies in the meat locker."

"Busted down by a private: The bittersweet joys of corporal punishment."
07-18-02 05:05 PM
Boomhauer I think "Lick This!" would be a better title.

40 Licks; 40 years, 40 songs on two discs.....Yippeeeee!

I wonder if they are going to do a TV promo for this thing:

"Wanna get licked? Well here's your chance. The Rolling Stones present 40 Licks!"

What's the box set going to be called than, "Suck It, Baby!"?
07-18-02 05:38 PM
Taras oh, c'mon folks - let the old monkeys to raise money while
they are able to do that, while Keith can to strum his open
G, while Ronnie can to break with his guitar, while Mick can
to dress "Elton John" dress, and Charlie...well, you know what
What a hell, the Rolling Stones is not GREATEST ROCK'N'ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD, it is just a whore - if you
have the money - you have it, if not - get a rest... shame
to say this, but I think I'm true...
You know, Keith was always the real rock'n'roll man for
me, but now...what a mess???

4 OLD SUCKS - I think it is better than 40 licks, oh my...

Have no words...

Love ya all!

Taras Stanislaus
[Edited by Taras]
07-18-02 09:43 PM
Stonesthrow Moonie-- Did either of the following happen to you:

1. You were a conscientious objector but were unsuccessful because you have no conscience.

2. You had a traumatizing childhood experience with a 15" gun nicknamed howitzer?

Your sudden descent into military madness (isn't that a song?) makes one wonder. You sound crazier than Maxy at a Joey convention.

07-18-02 09:57 PM
Fiji Joe As for Moonie's detest of the military, I think it stems from the fact that he was the life of too many blanket parties...or, alternatively, spending too much time in the center of too many circles.
07-19-02 12:31 AM
sirmoonie How about these ones, pals:

"Hunkered in the bunker: We weren't just winding our watches!"

"Howe-dy dookie: The anal crisis in our military academys."

"Fiji Joe is a fathead ballbagniverous blowfish."
07-19-02 06:43 AM
Lazy Bones
Stonesthrow wrote:
Moonie-- Did either of the following happen to you:
military madness (isn't that a song?)

C,S,N&Y. I believe G. Nash wrote it.
07-19-02 09:49 AM
Sir Stonesalot You know this whole queer military stuff baffles me.

I spent an entire hitch in the Army MP Corps, and never once did any of my comrades-in-arms ever try to blow me, bugger me, or even try to do a reach around in the shower! 3/4ths of the chicks in my Co. were dykes...but they were cool.

If any of the guys were gobbling knob, they didn't do it around me.

I think it's just a Steel Driving Hammer thing....and it was a private academy....not West Point.

I'm not saying that there are no fags in the's just not as prevailent as sirmoonie would have us believe.
07-19-02 09:50 AM

Enough said

07-19-02 11:01 AM
sirmoonie Hey, I can only go with the evidence I have in front of me. And up until your post, all I had was that Steelie played The Ballad of the Lavendar Berets on the skin flute. And that Fiji Joe is a dope.

I will re-evaluate in light of these further developments.
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