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The Giant Phallus, MSG June 22, 1975
By Bob Gruen
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Topic: I THINK I'M GOING MAD!40 LICKS!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2
07-19-02 12:16 PM
stonedinaustralia boomhauer,imho,you've had the two first best so far

f*$k (sp?) you...and

lick this...

that's the stones' spirit!!
07-19-02 04:03 PM
Miss U. I like "40 Licks", much better than "Warhorses"....that sucks.
07-19-02 04:25 PM
Mr T I think this one's another hoax - sounds pretty lame
07-19-02 09:51 PM
Honky Tonk Man "Tits And Arse" The Best Of The Rolling Stones.
07-19-02 10:46 PM
Sir Stonesalot Do you people even know what a clit is?

Good lord, I hope I'm not the only one who knows what a clit is.

Some of you even HAVE one!

Think about it.

"Anita's Clit"

Or, if they just have to do this "40 Licks" thing....

"40 Licks Of Anita's Clit"

Now THAT is an album title!

I mean, come ON, it works on so MANY different levels....
07-19-02 11:38 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 how about 40 licks of the mars bar next to marianne's clit?
07-20-02 09:17 AM
Sir Stonesalot Oh hell, we all know that there was never a MARS bar. So I suppose "40 Licks Of Marianne's Clit" would work too....but not as well as Anita would.

As far as I know, Marianne didn't sleep with 3/5ths of the Stones...
07-20-02 12:01 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 yeah both work well. i would like to see some nude pics of marianne and anita too.
07-20-02 01:01 PM
Sir Stonesalot If'n you want a good look at Anita sans clothing, check out the movie "Performance". The bathtub scene is great.

I've seen some other topless photos of Anita, but I've never seen any nudie pics of Marianne.
07-20-02 01:37 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
I still think they should call it "Anita's Clit".

Sir Stonesalot for president!!!
07-20-02 02:02 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 i seen the topless and ass shots of anita in performance.
07-20-02 03:39 PM
Boomhauer Speaking of Licks, don't you think that the Black Crowes song "Lickin'" was the biggest pile of maggot gravy layered on top of layers and layers of bulls--t? What the F#*k was that stupid song about?

07-20-02 07:14 PM
Honky Tonk Man Sir Stonesalot, your just a dirty old man!! LOL.

You do realize that these women yo are talking about are know winkled middle-aged old biddies.

Vey nice in their day though. Fuck yeah!!

Randy Man Alex
07-20-02 09:05 PM
Fiji Joe Ahh, Sir Moonie never spent anytime in the military...He's just spent a lot of time dreaming of having his ass plowed by 12 angry GI's...that would be, of course, after they finish with his mother...Read his posts...every thing the guy says revolves around either feces or the male genitalia...The guy's a latent homosexual if there ever was one.
07-20-02 11:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot Brother Moonie is taking me to Roseland.

I may have to put out for that.
07-21-02 03:33 AM
Rescued Be careful Fiji. Moonie's C10 droogies are all over the board.
07-21-02 04:13 AM
Keefness "40 Licks" as a title sux...I surely hope that's not the name they choose. Why would they want to wrap up a magnificent career with a title that would make 15 year old boys in 1975 laugh? Pretty juvinile & dated if ya ask me.

And 'Warhorses'..just makes 'em sound old. Another dated thing.

How about something with a little dignity?

"Ladies, Gentlemen & All The Rest: The Rolling Stones"
07-21-02 08:25 AM
Sir Stonesalot Hey Reused,

Moonie doesn't need us to fight his battles for him. He is more than capable of squishing anyone who wants to take him on.
07-21-02 10:43 AM
Fiji Joe That is if "capable" consists of making dumbass remarks about penises and accusing someone of being gay...Damn straight, no one can match him there
07-21-02 11:18 AM
Sir Stonesalot LOL!

You haven't seen Moonie really rip yet. He's just playing around right now. I guess you'll just have to trust me on this one....he can be stone cold viscious.
07-21-02 11:43 AM
Fiji Joe Well, I have nothing against Moonie, I have taken this all in jest..hard to get really angry with someone I don't know...but, should things get out of hand, these flabby man breasts back up from no never been in a tussle until you been on the receving end of a lactating can get quite messy.
07-21-02 01:27 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ummmmmm.....I don't think man boobs have the glands needed for lactating.

What the hell kind of anatomy lessons do they teach you people at Fiji University?

Unless, you are really a woman, living as a man. Then your man boobs would actually be woman boobs, pretending to be man boobs. Of course, if this is the case, then you do actually have the ability to lactate.

But this would open up a whole new can of worms. And would certainly make clear why you are so obsessed with the gay jokes that have been flying around here lately.

Good Lord, but this is a strange post....
07-21-02 04:13 PM
F505 why don't they call the cd:

Sir stonesalots cock?

07-21-02 05:53 PM
Stonesthrow Never going to happen. The title would be too short.
07-21-02 08:12 PM
thief in the night 'Anita's clit'
Yes, that's it.
Sir Stonealot, you rule!!!
I'd buy it if that's the name.
Can you imagine the liner notes?
A wise investment, eh?
07-22-02 09:57 AM
Joey " should things get out of hand, these flabby man breasts back up from no never been in a tussle until you been on the receving end of a lactating can get quite messy. "

Fiji Joe , it is now official ARE my favorite poster here . Damn you are funny -- your wit rivals that of Johnny Carson !

I have got my eye on you !


07-22-02 10:13 AM
nankerphelge Yes, despite the flabby man breasts, FJ is quickly become one of my favorites as well!
07-22-02 02:47 PM
ulfk wrote:
40 LICKS,YES that is the name of Rolling Stones *new* album

Huh? This sounds like a Poison title....

If this is so then someone want my Tower tickets?
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