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Topic: Oasis's Noel Gallagher Calls Rolling Stones Tour A 'Ridiculous' Idea Return to archive Page: 1 2
07-11-02 07:08 PM
Ken (
(7/11/02, 3 p.m. ET) -- The always-opinionated Noel Gallagher of Oasis usually isn't at a loss for targets, and he doesn't suffer what he considers to be rock-and-roll fools lightly. Today's target is the Rolling Stones, who are preparing to light out on a North American tour beginning September 3 to celebrate the group's 40th anniversary.

Gallagher tells LAUNCH that he feels it's well past the time for the Stones to bring a curtain down on the group's vaunted career. "The Stones have looked ridiculous for 10 f--king years, apart from Ronnie Wood. He's a f--ing geezer, but Mick Jagger in tights at 60? Are you sure? Come on! We won't be f--king going onstage when we're 60, like half of these other f--king people who should know better at their age."

Oasis launches a North American tour of its own on August 2 in Pompano Beach, Florida, to promote its latest album, Heathen Chemistry.
-- Gary Graff,
07-11-02 07:18 PM
Jimbo This is the same guy who said he would never go to america again, because he was too scared after 9/11. Wish he would've kept true to his word. -JIM-
07-11-02 07:20 PM
mattb Is this the guy who's claim to fame is ripping off the Beatles' sound?
07-11-02 07:38 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl He also said to the German Mag Der Spiegel "THE BEATLES' music was "crap" after they turned 30" and "Rock musicians on the wrong side of 30 only ever write about trivial stuff. The Rolling Stones are rubbish nowadays and John Lennon and George Harrison only produced crap after they reached 30."
07-11-02 07:42 PM
gypsy Those Gallagher brothers are nutters. I guess they're not selling too many albums these days. Seems like they are always making snide remarks about everyone else, when they're not feuding with one another. I wish that the media would just ignore them...they never have anything meaningful to say.
07-11-02 07:57 PM
Mickjagger1963 What do they sing?
07-11-02 08:27 PM
Xzile999 Where are they now?? I've not heard anything about them since their first album really. Oh well, WE have the Stones
[Edited by Xzile999]
07-11-02 08:48 PM
thief in the night Gallagher? Is that the comedian who smashes watermelons?
Oh, he's a musician.
Well he sounds like a fucking clown to me.
07-11-02 08:55 PM
FTELE52 Noel is a fucking tool. The problem with the press is that they interview morons like this.
07-11-02 09:23 PM
thief in the night Don't shoot the messenger, my friend.
It's not the fault of the press that tools like Gallagher say stupid things.
Unfortunatley this kind of idiot do has a forum because people somehow Oasis'crap. Therefore they have fans. And the press is just doing its job.
But I agree with you. This clown is a TOOL!!!!!
Oasis couldn't carry the Stones' guitar cases.

07-11-02 09:46 PM
nanky I couldn't be happier that Noel thinks that. What a retard.

Meanwhile, I'm crafting the buzz!

I came to the conclusion today, that the proper time to begin crafting the buzz is not the day of the show, but rather, MONTHS in advance. Today I have started the crafting.

Tonight I popped in London Years disc 1 -- holy shit -- in case you ever forgot how freakin prolific and good these guys were when they started -- 25 tunes just up to Tears Go By. It is open mike night at the nankerphelge household, let me tell ya.

07-11-02 10:28 PM
complicated Who Cares???
what is it with the concept of forced retirement of anyone??demanding that anyone, in any area of life should stop doing what they love is both evil and cruel...will this mundane press coverage of the Stones and their age never end??? yawn, yawn...boring!
07-12-02 05:22 AM
Marilyn In 40 years no one will even remember what's his name and his silly Oasis band...
07-12-02 05:29 AM
Jumacfly Dear Noel

making a band called oasis was a really "ridiculous" idea.
you and your brother are real dumbass, playing the same riff for ten years, you re the shame of rock n roll man!!
so please, look for another job, punchin ball or clown for example....or Blur roadie what do you think about that ???

07-12-02 07:00 AM
Lacride Who the f*** is Noel Gallagher?
07-12-02 07:18 AM
L&A Rory G. was the one and only !
07-12-02 08:19 AM
Mathijs Although we probably don't like it, it seems to be the general opinion of the press AND fellow musicians that the Stones are way past their time, and to be honest -I don't necessarily disagree. The Stones ARE a bit turning into a joke, they are turning into a bit of golden-oldies/greatest-hits/cash-in-band. Musically they are worse than your average Stones-tribute band (I mean musically they are a shadow of what they were in the 70's), and personally I didn't like the sight at the 9/11 charity gig of an ill-looking Keith ACTING to be a R&R star while not even playing guitar at all.

I really wouldn't have mind if the Stones called it quits in 1993 after Bill leff. Then the Stones would have been remembered as the greatest R&R band in the world, and the legacy would be fed and sustained by all the great Anthology series and live shows that would have been released.

What I don't understand is that even if you have all the money in the world you still need to perform. I thought it was really awfull that within two days it was decided that The Who would continue without Entwhistle. Don't they understand that without Entwhistle there is no Who? I just heard that the Doors (remember?) are going to tour again. Jim Morrison IS The Doors -don't they understand that? The same for Big Brother and the Holding Company without Janis, Guns and Roses without Slash (and the rest of the band in that sense), and -to me at least- The Stones without Bill, and with a too drunk Ron and an posing-but not-playing-Keith; That's not the Stones anymore. The Stones now exist of Chuck Leavell, Charlie Watts, Mick jagger and a bunch of back-up singers and a brass orchestra of 26 men.

When Taylor left it was bad, but the good thing was that the heart of the Stones -Bill, Mick, Keith and Charlie- was still intact, and playing better than ever. Now, there just isn't that much left anymore. And when Gallagher says "jagger in tights when 60" I can understand him. At the 9/11 concert during Miss You I thought he was really pushing it, he reall was jumping too much. It just didn't fit anymore. It's like last year when I saw Johnny Rotten with a watered down Sex Pistols singing "I am an anarchist" at age 40 and being a multi-millionaire. It just doesn't fit anymore.

07-12-02 08:34 AM
Jumacfly You re right LA!!

there s only one Gallagher , and is name is Rory...

the other gallagher....who are these guys??
07-12-02 09:15 AM
winter I can't believe that this arshole hasn't gotten his arse kicked yet. He pisses off everybody. I'd love to see Keith beat the snot out of him with a tele.

For the record, Oasis can't even sell out the frickin FleetBoston Pavalion (its tiny) this summer. While the Stones have 3 sold out dates in Beantown this fall. Not even considering the difference in ticket prices, venue sizes, etc.

He'll be washing cars for a living soon at the rate of Oasis' album sales and ticket sales.

And most importantly, Oasis has no BLIMP!

Side note - Stereophonics are a much better band.

I am stepping off the soap box now.

07-12-02 09:42 AM
L&A You're absolutely right, Mathijs, and I agree 100%. Keith is completely "out" since 10 years (last time I saw the Stones was in Holland, and he played really not good at all), Jagger jumping looks a little ridiculous, Charlie seems to be the last credible one...
But this is only if we consider the "facts". From another point of view, I think the Stones are not a "revival"-band to be compared with the Doors and their stupid tour announcement. The Stones were always active and gave us always new songs, even if rock journalists didn't follow. They never hesitate to expose themselves to the critics and seem to challenge the fashions... I personally never listen to the Stones with nostalgia, as I can do sometimes with the Beatles...
I think music is the only thing they can do, it's their job and passion, and it's difficult for everyone to stop, even at 60...
(moeilijk in Engels, volgende keer probeer ik het in Nederlands...)
07-12-02 09:47 AM
Maxlugar Nanky, that's some fine crafting. For my own preparation for the SPIV, I will stop listening to the Stones for a week or so. This way I'm salivating for "The Drive". I hear you about the old stuff. I've been kicking it old school for a while myself. 12 x 5 and Englands Newest Hitmakers and Out of Our Heads have been making my ears cum for weeks!

Mathijs, I actually agree with a lot of what you said, it may shock you. But perhaps I am more hopefull this tour will been just what we have been waiting for. Keith and Ronnie HAVE to step it up and return our beloved band back into a guitar crunching monster. But fuck Oasis. I hope I'm around to see the day when THEY are 60! I wonder just how good they will look. Fuck sticks!
I had a dream last night that we were all very disappointed with the music on this tour. For some reason all the songs were like two mintues. What does this dream mean!?!?!

Well, dispite this dream, I'm very hopefull this tour is going to set us all afire! Especially the club and arena shows. But even so, the time to take it back down to earth and do only small shows and short tours that concentrate on the music is rapidly approaching. I don't like to see them trying too hard to be young. It's like the header picture a few days ago with Mick in that blue sparkily jacket and all wrinkled. He looks silly and its not needed. The man looks great in a t-shirt and jeans.

Snaggle Max!
07-12-02 11:19 AM
Mr T Oasis is a ridiculous idea.

bunch of drunken fucks

why don't they learn to write a new song
07-12-02 11:47 AM
mattb Remember tbe battle in the British press Blur Vs. Oasis?
07-12-02 12:16 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Blur vs Oasis?

Let's have them kill each other and then we won't have to listen to Noel Galegher anymore.

Filthy unwashed thing, he.

The fact is, Noel, while points like that do have some merit in recent years (Let's all sing "Thru and Thru", "Moon Is Up", and "Sweethearts Together" and see how far we can get without crying), you've got to remember that your band is famous for one thing and one thing only:

Ripping the fucking HELL outta the Beatles.

And then, of course, George Harrison listens to you and tells everyone you're crap, so of course you get bitter - you've gotta face it - the Classic rockers hate you. But you don't want to, so you rag on Harrison and Lennon because you think you can get away with it. It's a shame poor George isn't around to put you back in your place, where you belong - midway up the pop charts and going nowhere but down.

He's just a bitter whiny little boy, angry because the big kids realize that he's nothing more than a pretentious copycat. Yes, the Stones haven't been at their best in 20 years. But I think, just like Sister Morphine, this hit might be our last, and it's gonna be a good one.

And at least we're better than the fucking Eagles!

-tSYX - Pretentious ripoffs go home!
07-12-02 01:27 PM
Joey Noel Gallagher is such a piece of shit . You should see his guest appearance with Townshend and company on "The Who Live at the Royale Albert Hall " video ..........walks on the stage with that smarmy , mincy shit-eating grin of his and proceeds to absolutely ruin " Won't get fooled Again . "

Just thinking about it has left be unable to post here for the rest of the day .

" Help Me Ronnie , Help , Help Me Ronnie "

Snaggle Joe

07-12-02 02:11 PM
sammy davis jr. I have to agree with Noel a bit....just look at the Double Door video. Keith botching notes everywhere, Ronnie not even trying , Mick doesn't even TRY to hit the high notes anymore- he passes them off to the backup singers. The songs are at a sludge pace tempo (19th Nervous, Start Me Up, The Last Time) Hell, on Shame, Shame, Shame- a simple 12 bar blues in E, Ronnie does the usual "I'm playing my ass off" grimmacing, but plays absolutely next to nothing during his "solo". A freaking bar band guitar player could play something more inspiring. I know it was a warm up gig for the first date of the tour, but sheesh you'd think they rehearsed once or twice. I'm sorry but this is not the Stones I grew up loving. Here's hoping they can miraculously pull it together for this tour. As far as the Gallagher's go, the new Oasis album will officially kill the band, as it's just not very good.
07-12-02 02:41 PM
Gazza Good points ,Mathijs (although personally I dont agree they should quit as a band - but I'd have more respect for them if they were at least trying to produce "new" material instead of doing a "nostalgia" tour aimed at corporate America..but thats another story..)

I do have good hopes for them in terms of performance levels for this tour with Ronnie hopefully being sober. I just hope Keith will be in better condition too. Im just concerned at the lack of rehearsal time. A month isnt really long enough by Stones standards,especially if theyre planning to REALLY vary the set around. Personally I doubt they'll revolutionize the setlists as much as people think.

Anyone getting worked up about something Noel Gallagher said is wasting their bile. I mean..who cares? Noel IS actually a Stones fan - at least of the band when they were in their heyday - and saying he doesnt like what theyve become is hardly a groundbreaking quote. A lot of Stones fans would feel the same way to a degree. Besides he's only said theyve been pointless for "ten years"..thats actually more flattering than most critics who think they havent been relevant for THIRTY years. The guys got an album to promote, someone asked him a question and he answered it. Its fair comment to a degree,even if you dont like the guy or his music. Get over it and take it with a pinch of salt. On a similar theme,last week he said that songwriters are washed up by the time theyre 30 and that the likes of McCartney of the Stones basically shouldnt bother anymore. For the record,Noel Gallagher is 35!!! maybe he's being ironic?

Also,comparing Stones and Oasis ticket sales in Boston is a bit pointless as they're a band who dont really care about cracking America. Theyre big enough elsewhere commercially and as a concert draw to not give a shit
07-12-02 03:17 PM
T&A I agree for the most part about the Double Door gig - although I disagree with the Shame, Shame, Shame comment. The song kicked ass...I don't care whether the solo came off well or not. Folks need to remember that the Stones aren't about friggin' guitar solos! This ain't Aerosmith or Foghat.

Can the Stones still cut it as a live act? What was everyone listening to during the B2B and NS tours? There were moments of night in and out on the small stage, when they didn't lean on backup players/singers. Can they do a whole show like that? Probably not and they're smart enough not to try. But, I'll take 30 minutes of kick-ass Stones rock'n'roll any night - ain't nobody else doing it like this anymore. Can't wait fo September!!! Now let's cut out the bullshit about this over-the-hill crap....
07-12-02 03:34 PM
gimmekeef I'll bet that BIG crowd down in Pompano can hardly wait for the Gallager's to roll out the rip off rips.These guys won't be playing when their 60 he says..hell they'll be long forgotten before their 30!!!!!
07-12-02 03:58 PM
rogerriffin no se preocupen cabrones, ese pobre hombre que puede decir, ADEMAS TODOS SABEMOS QUE LOS STONES SON LOS STONES.
don`t worried guy, those poor man what can say, ALL WE KNOWS THAT THE STONES ARE THE STONES.
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