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Topic: Sad Day: John Entwistle passes Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
06-29-02 01:35 PM
Sir Stonesalot Wait a minute....are you equating The Who with a stage play, or any of those repugnant "oldies" acts? JESUS CHRIST! This isn't Jay & the fuckin' Americans, or Phantom Of The fucking's the goddamn WHO! IMO, there's a significant difference.

But maybe you are right about the insurances and stuff. Perhaps it was just too late to stop it...past the point of no return, so to speak. I have an idea that the surviving members of the band may not be in any kind if financial position to take the kind of economic hit that cancelling at the last minute would cost.

I'm gonna go to the show on the 29th, and I'm gonna try to enjoy it. But I'm honestly not expecting much.
06-29-02 02:53 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:

I'm gonna go to the show on the 29th, and I'm gonna try to enjoy it. But I'm honestly not expecting much.

Now I'm REALLY confused. You know, I came in the other night after having a lot of laughs with Dandelion at "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", dialed up the 'net, and got the shock of the summer seeing "John Entwistle RIP". NOOO! It CAN"T be!

But of course it was. Then the NEXT day, after telling everyone I ran into at work that the Who couldn't POSSIBLY replace Entwistle, while the radio played a steady stream of songs which proved me right - "Substitute". "My Generation", "My Wife", "I Can See For Miles", etc - I dial up the 'net and see the tour is ON. Whaaaa? Pino WHO?

Then I saw your post that said "The tickets are sold" and I thought you meant you sold OUR tickets, so I decided, yes, you're right, we SHOULDN'T go. But now I see you meant the tickets sold were en masse, not just our two. So we're still going?

Boy, I don't know about this. I feel dirty just thinking about it. You're not expecting anything - I'm expecting disaster. "Hope I die before I get old" with Pinto Stationwagon playing the Ox's solo? gggaaaaaack.

I liked '94 better, when we went to the opening night of Voodoo Lounge for our birthdays. Now we're going to a wake for the world's second greatest rock & roll band.

This new century sucks so far.
06-29-02 05:06 PM
Sir Stonesalot Fuck yeah we're going. It's like an automobile accient that you come don't want to look, but you look anyway.

No we really shouldn't go. But I already paid for the fucking tickets...and obviously they won't be issuing refunds...and just as obviously, no one is gonna buy the fucking things from me for anywhere approaching face value...

So what can a poor boy do, 'cept go to a rock & roll show?
Cause in sleepy Mifflintown there's no place for a
bass player fan....

Honestly Bro, we will NEVER be celebrating our birthday's in style again like '94. That was our once in a lifetimer. So instead, we will just ingest some chemicals, go eat at a good mexican restaurant, enjoy being in each other's great company, ingest some more, and go watch the car wreck.

This century has indeed sucked like a Hoovermatic with Beater Bar Attachement. But business is about to pick up come September.
06-29-02 05:27 PM
Joey 'I'm gonna go to the show on the 29th, and I'm gonna try to enjoy it. But I'm honestly not expecting much. '

You are going to be pleasantly surprised .

06-29-02 05:47 PM
Honky Tonk Man Thats good to hear Joey, i dont know if i would call it the Who, to me the Who finished when Moon died but life goes on. And im sure these shows ar going to be killer. Entwistle was the BEST bassist out there, they cant replace him, but they can get around it.

Read this guys, i mean we are all so shocked about his death, but shit, if your going to smoke and drink all your life, then well what do you expect? Hes not Keith friggin' Richards

06-29-02 07:09 PM
Gazza Keith's mortal too and sooner or later his lifestyle will catch up with him if he doesnt wise up. Anyone who imagines otherwise and who pays lip service to this "Keith's indestructable" shite and helps feed that delusional image is kiddin' themselves.
06-29-02 07:30 PM
Honky Tonk Man I know Gazza and you are very right. Keith still has all the bad habbits except for drugs and he will pay one day. Can you picture his lungs!!! If reports are true that Ronnie HAS quit drinking and smoking then thats great, but whos to say the damage isnt already done?

I guess what i typed was my silly way of trying to add a bit of humour to this sad topic. Its a shame, but then you have to remember that Entwistle was just a normal guy. Millions die like him every day.

Im going to say something controversial here, but i stick by it.

I do not think Keith will reach 65, Bill's still going but boy he hasnt been through what Keith has.
06-30-02 12:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This was today's header

Woody and Bill by John Entwistle
06-30-02 06:59 PM
Gazza Just got home from seeing Oasis in concert tonight in Belfast - show ended with a nice touch with Liam Gallagher telling the crowd "THIS is rock'n'roll" before they launched into a terrific version of "My Generation"
06-30-02 08:00 PM
Honky Tonk Man Ahhh, Gazza you lucky bastard!!! I read in NME that theyve been closing with "My Generation" Ive been listening to the cd you gave me non stop. Theres a couple of duff ones, but the good stuff out weighs the bad by a long shot. Liams closer "Better Man" is brilliant.
07-01-02 09:14 AM
John Wood Entwistle was not just a bass player he was THE BASS PLAYER!
I am still having a hard time believing Entwistle is gone,
that really sucks!!!
07-01-02 11:23 AM
gotdablouse So what was the show like ? Who played bass ?
07-01-02 11:58 PM
Martha Those of you going to the WHO concert, to see the car wreck, (as Sir Stones put it) should consider getting the tour book (see if they continue with what they have obviously already printed which will include John) and shirts, etc. and KEEP them in mint condition...and IF you live a long life it may be worth something in your old age...just a thought.

Will look forward to some reviews of the show...I think Pete and Roger will put everything they've got into it as a tribute to their life-long friend. was too late to cancel...the show was to start the next is a dilemna that I wouldn't want to have to deal with. As Stones, WHO and rock fans we should be supportive in whatever way we can be...death is a part of life, and life goes on and thank god we still have so many of our rock and rollers still out there doin what they do best.

Rest in peace John Entwistle...and all those who have passed before you.

ps did anyone note that John Lennon and John Entwistle had the same birthday...only 4 years apart?
07-02-02 07:26 AM
Gazza wrote:
Just got home from seeing Oasis in concert tonight in Belfast - show ended with a nice touch with Liam Gallagher telling the crowd "THIS is rock'n'roll" before they launched into a terrific version of "My Generation"

Well, apparently here's a contradictory comment by Noel

NOEL GALLAGHER says older musicians have nothing interesting to sing about and THE BEATLES' music was "crap" after they turned 30.

The Oasis star also admits his own songwriting skills can only go downhill now hes reached 35.

He told German magazine Der Spiegel: "There's only a handful of subjects it's actually worth writing about - love, anger, sex and drugs. And I often think when I'm writing new songs that I've already said it better before."

He added: "Rock musicians on the wrong side of 30 only ever write about trivial stuff. The Rolling Stones are rubbish nowadays and John Lennon and George Harrison only produced crap after they reached 30."

And he says he will not be turning to his own experiences since he found fame, such as his divorce from Meg Mathews, as material for his songs.

He says he wants to keep writing from the perspective of "a working class bloke from a council estate in Manchester", despite his huge fortune.

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