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Topic: Sad Day: John Entwistle passes Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
06-28-02 01:11 AM
littleredrooster I'm really sorry for you, Joey!!
I can imagine how you feel knowing your love for The Who.

Nothing can soften the blow.


06-28-02 02:29 AM
Bluzian Yes, I'd like to express my saddened condolences as well...
What a travesty. I too had tix to see The Who in Detroit this
summer. John was a brilliant player and will be sadly missed.

Any word on the tour?
06-28-02 03:14 AM

You did a good job for the music
06-28-02 06:33 AM
Keefness Big Drag..big drag..the boomers take another major hit.
06-28-02 06:43 AM
Lazy Bones Dear God! He'll be missed, dearly. Prayers and thoughts for family, friends and fellow fans alike.
Only 57...
06-28-02 06:51 AM
Lazy Bones

The Who bassist dies

John Entwistle was 'quiet one'

By CHELSEA J. CARTER -- Associated Press

LAS VEGAS -- Stunned fans of The Who's
John Entwistle left flowers and consoled each
other outside a casino concert hall where the
bass player who helped make the band one of
the biggest in rock history had been expected
to perform Friday.

Entwistle was found dead Thursday in his Hard
Rock Hotel room of an apparent heart attack.
He was 57.

"What do we do now?" asked David Stark,
editor and publisher of a music industry Web
site who had flown in for the Las Vegas concert
from London, where he saw The Who in

The co-founder of The Who was on medication
for a heart condition, according to Steve
Luongo, the drummer in another Entwistle band
for the last 15 years.

An autopsy was scheduled for Friday, but Clark
County Coroner Ron Flud said no foul play was

The group's scheduled concert at the Hard
Rock on Friday was canceled, as was a July 1
show in Los Angeles. The rest of the
three-month, nationwide tour was undecided,
said Beckye Levin of promoter Clear Channel

Outside The Joint, where the concert was
scheduled, fans like Lauren J. Hammer, 35, of
Boulder, Colo., gathered in front of a growing
collection of flower bouquets and a large British
flag. She held her Colorado license plate that
read "WHO R U" and business cards that
stated "Who Fan Extraordinaire."

The casino played the band's songs, and the
hotel changed its marquee from a concert
promotion to a memorial reading, "John
Entwistle. 1944-2002. You will be missed by

"My whole life has been altered today," said fan
Stefanie Cushing, 34, of Seattle, who had
tickets for seven shows.

The group, founded in London in the early
1960s, was part of the British rock invasion
along with the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.
Their parade of hits included "I Can See For
Miles," "I Can't Explain," "Substitute," "Pinball
Wizard," "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "Who
Are You."

The Who's first hit, "My Generation," became
an anthem for baby boomers and included the
line, "Hope I die before I get old."

Their concerts were literally explosive -- a
fusion of audacious acrobatics, martial
precision and high octane rock 'n' roll that blew
away audiences and left the stage and their
instruments a smoldering wreck.

"A lot of our fans liked us because we made
mistakes. It made us look more human. And
then the fact that we could actually sort of burst
out laughing on stage when we made a real
bad blunder," Entwistle told The Associated
Press in a 1995 radio interview.

Entwistle's fingers raced across his bass, but
he stood silently on stage in contrast to
hyperactive guitarist Pete Townshend and lead
singer Roger Daltrey.

Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for the Doors,
called Entwistle "one of the great, great rock 'n'
roll bassists of all time. A real genius."

"He just was the most humble rock star I have
ever met, besides having the best hands of any
bass player in the history of rock and roll," said
rocker Sammy Hagar.

Entwistle's songwriting contributions to the
band were minimal compared with those of the
prolific Townshend. He penned "Boris the
Spider" and "My Wife," among other songs, but
no big hits. Yet he was the only member of the
band with formal musical training.

He was among the first in rock to experiment
with the six- and eight-string bass, and he also
played the French horn.

"As a musician, he did for the bass guitar what
Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar," said Luongo,
49, who played drums in The John Entwistle
Band for the last 15 years.

Entwistle was born Oct. 9, 1944, in London,
and played piano and trumpet in his early
years. He met Townshend and Daltrey in his
high school years and by 1964 the band was

The Who played at the first Woodstock,
opening with Entwistle's "Heaven and Hell," and
churned out a succession of albums, including
"My Generation," "Happy Jack," "The Who Sell
Out," "Who's Next," "Quadrophenia," "Who Are
You" and "The Kids Are Alright."

They also made 1969's groundbreaking rock
opera, "Tommy," about a deaf, dumb and blind
messiah. The album was turned into a film
starring Ann-Margret in 1975 and later into a
Broadway show.

The Who have sold 18 million albums,
according to the Recording Industry
Association of America. They have had 14 gold
albums, 10 platinum and five multiplatinum.

Entwistle in many instances improvised as
much as guitarist Townshend, who once said
the bass player provided more lead material
than he did.

"A lot of my playing is improvising," Entwistle
explained to Bass Frontiers magazine in 1996.
"I will just discover different little patterns or riffs
in any key at anytime. Somewhere in my brain I
have a list of things I can play. It's a matter of
putting them in the right order."

He released the first of his nine solo albums in
1971, and later formed his own ensemble, Ox,
while continuing to play with The Who.

The Who retired in 1982 but reunited and
toured frequently. They gave a rousing
performance at last year's "Concert for New
York," which raised money for the victims of the
Sept. 11 attacks. Their latest album, "Ultimate
Collection," entered the Billboard charts two
weeks ago at No. 31.

They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame in 1990.

Entwistle was also an artist and was in Las
Vegas in part to open a show at the Grammy's
Art of Music Gallery at the Aladdin
Hotel-Casino. His work included cartoon-type
portraits of himself and his fellow band
06-28-02 07:40 AM
Scot Rocks From Pete's diaries at
just a small message

The Ox has left the building - we've lost another great friend. Thanks for your support and love. Pete and Roger

06-28-02 08:19 AM
TomL Here today, gone tomorrow. Shame. Live life to the fullest. We do take so much for granted. RIP
06-28-02 08:40 AM
Lacride Merci John, bassiste virtuose: t'as fait vibrer mes tripes pendant presque 40 ans. Aujourd'hui, je vais passer Boris The Spider en boucle.
06-28-02 08:47 AM
nankerphelge That's it right there Tom -- life is short, fragile and what you make of it while you are here.
06-28-02 11:06 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I had and have no words to express how bad I feel.

Now we have only two original members of the Who and the Beatles.

Who's next?

06-28-02 11:32 AM
Jacques Terrible and very sad news we've got this morning.
As a lot of you I'm loosing a part of my youth, it's time to go, but John was too young to go.
After Beatles, Who and a lot others we are loosing a part of great R&R creators.
Gerardo! I like and dislike your terrific expression : Who's next

"Everybody calls me the quiet one
You can see but you can't hear me
Everybody calls me the quiet one
You can try but you can't get near me
I ain't never ever had the gift of the gab
When words fail me you won't nail me
My eyes can tell you lies
John Entwistle
06-28-02 11:47 AM
Joey 'This is terrible news. I am numb. Can't imagine that the show will go on. I'll still travel to Las Vegas tomorrow, and attend any service or vigil that my occur in place of the concert. '

Please light a candle for me too ........or lay down some flowers .

Thanks for the kind words Fleabit . I love Stoney and you too and I hope the show still goes on . Always the Optimist .

What shitty timing !!!!!! Things were really looking up for the guy ( As in millions of dollars and no more crappy Beatles gigs . )

06-28-02 02:53 PM
Martini According to Pete's diary, the tour will continue. The first show will be the Hollywood Bowl.

06-28-02 03:04 PM
Maxlugar What?!

Has anyone seen a man with rather smallish hands boarding the Concord?

That would be the only way.

Then again, 75% of Rogers check is going to various tax men, creditors and loan sharks so anyone on bass is welcomed.

"Does Paul McCartney have a son who plays bass, Ronnie?"
06-28-02 03:06 PM
moy sad news, john was a great person, rip

Mark, left, and Joe McGlade, of Northern Ireland, look at artwork by John Entwistle, the bassist for the Who, Thursday, June 27, 2002 at the Grammy's Art of Music Gallery at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Entwistle, who died in his Las Vegas hotel room Thursday, was to have been at the opening of his art show. (AP Photo/Joe Cavaretta)

Taylor Thomas, age 9, of Houston, Tex., looks at artwork by John Entwistle, the bassist for The Who, Thursday, July 27, 2002 at the Grammy's Art of Music Gallery at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Entwistle, who died in his Las Vegas hotel room Thursday, was to have been at the opening of his art show. (AP Photo/Joe Cavaretta)

John Entwistle, 57, bassist of the rock band The Who, has died in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino June 27, 2002, according to the Clark County Coroner's office in Las Vegas. The cause of the death was still under investigation. Entwistle (R) is seen in this April 10, 2002 file photo with fellow Who members Roger Daltry (L) and Pete Townshend, at a press conference in New York. REUTERS/Peter Morgan

06-28-02 03:19 PM
Sir Stonesalot They aren't SERIOUSLY going to go on with the tour....that would be incredibly stupid to do. It would be like Paul & Ringo going out on tour calling themselves the Beatles for fuck sake.

Don't do it Pete. Show some class. It's over. Let it rest in peace.
06-28-02 03:50 PM
Maxlugar It's true SS. Q104.3 just reported it.

Does anyone think a band that does 15 farewell tours has any class?

They need money so much they need money so baaaadddd!!!

Imagine the outcry if Mick and Charlie continued on as The Stones god forbid if Keith and Ronnie were to pass on.

06-28-02 05:48 PM
CS Is really sad for John, but I think that the fans want to see Roger and Pete, and the tickets are sold already. They must tour but not as The Who anymore, something like Townshend & Daltrey
06-28-02 05:51 PM
mattb I never thought the Who should continue after Keith's death. But hey, who am I to say? If they want to and if people want to shell out the money, why not? Keith and John are still going be dead.
06-28-02 08:19 PM
stone jr. I am sad too. John is a very nice man and has tallent. He will be missed.
06-28-02 08:37 PM
Scot Rocks Iv'e just sat and watched, VH1 uk's trbute to John, which was too show the VH1 classic album series in which Who's Next was the album concerned. However, although it was great to see again and the construction of the fantastic masterpiece that it was, I felt that it sort of ignored the purpose it was put for, a tribute to John. However, so long as VH1 put some other stuff on I'll be ok about, however if all they are going to do is put on a one hour show about the making of a Who album at midnight as a tribute, I will be extremely disapointed, at their pathetic atttitude towards the great musicians that the channel is supposed to represent. I remember it having hours and hours of tribute for the death of the singer Alliayah (sorry about the spelling) during the day and at peak time. The least they can do for John, one of the greatest bassists ever is something in the same mold. Yet if this does not happen I will not be surprised, that is the way of today, hopefully VH1 UK will prove me wrong.


06-28-02 09:27 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah Matt, the tickets are already sold. I bought my tickets when John was in the band. Believe me, if it had just been Townsend & Daltrey from the beginning, I would NOT have shelled that cash out.

For me, the Who died yesterday. And now they are trying to trot out The Who Lite....and under extremely bad circumstances at that.

Lemme ask you you think Beatles fans would accept Paul & Ringo coming out to tour as the Beatles? I certainly doubt it. And this situation is no different, IMO.
06-28-02 09:38 PM
Scot Rocks This week keeps gettin worse I about 2% failed one of my exams, passed my 4 others anyway, forget exams if Pete and Rodger go ahead with this it could be a disaster.

06-28-02 09:57 PM
stonedinaustralia they couldn't possibly do it... i mean how soul destroyingly depressing would these gig's be?? i could understand one show by way of a tribute (but where and for whom)but an extended commercially driven tour?... the shows would be covered wih an impenetrable cloud of grief and gloom and if they weren't i'd say the audience was there for the wrong reasons (an opinionated view i know but that's my take on it)... i would have seriously overestimated pete t if he goes ahead or else he had better have a very good explanation/justification

while the stones are far and away my favourite rock 'n' roll band (whatever that means) mainly becasuse they are not just a r 'n' r band but a way of (well you know what kinda way of)... but when i was a young boy barely in school and though i'd listened to music since as long a i can remember "substitute" was the first record that really fired me up and blew my mind with the sheer visceral power of the music... in short if there is one song upon which i can lay the blame/ give the credit for my becoming a hopeless rock and roll music fan then that song is it and john e's bass was a huge part of the sound/the attitude and the energy that makes that song so great

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-28-02 10:16 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Today's header is Woody and Bill by John Entwistle. He felt identified with both, Bill as a bass player and Woody as a graphic artist and musician.

06-28-02 10:27 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Here wwe have three of the pix we posted last year of the Who with Mick and Keith backstage MSG

BTW, these photos have a hidden watermark, and one of them was used at John's website LOL, well it was a pleassure to make a contribution to that site.
06-28-02 10:32 PM
06-28-02 11:49 PM
what a wonderful talent and musical soul that has left will be dearly missed...Rest In Peace...
06-29-02 01:04 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Yeah Matt, the tickets are already sold. I bought my tickets when John was in the band. Believe me, if it had just been Townsend & Daltrey from the beginning, I would NOT have shelled that cash out.

For me, the Who died yesterday. And now they are trying to trot out The Who Lite....and under extremely bad circumstances at that.

Lemme ask you you think Beatles fans would accept Paul & Ringo coming out to tour as the Beatles? I certainly doubt it. And this situation is no different, IMO.

I understand your disappointment, but show business is ripe with precedent. If a stage actor gets ill or leaves the show, the show goes on. As Pete mentioned in his diary, there are hundreds of "little people" that would lose by cancelling the tour. They have already committed themselves to it and probably turned down other opportunities. There are many "oldies" groups that are on the road with maybe one or two original members. It is rather unlikely any insurance would have covered cancelling the whole tour. There are no gurantees a show won't suck, but many do. No one tried to screw you out of anything. Dying is a part of life. They say there will be a show. While I do not know all the legal aspects of this particular group, I'm confident it can legally be called a show by The Who.
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