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06-10-02 01:41 PM
Joey Didn't Billy try to " Dog " Mick ?????????

If so , that would have turned me off permanently .
Thank God I was not around to witness such an occasion .

Doggie Joey !

06-11-02 10:28 AM
jb Joey, I have a dog named Monster -a 121b shi-tzi..He is offended by the word "dogging" -Chiba, Chiba....Kibbles -n-bits!
06-11-02 01:07 PM
Joey Josh , you make young Joey smile !

06-11-02 02:19 PM
jb JOey...I have a my tickets for both florida shows but none of my loser friends will pay me what I paid for extra seat. Do I take wife who could care less, take 9 yr old son who will harass and annoy me during show, sell extra tickets for what I can get, give tickets to nice person, or keep empty chair for both shows and have space as i have gone from 1901bs a year ago to 250 due to stress, health concerns, and other psychiatric reasons...Thanks...your pal lil jb..........
06-11-02 02:44 PM
TomL My mother-in-law lives close to Sawgrass Mills Mall out side of FT. Lauderdale. She works for an eye doctor. She called the other evining(knowing I'm a huge Stones fan) to tell me that someone wanted the doctor to declare them blind so they could get a good seat. Wish I would of thought of that. Post your tix on some message boards, some one will take them.
06-11-02 02:53 PM
nankerphelge Put down the Twinkie jb!!

I hear ya though jb -- I put on 30 pounds in 3 years -- in '99 for the No Security show - 175 pounds of raw, cut, Tae Kwon Do'in, weightliftin nankerphelge. Hard to keep the girlies at bay.

Last year, after one of the most stressful cases ever -- I'm Jabba the Hut -- slurpin and burpin and preparing for my own zip code. Had more chins than a Chinese phonebook.

But I am back on the program again - getting in shape for the tour -- almost back to where I was in '99. By September -- 180 pounds -- 48 jacket -- 34 waist -- 3rd degree Black Belt and looking for a whole lot of rock & roll!!!
06-11-02 03:04 PM
jb I was actually thin at 6'1half 190...Then this past 8 months I ate like a pig b/c of stress related disorder(my son was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma, which is not cancerous, but if it grows he will need surgery)...I was a 44 long, 37, 46 long, 42 waist! I need to lose about 30 pounds by Oct so I don't look like a fat ass for the shows...Fortunately, I still have a full head of hair and I am otherwise somewhat good looking(atleast my employees tell me this).. Anyway. ....
06-11-02 05:14 PM
Joey "Sell extra tickets for what I can get, give tickets to nice person, or keep empty chair for both shows "

Yes that order !

At the pre -show bar , just tell the manager to make an announcement over the system that you have two Rolling Stones' tickets for Sale . That should peak someone's interest and might get you laid later on that evening . Your wife will never know and even if she did find out , just say , " I'm sorry , I'm sorry , I'm sorry . "

Then again , you're a Captain JB , you know this already .

" Tie Me Up and call me Suzie Ronnie "

Joey Soprano

Clubby Bear

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