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Topic: Worst Stones Tour? Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-08-02 07:38 PM
Honky Tonk Man Perhaps im not the best person to discuss this as ive only heard a few shows from each tour from say 1972 Nort American tour, but whats everyones least favourite. I have a feeling that alot of you guys dont dif the 81/82 tour too much. At first i would of agreed, but i was watching Hampton 81 (video which Gazza gave me) and Keiths playing is awsome and overal band performance is top notch. With the amount of people complaining about Ronnie, id of thought everyone would sat Bridges or No Security. To be honest everything ive heard is great. This tour will be the best im sure

06-08-02 08:05 PM
nanky Right you are -- for me '81 was lackluster. The guitars sounded tinny, the songs sounded rushed, the daylight show was not so dazzling, and in retrospect, I just don't care for it compared to others.
06-08-02 08:16 PM
Honky Tonk Man Im warming too it, Keiths guitar on "Let Me Go" from Hampton is mind blowing stuff. But the songs do sound rushed. Thers a realy punk feel to the songs, but i think that was the nature of the times. Well maybe not in the actall punk sense. Punk died in 78. To be fair, i havent heard a Stones show i dislike.
06-08-02 10:10 PM
Mr T I'd probably say 76. Had some great moments - and I can't really say, cuz I wasn't even born yet, but most of the stuff I heard from that tour sounded really off, the band wasn't nearly as tight as they shoulda been. 81 was good & bad. Guitars sounded better, but the vocals didn't work too good if you ask me. I didn't like Mick always singing deeper - like he wasn't even attempting to use any range in his voice. Overall, it was still a great tour - regardless of whatever you could say against Mick's choice in wardrobe. hehe
06-08-02 10:43 PM
riverrat My first STONES shows were the Hampton 81 nights in December. My Mom passed the collection plate at her bridge club meeting the night befor and gave me the $$$, and the next morning I was off to Virginia. The night of Keith's birthday- Keith hit some dude over the head with his guitar! This cat tried to grab a hat Mick's off of a piano. kEith and Ronnie traded some awsome licks during those shows! Perhaps.. because it was the last two shows, but baby they were hot as hell. I've loved those cats ever since. It opened my eyes to rock and roll.I did notice that Ronnie picked up a lot of slack from Keith, in fact, I'd say that Ronnie was lead.guitar. Watch those shows if you have access. Those Fu**ers rock!!!!!
06-09-02 03:31 AM
marko Well well,,,i think its the 76 european tour,,it had its
moments,,,they did few killer shows,like bremen,berlin,lyon,
2 paris shows were great,2-3london shows were ok,,,but thats
about it.1990,,,they did best shows in Scandinavia,music
wisely,most boring tour,,charlie played the same beat thru
the show.Best tours for me are 81/82,and 94-99 tours.then
its 75/69-73,,,,but i don´t listen those taylor era show
very much,,,i did,but i got bored.Hey alex,do you have
hampton on cd?
06-09-02 05:13 AM
Gregus For me it was '78 - - specifically the Buffalo show. They were, well, awful - - particularly Keith. Every other tour since '72 I think has been great.
06-09-02 05:48 AM
Mathijs My all-time favorite tours are 1972 (raw, alive and Taylor) and 1981 (raw, aggressive, fast, punky -and the best Wood tour), the worst tours are in my opinion: 1990, great to watch live in a stadium, but an absolute bore to listen to at home, and 1994/95, on wich they played everything at half speed, driven by Chuckies ever-boring piano instead of two raw guitars.


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06-09-02 07:25 AM
MRD8 Without a doubt the worst Stones tour for me was in '78...I saw the tour opener in Lakeland, Florida and they sounded like the worlds greatest garage band! They only played for an hour and ten minutes and mostly played material from Some Girls which only came out three days before the show, almost nobody had heard it yet...Keith was all messed up...Ronnie stood face to face with him and mouthed the chords...the crew hung a towel with the setlist on it over Keith's amp because he kept getting lost! I decided to go see them in New Orleans on July 13th but they were only slightly better there...they were an hour and a half late going onstage...the opening bands, Van Halen and the Doobie Brothers blew them away! I loved the '81 tour because it was the last time they played basically by themselves...only Stu and Ian on keyboards and Ernie Watts on sax...didn't like the fact it was a daytime show because I was used to seeing nighttime shows! Great setlist too...! Now we have the "Vegas Stones" with background singers, horns, Chuck Leavell and blowup dolls...I'm glad I'm old enough to have seen them in '65, '69 and twice in '72!
06-09-02 09:19 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Well the truth is......there is a world of difference between 'sound quality' and 'quality of performance on the day'. For those of us who listen to bootlegs from the Jones / Taylor days you have to concentrate on the performance and block out the 'sound quality' issues. It takes booze and practice. The '81 sound was tinny, but many of the concerts were in very big stadiums when equipmeny wasn't really up to the challenge. There were some magical moments of musicianship at some of those shows!
06-09-02 09:48 AM
Mr T the Taylor era was great. All the shows I heard had good if not excellent performances. Voodoo Lounge could've been better. The band was tight, but they were trying to give the songs new feel - so to say that the performances kinda didn't live up to the songs is a worthy opinion, but still, only an opinion. 76-78 they were just OFF. It wasn't the sound quality, the band wasn't playing together half the time. OK, there were some good, and even some great shows - but most that I heard were a disgrace to Keith's rhythm guitar abilities. SW was anoter great one. Of course the feel changed, just like Voodoo Lounge, but the band was really on the ball that tour & playing together nicely
06-09-02 12:43 PM
Martini For me, all the tours have their strengths and weaknesses. The band (especially Mick’s vocals) sounded sloppy at times during the seventies, but hey, the shows still rocked and are still great to hear on the various bootlegs. The interplay between Keef and Mick T on “Midnight Rambler” and “You Can’t Always Get...” during '72-'73 was incredible, and Ronnie played some really great solos during the '75-'76 shows. I love the raw energy of the shows from those periods. The ’81 shows definitely sound hurried, but that is part of their appeal, at least to me. I like the “punk-like” element of the shows from that period.

From ’89 on, the shows seem more polished and much less spontaneous than the previous tours. I think the large horn section, the omnipresent Chuck L on keyboards, and backing singers help make the shows sound a little more uniform and consistent, which is good and bad. Mick’s vocals are much better from that period to the present day, but the large crew they have playing with them sometimes makes the music a little sterile. I think it is time to lose everyone in the support band except Bobby Keys and Lisa Fischer. The ’94 tour is a particular favorite of mine, since Ronnie was still playing his instrument. The weak part of the ‘97-’99 shows is certainly the decline of Ronnie, who was pretty horrible during this stretch. (I was just listening to 11/19/97 the other day, and Ronnie’s playing was so bad it was comic and tragic.) On the bright side, Keef, Mick and Charlie were (and are) still awesome and were able to prove they are still the greatest band in the world, despite the absence of Ronnie. The ’99 set lists were awesome, and I hope the boys break out some more previously unplayed gems this tour. Go Stones!

06-09-02 12:55 PM
littleredrooster The worst tour for me was the '75 'Bird With The Jet Engines Tour'. Particularly, the show at Milwaukee County Stadium was nothing but awful! The Eagles opened for The Stones and sounded great,better than the Stones! Yeah, a nightmare for any of us.
The Stones sounded disjointed, it was the worst of the 22
live shows that I have attended. Then, on to Chicago's unfurling lotus stage and phallus riding Jagger, too much
fluff, not enough meat. It could have been the transition
to Woody and I think that the shows were early in the tour,and this was his first. But,they really sucked. Pardon that blasphemy!
Favorite tours '69, '72, '94, '98-'99 in that order.
06-09-02 03:25 PM
Fiji Joe Hey Riverrat, I was at the Hampton Show...all the way from Fiji...actually Winston-Salem, N.C....the show was great and the bootleg kicks ass too
06-09-02 08:02 PM
Honky Tonk Man No Marko, i dont have that show on cd, i have it on video and on cassette. Its one of my favourite Stones live shows!!
06-09-02 10:37 PM
JaggaRichards JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, 1978.
Worst Stones show I ever saw/heard.
Bummed me out for months.
06-10-02 07:44 AM
Maxlugar Man, this is like asking what was the worst blow job I ever got. Well there was that shemale.....Who am I kidding, that was great.

But I guess if I HAD to pick one it would be the '89-'90 tours.

All of the shows I heard have a serious "Drive" deficiency.

Even Bill "The Little Hands That Could" Wyman was not up to par on that one.

Bunny Lugar.
06-10-02 08:27 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I guess if I gotta pick my least fave tour...I'd prolly go with '76...just because of the whole Billy/Mick gay dance thing during Hey Negrita. Gay stuff usually doesn't bother me...but that fag dance that they did just gives me the creeps every time I see it!
06-10-02 10:48 AM
Maxlugar I hear ya Xims.

That dance makes my testicles creep so far up my body cavity that my eyes look like Mike Tyson's on Saturday night.

That's far!


06-10-02 10:55 AM
Joey "That dance makes my testicles creep so far up my body cavity that my eyes look like Mike Tyson's on Saturday night. "

Yes !!!!!! Bless you my son .

I hearby put you in for a nomination for a honorary knighthood . Welcome to the club .

" Knight Me Ronnie "

Sir Joey ( Honorary Knight of the Royal Albert Bath )

06-10-02 11:32 AM
nankerphelge I have never seen the Mick/Billy gay dance -- what exactly is it? Was it done in '75 as well? What did it entail? What was its purpose -- to offend and repulse?
06-10-02 11:51 AM
Maxlugar Nanky,

It was done during one of Billy's songs (Outta Space?)and I'm pretty sure they did it in '75 too. Actually I'm positive they did. We call it the Hey Negrita dance because that is what they do in the video for that song. I guess that like doing it.

They would dance like a man and woman and then jump together every other beat. They would jump together but from the waist up be leaning back with their cocks just about banging together. Truly repulsive. At one point Billy Tries to go down on Mick. Good Lord!


I've already been Knighted by accident. The Queen was Knighting my dog and she accidently grazed me with her sword. She was all like "Oh whatever, I'll Knight you too. Cheerio, cheerio...butter cookie blah blah" She was very drunk.

Sir Maxy of Vodkasnappleshire!
06-10-02 11:54 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I can't even talk about's just too gay.
06-10-02 11:56 AM
Lazy Bones I'm with Martini. All tours have there strengths and weaknesses. Many people write-off a tour because they witnessed a poor show - generally because only one of the guys had a bad night - perhaps drug-induced.
Some say Steel Wheels / Urban Jungle was weak. I, however, like to give them credit for turning up some oldies (same with Voodoo Lounge). Sure they sound weak because they may not have rehearsed some pieces enough. Look at Rocks Off - pretty weak, but I was happier than shit that I saw them perform it even though I was a little disappointed with the quality.
Sometimes mistakes that many people hold against them make the show - especially if the guys can laugh it off and attempt to make up for it.
The only thing that would irritate me with a tour would be a short show. With their catalogue and ticket prices (as both continue to grow) we should be treated to a reasonably lengthy show.
Don't think I could pick a weakest tour. If someone picked a tour, I would automatically think of the gems performed on the that tour. After all, we all achieved to collect the "best shows" first - right?! The poor shows are usually read about in a review.
06-10-02 12:03 PM
nankerphelge This dance sounds quite distressing for a number of reasons like (1) why was Billy doing one of his songs during a Stones show? Talk about losing direction. (2) Who decided to let Billy get up from the keyboards even if he was permitted to do one of his songs? That is the most bizzare thing I've ever heard. (3) What was Jagger doing butting cocks with Billy even if he was away from the keyboards? Did Mick and Billy have something going? If someone were to tell me that Mick was into men at some point in his life, certainly the mid-70s would be the prime time for it -- but why do the cock dance on stage?

Ronnie musta wondered what the fuck he had gotten himself into -- the lead singer looks like a woman and cock butts the keyboardist for no apparent reason -- the other guitarist is essentially MIA - no wonder he drank too much.
06-10-02 12:09 PM
Maxlugar And through it all I still think '75 was the best one.

Holy crap! What the hell does that say about me????

I have some deep soul searching to do.

If anyone needs me, I'll be over Richard Simmons's it over.

Max J. Bollock!
06-10-02 12:12 PM
Cardinal Ximinez bad as it was even worse looking at it.
06-10-02 12:29 PM
nankerphelge Maybe that's why Taylor quit!

MJ: "Okay guys, time to get serious about the '75 Tour of Americas"

KR: "SShhouldn't we get really at the same time that later we did..."

MJ: "Right, and while we're at it, let's get Billy Preston on keyboards this time out -- a bit of a change"

BW: "What's wrong with Stu -- we don't need any other keys"

KR: "All the same mate but instead of next time we won't"

CW: "I'm with Bill on this one -- why Billy Preston?"

MJ: "We have been hanging out and we came up with this great cock dance for the tour"

MT: "I'm otta here"
06-10-02 12:34 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Or maybe...Li' Mick was jealous of Jagger and Billy?
06-10-02 12:50 PM
Maxlugar Awesome Nank.

Has anyoen ever read or heard of Mick commenting on this issue?

I'm sure someone must have brought it up during those tours.

What would he possibley say to that?

Did he actually think it added to the show?

I bet it gives him the dry heaves when he thinks about it now.

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