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06-07-02 08:24 AM
mattb Maybe they will go outside and play for everyone who couldn't get in.
06-07-02 08:26 AM
Maxlugar You know, I think there were two Lotus stages, if I remember correctly. A big one and a small one.

Maybe they could have a giant Steel Wheels type stage and in the front could be the big Lotus Stage and infront of that would be the small Lotus Stage. From the small Lotus Stage, they could have the B2B Bridge thingy come out and end on a small B stage. The small B stage can have a cheery picker that delivers them to a Flatbed Truck that drives around the stadium and stops at the Blimp which has just come down from the sky. Then they fly away to the next gig. THEN we can all go home.


The Rolling Stones Rule!!!!!!!!!

06-07-02 08:30 AM
mattb Hopefully they will all take turns at the concession stands so we don't miss anything while we get our refreshments.
[Edited by mattb]
06-07-02 08:40 AM
nankerphelge And maybe at some point Keith will take his guitar off and "annoint" people a la the dude in the Let's Spend the Nite Together video.

It's one thing to get an autographed guitar, but to get clocked on the head by the Master -- priceless!
06-07-02 09:27 AM
Joey 'You know, I think there were two Lotus stages, if I remember correctly. A big one and a small one. '

You are correct my Oyster Bay living , Jones Beach passing by on the way to Kennedy , train to work taking , 8th Street for lunching pal .............

As documented in that " Hack " masterpiece , " Old Gods Almost Dead " ,the 1975 tour did indeed feature two Lotus Stages specifically designed by Charlie Watts . Too bad Mick Taylor was not there for he could have carried Keith and there would have been no need for Billy Preston and his two tunes they were forced to play .

Bunny !

06-07-02 09:37 AM
bluesgirl now i know the place they are building the stage. it seems as the band will visit it today or tomorrow, before they leave Europe.

it seems to be correct what the Stones fan club found about the place and stage.

06-07-02 03:01 PM
WahWahWoody Tell us more , bluesgirl. Where is that place and what does the stage really look like? Any chance to go to the place and have a look at it???? Is it designed by Mark Fisher again?
06-07-02 03:21 PM
bluesgirl it's being build in Antwerp, unsure so far if it is a aircraft constructor or shipyard.

the stages will be floating around in the audience, and it is the stage, different from everything else we have seen before.

the constructor is the same as B2B in Werchter. Probably the band visited it today.

A spokesman from the fan club said they have the photos within a day or two.
06-07-02 03:25 PM
Maxlugar How can it float around the audience?

There would have to be long streches of empty rows for it to jut out. Unless it goes over the people but then it'd be too high for the people on the floor. And a danger to people underneath.

Oh God I hope this is not true anyway.
06-07-02 03:25 PM
mattb Is that the US Stage or the Europe stage? The US seating charts don't seem to be indicating individual stages, except for the B stage.
06-07-02 03:47 PM
Saint Sway I dont see what the big deal about the island stages is?
Woodys been floating around on his own private island for years!
06-07-02 03:50 PM
nankerphelge It's either on a track like a lil rollercoster or it is a driveable stage. If so, I want to drive it!
06-07-02 03:52 PM
stonedinaustralia maybe this floating thing is some hovercraft type of arrangement... (in keeping with the blimp theme somewhat)...imagine charlie hovering 100 feet in the air on a platform getting down to little queenie... like the stones meet the jetsons... hey!! the jetstones!!

although as i recall the last time keith had a hovercraft he crashed it into his moat...
06-07-02 04:42 PM
littleredrooster Max,
I saw that cage used in the opener in Oakland for NS in '99.
I heard that they stopped it because Mick smacked his head
when he was catapulted into it.
Is that right??

Lets keep it simple this time around, at least in the Arena
We want"ALL Meat Music"!
06-07-02 05:19 PM
Mr T that's good - that cage was a dumb idea - way worst than the floating stages. It wouldn't bother me if there was just one - but why does everyone have to have one - that just makes it kinda queer. The cherry-picker was one thing, but you expect Mick to do things like that for a song or 2 - the band should stay together on stage as much as possible.

but I guess it could be cool to watch. afterall, this isn't 100% confirmed, so maybe there's been some exaggeration or misconception if its true at all.
06-07-02 05:48 PM
Maxlugar Littleredrooster,

That is an awesome Avatar. What show is it from? Mick looks great.
06-07-02 06:01 PM
littleredrooster Max,
I took that from the first row in Vancouver, BC during the
Voodoo tour in Dec of 1994. It was taken without a flash.
If I had used flash, I might have blinded poor Mick.
He was doing IORR. I was able to plan the shot by watching
the St Louis PPV. I saw that he and Keith left the stage
during that number. He just stopped, leaned in and continued singing!! Got some other good shots fraom that show!
06-07-02 06:04 PM
littleredrooster Alo,
Special thanks to the one and only
VOODOO CHILE for helping me to add it to my profile!!!
06-07-02 08:50 PM
Maxlugar That really is an astounding shot. Rooster boy.

Can I get a copy for the Subterranean Tavern at Casa De Maxy? I have boots and videos up the wazoo to trade if need be.


06-07-02 09:28 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Well instead of pratting aroud with stunts while they play crap like 'Miss You' and 'Angie'........why not just mime to Brussells '73?
06-07-02 10:43 PM
littleredrooster Maxy,
I'd be happy to order a copy for you.
I'd just have to dig up the negative.
Any particular size to please you?
Email me to give me the particulars.
Or, I could send it as an attachment and you could print it.
06-07-02 11:15 PM
glencar Since when is "Miss You" crap? This is a place for fans, right? That is a cool pic from Vancouver. I took one of Mick in Vegas & I had a flash (unfortunately for Mick) but the pick was pretty good.
06-08-02 10:32 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Rooster & Glencar!

Can you email me your pics?

I'd be very greatful....

Thanks in advance!
06-08-02 10:43 AM
nankerphelge That is a great shot -- it looks haunting with that firey background -- exactly like Mick should look -- especially with the long hair. It is also how he should practice for the Sympathy opener this time out!!!

Voodoo Lounge was a great tour.
06-08-02 12:32 PM
littleredrooster Your Eminence,
Check your Email for some tasty tidbits!!

06-08-02 12:59 PM
littleredrooster Nanky,

Got Live If You Want It.
I would be happy to extend an invitation for you to have a copy as well.
Go to my response to Maxy a few screens up, Email your request and I'll schedule it to be sent to you on Flight 505

06-08-02 01:10 PM
Cardinal Ximinez ROOSTER!

You da man!

Awesome pics!

Thank You!!
06-08-02 01:54 PM
littleredrooster Your Eminence,
I would request your sacred Stones blessing in order to obtain admission to 'The Joint' at Hard Rock, Las Vegas,
if the show is scheduled.


Your servant,

06-08-02 02:06 PM
Jacques Hi
Great pic Rooster !!!!!!!
thanks to share
06-08-02 02:13 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Roostah!

Here's a minty fresh annointin' on ya!

It's The JOINT for you sinner!
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