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06-06-02 02:02 PM
Honky Tonker A friend of mine who works for Chuck Leavell said yesterday that Chuck was in Paris recording with the Stones. Anybody got any details?
06-06-02 02:05 PM
mattb YOU are suppose to get the info from your friend and tell us!
06-06-02 02:06 PM
Tom Someone posted that they recorded 17 songs and only 4 will be on the new album
06-06-02 02:14 PM
T&A I heard that they were wrapping up this week and would be out of Paris by 6/8. Next step was the mixing/editing/mastering to be done in NYC.
06-06-02 03:12 PM
bluesgirl The $tones leave Paris tomorrow Friday.

Also about the stage here it is what I've just heard:
Rumours say the stages they will use are absolutely stunning, each Stone has his own sort of island which floats between the crowd!! It's said the stages are being built in Belgium....
06-06-02 03:15 PM
Miss U. That is very cool!!

I want Mick's island near me.
06-06-02 03:21 PM
Mr T I don't like that idea at all. I'd rather the band interacts with each other. It'd be OK if each member gets to float around for 1 song, but even that would be too much like a KISS concert.

I also don't like that there will only be 4 new songs when they could just do a whole album
06-06-02 03:31 PM
ShannonDC Usually whenever the Stones have said they're recorded "17" songs, they mean they've recorded 4 songs entirely, 5 songs with rhythm tracks (no vocals), and 8 guitar jams that go on for 15 minutes each. I think we'll be lucky to get 4 decent songs out of them this time. And I'll buy it, or course.
06-06-02 03:42 PM
Joey From what I understand they are re-recording " Time Waits for No One " with Mick Taylor and are resurrecting some unheard chestnuts that they still had in the can from the 1972 Kingston Jamaica sessions with Mick Taylor .

That is what I hear ............


06-06-02 03:47 PM
Mr T shannon,
I realize that, but if it takes them a week to set up recording sessions for 1/2 an album, how long could it possibly take to do a whole album.. I'm sure they could do it quick once they get the ball rolling fast enough. We all know how easily the Stones can come up with stuff when they hit the studio.

that's a possibilty, but I would expect that for the rumored boxed-set, not the "Best Of" there's supposed to be a boxed set of rarities & unrealesed stuff. Besides, "Time Waits For No One" has no place on a Greatest Hits record, have they ever even played that song? But anything's possible for that box set. They are probably recording tracks to clean up old demos and alternate versions like throwing in new drum tracks, fixing the bass line etc
06-06-02 04:02 PM
sandrew I know most of this board would disagree with me on this, but I've never been mad about 70s outtakes like "Gangster's Moll" and "Fiji Jim" and "Living is a Harder Love" (or whatever it's called). Frankly, I'm glad they left most of that in the can. Those tracks are nowhere close to being release-worthy - at least not in their present state.

Gazza and I exchanged posts on this a while back, and we compared the Stones vault to what Bruce Springsteen included on his boxed set "Tracks." Those songs were polished and superior to some of what he actually released. Conversely, I can think of only a handful of Stones tracks from that period that I wish they had either finished or released: "Travelin' Man," "Let's Go Steady," "Potted Shrimp," and maybe a few others. (Of course, there may be hundreds of tracks we've never had the privilege of hearing.)

With the last couple albums, it's a different story. It's criminal that "Any Way You Look at It" didn't make it onto "Babylon." And there are several "Voodoo" outtakes that were very promising...
06-06-02 04:09 PM
Mr T sandrew,

I agree with a lot that you said, but Any Way You Look At It?!?!? That's one of my least favorite Stones tracks ever. Oh well, to each his own.
06-06-02 04:23 PM
sandrew Yeah, I love that song - the same little curly guitar lick that Keith used for "Make No Mistake." The violin is very nice, and I love the part where Keith starts singing.
06-06-02 04:40 PM
MRD8 If Keith had sang Anyway You Look At It it would've been a classic! But the way it came out sounding it was more of a throw away track...I've heard the Stones worked on 17 tracks in Paris, but like an earlier post says that means most of them were probably "groove songs"...listen to disc three of Voodoo Brew and see how many "songs" are on there...mostly just ideas! I doubt you'll see any Taylor involvment on the new songs, that would mean they would have to pay him royalties...according to a recent interview he did he's never been fairly paid for some of the songs he wrote for them thirty years ago!
06-06-02 06:20 PM
sandrew Where did the 17-track information come from, by the way? I read that they only did about 10... If that's the case, I bet all the songs were more than just jams and grooves. Keith probably brought some of the nearly finished tracks he's been recording on his own and just cut them with the Stones. Mick may have brought leftovers from - gasp! - Goddess in the Doorway.

Basically, they were in and out; there was no time for the kind of extending jamming we heard on Voodoo Brew and Stew. Remember, for Steel Wheels, they ended up relying partly on pre-written material ("Almost Hear You Sigh," for example). And they had several months for that project...
06-06-02 06:30 PM
MRD8 I think I saw on that they'd worked on 17...which does seem like a lot since they were only there three weeks...if they could record so many songs so fast then we would've had a complete new album for this tour! You know how close to the vest the Stones play their cards so all of what you hear is pure speculation...
06-06-02 06:47 PM
Maxlugar Their own separate islands that float into the crowd?

Golly, that's a terrible idea. I hate just imagining that one.

I like when they get close togthere and jam. Which is rare.

Also, I'm not sure this is the place to bring it up but I too have a few chestnuts in the can from '72. Christmas '72. God damn am I backup up! Mom never could make a nice digestible chestnut.

Max "The Real Deal" Lugarfield. (Tyson in 6. Holyfield gets his titles back from Tyson in November)
06-06-02 07:13 PM
nankerphelge Yeah the idea of the band floating around on little mini-stages is no good.

The Stones are like plutonium -- if you disperse it, you do not get critical mass.

They need to be forced together in a tightly packed situation -- so a sustainable, uncontrolled, Stone-lear reaction can occur. A giant mushroom cloud of sonic intensity. Decibellic radiation that'll burn your face off. Riffage fallout.

Oh I can't wait

06-06-02 07:22 PM
sway I wonder if Ronnie's stage will come equipped with a martini bar.
06-06-02 07:53 PM
Maxlugar Sway!

You're on a friggin' roll baby!

Hey Nanky, I love the Stones-lear reaction and riffage fall out.

Great stuff tonight guys!

You make Maxy proud!

06-06-02 08:13 PM
Boomhauer Hey everybody! I'm new here, so I just wanted to greet you guys and gals. You may have seen me at Keno's site.

BTW, I don't like that stage idea. When they play the b-stage it's always exciting, but what can you do. THey have to play on the Main stage.
06-06-02 08:52 PM
Joey ********* New Material Alert ******** New Material Alert ******

'They need to be forced together in a tightly packed situation -- so a sustainable, uncontrolled, Stone-lear reaction can occur. A giant mushroom cloud of sonic intensity. Decibellic radiation that'll burn your face off. Riffage fallout. '

********* New Material Alert *************** New Material Alert **************

Thanks Nanky .....I coo in your general direction .

M. Joeyfly ( Lewis in three , or until Tyson throws a stool at him or someone in the crowd )

Frazier ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

06-06-02 09:21 PM
Miss U. GUYS!!--->>> B STAGE Will still be there!

And they will still be together on the main stage too...I think the island stage idea is only for part of the show. So I think that's when Mick went up in the cherry picker on the 81 Tour!
06-06-02 09:29 PM
littleredrooster The band can crank out 17 tracks faster than the Rolling servers can crank out our seat locations!!!!!!

Man vs Computer = No Contest!!!!
06-06-02 09:31 PM
Mr T that's good, that's what I thought. It'll still be kinda cheesy watchin Charlie float around like a cross between KISS & Motley Crue - hopefully they don't overplay that. I liked the idea of having multiple bridges shoot out from the stage better.

what do you say the chances are of a tounge-shaped jumbo screen this tour?
06-06-02 10:22 PM
Miss U. HEHE, Lil Red Rooster!! LOL. Exactly!

I don't know about a tongue-shaped screen; I plan on being close enough to see someone's tongue....

06-06-02 11:36 PM
sway wrote:
I wonder if Ronnie's stage will come equipped with a martini bar.

*sob* (Xyzzy mutters about Ronnie's rehab, looks at Keith's rehab record, looks at Keith in general, continues to sob)

And I suppose mid-show a giant bubble will float down from the rafters, slam into Ronnie's stage, destroying it, then open like a lotus to reveal Mick Taylor. The bubble will of course have to be filled with helium to prevent Taylor from achieving terminal velocity and slamming into the arena floor, destroying the city the venue is held in...

17 songs? Even if they're just ideas rather than complete things, at least they're working together. And jams indicate it's pleasure, not just business.
06-07-02 07:58 AM
Honky Tonker The stage should include either wax dummies or robots of Taylor, Wyman, Stu, and Brian. What the fuck, Lennon and Harrison, too. Keef should have a blow-up needle to go with Wood's giant liquor bottle. Mick can have assorted ho's and beau's in his area. Charlie will once again be great and look bored!
06-07-02 08:08 AM
Maxlugar Aren't they a little old to be floating around the crowd on little islands?

Can we have a little dignity? It's friggin' embarrassing.

I thought they were heading in the right direction with the stripped down No Security stage and the B Stage.

I don't need Mick in a cage during Out Of Control.

Just play the fucking gig!

Although the thought of the Lotus Stage coming out of retirement makes me a little giddy.
06-07-02 08:12 AM
nankerphelge Maybe they'll open on a small (but important) lotus stage, then head to the main stage, then play a set on the lotus, then back to the main, then a couple of songs from the balcony, a couple in the john, and then we can all go home.

Man that'd be great
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