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Topic: They're In It For The $$$$ Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
05-24-02 07:18 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hmmmm....

Jaxx, I think maybe you misunderstood me....I don't plan on paying any more than face value for any of my tickets either...and I didn't. Lemme total it up...

$ 60.00--Roseland
$210.00--Tix for my wife & 6yr old to Giant's

Now, who can't afford that? I have a wife in college, not working, a 15 year old and a 6 year old. A house, 2 cars, and all that jazz...I can afford those tix. Can I afford to go to the whole friggin' tour...heck no. And perhaps this is why so many people are bitching. They wanna go see 20+ shows, and are having a rough time coming up with that much cash. Boo Hoo. We all have to live within our means.

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes
You just might find
You get what you need

You know what, it's my opinion that if you aren't willing to sacrafice a little, then no, you aren't much of a fan. You are nothing more than a fair weather fan. I don't care if you started listening to them in 1965 or whatever...if you say you aren't gonna go see the Stones because the tickets are too expensive, or the lack of a new album is making them a nostalgia act...then you ain't no kind of fuckin' fan. Period.

The Who are great. Pete is amazing. I'm gonna go see 'em in Aug. But they ain't the Stones. Never have been, never will be.

05-24-02 07:25 PM
Honky Tonk Man Right you are Cardinal!!

People need to stop moaning about ticket prices. Im 18, more then half the age of alot of people on the board and ive just spent 800 to see my favourite band and that only takes in one show!! I still plan to see them with Marko in Finland, maybe places like Copenhagen too!!

Cardinal, Marko says hed like to meet me at the airport in September, i know its early days, but would you like to come along too?

05-24-02 07:38 PM
Cardinal Ximinez We'll see how it plays out Alex, but yeah, I'd like to meet up with you.
05-24-02 09:23 PM
The Eggman If the Eggman came out to TO or New York would he get a free tciket?
05-24-02 10:25 PM
gotdablouse It's not really about the money in itself, I could afford to go to each one of their shows if it made sense, my point is that by not bothering to release a new album they very clearly indicate that they're not even pretending anymore to be in it for anything else than the money.

Thanks for Keith's quotes, the only thing is that I understood them at the time to mean that they would keep on CREATING new music, not just "rehashing the old stuff" as Mick often says in concert to introduce the new songs.

As for Pete, as great of a musician as he may be, it's also a fact that he hasn't come up with any new material of interest for 25+ years, at least we can be thankful to the Stones to have kept on trying all these years...until now unfortunately.

Each concert (and particularly legends like the Stones or McCartney or I guess The Who) does give this "unique" adrenalin rush, but it quickly fades when you hear stuff that's been played 1,000 times on stage...At the recent McCartney concerts I was thrilled to hear Getting Better and Here Today for instance, much less Live and Let Die or Let It Be...

The Stones are promoting the 2002 tour as a Best Of Tour and charging accordingly for that, so what are the odds of hearing rare material ? One song per concert if you're lucky ! It's mind-boggling that they don't take advantage of the theater shows (like the Paradiso or Olympia) to play stuff like Hand of Fate or Coming Down, etc...who needs the zillionth version Honky Tonk Women like at the Olympia...But once again that would require some work (i.e a few hours of rehearsing) and risk taking. And since the 72 tour it's safe to say the Stones have played it super safe and taken close to zero risk on stage.

As Don Henley once sang "After the thrill is gone..."
05-24-02 10:56 PM
gypsy Don Henley?! Did somebody mention Don Fuckin' Henley?!
05-24-02 11:43 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey, Gotdablouse...

I get the picture.

I don't care.

I love the Stones regardless.

They could walk out on stage, fart for a couple of seconds, and then leave, and I'd still love 'em.

You don't love 'em anymore, that's your business.

Stop trying to kill my buzz.

I have no interest in your point of view, regardless of it's validity.

Kindly go suck yak teat.
05-24-02 11:51 PM
KeepRigid "As Don Henley once sang "After the thrill is gone..."

The proverbial 'thrill' is NEVER gone with Henley, IMHO.
05-24-02 11:57 PM
gypsy71 Oh, honey, now you know Henley broods over Walden Pond all the damn time. For my money, it's Frey every time! What is not to love about Glenn Fuckin' Frey? The man can sing, act, play the guitar, and he is an animal in the sack (this is from personal experience).
[Edited by gypsy71]
05-25-02 12:35 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Glenn Frey, Don Henley, any of The Eagles(the band, not the kind from Philadelphia!), and anyone who likes their sorry asses, can go suck yak teat.
05-25-02 12:43 AM
Scottfree Thanx, for the monetary break down Cardinal!
05-25-02 01:22 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Scott, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do to illustrate a point.

It doesn't HAVE to cost thousands of dollars to see multiple shows on this tour. I didn't HAVE to have Golden Circle seats. I just wanted in the building, you know?

I've seen 'em from the 5th row, I've seen 'em from the 250th row, I've seen 'em from the floor, I've seen 'em from way the fuck up there...but the result is always the same...a great fuckin' time, rockin to the Stones.

So, I stick to my guns...pony up for tix, or shut the fuck up.
05-25-02 02:34 AM
gypsy From the aggression in your post, Cardinal, I can tell you're jealous of one Mister Glenn Frey!
05-25-02 04:39 AM
gotdablouse "They could walk out on stage, fart for a couple of seconds, and then leave, and I'd still love 'em. "

Well that puts an end to the discussion doesn't it, or maybe it means you should stop reading this thread :-(

It's a bit sad that we can't discuss all things Stones in a reasonable each his own I guess.
BTW I still love the Stones, just not the recent developments in their money-grabbing-not-even-pretending-to-believe-in-it-anymore approach. Listened to Exile tonight and damn, that was a risky album to make and it friggin' paid off !
05-25-02 10:27 AM
gimmekeef Hey,the Who and Pete have been great . I saw them in 1975 when the rivaled the Stones live.But no Keith Moon is like the Stones without Keith.The Who have been nothing but a joke the last 15 years with their retirement/we're back tours.Yes 9/11 was great but that was only 20 minutes or so..Stones stiil rule!!!
05-25-02 10:56 AM
steel driving hammer Screw Don Hennley and his tree hugging Eagles.


Btw, the movie Insomnia is the best thing I've seen in a long long while.
05-25-02 01:30 PM
Scot Rocks The Who were not the same without Keith Moon however Zak Starkey has been brilliant with them lately and they rock like before. Hopefully we will see some new Who material as well to go with the great playing.

05-25-02 01:31 PM
Joey "Ray Davies is 100 times the genius Petey is, Ronnie!"

Once , twenty years ago , when asked by Jann Wenner , " Pete , who's a better writer , Ray Davies or yourself ? " , Peter Dennis Blanford Townshend replied , " Ray " !!!!!

He may have a point . Yet , the WHO are touring this summer in order to get Roger Daltrey's voice in shape for their upcoming studio album they will record in the fall . Petey is currently writing new songs . Hug Me -- tight !

Oh the Glory.........

The Glory ........

Club " Clubby Bear " Joey

05-25-02 02:29 PM
torn&frayed Seems like this thread has generated some heated debate on both sides of the issue - personally, I have no gripe with the stones charging as much as they think they can get away with for their tours - my main issue of contention here has more to do with the corporate sponsorship bullshit (i.e Scam Goody pre-sale) and the difficulty long time fans of the band have in acquiring favorable seating at fair prices to the shows they want to see - seems to me that if you've been into this band's music for 30+ years (as I have) the band should establish a fair pre-sale system that doesn't seek to profit on your allegiance but rather seeks to reward it - Bob Dylan, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam and countless other acts post pre-sale info through their fan club web sites for free as a courtesy to their long time fans and I've always been able to score very good seats to their shows as a result - the Stones, by comparison, have done nada for the fans on this tour through any of their established "fan club" channels (i.e. IORR, Rocks Off Board, etc.) - As a matter of fact I highly doubt that the band would have been compelled to establish this latest "official" fan club site if it weren't for the extra revenues they anticipated generating off of it - I also guarantee that it will disappear soon after the tour is done like their Voodoo Lounge and B2B "official" fan club sites did - pure profiteering and I'm sorry but that pisses me off - after thirty years of following this band (unlike some of you here) I'm not content to watch them fart on stage for two minutes from 2 miles off - I want a fair shot at good seats for every show I want to see and I don't want to have to shell out thousands of dollars to scalpers or premiums to corporate sponsors or Rolling Stones, Inc. for the privilege.

As I stand by your flame I get burned once again....
05-25-02 05:35 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer "Btw, the movie Insomnia is the best thing I've seen in a long long while."

Well, I can tell you're a guy that doesn't visit many websites devoted to Glenn Frey!

05-25-02 05:39 PM
gypsy You should thank your lucky stars that Don Henley and his "tree hugging Eagles" are saving the earth! I don't see the Stones getting involved in any wonderful causes such as saving Walden Pond!
[Edited by gypsy]
05-25-02 08:02 PM
Cardinal Ximinez First...if the Eagles are trying to save Walden pond...then I piss in it.


I happen to agree that Stones Inc. is after as much as they can snag this time out...and for that matter EVERY time out. My opinion what? I got decent seats to every show I wanted to get seats for...and I didn't pay ScamGoodly or the fan club to get them. Is that lucky? I don't think so. I've gotten good seats for EVERY tour I've gone to see, and I haven't paid more than face value for ANY of those shows. You see, I happen to feel that ANY seat in an edifice in which the Stones are playing is a good seat. If you gotta go to 20+ shows or sit in the first 10 rows at every show...well, I don't see that as being very realistic. I'm happy with all the seats that I got this time around, and I'm gonna have a fantastic time.

You know, I'd rather give my money to Stones Inc. than a pro sports team, or a fucking airline. Hell, I said before...I WANT the Stones to have my money. It's my way of saying "Thanks" for all the great times I've had with all those great songs.

My biggest gripe that I have with all the whining is that it seems like SOME people...and I'm not gonna name names...because it's pretty obvious who they are...just can't stand for other people to be excited about this tour. It seems like they are trying to drag this tour down before it even starts. It pisses me off when so called "big time fans" spout the same horseshit as all those asshole fucking music "journalists". So there's no new album...big fuckin' deal. If they remaster all that ABKCO stuff properly, and give us 3 or 4 new will seem like a new record! I mean, we've had to suffer with all those shitty ABKCO reissues for decades...if that stuff gets a proper job done on it, it will be like hearing those tunes for the first time. Bowie has done greatest hits tours, and nobody gave him shit about it...The Who do fucking greatest hits tours and nobody except Maxy gives them shit about it....The fucking asshole Eagles do greatest hits tours, and are hailed for it! So why can't the Stones cash in on a greatest hits tour? Their hits are greater than any other band's greatest hits. And honestly, can you call ANY of their previous tours anything OTHER than a greatest hits tour? Look at the setlists! You get 3 or 5 songs off the new album, and 20 greatest hits! Sounds like a greatest hits package to me! When you've been around for 40+ years, and been as successful as the Stones have can't HELP but put on a greatest hits act! It's all they GOT, fer fuck sake!

If you are a fan, act like it, and quit trying to drag everyone else down.

That's all I'm saying.
05-25-02 08:19 PM
gypsy Shame on you, Cardinal! Now you must face the wrath of Don Henley!
05-25-02 09:35 PM
gypsy wrote:
Shame on you, Cardinal! Now you must face the wrath of Don Henley!

Ooo... scary... Don Henley's wrath is as powerful as Ronnie's guitar after a long day out with Keith...

I see Walden Pond alla time. I live near Boston.

Don ain't doing that great a job on it...

And it's Walden... Pond... A... pond... Where some guy wrote about Civil Disobedience... whoo. Yeah, so, it's a wonderful tretease blah blah blah blah. So's Machiavelli's "The Prince". So's Voltaire's "Candide". Whatever. Maybe I just don't like the way people take H.D.T. as a tree-hugging Eagle. He was a crochety old tax-evading man who liked disobeying the law.

And the Eagles suck. The fact that they have the most purchased album in the world is nauseating.

At least McCartney's got his Adopt-A-Minefield girlfriend and Vegan late wife.

On a Stones-y note: X-Pensive Winos! Again! Puh-leeze!

Or a ticket to the Orpheum. That'd be nice...

Or the 1970 Hofner Violin Bass I saw at Sam Ash today... for $1700...

Or the Ric I saw there too... for only $500 dollars less...

Or a McCartney Ric... for more money than I'd care to fathom...

Or one of Keith's vintage guitars...

Or all of the above...
05-25-02 09:41 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Bring him on gypsy....I'll tear that little boy 3 new assholes to spew more shit like "Boys Of Summer" out of...

05-25-02 10:01 PM
TomL Philly 120
Giants Stadium 145
Fed-Ex 145
MCI Hopefully?
Nashville 200
Pittsburgh 145
Mexico City A small fortune

Let the music speak for it self. Those of you that have been there time and time again know what time it's gonna be.

05-26-02 01:38 AM
gotdablouse Not trying to drag anyone down, I'm just friggin' disappointed not to get a new album, that's all, and I believe that the fact they're not gonna bother to put a new one out shows that this time they've stopped pretending it wasn't for the money as written in the title of this thread, makes sense ?
I know they didn't play much new stuff on the tours, but at least there 12 NEW songs you could listen to on your stereo. Good point about the ABCKO stuff being available in poor quality. But like for the 3 or 4 new songs, I don't see how by signing a contract for the 2CD set on May 6th (according to Mick) they're gonna have the time to bring the sparkle back. That's gotta be a very demanding and time-consuming task, no ?
We shall see of course...

BTW - I haven't read any article complaining that there will be no new album. No journalist I know has had much good to say about a new Stones album since Dirty Work (that RS thought was extraordinary...yeah right...). Only the true fans are disappointed not to get a new album, no one else gives a rat's ass.
05-26-02 07:53 AM
Jigsaw Puzzle Why do so many complain about the Stones being in it for the money, that Jagger has enough money, etc.? I got my Toronto tickets yesterday (15th row floor-Skydome!)for both shows and am very happy. I've seen every tour since 1978 (I was 13)and will continue to. I've yet to read one Paul McCartney article saying he's touring for the money, isn't he close to a billionaire? Sure the Stones charge a lot but look at the value of seeing them. They are legends and have a huge catalogue of songs. Will they play a lot of hits? Sure they will. But to real Stones fans all of the songs are familiar so they will seem like hits. If they played an entire set of album cuts the media would be all over them for "playing a bunch of songs no one's heard of" Except the true fans would love it. I love The Who but when was their last studio album? All these journalists who are cutting down the Stones will be begging for their press passes when the Stones hit their town, and unlike us real fans will be seeing them for free! As for a few saying they are promoting this as a greatest hits tour, has anyone seen or heard a set list yet? No!! I'm still trying to figure out what is wrong with getting well paid to pursue one's profession as the Stones are, isn't that the free market system? Yes, I wish the Stones had more than just a few new songs coming out this year, but we'll eventually get more. Keep in mind that there must be a huge amount of unreleased tracks still in the vault which will see the light of day. As for the Stones being an oldies act, being too old, etc., I don't think so. I remember seeing them in 1978 and people were saying Jagger was too old (he was 34), in 1981, etc., he was too old. Hmm, I can't think of any huge band today whose members are in there mid thirties. Even U2's members are in their 40's now. Oh sorry, that isn't too old to rock but it was for the Stones when they all turned 40 years old. When the Stones hit 40 they were too old, I never heard the same for Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, The Who, etc. No one complained that John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and other great bluesman were oldies acts; why the Stones. As for those who say they haven't put out a classic album since "Exile". Go through the archives of newspapers from 1972 and read the reviews for "Exile" It was torn apart by the critics as a "sprawling mess", "devoid of melody", "disappointing" etc. Now those same critics hail it as a classic, perhaps their best work. Enjoy the tour all Stones fans and for those who think they charge too much, don't go.
05-26-02 10:42 AM
Moonlight Mile The Eagles were such a miserable band, its hard to come up with words to properly characterize them. Statements like "They suck ferocious dick" carry a certain import when when applied to a band like Creed, but don't even come close to informing the reader of just how bad the Eagles were. Maybe CardXie can have a contest to see who can most accurately explain just how truly putrid the Eagles were/are.

I'm going to write to my congressman and let him know that I support measures to have the Eagles and anyone who buys their albums or goes to their shows put in internment camps. Maybe anyone who even mentions the Eagles on a Rolling Stones board (other than in derisive terms) should be interned too. I dunno, I'll let my representative hash out the exact details. I mean, that is his goddam fucking job after all.

Wow, hungover like de debil. Somewhat coincidently, I went on the first limo ride of my life last night. While ostensibly there to party, I did a little limo research when I had the chance. My best estimate is that you can fit 7 drunken Stones fans and a stripper in your common limo. If comfort isn't too big an issue, you can probably seat another two people and even put one or two on the floor, for a total of 10-11 drunken Stones fans and a stripper in a common limo. Yep. Thats what I think.

Well, I hope my research can be put to good use in organizing the MSG boondoggle. I would hate to think I did all that work in vain.

This is America. Money grows on trees. Quit whining, pick some off and go to Stones shows or you will be sorry. We'll make you sorry.

Fuck, am I hungover. Jesus! JESUS!! Whew, ugly day brewing . . . may need some hair o' dog. Hairofuckingdog. Dog hair afternoon. Attica! Attica! Attica!
05-26-02 01:45 PM
gypsy Obviously, you are all jealous of Glenn Frey...
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