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Topic: They're In It For The $$$$ Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
05-21-02 12:52 PM
torn&frayed Anyone even remotely familiar w/ the Stones touring history knows that they are one of the most opportunistic and (as a result) commercially successful touring bands ever - This band is strictly business & has been since 1972 - If you're looking for someone to blame for this look no further than Mick Jagger - he's been actively involved in every business detail of every tour the band's ever done and as far as he's concerned profit is the name of the game (don't forget he originally pursued a career in economics!) - when this tour was constructed the Sam Goody/Stones Fan Club/Ticketmaster deals were put in place to offset the losses that the handful of promotional club dates (that almost no real fans will be able to attend) would generate -now don't get me wrong I love watching this band perform and the fact that they can still deliver a show that's almost always worth the price of admission (regardless how outrageous that price may be) makes bitching about the thing a moot point but if anyone here is harboring the delusion that the Stones are going to go out of pocket to make their fans feel all warm & fuzzy you're sadly mistaken. I can't wait to see what my $1,000.00 for 2 "special"fan club seats at MSG bought me - I'm guessing middle/back Orchestra or Loge at best...

Come now Gentlemen, you're bucks are all I crave - You'll shell out what we're asking while we're laughing in our graves!!!
05-21-02 01:10 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Well, there's 2 ways to look at this...

1.) The Stones are milking us fans for every nickle they can squeeze out of us.

2.) The Stones are worth every nickle that they squeeze out of us.

I don't think there's any doubt that the Stones are out for as big a pay day as they can muster...Hey, this is a free market system, if people are willing to shell out $1000.00 for 2 "special fan club" tix to MSG...well, who are we to say that the Stones don't have every right to charge's what the market will bear!

You know, it's not JUST the Stones that are doing this thing to us fans...there are TONS of auxilliary companies, and hangers-on who are out to make as much as they can off of us as well. Maybe ticket prices wouldn't be so high if Michael Cohl didn't want a new island off the coast of Bimini! And what about Sam Goody/Clear Channel & the Stones Fan Club! Those people are leaching off us too! Oh, and how about those $30.00 concert T's...they cost what, maybe $5.00 to print? That's probably a little on the high the merch people are getting their cut from us too.

But you know's only money. And in the grand scheme of things, it's not really that much money that we are talking about. I can afford to do 3 shows this fall, and maybe 3 more in Jan. Sure I'd like to see more, but that just isn't possible. I could bitch about it, or I could be damn thankful that I'm getting to see them at all!
And you know what....I WANT the Stones to have my money. They give me immeasurable amounts of joy with their music...and I've made some FANTASTIC pals because of me, the price of these tickets is merely my way of saying, "Thank You." to them.

You in the limo B?
05-21-02 01:11 PM
jb What is wrong with wanting to cash in..the stones have never sold millions of albums like Beatles, Led Zep, and todays talentless artists..thus, they have to make their money touring Think about it, shit heads like N'Sync, BSB, Spears,etc are worth more than the Stones after only a few sucessful has taken the Stones a good 20 years to make the money they have accumulated by touring ..Give the boys a break...!
05-21-02 01:24 PM
nankerphelge Since when was it a crime to make money. If people didn't believe they were worth it, they wouldn't go. I think it is just a lot of jealousy that these guys can still do it, and get paid and laid for it.

Chill out and enjoy.
05-21-02 01:30 PM
jb Your a great lawyer nanky!
05-21-02 01:45 PM
Cardinal Ximinez You know, this sort of seperates the men from the boys, so to speak. There are those of us who claim to be fans, who pony up and ride a black limo to the gig...and there are those who claim to be fans, who won't pony up a measly $100.00 to go see their "heros".

Well, like I said earlier, I'm GLAD to give the Stones my money. IMO, they deserve it for all the countless hours of pleasure that they have given me over the years.

I could understand the bitching if it was for some shitty, wanna-be band...but this is the Rolling Fuckin' Stones we are talking about here!

I certainly haven't deluded myself into thinking that the Stones really give 2 shits about me, or any of us for that matter....but I care about them, and that's all that really matters to me.

So quit yer bitchin', kick in and prove yourself, or shut up and leave us true blues alone.

Simple as that.
05-21-02 01:51 PM
Maxlugar If they weren't worth it, they wouldn't be getting it.

This isn't some socialist government program here.

It's voluntary and it's fun.

I love money and respect others that have mastered the ability to rake it in.

Doesn't make me mad at them in the slightest.

I feel that I can spend my hard in earned money on anything I want. In fact, I look at it like I'm paying the Rolling Stones to come entertain me.

Dance for me monkey boys! For I will shower you with crips bills wilst I sit, cheeba faced and content, in my seats at MSG and Giants Stadium!

Elmer J. Max, Millionaire.

05-21-02 01:57 PM
nankerphelge Dance for me monkey boys?!

Max you have once again cut it down to basics!

I will be giggling about this for years.
05-21-02 01:59 PM
jb Maxlugar, you are my heroe!
05-21-02 02:00 PM
Vile Dance No! No! No!!!
Not the money...the Girls!!! Where have you been?
05-21-02 02:20 PM
Nellcote If I see one more of these whiners about price, commercialism, I'm going to go technicolor with my lunch.
Go complain to CNN, or someone who gives a #*@& !
I think this is going to be another great tour.
To hell with the $$, mind you I'm not Bill Gates, however,
Bring me more shows. As I write this, with Fleet Center
and CMGI under my belt, this grey haired 40 something
seven tour Stones rocker WANTS MORE!!!!
Anybody who has Primo MSG seats, I'm ready to talk!!

Till the next time we say goodbye....

05-21-02 02:43 PM
Dan Well, duh!

Of course they are in it for money! Why the hell do you (?) and I go to work anyway?
The problem, if there is in fact one, isnt that the Stones charge that much money, but that people pay it.
And yes Mick has micro-managed the whole operation up until 1972. Before then, it was Allen Klein making most of the money.
As far as tickets for theatre shows not being available to the real fans - charging $53.50 and making it will call only makes it seem that it will be mostly real fans. They could have charged a thousand each for tickets and still sold out. Instead they charge an affordable price so if someone is so lucky to even get a chance to buy tickets they can do it. Making the tickets (in theory at least) non-transferrable insures that it isnt the person with the most money who gains entrance.
I know its not fair but it was the best system they could come up with. Of course the Sam Goody thing was a scam but people knew that while signing up. It was your choice whether or not to do so.
I know we would all love to see them in a small venue but they cant realistically do a hundred nights in a row at the Wiltern or Roseland.
05-21-02 03:03 PM
stones09 It's really amazing to find the number of people complaining about ticket prices, especially considering most of you live in the great USA. You are from the most materialistic, worshipping of the almighty dollar, entreprenuerial society ever known on the face of the planet. How many instant intranet millionaires were made in the last 5 years who never made a dime in business, but could put together a business plan and dupe investors to buy their initial share offerings (IPOs)? How many albums did they put out? We should all stop our whining and either pay up and go and enjoy the show or let someone else go who is willing to pay simply for the joy of the Stones!
05-21-02 03:06 PM
gimmekeef In 1972 I slept 3 days on the concrete in Toronto to buy 6 tickets for the Stones and Stevie Wonder.Paid $7.50 each and everyone told me I was nuts.Well you know the rest.Now I can afford to pay $1000 or more for tickets in Nashville and Atlanta..and I did.I'm just so thankful I can still get off on rock and the Worlds Greatest after all these years.If you dont like prices etc get out of the way for someone who will..Let it Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-21-02 03:14 PM
Maxlugar Did I mention I'll be arriving by Black Limousine?

I'm tinkering with the idea of Top Hat and Tails.

Nice Red Stones logo on my Top Hat.

05-21-02 03:32 PM
nankerphelge I think the Top Hat and Tails would be great!
Just be sure to have a tongue shirt on underneath.
05-21-02 03:41 PM
Joey 'I love money and respect others that have mastered the ability to rake it in.

Doesn't make me mad at them in the slightest. '

Maxy , I would like to bite and kiss you .

Remember Joey's hero from the movie " Wall Street " ...a certain Gordon Gekko ????? Gordon stated it best when he brayed : " Life is a zero sum game , somebody wins and somebody loses and it is all about bucks . "

Amen to that my Droogies

Or....." Am I worth fifty million a year ? Yes , because I can get it " -- John William Carson . ( 1991 )

Bud Joey

Johnny Joey

05-21-02 05:25 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Maybe everyone in the loooooooooooooooooooooooong black limo should dress in top hat & tails?

Maxy gets a gold star beside his name for this idea.

05-22-02 04:06 PM
jb Don't hate me for being rich and beautiful!
05-22-02 04:29 PM
gypsy keep bragging about how rich you are, jb, and i might just mug you...
05-22-02 04:43 PM
steel driving hammer They'd be fools if they weren't doing it for the money.

They're worth every red penny.

05-22-02 09:57 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Yeah, I might bitch a little when it comes to paying $350 for really good seats only because I don't have $1500 to spend taking my family to one concert, but hey, that's ok I'll spend $426 for four tickets and I'll do three or four shows. When it comes down to it, it don't matter because years from now when I look back on the great memories that I have, that's priceless!!!!! Rock on!!!
05-24-02 02:27 AM
gotdablouse I think it would be "easier to swallow" if the main actors in this show at least pretended they still believed in the spirit of their music/legend by displaying some creativity and releasing a new album. Sure a world tour is a lot of work and pressure, but they could probably do it with their eyes closed if they had to. On the other hand creating a new album is visibly something they're too lazy/uninspired to do.
Strange because if they fell they've lost their muse, you'd think they would have given up after VL that they spent more than a year painstakingly writing/recording to a mixed if overall solid result. It didn't deter them for B2B which was a far quicker affair and much more remarkable (SOM and OOC really rank as classics IMHO) but with good songs like AOMe, Juiced and YDHTMeanIt, so why would they not do it this time ?
Doesn't help their case in my eye at least. I hate seeing my idols become a rehash of The Who...or all these other oldies groups :-(
05-24-02 11:42 AM
Jaxx face it, they ARE "another oldies" group, (your words not mine). while i am not a huge WHO fan, pete townsend is a brilliante musician. period. as much as i enjoy the stones, pete's talent surpasses any stone alone or the band as a group--his musical talent, his composing talents.imo not one member of the band can touch pete. there are few musicians alive or dead who can come near pete's talent

on rock star age discrimination: what is the difference between a successful rock musician and a guy who works on wall street for 40 years and is a successful financier? why do musicians have to be stigmatized, shut down and put out to pasture when there is still music to be made? its ridiculous. if the stones were strictly a "blues" or jazz band, the "rickety rockers" description would probably not happen

hope i die before i get old? i don't think so.

or how about this old mick quote. maybe he started this stigmatizing long ago when he said "When i'm 33 i'll quit. That's the time when a man has to do something else. i can't say what it'll definitaely be..but it won't be in ashowbusiness. i couldn't bear to end up as an elvis presley and sing in las vegas with all those housewives and old ladies coming in with their handbags. its' really sick."

however, i think keith summed it up THE BEST when he said,
"i'm not a kid anyore, and i've thought to myself, how long can i keep doing this? but within the narrow confines of rocknroll, its for me to find out how to use my experience and produce something that hopefully is still worth listening to. like i said, somebody has got to find out how far you cake thisthing, and i guess it might just as well be me!" YEAH, BABY!

as far as ticket prices go? they are ridiculous and i won't pay much above the face price even tho i can afford it. its the principal of the thing for me. my first stones ticket was like 7 or 10 bucks, however, professional sports get a tidy sum for their tix and so do "the arts". as long as there are conspicuous consumers out there who are willing to pay ~anything~; then the rest of us just have to put up with the inflation they put on the market by agreeing to pay such outlandish prices.

1000 bucks for a concert ticket? all the power to ya. personally? for that cash, i'd rather buy a plane ticket to somewhere tropical and remote and hang for a couple of weeks. to each his own. spend away, you conspicious consumers. but don't criticize those of us that are into "simple abundande". its not a question of whether you "can pony" up. credit cards make it possible to pony up regardless of finances. i think its more of a matter of whether you "want" to pony up. IMO its not kosher to label those not willing to fork over the bucks as non fans. shit, they could have many mouths to feed, a retirement to finance and kids to educate. hedonistic pleasures are far from their minds. and who are we to judge? i think that disposeable income is a luxury for alot of americans. don't kid yourselves. an economy built on this kind of credit card debt will fold like a house of cards at some point in time. then we'll need all you lawyers, some guns and money (preferably gold bullion).
05-24-02 01:36 PM
StonesJuno Wouldn't it be nice to be able to spend $1000 for 10 shows as opposed for 2? I think that's what it all boils down to. Sure, we all saved for a few years knowing that this tour was coming, but I wonder if all of us where prepared to pay these kinda numbers? (Sans the club gigs, which are very affordable, but so few in number. 100 shows at the Roseland, back-to-back? Why not?)

Now (oh lord, don't attack me Gyspsy -- I am typing this to illustrate that I'm not a disgruntled fan, nor do I declare to be rich by any means! hahaha) StonesMalf and I have been able to enjoy 'Gold Circle' seats for over 30 shows on the last B2B and NS tours (I myself having attended my first show at the last leg of Voodoo Lounge, when I became an overnight fan). With travel, and lodging, and all that other stuff, it was not cheap. But I realize that many a fan doesn't have that kinda $ to toss around like that. I agree, memories are everything, but wouldn't it be nice to have a few more than just one or two? Sure it would. Now before you get technicolor on me, I'm just typing out loud here, but I really do enjoy the fans as part of the experience. If the only people that can afford the seat around me are the sons and daughters of the CEO of Sam Goody, I don't see the same energy. I definitely will be able to stretch out during Keith's performance, as the not-so-diehard fans run for another plastic glass of wine during his solo stints. (Fear not, I will have on my X-Pensive Wino shirt loud and clear -- is that wrong?)

Credit! I'm still paying off two cruises around the world that I took several years ago! I couldn't afford them, no way! But every time I make a payment on that credit card, I reflect on the great memories I had by going for it! Makes each payment a pleasure. Now, you say you didn't save long enough for this tour...Well, I say: Credit! again! Enjoy today, and then psych yourself into thinking that the payments you are making later, after the tour, are retroactive savings accounts deposits, ya dig? Bottom line, it's the Stones 40th! Let's Go!

All in all, I would have liked a new album -- we can have greatest hits stuff later, heck even post-youknowwhat (I dare not say), but now, throw some of that 'C' side Stones stuff onto a track and let us have a listen.

Finally, tiny yellow print on black and more so: tiny yellow on slate are making my eyes hurt. Does this color scheme look the same for everyone, or just on my ISP?

Regardless of my eye strain, it's a great site and fantastic daily photos!
05-24-02 01:57 PM
Rolling Hansie Yep, it's only money, and I would spend my last dime to see the Stones. Some people spend a couple of thousand dollars every year to go on some far away vacation. I keep my money in my pocket for the Stones. I know, it's only rock 'n roll but I like it.
05-24-02 02:28 PM
Joey "Face it, they ARE "another oldies" group, (your words not mine). while i am not a huge WHO fan, pete townsend is a brilliante musician. period. as much as i enjoy the stones, pete's talent surpasses any stone alone or the band as a group--his musical talent, his composing talents.imo not one member of the band can touch pete. there are few musicians alive or dead who can come near pete's talent '

Jaxx , you are a true genius . You post was the greatest thing ever written at this board .

I drink to you tonight in the unusually cold Blue , Red and Grey

05-24-02 03:20 PM
Maxlugar Well he seems to be keeping that genius to himself for the last 20 years.

Please share your genius Petey Boy!

"Ray Davies is 100 times the genius Petey is, Ronnie!"

Bunny Lugar!
05-24-02 03:30 PM
jb For "Jaxx" to post something so fundamentally anti-stones, is really disconcerting! To allege the Stones are an oldies group is slanderous! The Who were a great band, but 1 greatest hits performance on the 9/11 tribute, and little joey and Jaxx in the box think their the second coming of Christ!
05-24-02 03:34 PM
Open G Ditto to what jb just said.
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