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Topic: Uhhh where the hell is the coverage? It's 12:12 Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
05-07-02 12:11 PM
Scottfree ?
05-07-02 12:18 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! cnn will be carring it!
05-07-02 12:20 PM
Jerry how do you know? on cnn or headline news??? please tell me
05-07-02 12:22 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It will be a webcast at both WPLJ and Q1043
05-07-02 12:23 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Did'nt know there where two different stations. Stonesdoug posted that CNN confirmed coverage sometime between 12:30 and 3:00pm. What do they call headline news, is it still CNN?
05-07-02 12:23 PM
sarah I just saw coverage on CNN headline news with a short annoucement about the Stones. I guess I'll waite and see what happens at 1p.m.
and watch just in case the coverage changes from the regular news.
05-07-02 12:25 PM
sarah Yes headline news and Cnn are the same.
05-07-02 12:26 PM
Turner It is 12:26 and some no doubt crap is on, whats up with that?
05-07-02 12:29 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Vh1 fucking sucks!, Just because they can't have theuir named associated with the Stones they are going to slight them like this, fuck'um!
05-07-02 12:31 PM
Jerry will cnn have it live?
05-07-02 12:31 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! I'm so pissed I can't spell!!!!!!!!! Just seen a clip on headline news, The Stones are up and touring again! This looks like the station to be at!
05-07-02 12:31 PM
Lazy Bones Here's CNN's domestic programming for today. Perhaps there's coverage in "live events".
05-07-02 12:32 PM
gimmekeef They showed Keith on CNN HEADLINE NEWS,,WILL NO DOUBT BE SMALL PUFF PIECE..fuck mtv/vh1 etc
05-07-02 12:32 PM
FotiniD I'm having some trouble with CNN... Right now it's showing "Q&A", is that right? I'm just wondering whether there's any difference and we're getting its International edition here in Greece instead of the normal CNN... Is it Q&A right now for you guys?

05-07-02 12:33 PM
Nellcote CNN is a separate network from Headline News, although they are both owned by Time Warner. CNN has different shows thru the day, Larry King @ 9PM nightly. Headline News is a 30 minute news ticker format, which tends to be updated every 30 minutes. CNN is able to go live, with breaking events, cover them longer than Headline, as Headline is just that, Headlines. CNN today will probably intersperse
stories about the Pipe Bomber, Egypt Air crash, and the Stones amoung their regular programing, which is listed on

So, if VH1 is not going live with this, are they just a casual tour sponsor? In 97, they went full bore, live feed with the Cadillac over the bridge, etc.


05-07-02 12:34 PM
Jerry vh1 going in and out staticy, something up!!!!
05-07-02 12:37 PM
gimmekeef They just named a pipe bomb suspect.Now all news channels are all over it..we're screwed.It was supposed to be on XM Satellite radio but nothing yet..Channel 40 Deep Tracks??What gives!
05-07-02 12:38 PM
frankh 102.9 FM is definitely covering it.
05-07-02 12:41 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Headline news just showed alittle, the press conference has not started yet.
05-07-02 12:43 PM
gimmekeef XM just had a live report..Press gathering in a tent.Blimp on its way?..They say another 20 minutes till live radio broadcast.Now playing Memory Hotel...Where the hell is some video??????????
05-07-02 12:47 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! XM?
05-07-02 12:51 PM
gimmekeef XM is a new satellite radio service here in US.gOT IT IN MY CAR AND HOUSE.cHANNEL 40 IS THERE AND WILL CUT LIVE SOON.nOW PLATING LIVE rAMBLER!!!cHRIST I CANT TYPE I'M SO PISSED ATA VH1!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-07-02 12:52 PM
sarah I'm not seeing anything and it sucks. I will try the local radio station for clasic rock in Miami bigg 106 and maybe I will here some thing that way.
05-07-02 12:55 PM
TomL Watching CNN at work, nothing yet?
05-07-02 01:07 PM
FotiniD I hope Q104.3 will indeed broadcast it. I've been listening for some time now, but they haven't mentioned anything yet. WPLJ doesn't seem to broadcast on the net anymore. Is there any url for 102.9 or XM?
05-07-02 01:09 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Rrrrrghh... Where is it?

No webcasting stations are up 'cuz of stupid union (hate of stupid union growing...) and infernally repulsive VH1 wasn't showing nothin' when I left them 15 mins ago... anyone got a reliable webcast or TV station?

Oh, erm, and hi. I'm The Savage Young Xyzzy, recently Exiled to Main St. I was born when all the current members ('cept Bill, of course, stupid Bill) were present, and, believe it or not, the hour Ian Stewart died.

But that's not really important, where the holy hell are those crotchety old men?
05-07-02 01:11 PM
gimmekeef XM is live..the stones are only going to "fly" about 100 yds in the blimp.Nothing yet.All press waiting and no press packets handed out yet.
05-07-02 01:13 PM

05-07-02 01:17 PM
Angiegirl CNN is my only hope (can you believe it?) here in Holland. Been watching since 5.30 pm / or 12.30 pm NY time. He, but now we have a part on Holland, watch that! It's interesting... while waiting... politician killed over here last night... yawn...
05-07-02 01:24 PM
gimmekeef XM has it now..they are moving in blimp towarsd press.Guy on radio has video feed Jagger is using hand held cam to show sites.They figure it's 15 mins till landing.They are cutting to more music and will return Woody is there!Now playing the start to Bridges with the Lion roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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