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Jamming backstage at Frankfurt's Festhalle, Germany October 6, 1970
By Dick Waterman

From the 40x20 Exhibition currently on tour.
Ch1: Bill German's Stones Zone] [Ch2: British Invasion] [Ch3: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Ch4: Random Sike-ay-delia]



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01-06-03 03:24 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
What the hell is this Walters stuff?

What about poor ol' YOTI????

YOTI loves us......


Exactly Maxy. We need your salesmanship. YOTI, SPIV, where's the excitment? where's the party spirit?

01-06-03 03:36 PM
Maxlugar Yeah Scope!

Wouldn't it be great to see Josh in his Top Hat and Tails lowering himself by showing up at YOTI?


(Laugh track, some guy yells fuck yup too)

01-06-03 03:38 PM
jb What is YOTI?
01-06-03 03:41 PM
parmeda Josh, that's the place where you need to be...
01-06-03 03:41 PM
jb wrote:
What is YOTI?

If you have to ask, you should be posting at a Queen site.
01-06-03 03:46 PM
Maxlugar LOL!! Good one Moonie!

Hey Moonie, wasn't it great to be nominated more than once?

We'll have a great time talking about it at YOTI.

01-06-03 03:52 PM
jb Hello Pam...Hope all is back in school today...11th anniversay on 1/11/03..bought wife some nice jewelry this weekend....

I thought the party was at Walters..which I shall not there another party Max?
01-06-03 04:01 PM
sirmoonie Josh, I feel sorry for you. You've never lived. Not even once.

If I were you (and don't get me wrong, but I thank god every day that I'm not), I'd get my butt to YOTI and pound suds with the Bleeds.
01-06-03 04:04 PM
parmeda Hi Josh...I'm fine thanks. Looks like you've been taking a beating from every angle pal...hang in there!

Great choice for an anniversary gift, btw! Us girls always like that sparkly stuff...

I did 'the happy dance' this morning when the boys went back to school too...2 weeks is way too long for them to be under my feet, lol.

Moonie's right, you need to go to YOTI!!! Read my post under the MSG Parties sticky thread. (I meant what I said!)
01-06-03 04:13 PM
jb I don't know anything about YOTI's..where is it, what time, and what about Walters?
01-06-03 04:14 PM
Nellcote Hey JB;

Never mind NYC, you need to get your Phins beating, Hurricane whipping butt to Sully's Sunday, before the Fleet Show in BAHSTON! Then you will pumped & jacked (as in the words of OJ lover USC/disgraced coach Pete Carroll) for MSG, that YOTI will come easy! Oh man, did I think how you must have been jones'in Friday night. I stayed up for all of the bloody mess. Don't know if the broker will come in with MSG, as it looks like the source is drying...

01-06-03 04:18 PM
jb After Fridays stolen title, it's hard to even get excited about the Stones..a major disappointment in my life.
01-06-03 04:21 PM
Moonisup hi josh!1
01-06-03 04:23 PM
Nellcote Cheer up, at least you're not a Red Sox fan, waiting since 1918, I've taught my son not to get sucked in by the rose hose. You do not want to be in the same room when the name B...kner is uttered....
It's the Stones man, get real! Boston station playing JJF right now, Stones song every hour!
Caught Crazy Mama on VHscum classic last night, VINTAGE '76 Europe tour video, it was wicked pissa!
01-06-03 04:29 PM
parmeda Cheer up is right!

...and Thank God you aren't a Bears fan...or worse yet, a fucking Cubs fan! I love the abuse of losers, but I'll be damned if I jump off of a roof-top, LMAO!
01-06-03 04:31 PM
Nellcote Yeah, Parmeda, forgot about the Cubs, right near our Red Sox streak, right? But, Da Bears? Y'all trounced us in '86, with Da Super Bowl Shuffle...Heard over the weekend that the Fridge has even grown bigger, is this so?
01-06-03 04:33 PM
jb was just awful the way the ref stole the title from us...anyway..and seriously, where is YOTI's and what time is party..Can I walk to MSG from there?
01-06-03 04:35 PM
Nellcote NO, NO, not the ref!
You sound like a disgruntled Silver & Black fan..
They were spent, ran out of it.
Just like the Giants yesterday, only not as pitiful!
01-06-03 04:36 PM
parmeda The "Shuffle" was a work of art, wasn't it? Wow, 17 years is a long time, lol. We won't see a team like THAT here again for a longggggg time. And the Fridge, the guy is a heart-attack waiting to happen. It's a shame.
01-06-03 04:37 PM
jb But for that call, we win...I admit, not one of the better performaces..but w/ 5 turnovers, our best runner out early in the 4th, we came back and tied it up...we then scored in OT and on 4th down, the guy dropped the ball and the ref calls PI!!!
01-06-03 04:41 PM
Nellcote Somewhere, I have that video of the Shuffle, yeah, 17 years, wow. Jim McMahon, Walter Peyton, what a team.
That was the winter before....
The rest involves therapy. I always put that World Series tape in when lifes darkest moments are present, nothing gets that bad. Right now, this week, tape from Babylon is looking good....

JB, does'nt Payton's son play for the 'canes?
01-06-03 04:43 PM
jb Yes..and he sucked..he could not run it in from the 2 yard line to force a third overtime.
01-06-03 04:53 PM
parmeda McMahon still hangs out in our beloved city. He's still 'a loon' and we love him for it! He's treated like a god...kinda like the way Jordon is still treated. We have the tendancy not to 'let go' of a good thing around here. Ya never know when something like that will happen to come around again.
01-06-03 04:56 PM
jb Thats how we are down here w/ Marino...
01-06-03 05:06 PM
jb wrote: was just awful the way the ref stole the title from us...anyway..and seriously, where is YOTI's and what time is party..Can I walk to MSG from there?

JB, here is the info for you.
YOTI (Ye Old Triple Inn)
located at 54th and 8th Avenue
Start around 5:00?

Its about a 15-20 minute walk to MSG or a short train ride (2 stops).

01-06-03 05:08 PM
jb this for both nights or just the 18th?
[Edited by jb]
01-06-03 05:14 PM
jb wrote: this for both nights or just the 18th?
[Edited by jb]

It's a go for the 18th, but the 16th seems to be lacking in attendance. The 18th is the show you're coming in for right?
01-06-03 05:45 PM
jb Maybe both..working very hard on tickets as we talk...
01-07-03 01:18 AM
Sir Stonesalot You know, I'm off that weekend. But I just can't be there. To be in the same fucking town as the Stones, but not be going to the show....I just couldn't take it. Better to just stay home and watch the HBO gig.

This is fucking KILLING me.

BTW, JB, Big 10 officials are the worst officials in the world. Horrible calls in extremely crucial situations cost Penn State 2 games this year....Michigan and Iowa. Ohio State and Auburn just flat out beat us. Why? Because we kept forgetting to give the ball to Larry Johnson.


Bad calls are part of the college game dude. You are just gonna have to live with it.

Miami hasn't really had much luck in the Fiesta Bowl against Big 10 teams have they? You can say Miami has been the best program over the last 2 decades...but they don't play in the Big 10. The Big 10 put 7 teams into bowl games. Miami has to play 4 or 5 "big" games a year. Big 10 teams play 8-10 "big" games a year. If Miami played in the Big 10, they'd lose 3-4 games every year. Put Penn State, Ohio State, or Michigan in the Big East and they would be in the National Championship game yearly.

You can all TALK about how tough the Big 12, or SEC, or Big East is....Big 10 schools don't have to talk, they live it. And until you have lived it, you are just talking.
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